a relationship like no other


higu/umi AU: skin game
the ushiromiyas (33 years ago)

old blood and old wealth, but they’ve kept their hands surprisingly clean.

natsuhi (age 19): heir apparent, slightly eccentric, the Mom Friend™
eva (age 17): second in line, believes herself to be far more competent than natsuhi but, like, fuck
rosa (age 2): third in line, gets picked on by eva sometimes but is generally excited about most things
kyrie (age 12): fallen branch grafted onto a new family tree

the three ushiromiya sisters welcomed kyrie like one of their own.
despite their inter-family squabbles, they pose a united front against any offense to the ushiromiya name.

skin game is an alternate universe story and also for fun blease enjoy it

after seeing them play life in the ep 3 manga i had to


We’ll be together for all eternity.’’