using books to save the day

Useful tips for college kids!!
  • College students can get Amazon prime free for 6 months!! You MUST sign up here with your school (.edu) email and if you don’t want to keep it after the free months remember to cancel it! With Amazon prime you get free 2 day shipping on anything and also lots of tv shows and movies+ other great deals 
  • Rent your textbooks from Chegg, don’t buy them unless you absolutely must because $100+ for one book is ridiculous. You can also rent/buy some books from Amazon 
  • If you’re lost/at a party/can’t get a ride home or to your dorm use apps like Uber or Lyft (for uber you can use the code zarak38 for your first ride free)*this can be used by anyone for any reason, not just college kids*
  • For dorm decor try cheaper places like Target first to save money cause they have tons of stuff like urban outfitters but for way less, also Amazon and eBay have super cheap stuff too!! 
  • Do some of your back to school shopping at local thrift stores and apps like Mercari and depop. For Mercari when you download the app, create a profile and you can use use “FWDJAS” as the invite code to get a couple dollars off your first purchase, this is the website I use to get high end makeup and clothes for 50-70% off *also can be used by anyone not just college kids, you don’t need a college email*
tips for college freshmen

- Whatever your high school teachers have told you about college is probably incorrect.

- You will get sick in the first couple of weeks because your body has never had to live with 400 other people and deal with all their germs. Always have tissues and chapstick on hand (especially in your backpack)

- Save the syllabus the teacher gives you on the first day. It will have all important due dates and criteria in it

- Don’t buy the book until you know you need it. Textbooks are hella expensive and I only used about a third of the ones I bought my freshmen year (be careful though cause the bookstore can run out)

- Check amazon & other sites for competitive textbook prices

- If you’re lost, ask someone for directions. They won’t care, especially if it’s the first few weeks

- Talk to your teachers. Sit in the front row. It’s almost always a good thing if the teacher knows who you are. Make connections with the ones that stand out to you because you will need them in the future (i.e. grad applications or other recommendations)

- When given an assignment, read it and do what it is asking. Do what they ask you to do. (this one is coming from my mom who teaches freshmen and every year someone tries to go above and beyond but ends up not answering the original question)


- 8am classes suck. Don’t take a class that early unless you have to. You will regret it.

- Try to schedule your classes back to back but don’t forget to factor in some time to eat

- Get a planner or calendar of some kind so that you can see just how much time you have to write that paper

- Freshmen always travel in packs. That’s how we know you’re a freshman. If you don’t want to get moo’d at (because you move like cattle), don’t travel in a huge pack of people

- You don’t have to be best friends with your roommate. You may not even get along. But you do have to live together. Be patient. Talk to them. C.o.m.m.u.n.i.c.a.t.e.

- Don’t be afraid to eat alone.

- Separate your darks from your lights when doing laundry and never never never wash anything in hot water unless you want it to shrink and wrinkle.

- Unless you’re in a science course you probably won’t have to bring the textbook to class. You may never even open the book. See tip #4

- Go to a frat party at least once (if your school has frats). You might love it; you’ll probably hate it. Either way it will definitely be an experience.

- Don’t drink jungle juice unless you saw the person make it. Never accept an opened can of beer. Keep track of your cup. Roofies are real and very dangerous. Always have a friend to walk home with.

- Say hi. Just say hello to people. It’s so easy to make friends in the beginning because everyone else is just as scared and new as you are

College is a blast. Best four years of your life and it flies by compared to high school. Have fun. Be safe. Make good choices!

Dr Leonid Rogozov performs surgery on himself in Antarctica, 1967.

Dr Rogozov was part of a research team trekking across Antarctica when his appendix burst, causing widespread shock. Knowing he wouldnt survive a trip back to base camp, Dr Rogozov turned a tent into a makeshift operating theatre and performed the life-saving surgery himself, using only a mirror and a book to guide him. The surgery took several hours and Dr Rogozov was able to resume his normal duties the next day. He later stated the hardest part of performing surgery on himself was having to work upside down.

Harry Potter au where Zuko can’t conjure a patronus to save his life. he gets increasingly more and more frustrated because none of the teachers can help him and none of the books have any useful advice

and then loud, mouthy gryffindor quidditch star Sokka offers to help him out and they spend long hours together just talking and hanging out, and Zuko has no idea how the fuck this is supposed to help him, and then one day Sokka leans over and kisses and him and lo and behold the next time he tries to conjure a patronus it works

witch tip:

Set aside a specific day or time of the week where you can write in your grimoire. For those of us who are busy, we can’t sit down and jot down things in our grimoire as they come to mind or every single day.

However, setting aside a particular time or day to do this can really help.

Not only that, but when you start writing down a bunch of info that you’ve saved through the week, your confidence boost when you’re looking at all the knowledge you’ve put into your book.

It also helps to tag things as “grimoire” whenever you come across a post that you think would be beneficial in your grimoire, that way you can go back and write those things down

OneNote digital bullet journal x planner masterpost

So, before this university year started I realized that Passion Planner and my last year simple and mini bullet-journal don’t meet my requirements, so I needed something new. I love watching others bullet journals and planners, which are colourful and creative, and nice-looking. But I just don’t find it convenient, logical and useful - to spend so much money and time on a notebook (just my opinion, guys, relax). Like…what for?


This way you can save money and spend less time. And you can see it whenever you want. And don’t carry additional weight with you (which, if you’re like me and have lots of heavy stuff with you every day, is a real pro)

I’m using a netbook and usually carry it around with me to work on + I’ve got all books for classes there (and we’ve lots of those), so my choice landed on OneNote app. I think many of you are used to see it only as a note-taking app, for Cornwell’s system for example, but, in fact, it has so many great options to act as a planner or a journal, that I was AMAZED not to find anyone using it this way.

But enough talking, let’s see how it looks in practice!

Here you can see different sections/tabs and pages of a chosen tab. I use them for my everyday needs, like mood diary and recovery challenge; checking my students progresses, tasks and what we’ve learned; the tab for my coursework contains a calendar, research plan, some info and notes; and notebook is for my french philology when I need to work with pdf files and highlight something in the text or write over it. Anyways, the one that interests us is bullet journal.

·         This is how my month of October looks like. I have a small calendar on the top left and the description of important/highlighted dates below it. Then, opposing calendar, there are my monthly goals. In the center there are books I need and want to read, tv series/movies/anime I plan to watch. And a bunch of pics to add the colour. (Pay attention to the to-do squares and keep them in mind, we’ll come back to them later!)

·         This is how first week of October looked like. Pretty simple and minimalistic. I mostly tracked what I need to do on a certain day and some chores. And it was the week when I decided to differentiate symbols.

·         My tags are pretty simple and I don’t always use them all, mostly first 12 (well, I use almost all of them, whatever), but it’s nice knowing I’ll have from what to choose if I ever need to.

·         Then there’s food log for each week. Pretty simple and on a A5 page size. (fasting was due to the loss of the appetite for 4 days because of my depression)

·         And monthly habit tracker. As you can see, I failed the drawing one completely. I may change them from time to time, though sport, self-care (or skin care), planning and water trackers are always with me. I love keeping them colour-coded.

So, this is how I use OneNote. I’m still using my Passion Planner and some phone apps to keep on track. I hope you’ve found this post useful and enjoyed the walkthrough my digital bullet journal. If you decide to create your own, tag me. I’d love to see them!

17 Things I've Learned About Life by e.s.

1. Instead of victimizing yourself, make use of what you’re feeling. Cry. Write. Reach out to a friend. But don’t stomp your feet and make a sad face hoping someone will save you. Be realistic. Pick yourself up.

2. Don’t be afraid to say you are excited or irritated. If there is good reason, there is good conversation to be made.

3. Get a notepad and a calendar. Write your goals on your notepad and write on the calendar specifically when you’re gonna do them. You will not get them done otherwise.

4. Stop the idea that texting first to make plans is bad. We’re all lazy. Friends want to hang out with you but just don’t take initiative. Be the friend that makes all the plans. Who cares. Life’s short and you need to make use of the people who are available to you at this moment.

5. Don’t lurk on people’s social media. Not the person you’re jealous of. Not the person you pity. Not your crush or your ex’s. Life is organic. Relationships are organic. Get to know someone in real life. With every post you see, the more your brain manifests ideas that you can’t even confirm about someone.

6. No matter how old you are, your voice is important to someone. Speak up. Be passionate.

7. Laugh at awkward situations instead of getting mad at yourself. Not only does it help you, but everyone around you too.

8. Charisma is overrated.

9. On that note, try to get to know everyone, including shy people, extroverted people, and everyone in between. Be warm. Be a light. People are interesting and they always have something to offer to you.

10. If someone needs help, give it. Not just a push, but give like you mean it. Wholeheartedly make someone understand what it is like to be recognized and supported. This applies to both paying for a strangers meal and when a friend comes to you after a hard day.

11. Don’t reduce yourself to traits. You are you. Every part of you comes together to make a unique person. Don’t depend on being the “artist” or the “good runner.” Yes you are that, but you are also a million other things. Recognize all of who you are and don’t compare yourself to others.

12. Two things you need to do more to make you feel warm and happy inside: eating breakfast for dinner and having long hugs.

13. Be thankful for everything. The drink you are slowly sipping on. The tree in your yard. Your family. Your bed.

14. Go out and listen to live music. You’ll find something meaningful.

15. People will insult you. Respond kindly and try to hear them out. It’s the most you can do.

16. If you want to make positive change then do it. Don’t let the past 5 minutes or 5 years define you. You don’t have to explain yourself to people who question or mock you. Be the best you.

17. Love.

Tips for Saving Money on Required Books

One of the most financially difficult parts about education (other than tuition!) are purchasing all of the required books. So I’ve decided to put together a list of some of the strategies I use to save money.

1) Look at your syllabi early! Syllabi usually list the required books for the entire course. When you have access to that list early, you’ll have more buying options because you won’t be forced to purchase whatever version of the book (usually new & overpriced) that comes with quick shipping. 

If you’re in a situation where you only receive the syllabus on the 1st day of class, consider emailing the professor and explaining that you’d like to make an early start on getting the required texts. They’ll appreciate your diligence! 

2) Consider buying older editions. Seriously, sometimes the only differences between a new edition and an older one are a few sentences, a new cover, and a new preface that your professor won’t even ask you to read. It’s worth it to find out if the older one is pretty much the same as the new because you’ll usually save quite a bit of money. 

3) Don’t depend on your university bookstore. I’m not going to say avoid it entirely because believe it or not sometimes they might be the cheapest option for certain rare books when you factor in no shipping costs. But it is safe to generalize that university bookstores are really overpriced when compared to online sellers. Which brings me to my next point…

4) Price check! Never buy a book because it “feels” like a good price. Check at least 3 or 4 different websites or bookstores and factors in shipping and see for sure where is cheapest. 

5) EBooks!!! You can save so much money when you own a Kindle or another eReader device. EBooks are usually cheaper than print books. But also, sometimes you can find eBooks for free! Or you can find PDF’s for free and read them on your eReader. 

6) Avoid purchasing all together by visiting a library. As a PhD student, I have to read a lot of books but I only value owning the ones that I will probably end up using for my comprehensive exams and/or my dissertation. So borrowing books is a good option for somebody like me. 

If you’re the type who needs to write notes in a book, consider making a copy of the book or the portions of the book that you need to take notes on. It costs money to print but it’ll always be significantly cheaper than purchasing the book. 

7) Contact people who took the course previously and see if they want to sell their books. This is a good way to get a book cheaper since even if you pay them half the original price you’re still giving them more money than they’d make by turning it into a university bookstore or trying to re-sell it online. 

Do you have any other good tips? Feel free to add them! 


Twilight-Style Covers If Jacob Was The Protagonist

A key for Twilight, not only because he was the key to Bella figuring out the Cullens were vampires, but also because all that time in his Pre-Bella head would let us “unlock” his character more.

A hazy full moon for New Moon, because while it was a dark time for him, he had Bella, which must have made what would’ve been the “new moon” phase of his life much, much more bearable.  And hazy because of how confusing and conflicting his early werewolf days were.  (And, okay, I couldn’t resist the werewolf joke.)

A stopwatch for Eclipse, because he’s running out of time to save Bella.

And an earth marble for Breaking Dawn, because so much of his world changes in the last book.

so i was thinking about the ending scene between newt and tina, which caused me to overthink it. but it’s also very important to these two people. 

  • when tina mentions his book title “fantastic beasts and where to find them”, his face changes COMPLETELY. no one really paid attention to newt in his life, besides his family but to have this beautiful woman to recognize him is not something he’s used to. people have called him ‘weird’ or ‘freak’ because he wants to save these animals or because he’s an introvert and would rather spend time with animals than people. in this moment, he realizes he had feelings for her but he’s not in love with her because he’s only known her for a few days but he knows it’s possible for him
  • “does leta lestrange like to read? “ and what’s even more important, he goes “who? “ because he was not thinking about her, even though he’s still heartbroken by her. tina is the person who’s gonna fix his broken heart. in a way, she already has. like queenie said, “you need a giver” and tina is that person. because lets be real, leta didn’t even notice him like tina does and i’m crying because newt deserves tina. 
  • then when he pushes her hair out of her face and looks at her in the eyes is even more important. newt isn’t all about physical contact or looking people in the eyes, unless it’s with his beasts or his family. around tina, he isn’t some shy or awkward boy which means she brings out the person he really is, he doesn’t hide from her. 
  • lastly, newt tells tina he’s going to send her a copy of her book then steps away from her. what makes me so happy is that he comes back and asks “how would you feel if i gave you your copy in person? “ newt is someone who doesn’t like interactions with humans, he has anxiety but he’s willing to do it for her because he likes her and wants to see her again. what makes it even better when tina says “i’d like that, very much.” that only makes newt happy because he’s afraid of rejection like most people are and this woman surprised him by accepting. it only makes him less self-conscious around her and he loves her for that. 
The Book Conservator

The sorcerer sighed unhappily as he picked up the waterlogged book. He was decades too late to save it from the building’s collapse, the sacking of easily sellable riches, the careless disregard for this once priceless treasure. He carefully wrapped the volume in cloth, tucked it into his rucksack, and continued his search.

“Lost, but not forever,” he said to himself.

Several days later, the sorcerer stood before a collection of pages floating in the air. Using a scalpel, he’d dissected the book into separate elements and cut away the mold, the rot, the grime that couldn’t be lifted or cleaned. With gestures, he directed the pages to turn over or rotate, seeking any damage he had missed in the original inspection. Every imperfection was cut away with painstaking care, each sliver added to a carefully numbered pile.

Only when he was satisfied with the book’s integrity did he begin the next phase. With a fountain pen and black ink, he carefully copied each word, symbol, and mark onto fresh sheets of paper. Centuries of experimentation from countless magic users the world over have tried to automate this laborious task, all failing, some dangerously.

To bring a book back to life, it seems, requires the special magic of hard work.

With the flaring of a match and the soft sputtering of a burner, the sorcerer began the next step. Each page fragment pile was burned separately, siting atop an apparatus that allowed the smoke to be gathered into a flat tube.

Keeping the ash as smoke was a simple matter of embedding a Preserve Status spell on each tube, the difficulty came in discerning how to reverse the original damage. Some required the moon to sit in a particular spot in the sky, while others demanded to be placed in boiling water, viewed through a ruby red lens… the list of possibilities seemed endless, expensive, and time consuming.

It took months, but eventually the sorcerer eventually completed the books’ restoration. With a deep sigh of joy, he browsed the pages, double checked the order, and began sewing them together.

I’m so sick of this, of you, of us, everything we are lately, it just seems so off. It’s like when I was with you, things made sense, and they just don’t anymore. It’s like we used to click, but things seem uncomfortable, they feel forced, like we’re searching for something that isn’t there. It’s like we’re trying to save something that’s already dead. And I know that I love you- please don’t doubt that, but we’re just not on the same page much these days.
—  growing apart // 1-2-17


Draco didn’t get to read fiction as a child.  His father thought it was a waste of time.  His mother encouraged him to read for school.  We know he is well read, he was second in his class for years.

Harry hasn’t read much fiction since before his Hogwarts days.  He escaped into his school library as a child, but after Dudley destroyed several of his library books he stopped taking them out.

One day, a box of books show up in the flat they’d gotten after eighth year.  Likely a result of Hermione upgrading her books to hardcover, signed copies, or other more favored books.  Harry thinks nothing of this, already used to Hermione and her books, until one day…

“HARRY!! He’s a wizard right?  Neil Gaiman is a wizard!  He has to be.”

“No, it’s a moving castle.  Not just staircases or rooms, Howl’s WHOLE CASTLE MOVES!”

“They went to Tartarus to save his mom, but then HAD TO LEAVE HER THERE!”

“But now she has the only three dragons left!  I mean, all her hair got burned off in the funeral pyre, but…”

Harry loved how Draco always seemed to have a book with him.  He loved the way Draco would get lost in the pages.  Harry lived for the moments Draco smiled at the characters coming to life in his head.  He didn’t even mind when Draco kept the light on to read before bed (Draco almost never had nightmares on these nights).  He even pretended not to notice Draco reading Love You Forever for the third time with tears in his eyes.  Eventually, Harry started reading them, too.  

My first John request!

Warning: SMUT!

44.“Close your eyes."  48."Kiss me."  JOHN WINCHESTER

John Winchester was a man who knew what he wanted and what he wanted was the woman who was reading over a text book on the occult.

The library was dead, considering that he was use to seeing at least one or two college students cramming for their next paper.

Y/N was the bookworm, always reading on what they had to chase next. She had an eye for reading in between the lines. It helped him immensely, saving him hours to even days on hunting the current bump in the night.

She sighed, taking off her glasses and rubbing her eyes.

"You okay, Y/N?” He asked, concerned.

She looked at him, bleary eyed for a minute, her eyes adjusting to not having her glasses on.

Blinking, she nodded, “Yeah. Just ready to sleep in an actual bed for a night.”

John scanned through their notes and decided that they were far enough ahead to find a hotel.

“Alright, let’s go.” He said, closing his journal.

Y/N’s shoulders sagged, a smile gracing her lips, “Really?”

He chuckled, “Yeah, really.”

Jumping up from her seat, she wrapped her arms around his neck, hugging him, “I could kiss you right now.”

John gave her a squeeze, inhaling her perfume. His eyes closed, wishing that she would kiss him.

She pulled back slightly, “You alright John?”

“Yeah, I’m good.”

When her hands framed his face, it took all he had not to lean into her warm palm.

Her brows were furrowed for a few seconds, until they smoothed out and she smiled.

“Close your eyes.” Without hesitation, his lowered his lids, breathing deeply.

“Now, tell me what you really want, John.”

His adams apple bobbed when he swallowed, the sound of her whisper doing sinister things to his labido.

“Kiss me,” his said, his voice hoarse.

The feel of Y/N’s soft lips made his knees nearly give out.

Her lips moved slowly, John tasting the coffee that they both had been drinking while reading.

Gently she nipped his bottom lip as she kissed him one last time.

John opened his eyes, smiling slightly at her flushed cheeks.

“I- I want you John.” She said, licking her lips.

Unable to contain himself, he hoisted her up, so that her legs wrapped tightly around his waist.

She looked around, her blush deepening, “Here?”

“I’m going to be honest Y/N, I’m busting at the seams.” He said, his hand going up her shirt to touch her bare skin.

“Danish Philosophy, no one ever goes there.” She gasped, feeling his jean clad erection against her core.

Placing her down, they quickly gathered their notes. John followed Y/N towards the very end of the library, breathing heavily as he watched her hips sway with each step she took.

They placed their bags against the wall, staring each other down.

Y/N made the first move by unbuttoning her plaid shirt, revealing a light blue bra.

John gripped the waist of her jeans, unbuttoning them as he walked her backwards into the shadows of the shelves.

“Are you sure?” He asked, using what little brain function he had left.

Y/N bit her lip, pulling his head down to hers, “Yes,” she whispered.

Pulling the zipper down, he knelt, kissing her stomach as he helped Y/N get her pants off.

She ran her fingers through his hair, admiring the sensuality that shown through his hazel eyes.

John hooked his thumbs in the waist band of her panties, carefully pulling down the light blue cotton.

With him on his knees, his head came level with her belly button. Leaning his forehead against her tummy, he sighed, running his hands up her thighs, giving her a soft squeeze.

“Come here,” she said, kissing the top of his head.

John kissed his way back up her torso, nipping at the soft flesh of her breasts.

His chest heaving, he let Y/N unbutton his shirt revealing the smattering of hair on his chest.

She hummed softly in apporval, running her warm hands down to his jeans. Popping the button, she pushed his pants down far enough to release his erection.

He hissed when her hand gently took hold of him, pumping slowly. Her thumb carefully swiped over the head, spreading the bead of precum.

John gripped the shelf on either side of her head, his hips twitching.

“John,” Y/N said, quietly.

He lifted his dark gaze to hers, sweat beading on his forehead.

“I want you, now.”

Stepping closer to her, he lifted her up once more, loving the feeling of her legs wound around him.

She kissed him, savoring the softness of his lips. The slight friction from his stubble spurring her on as she felt him at her entrance.

John rolled his hips, sinking into Y/N’s heat with a deep, moan.

Their coupling was slow, building up the tension deep within them.

John kissed his way down her neck, leaving small love bites with each thrust of his hips.

“Shit, John,” Y/N moaned, her head thrown back.

He covered her mouth, “Shhh,”

He grunted, when she tightened her core, the slight pressure change nearly sending him over the edge.

She moaned when he thrusted particularly hard, but she didn’t mind. He felt so damn good working her over.

Her eyes squeeze shut, mewling quietly just as her orgasm took over.

John groaned, placing his head on her breast as he moved faster and deeper within her.

Using what strength she had left, she tightened her core one last time, making him still as he came.

Their breathing labored, he held her as he sat down on the floor, his legs no longer able to hold him up.

“Jesus Christ.” He panted, his hand threading in her hair.

“Mhmmmhmm,” she moaned lightly, agreeing with him.

After a few moments of quiet, Y/N lifted her head, “We should go get a hotel before the librarian catches us.”

John kissed her, “No regrets?”

She smiled, “Of course not.”

They shared a secret smile as they heard high heeled footsteps get closer the their section.

Thankfully they were fully clothed when the elderly librarian peeked around the corner, “Library closes in 10.” She snapped, knowing full well what had transpired.

“Yes Ma'am.” John said, tipping his head in her direction.

It took all they had not to dissolve in a fit of laughter at the disapproving glare the librarian gave them.

anonymous asked:

what parts of Before I Fall weren't in the movie that were in the book? I liked the movie but i didn't read the book and im a total "the book is better than the movie" type person haha

• they skipped the part of the day where sam and lindsay skipped school, which really helps you understand and love Lindsay’s character
• they skipped multiple days of sam exploring different ways she could possibly help/save Juliet instead of sam just immediately jumping to saving juliet by killing herself
• there is a much bigger build up to the reveal that juilet was the cause of sam’s death in the first place.
• sam is actually the only one that dies in the crash bc the car doesn’t do a huge flip like it does in the movie, and she takes all the impact (lauren oliver explains it better in the book so it actually makes sense, i promise) (not that important, but this detail is necessary for the next bullet point)
• in the book there was a day where sam stays at kent’s house, and as a result elody is sitting in the seat where sam should be and she dies instead, this really impacts sam’s character, even if she does just see her that next (or same ??) day
• i think theres also two other days where sam stays at kent’s house for some reason, and that is really important for their relationship development
• they skipped a part after they figured out juilet killed herself at the sleepover where sam goes down into the basement and looks at old yearbooks and sees how juilet and lindsay were best friends and that was really necessary to understand lindsay
• when sam finally died (for the last time) we sort of get to hear of sam hears, which is lindsay, ally, and elody yelling at her to stay awake, and someone yelling i love you (which we can i assume is kent) and juliet asking why she did it and how she didn’t deserve to be saved. Lauren Oliver writes this part of beautifully and eloquently, and I think it really could’ve been done so well on screen it makes me so heartbroken that they didn’t include this part
• i could easily go on for at least 10 more bullets but I’m so tired

Because of the Rainstorm [ Gladion x Moon ]

casually changes tenses from present to past 

inspired by Abby’s ( @shiroandkimuri ) mini hc on Gladion being unable to cook for his life

Happy Tuesday! Going to be playing Breath of the Wild on this lovely snow day the east coast is having :)

“You’re an idiot,” he hissed through gritted teeth, his emerald eyes glancing up and down her soaked figure.

“Glad you let me in,” she giggled sheepishly before being startled by the lightning from outside, “then again, this saves us a whole bunch of trouble. We can just have our date here!”

Gladion grumbled, crossing his arms, “but I already booked our table at Mallow’s place.”

Moon cocked an eyebrow at him, a hand placed firmly on her hip, “you want to go out in this storm?”

He sighed, retreating to his bathroom to retrieve a towel for her. Shyly wrapping it around her, he wiped a piece of wet hair from her forehead. She smiled brightly, standing on the tips of her toes, lips pursed.

“Dry off and then I’ll think about it.” He shrugged her off with a slight smirk, “there should be something you can wear in the bathroom.”

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It has been months since the last time we ran across each other’s sight. Time has been a supersonic rush of wind to us, that it feels that we were still there standing, at that speck second of moment, when we are trying to save something we know we couldn’t. A lot has changed since the day we wandered away from each other. But if ever we meet again across the busy streets, or in the crowded sidewalk, or along the river where we used to stay, I would still look at you in the eye, in the same way, with the same love.
—  J.DG
Interrailing: Train Journey

Types of trains: High speed, regional, sleeper and scenic.

The interrail pass will cover most of your train travel cost. Some high speed trains like the Eurostar is not covered by the pass. This can be solved by taking slower regional routes. 

Sleeper trains save you booking a hostel, and mean you don’t lose out on any daylight hours. Booking a couchette can be expensive, so if you are on a budget best stick to a seat.

Train Distractions:

- Books: I recommend taking a few short books, and swap with friends you are travelling with.

- Guide or language books: Use the time to brush up on the language or plan your visit.

- Card games

- Films and music: Taking your ipad or ipod.

- Face masks: Pamper your skin, will help to rejuvenate it, after days of little sleep. Take care you pick out a mask that can be taken off with wipes incase there isn’t a basin on board.

- Journal: To document your journey and experience as it happens.

- Sleep- Use your travel time to catch up on sleep. Take it in turns with your with friends or use an alarm to wake you up 30 mins before your scheduled arrival.

What to take for train journeys:

- Alarm: Take a travel clock with you so you don’t have to rely on your phone’s alarm.

- Lock: Take a padlock for your case and a spare with a long shackle to attach your bag to your bed frame or luggage rack.

- Money Belt: Sleep with your money belt on, with your passport, money, tickets and phone inside. If you have other valuables you can use a padlock to secure them to your bed frame.

- Face mask & ear plugs: To shut out the light and sound. 

- Travel Pillow: If you don’t want to lug a pillow around with you, maybe swap it for a large scarf.

- Comfortable clothing: You may not want to wear your PJs on your sleeper train, so just make sure you have a light set of comfortable clothes. Leggings or light tracksuit bottoms, with a t-shirt and a hoodie.

5 Things Tag

I was tagged by @hoshsi thank you darling!! 

5 Things You’ll Find in my Bag

  1. my phone
  2. chapstick
  3. a book
  4. my keys
  5. a first aid kid

5 Things You’ll Find in my Bedroom

  1. my laptop
  2. books!!!
  3. a stack of clothes
  4. tea
  5. a lot of skincare products

5 Things I Always Wanted to do in Life

  1. work in the computer science field
  2. read 100 books in 1 year
  3. live in the city
  4. eat healthier
  5. start running!!!

5 Things I’m Currently Into

  1. reading books
  2. stressing about my graduation date
  3. planning a day to get my license
  4. worrying about my ap tests
  5. sleep

5 Things on my To-Do List

  1. put my clothes away
  2. go to work
  3. buy more clothes
  4. save money
  5. spend time with family

5 Things People May Not Know About Me

  1. i’m too nice
  2. i love sunrises and sunsets
  3. i enjoy long car rides
  4. my mom is super duper cool
  5. my nickname used to be alibaba

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