ugh. I’m might start using facebook again soon because of college. I should at least attempt to find/talk to people who are going to USFSP, because in May I get to go to an overnight orientation and one of the group leaders looks really fun to talk to: a environmental science major and wants to work at Disney. 

So, everything about orientation sounds fun, right? Well, that was until I saw that I should bring a bathing suit, because there will be a pool party in the evening.

Seriously, who thought of this? Let’s take a bunch of kids who don’t know each other and then go add to their insecurities and worries by throwing a pool party.

Am I the only who doesn’t see that as fun? 


A life-long dream of mine came true last night, when I was able to attend the inaugural TEDxUSF event! Although the first speaker wasn’t quite up to TED standards, the others were absolutely brilliant. The most optional talk was saved for the end, and I think everyone was moved. 

I can’t wait for them to appear online!

I applied to speak at it, but 62 people vied for eight slots. However, I’ll try again next year! And, yes, that’s a tie with space probes on it!