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Wada Masanari as Heshikiri Hasebe
[Touken Ranbu Stage Play: Kyoden Moyuru Honnoji]

Never forget: 

-the choker Tay was emotionally attached to

 -how she made up the mom-croon 

-Becky, duh 

-how she watched George the seagull from a video camera 

-how she claimed herself as the Incredible Hulk after ripping off a studio door

-when she wrote an entire step by step guide on how to make cookies

-when she posted a screenshot, of screenshots (OF US) in her camera roll

-that time she was high on pop tarts 

-#lol I thought that was me 


-how she tried to dress Meredith up for Halloween and she almost jumped off a balcony 

-wonderfu-we shall not speak of it

-she’s obsessed with us as much as we are obsessed with her

-when she figured out what serial killer night was 


day 7

“I told you I was a human being with rights and freedom, but I was wrong,” Sakura says, holding his eye as he watches her. “I’ve become more than that, haven’t I?”

His breathing is shallow, like hers had once been. “They told us a god would come for it. They said it needed a champion, so we went into the desert, where there were savages closer to their chakras, ones far stronger than ours. We wanted that honor, the honor of winning, but we also wanted to live. We wanted to survive the darkness of the end times. You will bring our world to a close, will you not?”

Sakura thought about gates and what happened to them after the dreamer moved on to a new kingdom. What became of the TeaLion Express, of The Monarch Woods, or the Marble Gardens? Did she care?

“I move from world to world. When I leave one behind, there is no purpose in its existence anymore. Maybe your world will fall apart once I leave. I can not say.”

“You will damn us all.”

“You’ve been dead for centuries already. It’s just your turn to move on.”

He struggles, but there is real anger weighing his words down. “You devil! We deserve better than this destruction, you can’t do this to us!”

Sakura reaches for the crown shaped wreath, feeling the dream around her shiver. “I am no devil, but this is my dream and I will be its god.”

She crowns herself and her destruction is undone in darkness as the world falls away.

@vesperlionheart, Obelisk: Kingdom of Gods

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First of all, idk what is wrong with people today but back off Tova okay I love this warrior cat. Also, can you perhaps tell this Jace about Tova's first time using her weapon of choice?

That would depend on if anyone could ever figure out Tova’s weapon of choice. The bow is what she’s trained with the longest, but Tova enjoys having a variety of weapons at her disposal - spears, daggers, a big ol’ kukri, claws… she prefers working with medium and lighter weight weaponry to keep her mobility.

I’m just going to go with bow for now

Tova got her first bow a little after she was two years old. It was tiny, and was more of a toy than anything else. She used it to whack at her cousins.

When she was three, she waved it while chasing after rabbits and squirrels. 

At four, she got a new bow with some makeshift arrows. Small, but usable. Couldn’t hit anything, but she loved it. The arrows were crafted such that they made a whistling noise as they flew through the air - likely for Tova’s entertainment as much as it was to warn bystanders.

By five, she had traded her ‘whistlers’ for real arrows, hunting small game on her own, often using captures to trade with passing merchant caravans.

She went on her first month-long hunting expedition with her tribe when she was seven, and became the youngest in the clan to ever lead a large-scale hunt when she was ten. (At her age, her ability with the bow was limited, but the clan’s hunters quickly found that Tova’s instincts already rivaled their own.)

Domino Island is without proper government, people are desperate for a solution

With new booster packs temporarily unavailable and dueling merchandise under strict investigation, people of Domino wander the street, aimlessly.

“I get my paycheck in the form of trading cards” said one woman who was willing to express her sorrow with us. “I always duel on Sundays around this time, now I cannot even buy bread to eat.”

“Who will save us? Who will be the one to step up during this time of crisis?”

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HP (supercorp and sanvers): Who is friends with the ghosts? and Who is friends with the portraits?

First year Maggie is unable to contain her excitement, as a muggle born witch the very idea that portraits move and ghosts exist is something she can’t wrap her head round.

Aside from exploring the castle, she uses the time she sneaks around to learn as much as possible about the wizarding world and its history.

There is one part of the castle that Lena refuses to go down; there’s a portrait of her great-grandfather and she has no desire to be faced with her family’s past.

Funny thing… I was just thinking of Bellatrix LeStrange and realizing that while I grew up with this Helena Bonham Carter…

y’all mainly know this one, or variations thereon…

Originally posted by kaleteter

And then I realized, hey, so that would mean that when Bellatrix was first a Death Eater and tortured Neville’s parents, she would have been a sweet-faced little demon who looked like this…

And maybe at Hogwarts in her day…

And that’s actually even creepier, honestly.

A smol witchmika from my sketch folder bc I have been a bad mother and haven’t given her much love


I’m sorry I didn’t love you enough.

a small family of criminals in their early days before their demolition man, golden boy, or jack of all trades


it’s no secret: i love, love!!! i love the love between the characters we ship! i love the love we have for our fandoms! and i love the love we share between each other in our circles! (^  O ^) but it’s not all hearts and sparkles all the time! (=   v =);; we aren’t always as good to ourselves, each other, or our communities as we could be… SO! (-^   w ^-) i figured, what better time than Valentines Day to spread a little bit of positivity and love around!!! the idea is very simple ~ spread the love! no matter what fandom you’re in, what you ship, or who you share your Tumblr space with! (O   w O) and that includes yourself! just reblog this post and add three parts to it:

  • PART ONE: LOVE YOURSELF! share something you really love about yourself! it can be anythings! so long as it’s positive! <3
  • PART TWO: LOVE OTHERS! @ someone (or many someones) on Tumblr and tell them why you love them! <3
  • PART THREE: LOVE YOUR FANDOM! share what it is you love about your OTP! (or OTPs! OT3s! or broTPs! whatever! XD) <3

there are a lot of negatives in the world right now, so it can’t hurt to take a moment and remember all the REALLY AWESOME stuff and AMAZING people that we’re lucky to have in our lives! (-^   O ^-)

On February 1st i will be randomly selecting one person who has reblogged this post and added the three parts above; that person will receive a full color drawing of the pairing of their choice - either for themselves or for someone special - that will then be posted on Valentines Day! <3

all the best to everyone, whether you take part or not! (^ ____^) i hope maybe this can inspire you to even just take a moment and say “i love you” to someone who you might not otherwise tell! (o    w o) a very happy Valentines Day to you all! and may you always have love in your lives! *HUGS*