i’m done… with being manipulated, with people that pretend to care about me, with people that run the second things go wrong, with being not seen as worthy and beautiful, with people who can lie straight to my face and not feel an ounce of regret. it’s a new year and i refuse to let you mess this year up for me too
—  i’m done with you
Just when I think I’ve learned from my mistakes, I find myself staring up at the ceiling of a strange room. With a stranger curled behind me, his arm resting on me. Trapping me to him.
—  Excerpt from the book I’ll never write // I’ll never learn

Started loving again
Thought when I lost that will to live I could never feel again
I’d give it one more shot and let someone in
I started loving again
I started loving again
I started loving again
I started loving again

I stopped wishing I was dead
Learned to love myself before anyone else
Become more than just a burden
I know I’m more than worthy of your time
I’m more than worthy of your time
I’m more than worthy of your time

When you use a toilet at someone else’s house do you just get that fear like

Maybe they forgot to tell me their toilet was broken

And so you have a tiny panic that your business won’t flush and everything will overflow and you’ll have to go and explain to them what happened and it will be so embarrassing

Negative Qualities of Hogwarts Houses

- Gryffindors tend to act without thought. They speak without thinking of how its going to sound to anyone and they are reckless with most of their choices.

- Ravenclaw are heartless towards things, speaking without consideration of feelings. They tend to use sarcasm to keep people from getting close to them and likes to be straightforward and honest no matter how harsh the truth is.

- Hufflepuffs tend to be too nice sometimes, they will agree with anyone to keep the peace and will follow whatever someone says without sticking up for themselves.

- Slytherins are sometimes purposefully manipulative. They tend to use people, naturally and abuse trust in friendship that is offered them.