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Some Prompts that are lyrics from very cute and lovely songs. There are always two lines. One for Person A and one for Person B.


  •  „You ain’t no lady but you’ve sure got taste in men.“ – „But I’ve been told by friends of mine you’re someone I can trust.“ (AC/DC - Carry Me Home)
  • „You say you want the truth, but you can’t take it. So I give you lies.“ – „I won’t apologize to you anymore. Cause I’m a grown-ass man.“ (Adam Lambert – There I Said it)
  • „Everybody loves the things you do. From the way you talk to the way you move“ - „My God, this reminds me. Of when we were young.“  (Adele – When we Were Young)
  • „I don’t want to hurt you but I need to breathe!“ -  „At the end of it all, you’re still my best friend.“  (Alex Clare – Too Close)
  • „I’m getting sick of your bullshit attitude.“ – „Do you want me. Or do you want me dead?“  (All Time Low – Do You Want Me (Dead)?)
  • „Tell me how am I supposed to breathe. When losing you is choking me?“ – „I still remember that empty look left on your face.“ (The All-American Rejects – Heartbeat Slowing Down)
  •  „I’m so into you, I can barely breathe.“ – „A little bit dangerous, but, baby, that’s how I want it.“ (Ariana Grande – Into You)
  • „I want to show you who I really am.“ – „I wanna get to know you, talk all night.“ (Aura Dione – Masterpiece)
  • „Now don’t you tell me to leave you alone.“ – „I want you to touch me.“ (Avicii – Touch Me)
  • „I don’t like your girlfriend!“ – „I think we should get together now.“ (Avril Lavigne – Girlfriend)


  • „Add on that I’m a coward. Too scared to return your calls.“ – „Despite how silly it sounds. You’re bigger. Than me.“ (Backstreet Boys – Bigger)
  • „And you said you always had my back.“ – „I don’t wanna hear you talk about it anymore.“ (Bastille – Bad Blood)
  • „Who the fuck do you think I am?“ – „And keep your money, I’ve got my own.“ (Beyoncé – Don’t Hurt Yourself)
  • „And I’m too fucked up.“ – „But I know I’ll never be that cool.“ (Blink 182 – Apple Shampoo)
  • „They don’t think you’re all that cool. They like you for your step-dad’s pool.“ – „Hey you, you dance like those assholes I see.“ – (Bloodhound Gang – Uncool As Me)
  • „I really want you to really want me, but I really don’t know if you can do that.“ – „And you’re listening to the sound of my breaking heart.“ – (James Blunt – I Really Want You)
  • „For the love of god, will you bite your tongue.“ – „I think it’s time you knew the truth.“ – (Bring Me The Horizon – Go To Hell, For Heaven’s Sake.)
  • „My mouth is shut, my lips are sealed.“ – „I should have turned and walked away.“ (Billy Talent – The Crutch)
  • „Don’t believe me just watch.“ – „Gotta kiss myself I’m so pretty.“ (Bruno Mars – Uptown Funk)
  • „Don’t try and heal me when I’m broken.“ – „This might be hard to hear.“ (Bullet For My Valentine – Broken)


  • „It’s way too soon, I know this isn’t love.“ – „But I need to tell you something.“ (Carly Rae Jepsen – Really Like You)
  • „I’ve been waiting all night long to know your name.“ – „You’ve been so cold.“ (Chris Brown – I’ll call ya)
  • „I only got 10 likes in the last 5 minutes.“ – „Let me take another selfie.“ (The Chainsmokers - #Selfie)
  • „Don’t you ever say I just walked away.“ – „I will always want you.“ (Miley Cyrus – Wrecking Ball)


  •  „There are so many things that I don’t understand.“ – „I’ve been, for sometime, looking for someone.“ (Daft Punk  - Within)
  • „Leave him alone, let him go!“ – „Only you can stop the pain.“ (David Guetta – Used To Be The One)
  • „Can’t you act your age“ - „It’s not my fault you’ll never be happy.“  (A Day To Remember – Best Of Me)
  • „And all that I want is forgiveness one more time.“ – „To be the best in the world.“ (Disturbed – Just Stop)


  • „Maybe you could swing by my room around 10:00.“ – „Don’t fuck with my love.“ (Ed Sheeran – Don’t)
  • „You shoot me once, you shoot me twice.“ – „Let me show you what I’m talking about.“ (Enrique Iglesias)
  • „I’m on my own.“ – „I think I’m falling and there’s no return.“ (Enter Shikari – One True Colour)


  • „I’m just a notch in your bedpost.“ – „I’ve been dying to tell you anything you want to hear.“ (Fall Out Boy – We’re Going Down)


  • „All that I remember is that you had me at hello.“ – „What happened? Did it happen? Last night.“ (Good Charlotte – Last Night)
  • „I heard you crying loud.“ – „You’ve been thinking about ditching me.“ (Green Day – When i come around)
  • „
It’s a mystery how you sleep at night.“ – „
I give you so many chances, but you screw them all up.“ (Gossip – I Won’t Play)


  • „Baby just don’t close your heart.“ – „It’s all going wrong.“ (HIM – Don’t close your Heart)


  • Come with me and we will run away.“ – „I am all you adore, lately.“ (Imagine Dragons – Hear Me)


  • „If you don’t want me to leave then don’t push me away.“ – „I’m gonna stay.“ (James Morrison – Dont Wanna Love Me)
  • „How much I adore those pretty eyes of yours.“ – „Can you love me for a lifetime or just one night.“ (Jennifer Lopez – Baby I Love You)
  • „I’m gonna be be good so tell me that you’re gonna be good too.“ – „I’m gonna treat you right.“ (Jonas Brothers – BB Good)
  • „'Cause I’m missing more than just your body.“ – „I know you know that I made those mistakes maybe once or twice.“ (Justin Bieber – Sorry)
  • „Beautiful smile with those sad eyes.“ – „I don’t know why you’d leave me alone.“ (Justin Timberlake – Amnesia)


  • „You’re so sad maybe you should buy a happy meal.“ – „You’re so skinny you should really Super Size the deal.“ (Katy Perry – Ur So Gay)
  • „Never thought that you would be the one.“ – „Maybe you shouldn’t Kiss ‘n’ tell.“ (Ke$ha – Kiss N Tell)
  • „Taking me higher than I’ve ever been before.“ – „You’re just another day that keeps me breathing.“ (Kiesza – Hideaway)


  • „I just want you alone“ - „It wasn’t love, it wasn’t love.“ (Lady Gaga – Perfect Illusion)
  • „You say that you are proud of me.“ – „You’re not the one that you pretend to be.“ (Linkin Park – Pretend To Be)
  • „Forget that boy, I’m over it.“ – „Guess I should say thank you.“ (Little Mix – Shout Out To My Ex)


  • When I’m without you. I’m so insecure.“ – „Don’t let nobody touch it. Unless that somebody’s me.“ (Maroon 5 – Sugar)
  • „I have the loves of many men. But I don’t love any of them.“  - „Why do you cheat on me?“ (Metallica – Cheat On Me)
  • „I got a bulletproof heart.“ – „Let me be the one to save you.“ (My Chemical Romance – Bulletproof Heart)


  1. „And my heart feels a fool.“ – „Can’t stop thinking of you, cause I’m so jealous, baby.“ ( New Kids on the Block – Jealous)


  • „Counted all my mistakes and there’s only one.“ – „Yeah, it took me some time, but I figured out.“ (One Direction – Where do Broken Hearts Go?)
  • „I can only be myself.“ – „I’ll never forget you.“ (Olly Murs – Tryna change me)
  • „But you confuse me.“ – „I said babe do you want to take it fast or slow?.“ (OneRepublic – The Less I Know)


  • „Do I look lonely?“ – „Am I the best you’ve ever had?“ (Panic! At The Disco – Death of a Bachelor)
  •  „Maybe if I act like that, that guy will call me back.“ – „I cannot take any more.“ (P!nk – Stupid Girls)
  • „I know you like me.“ – „Let’s keep it friendly.“ (The Pussycat Dolls – Don’t Cha)
  • „Hate is a strong word.“ – „Thought you thought that I was worth it.“ (Plain White T’s –Hate Really Don’t Like You)


  •  „The Show must go on.“ – „Inside my heart is breaking.“ (Queen – The Show Must Go On)


  • „I forgot your birthday.“ – „I’m a mess.“ (The Rasmus – I’m A Mess)
  • „Show me what it is you believe in.“ – „Do you want to get up early in the morning?“ (Red Hot Chili Peppers – We Turn Red)
  • „Tell me why don’t you bring me flowers?“ – „Tell me why don’t you notice me?“ (Roxette – Why Don’t You Bring Me Flowers?)
  • „But we haven’t kissed for four days.“ – „If we go down, we’re going down together.“ (Robin Schulz – Titanic)
  • „I’m no good without you.“ – „Just love me.“ (Rihanna – Love On The Brain)
  • „Why are you not afraid?“ – „I have learned to stand up and just to walk away.“ (Rise Against – Beautiful Indifference)
  • „Come in and close the door.“ – „But now you know me so you know that I’d be lying.“ (Robbie Williams – Motherfucker)


  • „You say I’m crazy.“ – „I know I’m not the only one.“ (Sam Smith – Not The Only One)
  • „Why do you say things. If you do not mean them.“ – „And now i can’t sleep.“ (Shakira – Cut Me Deep)
  • „I found a note with another name.“ -  „I can’t bite my tongue forever.“ (Simple Plan – Your Love Is A Lie)
  • „I’m talking to myself.“ – „Forgot what I just said.“ (Sum 41 – All Messed Up)
  • „I can break your heart.“ – „you think you are to good for anyone.“ (Sunrise Avenue – I Can Break Your Heart)


  • „You look like my next mistake.“ – „'Cause, darling, I’m a nightmare dressed like a daydream.“ (Taylor Swift – Blank Space)
  • „I never sleep.“ – „I wish I knew what it was like.“ (Three Days Grace – I Am Machine)
  • „I am not as fine as I seem, pardon.“ – „The game is not played alone.“ (Twenty One Pilots – Migraine)


  • „I swear to tell the truth.“ – „But I guess my love wasn’t good enough.“ (Usher – Guilty)


  • „Did you say the thing you wanted?“ – „Have you ever felt in love?“ (Volbeat – Goodbye Forever)


  • „You’re only looking for attention.“ – „What do you expect now?“ (The Weeknd – Attention)
  • „Listen to Iron Maiden maybe with me?“ – „And he doesn’t give a damn about me.“ (Wheatus – Teenage Dirtbag)


  • „I’d love to wake up next to you.“ – „So we’ll piss off the neighbours.“ (Zayn Malik – Pillowtalk)


  • „What happened to just messing around?“ „I’ll break your Heart“ (The 1975 – Girls)
  • „He treats you so bad and I’m so good to you it’s not fair.“ – „Thanks for being a friend.“ (5 Seconds of Summer – Heartbreak Girl)

go HAM 26 great songs with a great beat to workout to. GO HARD AS A MOTHERF*CKER

i. clarity - zedd feat. foxes // ii. freeze - t-pain feat. chris brown // iii. live it up - pitbull feat. jennifer lopez // iv. numb- usher // v. the other side - jason derulo // vi. timber - pitbull feat. ke$ha // vii. body bounce - kardinal offishall feat. akon // viii. shots - lmfao feat. lil jon // ix. dance, dance - fallout boy // x. stutter - mariana’s trench // xi. i choose u - timeflies // xii. waka waka - shakira // xiii. the mighty fall - fallout boy // xiv. wobble - v.i.c // xv. turn down for what - lil jon feat. dj snake // xvi. run the night - havana brown feat. pitbull// xvii. hotel room - pitbull // xviii. i wanna go - britney spears // xix. if i had you (electro house remix) - adam lambert // xx. shake - pitbull feat. ying yang twins // xxi. hey ya - outkast // xxii. talk dirty to me // xxiii. trumpsta - contiez feat. trevy g. // xxiv. error 404 - martin garrix & jay hardway // xxv. scream (reidiculous remix) - usher // xxvi. whine up (tomer g club mix) - kat deluna

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what would the maknae line, rapmon, and suga be like when they take their kids out for trick-or-treating on halloween?

Jungkook - Jungkook would be the dad to quickly rush his kids along, giving the treat-giver a small thank you before giving their backs a small pat and quickly moving them to the next house. He’d follow behind them and constantly look around for other people and cars too.

Jimin - Jimin would be the dad to wait on the sidewalk for their kids, reminding them to say ‘Trick-or-Treat!’ and ‘thank you’ while they were up there, asking them if they did each time they came running back down. He would stop them as soon as they started seeming the tiniest bit tired, ushering them home quickly.

V - V would be like Jimin, waiting on the sidewalk as the kids ran up to the houses. He would be the dad to converse with other parents, compliments the costumes of other kids, and constantly fix the costumes of his own kids. Excessive pictures, a lot of smiling, etc.

Suga - Suga would be like Jimin, always reminding them to say the common thank you when receiving the candy, and occasionally snatching a lollipop or something from his kids bags, stating it was the normal ‘candy tax’, and that he just happened to be the tax collector of the evening.

- Darby

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V - Teasing the alien

“Y/N~ Do you want to come over?” That was the first thing you heard in the morning when you heard your phone going off. The voice of your boyfriend Kim Taehyung or commonly known as BTS’s V came through your speaker as you continued to laze around in bed. It was a Saturday and all you could do was just lie in bed.

Getting to hang out with him wasn’t something easy to come by but everyone could tell that the both of you really love the other and were committed. So when you heard his deep voice asking you over to hang out meant a definite yes from you.

“Mhm, I’ll be there in an hour or so..” You trailed off, almost falling back to sleep. Maybe it was a bad choice working the night shift and completing your homework after that. Well, what could you do? You needed money to survive, right?

His deep voice chuckled as he said he would be waiting for you, before he made a soft kissing sound and hanging up. He was always so cute and that was just one of the reason that made you fall in love with him.

After a few more minutes of aimlessly rolling around, you decided to get ready, you did said that you would be there in an hour and making them wait wasn’t something you liked to do.

As you picked a casual outfit of a normal hoodie along with a pair of skinny jeans, you put on your old and trusty pair of Converse shoes before grabbing your phone and wallet. Not forgetting your mask and headphones, you made your way out.

The both of you were dating secretly but it wasn’t much of a secret to your close friends and his members, even your family members knew and supported the both of you. So, everything was good, only stage left was his fans but he had no plans of telling them yet.

You reached after a 15 minutes walk, it wasn’t exactly close but it wasn’t exactly far either, perhaps that was a good sign for the both of you since he was able to sneak over at times.

Ringing the doorbell, it was Jimin who opened the door for you while V hurried to stop his friend, whining how it was supposed to be him who opened the door for his own girlfriend.

You chuckled at how close they were and thought back on the first time how he invited you to their dorm. All six other members stood in a line and greeted you politely, but it didn’t take very long for their funny side to surface and that brought out your funny side too. You could spend hours joking around with them even!

Jimin smiled at you and V before going back in as V ushered you in, closing the door after you.

“Welcome to our planet!” V joked as you nodded, playing along with him.

“Oh! Our Y/N is here~” J-Hope sang cheerily as he easily slung his arm over your shoulder. You had long grown used to this action since almost everyone in BTS would do that to you, even V.

“I missed you, Y/N!!” Jungkook exclaimed as he leaned in to you for a tight hug which did catch you off-guard. V protested at the maknae, trying to pry him off of you, using the excuse that the human you was not used to hugs as a welcome.

Even Suga approached you for a ruffle on your head, asking V if it was okay to welcome you this way, a big grin on his face.

That’s when you managed to catch on slowly, they were trying to tease your cute boyfriend. You laughed and nodded, saying all were fine, looking up at V as he pouted down at you.

“Y/N…” He whined your name, reaching for your hand but he was too late as Jimin took hold of your hand, placing a soft kiss on the back of your hand, “Welcome, Y/N~”

Rap Monster came forward, deciding to take part as he rested his elbow on your other shoulder, grinning down at you and looking at V.

Jin, who had been in the kitchen the whole time had came out and smiled, seeing you, he was the closest to you since he reminded you of a naggy mother, but a caring one so when he leaned in for a peck on your cheek, you weren’t affected.

Though, it wasn’t exactly the same for V, he was almost close to tears, the look of an abandoned puppy on his face as he looked at you. You felt bad and wanted to say something but he had beat you to it.

“Y/N is mine! Don’t keep touching her so much! She is my girlfriend!!” He shouted and hugged you tightly, proving his point, he even kissed you on the lips right in front of his members.

This, was by far the biggest shock for you today but you weren’t going to complain, it just showed how much he loves you. You blushed and returned the kiss before a cough could be heard.

“You know.. we’re still here right?” Jimin whispered softly, earning a few chuckles from the rest as they left to do their own things.

Before they left, you heard Rap Mon count “2, 3” and a chorus of six voices shouting. “Kim Taehyung and Y/N kissing in the dorms~~~” After that, all of you burst into uncontrollable laughter.

A life with the BTS boys will never be boring, you had witnessed it first-hand already and this was only the start. You had many more fun days to come.
Hey yo~ This is for the anon who requested a cute oneshot and I really had a fun time writing this since it was really new for me~ At the same time, it was nice to imagine being the main girl hehe! To the anon and all the readers, I hope you will like and enjoy this~ <3


Dear Usher and Naviyd,

When you were both born, I felt a weakness and a strength at the same time. When I heard you both breathe and cry for the first time, if I didn’t have anything to hold on to, I would have passed out. When you arrived, my knees buckled! It was a very unique feeling of overwhelming happiness.

I still feel it today, especially when you make me laugh. Usher, your first word was Daddy, and Nayvid, yours was airplane, which tickled me because we were obviously doing a little traveling at the time. The confidence you both have about life always makes for interesting conversation. Nayvid, I’ve heard you insist that you are Jewish, just because you go to a diverse school. I’m going to let you roll with that for now.

Because being a father is the greatest role I’ve ever played in life. I’m always thinking 15, 20 years from now—who are you going to be? What is going to make you who you the person you will become? What will you represent?

Usher and Nayvid, just know that the love I have for you is unconditional—always has been and always will be. I’ll be your greatest supporter and your greatest critic because I will always be honest with you and push you to be your best selves. I only want what’s best for you.

Looking back, I’d say some of the greatest moments I’ve had with you are the moments I wanted for myself as a child, like taking you to school early in the morning in the minivan no matter what time I got home from work the night before. When I travel around the world, nothing makes me happier than to see you both smile when I get back. That joy in comparison to what I didn’t have as a kid—I think that’s part of what makes me the father that I am.