Hello everyone, we hope you’re all doing great! Guess who decided to do a 100 themes tumblr awards? We did!!!! Welcome to Aleeza and Suman’s The 100 Tumblr Awards! Also, please give a round of applause for Suman’s lovely banner.


must be following aleeza and suman
must reblog this to enter [likes only for bookmarking]
the last day to enter is march 30th (aleeza’s birthday)
winners will be announced shortly after
there will be one winner and one runner up per category [this can change depending on the amount of notes]
must reach at least 100 notes


Clarke Griffin Award [best url]
Bellamy Blake Award [best icon]
Octavia Blake Award [best theme]
Raven Reyes Award [best original content]
Finn Collins Award [best the 100]
Jasper Jordan Award [best multifandom]
Monty Green Award [best overall]
Skaikru Award [suman’s fav]
Trigedakru Award [aleeza’s fav]


follow back from both of us
gif/ icon requests for a month
promos for a month
our love and friendship!!!!!

That’s it! Good luck to everyone who enters, and if you have any questions, feel free to message any of us! :)