using her husband's clothes

The four levels of Sheev Palpatine, AKA Darth Sidious:

The Emperor: the vague, foreboding title used exclusively for anything post-RotS.

Examples: “The Rebellion fought to overthrow the Emperor.” “The Emperor visited the planet.”

Palpatine: the formal, overarching historical reference, but more personal.

Examples: “Palpatine ruled the galaxy”, “Palpatine was plotting against the Jedi”.

Darth Sidious: The Big Bad, the ominous Final Boss, a name that fully recognizes his evil and power.

Examples: “While Darth Maul was terrifying, even he was frightened of Darth Sidious.” “The Jedi were no match for Darth Sidious.”

Sheev: He’s just being a troll.

Examples: “Padme told Sheev about how wonderful her friend was, and so he had her friend assassinated.” “Sheev built the Imperial ballroom over the old Jedi mausoleum so he could literally dance on their graves.” “Sheev made Padme lose the will to live, blamed it on her husband, and then used her clothes to sell merchandise.”

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     ❝Dante?❞ Her voice was weary, heavy with the pain and panic these last weeks had brought. ❝I can’t sleep, and the baby - the baby needs me to sleep.❞ Oh, how was she to be a mother when she couldn’t even care for their child before they even came into this world? With her fingers curled into his night shirt, her tears settled into the fabric. She knew the cloth well having spent countless hours deciding on just which material to use for her husband. Allegra had always made his clothes with care, but these intimate items were some of her favorites. She was the only one to ever have the privilege to see them, but now they were tainted by her fears. Would she ever be enough for their child? ❝My love, please, wake up.❞

Laundry Day

(or how Maddie Fenton learned an important thing about mixing detergent and ghost repellent…)

The green stain on the otherwise white t-shirt brought a frown to the woman’s face. Of course, avoiding ectoplasm spatters was an absolute challenge in the Fenton household due to the amount of devices using this substance. That was why Maddie and her husband had traded regular clothing to their now trademark hazmat suits. But having to always wash traces of ectoplasm from Danny’s laundry was beginning to unsettle her.

The reason behind the stains wasn’t the real issue since she knew ghost attacks were much more frequent at Casper High. A school full of angst-ridden teenagers was like a buffet for creatures feeding from negative emotions. Aside from that, both Fenton parents believed the school was Phantom’s main haunt, which would attract even more specters that wanted to take down the ghost kid. Why the school hadn’t approved the budget for a longer-lasting ghost shield was still beyond her…

No, what had her worried was the persistence of ectoplasm on her son’s wardrobe. It was obvious the hundreds of products she had already tried were useless against such a foreign substance. She wondered if that was why he often triggered their inventions. Even if the amount of goop wouldn’t activate bigger alarms, it could be the just enough to set off their gadgets in a closer range.

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