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30 Things You Can Add to Your Art Journal

Art journals can be decorated, simple, planned out, spontaneous, and a great outlet for stress. Here are some ideas for you to add to your own art journal.

1. Collage. Using magazines, newspapers, old books, posters, prints off the internet, you can make fabulously artistic pages.  

2. Sew-on Decor. Instead of using glue, Mod Podge, or tape, try using thread to sew pictures onto the pages. It will give it a vintage, textured look.

3. Tea Stain. If you take a tea bag and steep it in hot water for a little, you can stain the pages to make the pages look old. Different teas make different colors, so experiment!

4. Paint. Water-color painting, acrylic painting, finger painting, or whatever the medium of paint is that you choose. Get in there and paint the pages however you want!

5. Sketch. Not all pages have to be pops of colors and textures. You can have pages of beautiful simple sketches.  

6. Stamp. If you don’t have stamps, it’s easy to make your own. Search for some DIY stamps.

7. Nature. Tape or glue pieces of nature into your pages. Flowers, grass, leaves, or twigs. 

8. Masking Tape. Make a pattern on the page with masking tape and color, paint, or doodle over the pattern. Take the tape off when you’re done to see the amazing pattern underneath. 

9. Doodle. Draw anything and everything. Try using pens or markers instead of pencil. Make mistakes and live with them because mistakes are beautiful.

10. Outline Objects. Take a roll of tape, a phone case, pictures, or anything around you and outline them with pens, markers, or Sharpies. Overlap the shapes for an interesting effect. 

11. Washi Tape. Decorate the pages with borders, wrap it around the edges, or create shapes. 

12. Trace. If you have thin enough pages, you can trace shapes, images, and scenes. Just don’t claim that the tracing was your own art because that’s not cool. 

13. Blow Paint. Glob some paint with some water and use a straw to blow the paint around the page. 

14. Pastels. Experiment with pastels. Mix them with water, rubbing alcohol, or just smudge and mix them together. 

15. Stencils. Use stencils to design pages with shapes and images. You can experiment by using paints or by overlapping. 

16. Stickers. Plaster an entire page with stickers if you want or use them sparingly. It’s your call. 

17. Divide the Page. Use a ruler or a flat edge to divide the page into various sizes of shapes. Color each shape in differently. 

18. Etch. Etching is a technique in which you place an object under the page and shade over it. The final outcome is really amazing. 

19. Sharpies. Scribble, sketch, doodle or experiment by mixing the Sharpies with rubbing alcohol. 

20. Glitter. Throw some glitter (make it rain) on some wet paint, glue, or water-brushed pages. 

21. Scribble. Exactly what it says. 

22. Burn the Page. This one you need to be careful with because you could ruin the whole book. Take a lighter or a match and just gently burn the edges of the page to make it look old. 

23. Outline Your Hands. By outlining your hands, you are making a page that no one else can…unless they have the same size hand as you.

24. Sponge. Dip a sponge in paint and press it on the page all over. 

25. Make A Comic. Who says you have to draw out a comic? Collage it or paint it! Or just draw it because that’s pretty too. 

26. Zentangles. If you aren’t sure what these are, just look them up. They are fun and are said to help people calm down. 

27. Your Own Pictures. Add your own personal images of friends, family, yourself into your artwork. 

28. Quotes. You can write them yourself, print them out, cut them from magazines, or cut them from books. 

29. Maps. This might be difficult for those who don’t have maps or atlases. Mod Podge pieces of maps to the pages. 

30. Mixed Media. Combine any of the previous suggestions for a fantastic piece that you’ll be proud of.
We broke the Panama Papers story. Our next mission: Donald Trump
We were successful because we collaborated with other journalists. Now it is time for the media to join forces once again – especially given the threat Trump poses
By Bastian Obermayer

Frederik Obermaier and Bastian Obermayer, the journalists who broke the Panama Papers story, now turn their focus on dealing with Donald Trump and his threat to the democracy of the United States. 

The world was lucky to have Obama. The world was lucky to have a man who showed the world that if we open our minds, and open our hearts, change can happen. The world witnessed social change in America we have not seen the like of before. The world witnessed America, a ‘white’ country built on black slavery, elect their first black president, not once, but twice. The world witnessed this man bring the country back from the brink of another Great Depression. The world witnessed this man light up the white house in a rainbow, saying you have every right to love who it is you love. The world witnessed America, the only major western nation not to have guaranteed healthcare, now have the highest number of people on insurance ever recorded. 

The world witnessed Obama bring so much radical, good change to America, all the while being faced by opposition by the Republicans time and time again. The world witnessed his government be shut down for 16 days in 2013 because the Republicans refused to pass the ACA, but Obama absolutely refused it to be denied. And he eventually won that battle.

Obama brought change to America. Never let anybody tell you any different.

The world has lost an intelligent, kind-hearted, graceful leader, full of poise and wisdom. The world probably won’t fully appreciate how much we will miss him until next week he is no longer ours. 

So if you believe in Obama. If you believe in what he stood for, and in the change he fought for and achieved, then you have never been more needed. Get involved. Join the DNC. Make your opinions known. 

Let Trump know, loud and clear, that you will not have the rights Obama fought for and gave you taken away easily. FIGHT THIS. Fight for your future, fight for those who cannot. 





ok, y’all, what are the news sources (pref print) you’re reading right now? looking for reliable and balanced and also tells facts like they are (ie. the steve bannon appointment isn’t “controversial” because he’s on the gop fringe, it’s horrible because he’s a racist antisemite who’s possible appointment has been widely lauded by literal actual neonazis.)

Ways to tell whether your source is biased:

From my experience, those types of websites will tell half-truths or outright lie on occasion just so they can twist whatever to their narrative.

Obviously most news sources you find on the internet will have a twinge of bias, so it’s quite hard to find a completely unbiased source unless you’re lucky or have enough spare time to do some extra digging through the internet.

Anyways, here are five different methods (I’ve learned on my time here) on ruling out bias:

-The author of the source deviates from the facts by adding their unneeded prejudices and opinions. Basically the article or source sounds like a thought piece/propaganda rather than a reliable source.

-Loaded language within the article or page. Do they constantly use buzzwords?

-The website, newspaper; etc has a pattern of publishing information that only supports their views. (This is the one I’d worry about the least, but I think it’s still something to take into account.)

-Look at the name of the website or even the name of the webpage. Does it sound like it would lean towards a certain political agenda? Be skeptical of those ones cause those will definitely show strong bias a lot. (CIP: Red State, Right Wing News, Feministing, Everydayfeminism, Democratic Underground, Tea Party Tribune)

-You don’t have to completely rule out websites like those above though. Try to look for more objective sources within the articles you find: tables, graphs, any kind of statistic, AND VIDEOS. Chances are those might link to another website that publishes impartial/raw data.

-If you still can’t tell whether something shows bias (or you can’t find anything that has little to no bias), look at different sources (particularly those with opposing political views), average all of those out, and come to your own conclusion based off of those sources.

“SHOES, is it? We used to DREAM of shoes! When I were young five of us used to have to stuff our feet into two old hanky boxes, and all shuffle to school through the snow. We didn’t Lord it up like you with SHOES and everything.”