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Sensitive Black Boy Playlist

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Maxwell - Pretty Wings 

Bruno Mars - Talking to the Moon

Michael Jackson - Human Nature

Drake - Redemption

Miguel - Adorn

John Legend - Overload

Chance the Rapper - Cocoa Butter Kisses

Phony Ppl - Why iii Love the Moon

Daniel Caesar - Get You

Elhae - Situations

Yo Trane - High Off You

Usher - Climax

Frank Ocean - Forrest Gump

Michael Jackson - It’s the Falling In Love

D.R.A.M. - Caretaker ft. SZA

Stormzy - First Things First

Tupac - Changes

OutKast - Ms. Jackson

Kid Cudi - Don’t Play This Song

Childish Gambino - All the Shine

Jay Z - Song Cry

Ja Rule - I Cry

our little family pt.1 | park jimin

Pairing: Father! Jimin + Reader 

Genre: Fluff/Angst + parent au 

Word Count: 2.8k

Summary: You were just a pre-school teacher, a simple dream that came true as you always adored children. But what you didn’t know, was how one child and her very special father would change you dream forever. 

Parts: 1 2

“Jieun-ah, please.” Jimin sighed, as he tried putting her arms through the sleeves of her baby pink coat, which she shrugged back off again for the nth time making Jimin let out a soft groan in exasperation.

“Jieun-ah…” Jimin pleaded.

“I don’t want to go to school daddy.” Jieun said softly, pouting as she looked at her dad with round eyes, the corners watering slightly as Jimin felt his resolve weaken at the sight of his little girl before him.

Sighing, he grabbed her hands and put on a large grin, “Jieun-ah, It’ll be fun!” he tried cheering, “Daddy had loved going to school all his life (what a lie) and really wished he could go again.”

“Then why don’t you come with me?” Jieun asked, tugging at the ends of her little pale blue sundress, the color contrasting strongly against her raven blank hair that tumbled around her shoulders in soft curls.

Cradling her face in his hands, her cheeks squishing up together making Jimin chuckle slightly, he said, “Daddy’s too old now, but if anything happens I’ll be there for you, alright? Do you wanna go now? I promise it’ll be great.”

“Pinky promise?” Jieun asked, holding out her pinky to Jimin’s face as he laughed a little, hooking her tiny pinky within his and bringing them together before pressing a small kiss to her hands, “I promise baby.”

“Hi guys!! Welcome! Hello!” you smiled happily as the kids walked one by one into your class, all their faces with expressions that varied, some happy, some mad, some scared and some with tears and snot dripping from their little noses.

Oh children. 

“There you go Jieun-ah, I’ll pick you up in a couple hours okay?”

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Inspired by today’s eclipse and for @sterekwritingroom‘s flash event.


The first group of weres pass through Beacon Hills on a Thursday. Stiles probably wouldn’t notice except that he’s spent the past year and a half hanging out almost exclusively with supernatural beings and that… well, ok, these guys aren’t exactly subtle. They tilt their heads almost in sync as he passes by them –– heading in to pay cash at the gas station while they pile back into their packed SUV. Noses flare, stances shift, and Stiles has about point five seconds to plan a bolt back to the Jeep before one of them’s announcing “Don’t trouble your Alpha; we’re just passing north for the event.” And then they’re back in the SUV and gone.

So… yeah, not to diminish Stiles’ awesome deductive skills here but… not subtle.

The second sighting happens before school on Friday, when Stiles ducks into the Dunkin’ Donuts for some much needed coffee and practically trips over a trio of sugar-high toddlers. One of them, wearing what looks like a home-painted t-shirt, decorated with a slightly uneven yellow circle, is midway through whining “Momma, we’re gonna miss the––“ when she stops in her tracks to stare up at him.

Stiles blinks down at her, the door perched against his elbow.

“Say ‘scuse me,” the boy next to her murmurs. It’s too early for this, brain crawling the sludge-slow of non-coffee through his system, and Stiles isn’t sure which of them he’s talking to.

“Excuse me,” he says and all three immediately shuffle, staring wide enough it makes Stiles’ eyes ache for them. He starts past, scrubbing a hand across his jaw self-consciously, wondering if he’d missed sleep drool or a sock in his hair or something on his mad rush out the door but, two steps past, the youngest kid snuffles and speaks up, soft: “Are you gonna come see the moon with us?”

It takes another step for Stiles to register that she’s talking to him, but by the time he blinks back the boy’s already tutting at her.

“No Lucy. He’ll go with his own pack.”

The little girl’s mouth opens in a wide, understanding O, while her older sister tugs proudly on her yellow circle shirt. It’s painted a messy black in the middle, inside the bright golden edge, and Stiles kind of forgets coffee for a minute in the face of actual werewolf children and then there’s a woman stepping up behind them, coffee and a box of munchkins in hand, dropping a fond hand to ruffle the boy’s hair as she gives Stiles an apologetic smile.

“Sorry about that, they’ve never been through another pack’s territory before. We’ve been driving since Arizona –– long trip for the little ones. But I couldn’t miss the chance for them to experience this. Best sighting until totality in 2017!”

“I’ll be ten,” says the boy, in the tone of one who’s done the math very carefully a dozen times over.

Stiles nods, a little lost because werewolf toddlers, and manages “well that’s… good.”

“I’m two,” the youngest puts in proudly, vaguely missing the thread of the conversation but eager to take part, and Stiles smiles back, wishing he had a little more coffee in his system because it’s not like he’s oblivious about what’s going on in the world this weekend, but he’s starting to feel a little dense for not connecting all kinds of dots sooner.

Then again, there’s another person who probably could’ve connected them for him.

“They don’t know how lucky they are,” the woman adds, beaming down. “I had to wait years for my first one and I’ll never forget the experience. Of course, you won’t feel it the same way as us,” her tone going apologetic, “but I’m sure your pack can’t wait to take part.”

And then she’s ushering the kids out the door with promises of donuts in the car, and Stiles is tugging out his phone, pulling up Derek Hale’s number.


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untitled #1

local gay spends the night at his crush’s house, what happens next will warm your heart

tags: high school au, pining keith


The one thing Keith knows is that Lance smells amazing.

It’s first thing Keith had noticed about him. He smells like lavender; it’s his shampoo, Keith found out after spending the night at Lance’s in freshman year. The sweet smell reminds him of those Lush stores Shiro used to drag him to. Shiro’d ask him which conditioner he should buy for Keith because yes, Keith, you should take of yourself. Keith would point to whatever and try not to stare at the gorgeous employees. He likes the loud ones, with nice bright smiles and lips that aren’t chapped, pretty boys with–

“Hey, Keith-a-roo, are you listening to me?”

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The thing about necromancers is, they never know when to give up and they never quite understand that not being a reaper yet does not actually put Taako at a disadvantage against them.

And of course, every last on of them is extra as fuck.

Angus decides to opt out of the Extreme Teen Adventures one summer because the group got hopelessly lost last time and he thinks summer camp will be a more relaxing alternative. After weeks of wheedling, bargaining, and annoying persistence, Taako comes with him as a camp counselor (with the understanding that Taako will spend the entire two weeks counseling no one and enjoying the lake). They’re there for two days before a man with a weird mask and a large knife shows up, part of a cult located conveniently close by, and they both decide that a nice beach vacation is a better option; if it hadn’t been the murderous cultists, the horrendous food would have been the deciding factor.


It’s date night and Kravitz is adorably excited about taking Taako to the opera. Taako can’t say he’s a huge fan, but there are a lot of things he would do to see that smile on Kravitz’ face - and besides, it’s a double date so Lup is stuck going too. Taako and Lup keep themselves admirably entertained through the first half by reaching over two seats to bother each other. Kravitz and Barry admirably pretend not to notice.

It’s almost intermission when someone on the stage screams while the chandelier above them creaks ominously. Someone in the rafters starts laughing manically, Kravitz is sighing because he knows that laughter and this was supposed to be his night off, and a moment later the chandelier is falling directly on the audience.

It’s very fortunate that Taako and Lup, out of pure boredom, got into the extreme sport of hurtling boulders at each other on one of the worlds (which Davenport eventually put an end to, commenting that just because they could could give him repeated heart attacks it didn’t mean they should). Taako catches the chandelier with magic and tosses it back up to where a shadowy figure is still laughing. There’s a grunt, and, one excellently-timed portal later, Lup has caught both the fixture and the figure before they can hit the ground.


Taako is conned into bringing Angus to a new play-and-eat place in Neverwinter for kids; it’s not Angus’s thing at all, or Taako’s, but it’s Mookie’s birthday and Mookie (perhaps only Mookie) is delighted by the people wandering around in huge animal suits. Taako is not a fan, especially when he thinks he catches them following him from room to room. When everyone is distracted by Mookie blowing out the candles, one of them jumps right in Taako’s face and tries to grab him.

It gets blasted for its trouble and okay, cool, there’s no person in there and that’s a lot of metal and it’s some kind of robot, awesome. Taako is on the phone with Lucas moments later while Merle and Magnus usher the kids into the security booth.

“Animatronics, Lucas? You really fucking went for the giant bear? What, do you not have to pay ghosts as much to entertain the children?”

Lucas insists it wasn’t him, Taako hangs up on him, and he, Magnus, and Merle spend a lively afternoon guarding the security booth from the rest of those possessed caricatures of fuzzy animals.

There’s another cult, because of-fucking-course there is.


Taako admits the invitation was a little shady, but Kravitz, Barry, and Lup are off on some mission and he and Ren could use a week-long getaway to a wealthy benefactor’s mansion. The man spent half the letter gushing about Taako’s brand, and Taako is always happy to meet a fan.

They and some other guests are having dinner on the first night when the lights suddenly go out. When they come back on, Taako is grappling with the owner of the house, who has a knife. It’s not much of a struggle; the man is pretty old, has lost the element of surprise, and is two seconds away from getting a face full of gale-force winds as Ren has already risen to her feet and drawn her wand.

There’s a cult under the house. It’s the easiest job his family has ever had, since the house is isolated and there’s nowhere for any of them to run.


Taako is strolling through Neverwinter with Angus, getting some shopping done and thinking seriously about the possibility of stopping at the new dessert place, when he thinks he hears whispering. And it’s coming from… below them?

Taako’s ears twitch as he turns, and it seems that Angus has caught on too, because he’s staring at the side of the street, where there’s a sewer drain.

Where there’s a clown in the sewer drain.

“For fuck’s sake –”

It seems like the clown in the sewer has lost its patience, because suddenly it’s reaching for Angus’s ankle with the clear intent of dragging him in. Taako catches it with magic missile and fires a few more for good measure, and then directs a fireball through the small opening. He can hear pained groaning echoing up as he grabs Angus and drags him across the street. Taako pulls out his stone.

“Hey babe, I found your lich. No I’m not sure it’s the one you’re looking for, we didn’t stop for introductions and shit, all I know is that there’s a crispy motherfucker in the sewer waiting for you to collect. Yes, the sewer. I didn’t put him down there, Krav, the creep has this whole sneaky clown routine. Yes, a clown. I know. Make Lup get him if you don’t want to. Love you too, but I swear I will lock you in the bathroom if you haven’t showered at least twice by the time I get home.”

With garbage-lich collection on the way, Taako grabs Angus around the shoulders and directs them both down another street, because they absolutely deserved something ridiculously unhealthy and sweet after that nonsense.

Imagine if something bad happened to David. Like REALLY bad.

David is dying. Max is refusing to give up on him. Neil and Nikki have to drag him away from David’s corpse.

Tears are leaking from Max. Gwen ushers the kids away, they all have glossy eyes.

Then as Max sobs he begins to sing, his voice croaky and cracking.

There’s a place I know that’s tucked away…

A place where you and I can stay.

Where we can go to laugh and play.

And have adventures everyday.

I know it’s sounds hard to believe, but guys and gals it’s true.

Camp Campbell is the place for me and you.

hooked (part one)

a/n : lol okay so i know that this beginning is different than the beginning in descendants 1, but i felt like this would be a bit better so you can get an intro to maverick’s character a little more.

summary: mal and her gang leave mal’s sister, maverick, back on the isle and mav has a little chat with uma and her pirate crew about it.

warnings : i don’t think any


maverick : mav-er-ik, noun, a person pursuing rebellious, even potentially disruptive policies or ideas (


“Maverick! Mal! Come here!” Evie yelled as Maverick stood by her bed trying to figure out where to put her next graffiti piece.

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they raise you up just to cut you down

philkas au in which lukas and philip are separated by hallways and a school shooter 

Lukas Waldenbeck knows the sound of a gunshot as well as he knows his own name. It’s something he’s always waiting for, even if he doesn’t realize. His body is perpetually perched on the edge of his seat, ready to bolt if necessary.

So, when the shot rings through the hall and into his classroom, Lukas knows what it is immediately. The others don’t quite get it; either they’re not listening, or they’re assuming that it’s something normal.

He lurches out of his chair, leaning into the edge of his desk. His teacher’s eyes snap to his, her brows furrowing. She opens her mouth, presumably to lecture him for interrupting class, but another shot stops her cold. This time, it’s louder, more recognizable.

She doesn’t have to say anything for people to start dropping out of their desks and onto the floor. She pushes back from her chair, and moves for the door quickly, flicking the door shut and shutting the lights out. She moves back to her desk, moving to the side of it. She pulls out a binder and starts flipping through a packet, presumably trying to figure out what to do.

A moment later, the intercom sparks, and an overly calm voice comes over the speaker.

“Attention, students of Red Hook. We are moving into an official lockdown. We are moving into an official lockdown.”

Her voice stops, and for the first time Lukas can remember, the room goes silent. No one is so much as whispering, like whoever’s in the school can hear them through the thick walls.

Lukas, tucked beneath the window, pulls his phone from his pocket. He pulls up Philip’s contact, and starts a message.

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Mini Matchmaker Pt. 1 (Steve Holiday Mini Series)

Hi, my lovelies!! I’m still trying to ease myself off hiatus (you can read about that HERE ), but work got crazy again so I’m not sure when it’ll be official. BUT. I had this idea during my long day at work and I just thought it was so cute so I had to get it out. I hope you like it!! Any feedback or comments is appreciated. :)


Mini Matchmaker (Steve Holiday Mini Series)

Characters: reader, Steve, OC Justice, Sam (mentioned) [modern au]

Summary: Your awful temporary holiday job takes a turn for the better when a handsome stranger enters your life. 

Warnings: none? Super duper fluffy!! A super tiny mention of death, but that’s it.

Word Count: 2436 (yeah this was supposed to be a drabble. oops.)

Tag list is below (LIST IS CLOSED I’M SO SORRY)

Part One  Part Two>>>

Mini Matchmaker Series Masterlist


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“These tights are the worst,” you muttered to your co-worker while still maintaining the fake perma-smile required for your temporary job. You tried to covertly pull up the tights that threatened to sag down to your knees while simultaneously resisting to scratch your itchy legs.

“Just remember, it’s almost over and think of the extra cash you’ll have for all the presents you’re going to buy me,” smirked the redhead, handing a cane cane to an obviously underwhelmed child.

“You wish, Nat,” you replied before ushering the next kid forward to take a seat on Santa’s lap.

With a frustrated huff, you considered your current situation. In addition to the awful red and white striped tights that were the bane of your existence, you wore a green velvet dress that fell to mid-thigh, a pointed green hat, and of course, the curly-toed shoes with bells attached. Just to add a festive touch of humiliation.

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serendipia-s  asked:

congrats on 1.5k Mel!!!! 🎉💜 i love your writing and I have a prompt for you: bellarke soulmates au where the first words they say to you are tattoed on your body. person A: I can't believe dumbledore dies! person B: really? at a midnight release, asshole? I don't mind who's who. thanks 😌

ahhh thank you Scarlet <3 tagging @cabeswaterblakes too just to make sure you get your fic!


no pause, no rewind

[also on ao3]

As far as the whole soulmates thing goes, Bellamy’s never been much of a believer.

It’s just kind of hard to see the point, really. His mother didn’t seem to care much when she had him with a guy who wasn’t her soulmate and, as far as Bellamy can tell, took off as soon as he could get his shoes on. She certainly didn’t seem to care much either when she decided to have a second kid with some other random, who knocked her up and got cold feet a mere month before Octavia was born.

Unfortunate life circumstances aside, he supposes the bulk of his disbelief stems from impracticality. There’s just too much logistical baggage to worry about. Like, what if this person’s supposed to be the one person meant for you, but they’re already married to someone else? What if you meet your soulmate on some completely off chance in a foreign city, and then find out that the two of you live thousands of miles apart? What if something happens — an accident or an unexpected tragedy or something — that changes who they are beyond repair or recourse?

Or — and this is, without a doubt, miles worse — what if you’re like his sister, Octavia, and all you have written on your palm is a simple ‘hi’?

That’s it. ‘Hi’.

Octavia could literally have a thousand soulmates. That’s fucking terrifying.

(She insists that she’ll know when it’s the right person. The right ‘hi’, out of the millions she’s bound to hear throughout her life. She’s just gonna know, some way, somehow. And he’s the crazy one for being skeptical.)

She’s always told him he’s an idiot, simply for having rational concerns. Yeah, well, it’s not like she’s ever had to deal with the words ‘Really? At a midnight release, asshole?’ emblazoned across the inside of her forearm in loopy cursive.

“A midnight release, Bell,” she’d say to him whenever he grumbled, grabbing his wrist to point emphatically at the words. “You know where you’re going to meet your soulmate. You know when, too! Don’t you realise how lucky you are?”

Lucky. Yeah, right. Tell that to all the mothers tutting disapprovingly at twelve-year-old him, ushering their kids away like he’s got a myriad of other swear words tattooed all over the rest of his body.

(Why the fuck did he have to get such a fucking foul-mouthed soulmate?!)

And yet, for all his disbelief, it doesn’t quite stop his stomach from turning discomforting little flips whenever he goes to a midnight release for anything, whether it’s a book or a movie or a stupid video game.

Even so, here he is, twenty-three years old, with dozens of midnight releases under his belt, and — nope. Still no soulmate.

It’s a good thing, he supposes. The longer his soulmate takes to show up, the longer he has to gather rational, concrete evidence against this whole melodramatic affair of a genetic arrangement. By the time he does meet his soulmate, he’s pretty sure he’ll be fully capable of presenting a solid argument on why both of them deserve to be let off this very stupid hook.

In the meantime, he can focus on all the other things in his life. 

Stuff that’s actually important.

Stuff like the upcoming release of the latest Harry Potter movie.

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Love at First Video Part 18: Doubt

Misha Collins x Reader

1550 Words

Story Summary:  You were a babysitter, but you wanted to be more. Deciding to create a cooking video, you were shocked when it garnered the attention of a well known actor. Soon the attention becomes something neither of you can ignore.

Catch Up Here: Masterpost

The next morning you were up with the sun, restless and ready to get going for the day. You usually weren’t one to be up with the birds, but you had woken up, and no matter what you couldn’t go back to sleep. Groaning, you changed into a pair of shorts, along with a tank top, making your way down the stairs, wanting to surprise everyone with breakfast.

The house was eerily quiet, the sunlight filtering in through the closed blinds lighting your way. You turned to head into the kitchen, when you noticed a light peeking out from under the closed door of Misha’s study. Surprised to see that he was already up, you quickly went into the kitchen, turning the coffee pot on. Waiting for it to perk, you got down the coffee cups, adding creamer and sugar to it. By the time you were done, so was the coffee, and you carried it down the short hallway. With your hands full, you used your elbow to knock on the door, not wanting to bother him if he was too busy.

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anonymous asked:

TodoDeku + All Might and Aizawa's reactions to finding out about their relationship (bonus points if they know both boys have had very traumatic childhoods and are now happier than ever together thanks to each other). Thank you for writing!! <3

They probably should have been more discreet, but at least the position they were caught in wasn’t too compromising. It was just handholding. People hold hands all the time for different reasons. Two boys holding hands and curled up against each other? Well, that’s something else, Shouta supposes. 

He’s now sitting in All Might’s office, Todoroki and Midoriya on the other side of the coffee table, a respectable distance apart. Shouta glances to his left, where All Might is doing his best to smile through this awkward situation. He sighs to himself.

“Look,” he says, and tries not to be too bothered by the slight flinch from both boys. “It’s fine if you’re… together. We’re not your parents, we’re not in a position to disapprove of your feelings.”

“And—And even if we are your parents, we wouldn’t have a right to disapprove either!” All Might quickly cuts in, and Shouta nods slowly, thankful his colleague caught his mistake. “We’re happy for you!”

Shouta cringes mentally. He takes back what he said. All Might is definitely a parent. He’s everybody’s parent.

“Um, thank you?” Midoriya says, face flaming red but he meets their eyes, whereas Todoroki still looks like he’s attempting to will himself into nonexistence. “It’s, we’re just—it’s a new thing, we’re just—we’re gonna—take it… slow?”

“You don’t need to explain,” Shouta tries to tell him, but All Might is on his feet now, striking one of his Have no fear, All Might is here poses. Well, at least the boys seem to buy it.

“Everything is fine,” All Might declares. “As long as you two are happy.”

“We are.” Todoroki finally looks up, but there’s a tightness around his mouth that Shouta doesn’t like. It reminds him of the first days of class, when the boy would sit alone and away from everyone else. “You won’t… tell anyone, will you?” He stops there, but they all hear the silent, Not my father.

“No,” Shouta says. “We won’t tell anyone until you’re ready to tell them yourselves.”

“Thank you,” he says, and Shouta wants to tell him this is nothing to be thanked for, but All Might is already going on about extra resources and possible future Talks about Relationships and yup, it’s time to usher these kids out before they explode in embarrassment. That would definitely be bad for UA staff PR.

Ohana Means Family (Jamie Benn)

Prompt: Can you do an imagine about Jamie benn and he’s married and has three kids and he tells you how he is upset about the star’s record this season and you comfort him and then your kids come in and make him happy and he realizes how he’ll have more time to spend with his family

Jamie Benn x Reader

Requested: yes!

Includes: kids, some sad parts, but mostly fluff

Originally posted by bennyandthestars

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anonymous asked:

After reading the one post about the Chocobros having kids, I was wondering if you could write the goodbye rituals the Chocobros will do with their s/o as well as their children. You know like say they have to go on this really big hunting mission and will be gone for awhile. Like how they would say goodbye and reassure their loved ones that they'll be back and all that. P.S. You're writing is awesome!

Hi nonny! I’m really happy that you like my writing and I really hope that I don’t disappoint you on this one. I hope you enjoy reading it as much as I did writing it!

ALSO, I SORTA DIED WHILE THINKING OF THIS BECAUSE I just imagined Noct telling his kids that he’ll be back soon but then he heads to the Citadel for the final battle AND I CRIED. That aside, let’s focus on the fluff. Why do I do this to myself.


  • “Now, you be a good girl okay? Help mummy out, okay?”
  • “Okay daddy. Can I stay over at Uncle Prompto’s or Uncle Gladi’s while you’re gone?”
  • “Okay, but make sure you tell mummy first. No cooking without your mum’s supervision and NO DAGGERS.”
  • Ignis’ daughter didn’t really need reminding of her responsibilities, but Iggy still liked to do so. Just because it gave him an excuse to cuddle up with her on a couch. 
  • Every evening before Iggy’s departure is spent preparing a ton of food with his daughter.
  • You take some time off of work and double check Iggy’s bags just in case he missed something. He never does.
  • Once him and his daughter are done cooking, he tucks her into bed and tells her a story. He gives her a long kiss on the forehead once she’s asleep.
  • He drags you to bed to get his fair share of cuddles before he leaves.
  • “I’m sorry for leaving you with all the work, darling.” He whispers into your ear as he wraps his arms around your waist
  • You turn to face him “It’s okay, darling, I’m already used to it… You’re still going to have to make it up to me though.” You wink earning you a sly grin from your husband.
  • You were dead tired from the night’s activities that you weren’t able to give Iggy a proper farewell, your daughter wakes you up with breakfast in bed and a note from Iggy.
  • “I’ll be home soon.” 


  • “Chin up, you’re going to be in-charge of things here while I’m gone.” Gladio says to his eldest while his eldest tries to put on a brave face
  • You watch from the doorway as he gives pep talks to every single one of your children and this happens A LOT. 
  • Long night in the Citadel? Pep talk. Overnight camping trip with the guys? Pep talk. A long period of time without him? Long pep talk.
  • He turns his head to you when he hears you giggle.
  • “Hey kids! What’s your number one mission?” He barks
  • “MAKE MOMMY HAPPY!” The kids shout in unison catching you off guard
  • Gladio fold his arms and gives you a smug look, you wrap your arms around him.
  • He leans in for a kiss when the kids start making belching noises.
  • “Okay okay, everybody out!” He ushers the kids out of the room and he turns his attention back to you
  • “I’ll miss you, i’m gonna be gone for quite a while. Are you going to be okay?” He says in a low voice
  • “Of course I’ll be fine, I’m an Amicitia now, and besides the kids’ll keep me company.”
  • “Do you want anything from the outside world?”
  • “Just come home to me safe, sweetheart.”
  • You both stay locked in an embrace until you hear the kids running upstairs shouting that their Uncle Ignis has arrived to pick up their father.
  • Gladio gets in the car with the Ignis. Camping gear, cup noodles, and a family picture in tow. 


  • Would be super clingy to his kids giving them a kiss every single minute an hour from his time of departure. And yes, this happens every single time. Especially on long trips.
  • Long trips meaning at least a day away from his family.
  • By the end of it all, his kids just want him to leave.
  • “Daaaad, that’s like the 45th goodbye kiss already!”
  • If he isn’t kissing his kids goodbye then his arms will probably be wrapped around you… holding on to you for dear life.
  • “I don’t want to leave my wife aloooone! They can go on without me! I’ll miss you and the kids too much!” He says dramatically
  • “Oh stop it, Prom! You boys need some time off together! You won’t even miss us when you’re there already.”
  • “Please don’t make me go! Don’t make me leaaaave!” He says trying to include the kids in his death grip.
  • When Ignis pulls up to the driveway, they already know the drill.
  • You and the kids slowly shimmy your way out of his grip and lo’ and behold Gladio’s here!
  • Gladio has to literally drag him out of the house EVERY. SINGLE. TIME. because Prompto’s bawling so hard.
  • Your kids will be running after the Regalia stifling cries because they’re sure gonna miss him while he’s gone, and Prompto’s crying while taking pictures of his kids from the back of the car.


  • Noctis’ definition of packing his bags is really just him giving a list to the butler and asking him to do it while he spends time with his kids.
  • You of course, double check if he forgot to put anything on that list and once you’re satisfied, you proceed to help the butler out.
  • Noct would be running all over the Citadel playing with his kids that by the time they get back to their chambers, they’re all plastered with sweat.
  • You send them all off to shower but Noctis sneakily grabs you by the waist and whisks you away to the shower with him.
  • The evenings before he leaves are spent with you and the kids huddled up in your chambers making shadow figures on the walls while telling stories or maybe watching movies.
  • Once you wake up, you’d expect Noctis to still be asleep beside you but ALWAYS to your surprise he’s up and about playing football with the kids on the Citadel’s steps while waiting for the bros to pick him up.
  • “You boys take care of mommy for me, okay?” He tells the boys as soon as he sees the Regalia enter the compound. He pulls them both in for a hug and only lets go once Prompto shouts at him to hurry up.
  • Not really shout, more of wail at him to hurry up because, yes, Prompto is still crying… while looking at pictures of his family.
  • He gives you a long embrace and a kiss. When he pulls away he tells you that he’ll miss you and how much he loves you.
  • “Come home safe and preferably in one piece, Noct.”
  • He chuckles and gives you another kiss “I will.”
  • He’ll be watching you and the kids from the Regalia until you’re all no longer in sight.
Ice Cream (Youtuber!Jungkook)

Plot: #87: “There was a power outage and now we have to have dinner by candlelight.” + #88: “Our AC is out and it’s the middle of the summer.” with youtuber!Jungkook as a father

Word Count: 1381

A/N: so werewolf!chim as a father is in the works, it’ll most likely be out tomorrow but until then, I have another drabble bc I’ve been loving drabbles hopefully you guys have been liking them as well, I know some people prefer AUs some people like both AUs and drabbles so hopefully you guys are liking both of them, if you’d like to see more of one of them, plz let me know and I’ll try to balance it out more in that one’s favor!! The link for this is youtuber!Jungkook (here) but I decided to add in father!kook (all of the father related posts are here) as well bc I was planning to do a youtuber!BTS as fathers soon and then I got an idea for it when I was reading the prompt and I had to

If there was one thing that could never annoy you, it was being woken up by your children. If it was anyone else waking you up, it might be a different story but waking up to hear their giggles, to see their messy hair, their energetic smiles, it made any annoyance of being woken up disappear. You woke up to your daughter’s hand pressing against your cheek, squishing it under her palm. Your sleepy eyes were slow to open but you couldn’t see much besides her hair, a tired smile appearing on your face when you heard Jungkook’s groan muffled by the pillow as your son walked across his back. You hugged her waist, pulling her down to your height in both an attempt to get her hand off of your cheek as well as giving her a good morning kiss.

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Rewarding Moments

A Joshaya Fanfiction

Story By: @hoffkk

Requested by: Anonymous

Prompt: Can you do a Joshaya fanfiction with Maya and Josh dating and she is 18 and they get caught by Cory, Topanga, Riley, Shawn etc “studying”

Summary: Josh helps Maya study for her psychology final and finds a creative way to get her motivated that’s fun for both of them! ;)


Maya felt a rush of relief when her phone pinged, signaling an incoming text.  She’d take any excuse she could to get out of studying for this psychology final.

Riles: Where are you?:P

Maya: BFs.  Studying.

Maya couldn’t help but smile as she typed her reply.  It took barely half a semester at NYU before Josh asked her out and they officially became a couple.  College couldn’t have gotten off to a better start, especially since her best friend was her roommate in the freshman dorm.  Yeah, life was pretty good.

Riles: Okay! :)

Maya was about to type back a response when a teasing voice broke through her thoughts.

“Phone away.” Josh said as he handed her a fresh cup of coffee. “You need to focus, young lady.”

Maya just grunted and took a long sip of her drink while Josh laughed and continued.  "I know this psych final is stressing you out, but if you just apply yourself and get through all the chapter reviews, you’ll be sure to ace it.“

"I guess.  It’s just soooo boring.  Who cares about Skinner and his operant conditioning psychobabble?” Maya whined, starting to regret asking Josh to help her study. He was being helpful and all, but almost too helpful.  Josh was acting more like a drill sergeant than tutor.

“Come on, it’s not that bad.  Tell you what, how about we take a two minute break then try some rapid fire flashcard Q&A?”

“Okay, it’s cute that you care so much and all, but are you serious?” Maya questioned.

“What?”  Josh retorted, slightly confused.

“For one… two minutes is not a break, two… rapid fire flashcards sounds like the worst game ever, and three… if you are gonna be such a drill sergeant about this, you could at least wear the uniform.”

Josh blushed as he quirked a brow at Maya who just shrugged and added, “I’m kidding… kind of.” before taking another mouthful of coffee.

Smirking, Josh shook his head and tried a different approach with Maya.  "You know, Skinner had the right idea with the use of reward systems. For instance, if you stay focused and study hard, you will be rewarded with a good grade.“

"Yeah, that was all fine and dandy about three hours ago when we first started, but I don’t think the stress is worth it anymore. ”  Maya answered.

“But… you’d also get the pride of a job well done.”  Josh replied, attempting yet again to motivate his girlfriend.

“Eh, I guess.” She shrugged then put her drink on the side table.

“Come on, I think that is something worth working hard for.”  He said honestly.

“And I think it is adorable that you think that.”  Maya noted with a cheeky smile.

Josh tried and failed to stifle his smile before giving in and saying, “Okay, so maybe for your last final, those rewards don’t seem like much…. but it’s what you’ve got, and we can’t change it.”

Maya sighed and said, “I know, I’m just sick of studying.  I don’t know how Riley did this all through middle school and high school.”

“Well, what if we made it more interesting?” He offered with a mischievous glint in his eyes.

“What do you mean?” She queried.

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