Cheer Up Post #4547 - The Usherette Edition

princess-has-a-pen would like a post featuring The Usherette (Ivy Levan) from the new Rocky Horror Picture Show. Enjoy!


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"May the odds be ever in your flavour" - Hunger Games-inspired event.

February 21, 2013 Rm. 207

Originally, our event was dated on February 18, 2013. Pero since nagkaroon ng problems nag move siya ng Thursday which made me happy because it bought us some more time to prepare.

Onti onti nakikita ko na yung outcome nung event which made me really excited. Ewan ko ba. That day may 2 kaming quiz pero hindi ako nag aral kasi nga na eexcite ako.

As P.R.O. ako yung nag sesend sa kanila ng mga informations and stuffs. Yung mga infos galing sa mga people-in-charge and yung iba galing na rin sakin. Natatawa lang ako kasi puro typo nanaman :)) Hindi ko na inuulit kasi ang hirap mag gm almost every hour nag ggm ata ako. =))

So ayun, I was the head committee of the usherettes. So in charge ako sa kanila, may mga times lang na naiinis ako kasi may mga nag mamarunong. Okay lang naman mag bigay sila ng suggestion eh, I listen. Pero sana hindi sila gumagawa ng move ng hindi ko alam.

Anywaaayyyyys! Unang minake-upan ang usherettes and food committee :) c/o Shaine and Claire. Since hunger games ang peg dapat pang capitol ang make-up namin kaya ang kapal :))))))

c/o the Physical Committee :)

Maraming naging aberya pero it was really fun although medyo na pipiss ako. :)) 2 hours ako nakatayo with 4 in, stilettos. Srsly, no fun. 

Space Age Fashion, London 1969
Girls are pictured modeling the usheretts dress of the future designed especially for them by Uniformula of London, a company who make and design uniforms for the Hotel and Cinema trade. October 1969


Marilyn Monroe at the premiere of East of Eden at New York’s Astor Theatre by Eve Arnold, March 1955

The premiere was a benefit for the Actor’s Studio, and Marilyn was present as a ‘celebrity usherette’. “Although she was to me consistently beautiful,” wrote super-fan James Haspiel, who was outside her hotel when she left for the theatre, “there were few moments, this being one of them, when Marilyn looked so outrageously gorgeous that it was actually hard to look at her…She went onto the premiere, and the word quickly spread throughout Times Square that ‘Marilyn Monroe is over at the Astor Theatre!’ Soon people in the thousands picked up that information along Broadway.”

There is *so much* bad pre-criticism of the Rocky Horror remake floating around right now that makes it PAINFULLY obvious that none of these people are aware that it’s based on a stage show to begin with and that the original movie isn’t the end-all, be-all of Rocky Horror.

“Laverne Cox is beautiful and glamorous instead of looking like she rolled out of bed in yesterday’s eyeliner and torn fishnets!”

One- please go look up any video you can find of Rob Morton Fowler’s Frank; two- I’m in a shadow cast for the original movie and I can tell you, having played Frank once myself and observed all of the regular Franks putting on their faces for the show, that Tim Curry’s makeup was *just as meticulous*; and three- casting someone as gorgeous as Laverne Cox and trying to make her look like a weird mess would have been a waste of a Laverne Cox.

“They have Science Fiction Double Feature performed by an usherette instead of singing lips! Sacrilege!”

THAT’S LITERALLY HOW IT’S DONE ONSTAGE. Traditionally, the usherette actress also plays Magenta (it kind of makes up for how little Magenta does in the main show- she was a last-minute addition to the show’s writing process, created only because there was this like, two-week period where Marianne Faithfull expressed interest in being in it, and that’s why she and Riff Raff are such an inseparable duo), but it’s not unheard of to cast a separate usherette like this movie did, either. (They also really cutely homage the singing lips at the end of the song anyway.)

“They change the staging of some of the songs so we can’t do the same callouts!”

I swear to god, you people are going from “why did they have to change anything, leave it aloooooone” one minute to “why even bother remaking it if it’s the same damn movie?” Make up your damn minds.

“The song arrangements are too weird and modern!”

Most of them, though not all, are based on the stage arrangements created for the 1974 Roxy Theater production in Los Angeles. They’re literally older than the original movie.


-is in the remake. And he loves Laverne Cox and her performance as Frank. Get over yourselves.

me as Usherettes and Chinese Tea in "The Nutcracker"

External image

Me as Usherettes. I’m on the center who wears pink costume :)) I really love this one!

External image

This is another picture of me being Usherettes :)

External image

This is me as Chinese Tea. LOL, love the outfit and the hair accessories!

External image
External image

actually, I also got the “Spanish Chocolate” part, but I’m afraid my friend didn’t take a picture of me when I played “Spanish Chocolate”._.