usher and justin

unpopular opinion

so not everyone will agree with me but

it pisses me tf off to still see iheart gifs and pics going around

it was four years ago

billie’s sober now??? he’s worked so hard to get to this happy, healthy point in his life and we’re focusing on something four years ago???

billie doesn’t like it. he’s kinda laughed it off in interviews but it’s very clear that he’s embarrassed by it

he’s done so much amazing shit since then

he was basically killing himself in 2012 cause of all the drugs and alcohol and the meltdown at iheart is what opened the band’s eyes to his condition

anyway. billie joe armstrong is an amazing guy and it really makes me sad to still see iheart gifs


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discover// c.b

this time she’s really out my life, I know I gotta get her back. just need one night to hit it right, but i can’t get it. know, she deserves to up and leave, if it was me i’d do the same.

“Chris, bro, it’s been months. you gotta get out and return to your normal self.” red said, he took a sip of his beer walking towards me. “let’s go get some bitches!” he shouted, I rolled my eyes standing up.

“that’s the reason why I’m single, fam.” I retorted, I grabbed the bottle of henny downing it. “y/n is always in her feelings. she’ll come back.” he said, I sighed shaking my head.

“not this time, man.” my voice cracked, I threw the bottle at the wall, watching all the glass fly. a photo of me and y/n fell off the table, cracking the frame.

red scuffed, “whatever.” he fanned me off, walking out of the room. I sat down on the bed, trying to collect myself.

I really fucked up bad this time. always getting myself into some dumb shit, with the law, petty drama on social media, and hurting the one who’s been my rock through all the bullshit. all the shit I put her through, I know she hates me, but I can’t accept that, knowing she despises me breaks my heart.

I can’t breathe, can’t sleep, can’t dream, I’m so weak, I gotta get her back.

sighing, I got up waking over to my closet, quickly changing into an all black outfit. I grabbed the keys to my car, walking out of the house.

I was invited to a house party, but I knew y/n would be there so I had decided to not go, but I was more determined than ever to get my baby.

I raced through the steets until I got out to where I needed to be. I got out of the car, walking into the huge mansion. “ayy Chris, you made it!” Ty shouted, she smiled walking over towards me. “wassup.” I said, he dabbed me.

“fam, you came just in time. shits about to get lit.” he said, I looked around at my surroundings, trying to find y/n. “yeah, have you happened to see y/n?” I asked, he raised his brow.

“uh, I think.” he mumbled, I creased my brow. “you think?” I questioned, he stood there trying to think, I fanned him off walking past him. I made my way to the top deck, looking down at everyone trying to spot y/n.

I scanned the place until my eyes landed on her, sitting by the pool with her friends. I walked back out, making my way out to the backyard. I said hi to a couple people, but not really interested in starting a conversation with any of them.

making my way to the pull where y/n was chilling, I took a deep breath making my way toward her. her friends were laughing and smiling until they saw me, I mentally rolled my eyes, fanning them off.

I tapped on Y/N’s shoulder, causing her to turn around. her smile faded once she saw me, I gave her a big cheesy smile bending down to her level. “can we talk?” I asked, she glared at me. “we’re talking.” she said, I chuckled looking at her friends. “in private.” I retorted.

she rolled her eyes, getting out of the pool. I quickly grabbed her towel, handing it to her. she took it out of my hands, walking towards the house. I bit my lip, watching her hips.

we entered the house, I grabbed her hand, leading her into an empty bedroom. I shut the door behind me, locking it. “if you brought me in here to get a quick fuck, than you really are a stupid ass.” she sassed, I laughed sitting on the bed.

“I need you to come back home.” I said, she laughed, clutching onto her chest. “now you’re a comedian.” she laughed, I had a serious look on my face. “Y/N, baby, I know I fucked up. I’m paying for it right now, but you know how I am.” I defended, she rolled her eyes.

“that’s not an excuse. you swear you love me, but you turn around and fuck other hoes, like we in some open relationship or something!” she yelled, I sighed. “why are you catching an attitude?” I retorted, she raised her brow. “you’re the reason why I have an attitude at the moment.” she shot back, I stood up.

“well, let me fix it.” I smirked, she looked at me for a minute. “you’re so fucking childish. I really can’t take you serious.” she shouted, I nodded my head, grabbing her hips. “go on, let it all out.” I said, kissing on her neck.

“can you stop?!” she yelled, pushing me back. “you always do this!” she yelled, I rolled my eyes. “I’m starting to get real irritated!” I raised my voice, sitting down on the bed. “good!” she shot, “you think you can make everything okay again by sex. everytime it’s the same shit, next week you’ll be back to doing the same shit. it’s the same fucking cycle with you!” she shouted.

“okay, well what do you want me to do!” I yelled. “get your shit together, and do it fast.” she retorted. “I can’t if you won’t let me!” I yelled. “damn Y/N, are you going to let me in?” I questioned. “are you going to change?” she asked, I sighed. “I can show you, better than I can tell you.” I said softly.

I grabbed her hands, pulling her closer to me. placing my hands on her waist, I looked down at her, kissing her forehead softly. “can I?” I asked.

she looked up at me, biting her lip. nodded her can slowly. I smiled, taking my jacket off. “sit on the bed.” I said. she didn’t say anything, just did what I told her to.

I took my shirt off, turning to look at her. I bit my lip, making my way to her. grabbing her leg, dragging her toward me. her back now laying perfectly on the bed.

“I’ve been waiting so long for this.” I whispered, before smashing my lips into hers.

tonite is going to be a long, loud night.

Bad Things reigns for another week on the Countdown Top 40

The collaboration of Machine Gun Kelly and Camila Cabello remains at top of the Countdown for the January 9-15, 2017 edition. Bad Things is the first number track of 2017 on Countdown Too 40. It also has a strong hold on the billboard hot 100, peaking at number 9. The single already sold 500,000+ units in the United States and counting world wide. The latest single from DJ producer Alan Walker remains at the runner-up position this week. Alone is the follow up track from Walker’s infectious playlist (Faded and Sing Me to Sleep). Overshadowing her previous entries from her Lemonade album, Formation reaches new high as it goes up to number 3 this week. This is the highest charting single from Beyonce’s latest album in the countdown. Lady Gaga’s Millions Reasons moves up one spot to number 4 as DJ Snake and Justin Bieber’s Let Me Love You drops back to number 5. 

The chart topping and former number one single of Rae Sremmurd and Gucci Mane falls out of the top 5 this week as Black Beatles retreats to number 6. The single is part of Sremmurd’s SremmLife 2 album. The latest Party single from Chris Brown, Usher and Gucci Mane (second entry) inches up back to the number 7 position this week. The sexy and steamy collaboration of the Pop Princess Britney Spears and Tinashe remains at number 8. While the ladies are having their Slumber Parties at number 8, The Chainsmokers and Phoebe Ryan is far from their highest peak (number 3) and drops to number 10. The song is part of the Extended Play of the duo named Collage. Closing out this week’s top 10 is the soulful and mellow song of John Legend, Love Me Now moves up to number 9, making Legend’s second top 10 single in the Top 40 (after this 2014 chart topper All of Me).


Star Search “Losers”

Britney Spears (lost star search 1992)

Drew Carey (lost star search 1988)

Rosie O’Donell (lost star search in 1984)

Justin Timberlake (lost star search in 1992)

Beyonce… as part of the girl group girl tyme (lost star search 1993)

Christina Aguilera (lost star search in 1990)

Alanis morissette (lost star search in 1990)

Aaliyah (lost star search in 1989)

Leann Rimes (lost star search in 1991)

Usher (lost star search in ?)