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1. The Characters

Clannad honestly has one of the greatest cast of characters from any anime I’ve ever seen ever. It doesn’t matter if they’re a main character, a supporting character or a character who only showed up in one episode, I’ve grown attached to every single person in this show in one way or another and that’s amazing if you ask me.

2. The Animation

Kyoto Animation really outdid themselves with this one. Most of the scenery is so beautiful and atmospheric that’s it’s left me gaping on more than one occasion, plus the animation is so smooth and really well done, with special mention going to the girl and robot scenes.

3. After Story

Yep, this is a whole reason. Like, Clannad’s first season was amazing and even if it didn’t have a 2nd season it’d probably still end up somewhere on my top 10 favorite anime list, but After Story took what made the first season great, and made it better. We got to see the characters develop and see their lives after high school which is something we don’t usually get to see in most anime, and it really did a great job of teaching the importance of family relationships.

4. Every Episode is Avaliable on Youtube

Subbed and dubbed.

Now that’s just plain convenient.

5. Tomoya and Nagisa’s Relationship

If you ask me, the relationship between Tomoya and Nagisa is one of the best and most realistic relationships from any anime I’ve ever seen. These two probably couldn’t be more different and yet their relationship works so well. Their lives are full of ups and downs (mainly downs) but they’re both always willing to stay with each other through everything which is just a tiny part of what makes their relationship so beautiful.

6. The Soundtrack

Clannad’s soundtrack has to be my favorite anime soundtrack of all time. I can’t count the amount of times I’ve fallen asleep listening to Dango Daikazoku, Nagisa or any of the other songs from this magnificent soundtrack. The first season had a decent opening theme but After Story’s opening was beyond beautiful. The only track I didn’t particularly like would be After Story’s ending theme but that’s mainly because it ruined the emotional value of some episodes.

7. The Funny Moments

People make Clannad out to be a depressing anime (which is true to some extent) but this show has sent me into so many fits of laughter that just remembering it makes my gut hurt.

8. The Sad Moments

Clannad is definitely an emotional anime, there’s no doubt about that. It’s made me cry on more than one occasion which I’ll admit I’m strangely proud of. It really makes you think and realize the importance of friendships and family values which is partly why it leaves leaves such a huge impact.

9. The Voice Acting and Dialogue

If you ask me, it doesn’t matter if you prefer anime subbed or dubbed because both versions of Clannad were done marvelously. I’m personally a dub fan and I found no problems with it. Some of the lines and monologues from this anime have left me choked up because they’re so meaningful and often symbolic in some way.

10. The Message

Clannad is not only limited to one message but if you ask me, it’s all about family. It teaches you that your family isn’t only limited to the people you share blood with. Family can be anyone you feel safe and happy around, no matter how messed up and broken it may be.

In Conclusion

Watch this damn anime