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what would the maknae line, rapmon, and suga be like when they take their kids out for trick-or-treating on halloween?

Jungkook - Jungkook would be the dad to quickly rush his kids along, giving the treat-giver a small thank you before giving their backs a small pat and quickly moving them to the next house. He’d follow behind them and constantly look around for other people and cars too.

Jimin - Jimin would be the dad to wait on the sidewalk for their kids, reminding them to say ‘Trick-or-Treat!’ and ‘thank you’ while they were up there, asking them if they did each time they came running back down. He would stop them as soon as they started seeming the tiniest bit tired, ushering them home quickly.

V - V would be like Jimin, waiting on the sidewalk as the kids ran up to the houses. He would be the dad to converse with other parents, compliments the costumes of other kids, and constantly fix the costumes of his own kids. Excessive pictures, a lot of smiling, etc.

Suga - Suga would be like Jimin, always reminding them to say the common thank you when receiving the candy, and occasionally snatching a lollipop or something from his kids bags, stating it was the normal ‘candy tax’, and that he just happened to be the tax collector of the evening.

- Darby

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