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Name: Miana
Age: 19
Country: Romania

I don`t really want to talk about myself here. Not because I I feel uncomfortable but because I find it really difficult to find a proper description of myself.

I would like to call myself an art enthusiast (any kind of art) even though I admit I am not satisfied with my art knowledge so if you think you have some more information to share I am all ears.

Also, I have a super diverse music taste (and yeah that means I also listen to things like kpop, and if you believe that there is no good quality stuff, you should check out BTS and their last MVs)

I consider myself a feminist and I am an ally of the LGBTQ community. If you aren`t, it`s ok. If you think I shouldn`t, you can try to prove me wrong, but you should know that I truly like debates with real arguments.

I am looking forward to talking to anybody from anywhere, but please take notice of the fact that I have the tendency to be a little random from time to time.

Preferences: please be kind, smart and open-minded also I have a messy handwritting and I am in the middle of my finals so I would prefer email as a starting point.


ASMR Glue Peeling | Tingles

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