uset finals

tori colvin/uset finals rant

i strongly disagree with drugging horses just as much or more than the average equestrian, but people being sour about Tori Colvin winning USET finals because of everything that happened with Inclusive is pissing me off because: 

1) Tori was the best. In every single event of that competition. She rode the 3 horses that were not hers better than anyone else, which brings me to, 

2) She was the best on 3 horses she has no control over the management of so why don’t you stop saying she benefitted from drugging horses last weekend and, 

3) The team that is prepping her equitation ride is not the same team that is prepping Inclusive and the likelihood that Avalanche was drugged is honestly quite slim, 

4) It is in the USEF rules that only the trainer is to be punished for drugging an animal, not the owner or the rider,

5) Regardless of that, Tori is seventeen. Yeah, she probably knew what was happening, especially if she’s as hands on with her horses as everyone says she is. But she wasn’t making the decisions, she wasn’t doing it herself, she had probably no control over the situation, and she’s seventeen. 

Be mad about what happened with Inclusive. Be mad about the culture of drugging innocent animals. Be mad at the advantage that those drugs probably gave her. Be mad at the team who preps Inclusive. You can even be mad at Tori if you want. But don’t get sour that she fair-and-square earned a big win this weekend in the equitation ring because of what happened with Inclusive. Maybe she’s not your favorite right now. But either way, she had every right to be there and was without a doubt the best at that competition. 

Fixing the drug culture is not going to happen by getting angry with the high-profile juniors who are caught up in it. As mature and smart as Tori may be, she is a minor. Adults taking out their anger about the immoral decisions other adults made on juniors is not going to fix this. 

Stop hating on Tori Colvin for winning USET finals 2k15.