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in theory i’m over you.  i miss you, you were a big part of my life. i lost a best friend. sometimes sucks that i can’t even talk to you as a friend. we’ve grown apart and we don’t talk no more but i wish you well. 

dnt text ur ex (ju1ced wat is valentines mix)

justin bieber - wut do ü mean (4b & jon santana remix)
kehlani - tore up (two fresh remix)
usher - u got it bad
jack ü ft. justin bieber - where are ü now (rusty hook flip)
blackbear - girls like u (tarro remix)
calvin harris - sweet nothing (diplomacy & grand theft remix)
blackbear - idfc (random acts rarely exist & kuga remix)
above and beyond - sun & moon (synymata flip)
seven lions ft. elle goulding- don’t leave (slander heaven trap edit)
the chainsmokers - don’t let me down (illenium remix)
X - 21 savage & metro boomin ft. future

a little simpy, but enjoy. like, repost, reblog if ya feelin it<3

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Alannah is that one neighbor that has exactly zero chill when it comes to decorating for the Starlight Celebration. Not only can you see her lights from space, but also your bedroom window!


Usher and Nas’ new protest song forces you to pay attention to racial injustice 

Usher’s new single “Chains,” featuring Nas and Bibi Bourelly, sends a powerful message about racial injustice and police violence, that on its own would have made it a must-listen. But the artists have added an interactive component,  that through your web cam, makes sure you don’t look away.

 chanelily11 replied to your post

“I can think of at least 12 other George Michael songs that would’ve…”

Mention them 12 and the song, please

  • Elton John, this is obvious since he was George Michael’s hero, and later a friend, and they had a chart topping song together- Don’t Let The Sun Go Down on Me
  • Aretha singing “I Knew You Were Waiting For Me”, their duet
  • Halsey tbh as much as I joke about her she would have been great doing a Wham song 
  • Usher singing “Father Figure”
  • Janelle Monae singing “Too Funky”
  • Adam Lambert, I know he’s not really relevant but he is so much more suited to a George Michael tribute, he could sing the hell out of “Careless Whisper”
  • Kesha singing “Heal the Pain”! how beautiful and perfect for her would that have been! And so great for a tribute to someone who inspired many.
  • Sam Smith, “One More Try”
  • One Direction singing “Young Guns (Go For It)” as a nod to his boy-band roots (and 1D, like him, are so much more than the “pretty boy” image)
  • Rihanna singing “I Want Your Sex”
  • even Justin Timberlake singing “Careless Whisper”!