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Preference #20 Telling Him Your Pregnant


You bought a pair of baby sized Vans that matched Niall’s and you placed them next to his in the hallway. When Niall went to get ready and leave for the studio, you knew he had found the shoes. “Y/N!! What’s this? Are we…are you…”, you squealed and jumped off the couch running to Niall. He engulfed you in a hug and you could just tell that he was excited about the whole thing. “It’s gonna be a mini-me, same shoes and everything!” you laughed at your boyfriend’s reaction. “I gotta go babe, but I’ll be back as soon as I can and we can celebrate then, yeah? Oh, I gotta tell the lads!! Love ya babe!” he kissed you and dashed for the door. You just couldn’t wait for this baby to arrive.


You left sticky notes with different baby names all over the house. At first Liam was really confused by it all, but he soon caught on. “So babe is there anything you want to tell me?” he said as he was holding all the sticky notes up in front of you. “Maybe that you’re pregnant..?”, a wide smile took over your face and you ran to hug Liam. “Are you serious!! I’m going to be a dad!  I love you so much Y/N, there’s no one else I’d want to go on this journey with.” he kissed the top of you head and you leaned into him. “I can’t wait to meet this little one” you said, running your hand over your stomach. “They’ll be here soon enough. I got to tell the lads about this! They’ll be so happy to hear this!”, with that he ran downstairs to call the boys and tell them the news. 


You bought different baby clothes and placed them in various spots around the house. As soon as Louis came home from the studio and set his stuff down he had already found some of the articles of baby clothing. He began running around the house to ask you if it was really true. All he said was “I’m the luckiest man in the world, I cannot wait to have a little Tommo running around this place!” he gathered you in his arms and twirled you around putting kisses all over your face. You felt so lucky yourself; being with the most amazing man and having a child together. Once Louis found out, so did everyone else. He wanted everyone to know that you both were expecting a child.


You bought him a “Best Dad in the World” t-shirt. Harry and the boys had been on a brief 2 week European tour and today was the day they would be getting back home. You figured you would surprise him with the news by buying a cute little gift to go along with it. As soon as he got home you greeted him at the door with the bag in hand. “Hm, what’s this..? Shouldn’t I be the one bringing home the gifts?” he laughed but you ushered  him to open up the bag. He did as told and when he took out the shirt his mouth dropped. “Is this real? Like, for sure?” you nodded and your eyes welled up with tears at his excitement. “I can’t believe this babe! I love you so much, I already can’t wait for the day to come!” he kissed your head as he took you in a hug. He didn’t know it, but you just couldn’t wait either. 


You thought of planning something special but you just couldn’t keep it in. The minute he got home from Liam’s you just blurted it out. “Are you feeling okay babe?”, “No, Zayn, I’m serious! Like 100% serious! We’re going to be parents!”, you saw the change in his eyes. He went from concerned to excitement in a matter of seconds. “This is amazing news Y/N! I love you so so  much and I can’t wait to meet him or her”, “Me either..” you said smiling and looking down at your stomach. “Oh, there’s so much to do! We have to tell everyone, and pick a name, and decorate a nursery!” you suddenly became panicked but Zayn took you into his arms. “We have time, we have 8 months!” he laughed and you nodded, “I guess you’re right..”