Courtesy of the artist and Sperone Westwater, New York

Two Exciting New Fall Shows for Richard Long

The trailblazing British artist Richard Long, renowned for his large-scale creations made using stone, driftwood and, in some cases, nothing more than his own footprints is being celebrated in two exhibitions this fall.

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Paul Quitoriano

At the New York Botanical Garden, Jenny Holzer Channels Frida Kahlo

“I’m getting a free drink for using other people’s writing!” marveled the artist Jenny Holzer earlier this week, ahead of a dinner at the New York Botanical Garden. The occasion served a double purpose for the artist, who was honored by the Poetry Society of America and also premiered a new program of text projections, which will continue to scroll over the glass walls of the garden’s exhibition hall starting at dusk each day through Saturday. 

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