higu/umi AU: skin game
the ushiromiyas (33 years ago)

old blood and old wealth, but they’ve kept their hands surprisingly clean.

natsuhi (age 19): heir apparent, slightly eccentric, the Mom Friend™
eva (age 17): second in line, believes herself to be far more competent than natsuhi but, like, fuck
rosa (age 2): third in line, gets picked on by eva sometimes but is generally excited about most things
kyrie (age 12): fallen branch grafted onto a new family tree

the three ushiromiya sisters welcomed kyrie like one of their own.
despite their inter-family squabbles, they pose a united front against any offense to the ushiromiya name.

skin game is an alternate universe story and also for fun blease enjoy it

anonymous asked:

Do you think a Rosatrice or a Natsutrice arc (alike Eva-Beato's) would've been interesting?

I’m glad you clarified we were talking about the EVA - Beatrice sort of “Beatrice” route… because I saw “rosatrice” and panic surged through my body.

BUT, yes that would be extremely interesting and I’m about that 100%

if anyone wants to share ideas and hc’s about what those routes might look like, I’m game to listen B) hmu w/ those dank forgeries.