uses of a dotting tool

Retreat (Voltron Fic)

“Keith, retreat!” Shiro yelled as he dodged the oncoming army, he was clearing a way to Pidge’s lion.

“They have Lance!” Keith grunted and surged forward, trying to get through the swarms of bots but to no avail, there was just too many of them. 

“W-who has Lance?” Hunk’s worried voice comes from over the comms, he was outside the ship with yellow, helping the castle take down ships.

“I’m not sure! I can see him now but he’s unconscious and they’re taking him somewhere,” Keith yelled as he slashed his way through the army. “I can’t get to him.”

He was getting desperate now, swinging wildly as he ran in Lance’s direction. 

“Keith!” Shiro yelled but Keith didn’t stop to listen, he was close to Lance. The only problem was that the Galra carrying Lance was a few feet taller than Keith and he was already standing through the doorway. 

“Lance!!” Keith bellowed and lunged forward, trying to get to him before the door shut. A button was pushed and the door shut with a hiss. Keith banged into the wall with a loud thud, he yelled desperately while banging on the door.

“Keith, we have to go” Shiro yelled as he got to Keith’s side and protected him from being hit by the army that was closing in quickly. “now!”

“No!” Keith yelled and sliced at an incoming Galra, “Lance is still here,”

“If we don’t go now Lance won’t be the only one captured,” Shiro said and started making his way through the attacking army, Keith stayed next to the door and attacked it with his activated bayard. The door didn’t budge. 

“Pidge do you know where Lance is?” Keith yelled over the Comms and cleared some of the many enemy while he waited desperately for a reply. There was a moment of silence before Pidge answered.

“No, my signal’s being scrambled, we need to go back to the ship,” Pidge cursed and thudding was heard on the line, “We need to go, now, they’ve found me.”

A scuffle and Pidge’s quiet whoop was heard faintly by Keith before her line disconnected. Keith wanted to cry, they were going to have to leave Lance here. He cursed loudly and swung at a few bots before running through the crowd -slicing as he went- and making it to the Lion where Shiro and Pidge were, all puffed out.

The Galran army were closing in quick, even with how much they took down there was still hundreds left. They piled into the lion and Pidge quickly took off, taking a few of the enemies out in the process. 

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✨NAIL ART TUTORIAL ALERT✨ Ever wondered how to create the RAINBOW YIN YANG NAIL? 🌈 It’s super simple! All you need is a cut up kitchen sponge , a dotting tool (can also use hairpin or toothpick) and the following colours ✨Soft Serve ✨ Blackberry Mousse ✨Blue Heaven ✨Vovolicious ✨Grasshopper Pie ✨Juicy Juicy 💖Looks totally amazing ! See for yourself ☝🏼 Shop the link in the bio ☝🏼💅🏼 #nailpolish #iscreamnails #nailartvideos #nailsvids #nailvideo #nailarttutorial #diynailart

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LEGO Worlds coming soon to Nintendo Switch | Buy-Now!

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anonymous asked:

how do you get your art to look pixelated sometimes? :000

:,0 I use 3 ways to make my art pixelated (I use MediBANG)

My most prefered method is using the dot tool to just do quick lineart and sketches

The next method is to go to your normal brush thing and make sure antialiasing is off (Do this for the bucket tool and eraser)

you can also use the pixel brush but I find it frustrating and wonky 

The last method is going to your Filter tab and clicking on Mosaic…

increase the size to make your drawing more pixelated

AND that’s it :,v hope this was helpful


Check out the full length tutorial for this design here!

White Dotticure

After cleaning, filing, and shaping the nails and applying a base coat:

  1. apply two thin coats of blue polish 
  2. using a big dotting tool and some white polish, make two big dots down the center of the nail, one at the tip and one at the base
  3. using a smaller dotting tool, make a row of dots going down the center of the nail (in between those two big ones)
  4. use the same small dotting tool to make two small dots on either size (horizontally) of the original two big ones (this is a total of 4 dots - one on either side of the dot at the base of the nail and one on either side of the dot at the tip of the nail)
  5. use the big dotting tool from step one to make two big dots on either side of the row of little dots (so basically two big dots in the empty space on the sides of the nails)
  6. apply a coat of your favorite top coat


Okay. Okay. Breath. We can get through this week. Alright. Okay let’s get into the nail design.

First of all prep nails with a base coat to protect your natural nails. Best advise I was given and I love sharing it.
This design is a little more detailed then the others. But pretty simple if you take it slow.
All the nails started off with a white base. After the base is dry now comes the details. I used a small detailed nail art brush and a dotting tool for the spots. I used black and red nail polish for the details.
You can either do what I’ve done or be creative.
Get wicked with your nails!

Hope you like the design. Any question feel free to message us or drop us an ask. We love hearing from you all!
And if you do this design tag us, we’d love to see what you do!

-Mod 101❤️🐾

Clouds | Nailing It

Today’s nail art tutorial is a simple design for nail art beginners.  Clouds are the perfect starting design as it only requires the use of two colours and a dotting tool.  If you don’t have a nail art dotting tool, using the back of a paintbrush or pen works just as well.  Use different sizes to create a variety of clouds.


1) Base Coat

2) Top Coat

3) Light Blue Nail Polish

4) White Acrylic Paint

5) Large Dotting Tool (the end of a paintbrush or pen works as well)


1) Begin with a base coat on your nails.

2) Next, paint all of your nails with two coats of a light blue polish.

3) Dip your large dotting tool into white paint.

4) Place one dot anywhere on the nail.

5) Create a cloud shape by placing about four or five dots immediately next to and around the first dot.

6) Re-dip your dotting tool into the white paint and repeat steps 4 and 5 over the nail to create a cloud pattern.

7) Finish the look with a top coat.

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#videotutorial on My easy Ice cream🍦🍨🍧🍧and chocolate syrup nails using some nail tools from #twinkledt

Products I used
Blue crystal dotting tools
Kolinsky nail art detail brush size #00

Gelato on my mind
You’re Such a Budapest
Mod About You

Sun upon my skin

HK Girl Top coat ✨✨✨

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💖💚Cute polka dots using Big Marshmallow x Grasshopper Pie💖💚 So simple , yet adorbs! TIP - if you don’t have a dotting tool just use a toothpick or a hair pin! FREE SHIPPING ON ALL ORDERS $50+ WITHIN AUSTRALIA ! #iscreamnails #nailpolish #nailart #crueltyfree #nailarttutorial #diyvideos

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As I said, here are some details of the most artsy pages of my bullet journal with the stationery tools I used.

• moleskine soft cover dotted journal

• zebra mildliners

• faber castell brush markers

• muji 0.38 pens


How to: make your own nail art tools! When you watch my tutorials, you can see that I often use dotting tools or nail art brushes. I know that not everyone of you has those tools. So I thought I’d show you guys 5 easy ways on how you can make your own nail art tools! ❤️

1) Toothpick
2) Sewing pin pushed in the top of a pencil
3) Empty ballpoint pen
4) Bobby pin
5) Old nail polish brush

Products used:
Sinful Colors ‘Snow Me White’
Essie 'Peach Daiquiri’
Hema '835’
China Glaze 'Flip Flop Fantasy’
Primark (neon polish, no name)
Essence 'That’s What I Mint!’

I film with a JVC camera on a mini tripod and edit with iMovie and the app Vidlab. 🎶 Wouter Hamel - Live A Little 🎶 (I’m sorry this video is zoomed in too much! I accidentally changed some settings on my camera 😥)

Spring style pops with playful patterns.

step 1: hydrate with apricot cuticle oil.
step 2: clean then prep nails with an essie base coat.
step 3: apply 2 coats of ‘flowerista’. let dry.
step 4: using a small dotting tool to create five dots - or flower petals - with ‘perennial chic’.
step 5: repeat with ‘garden variety’, creating some overlap for added depth. repeat with ‘blossom dandy’.
step 6: finish each flower with a dot of ‘perennial chic’ or ‘blossom dandy’ in the center.
step 7: shine + seal with an essie top coat.

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A super easy dotticure for V-day❤️

Just two things to keep in mind

1. You can use a dotting tool instead of a brush. I used a brush because I think I have better control for different sizes of dots
2. You can cut a heart shape using scotch tape if you don’t have liquid latex 😋

Dance Baby

Big Apple Red

Cuticles Barrier

Fine line brush

Dots with acrylic 🎨🖌paint

Hk Girl top ✨coat

Song🎤🎶🎶🎶My Heart Will Go On by Celine Dion🎶🎶🎶🎶

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I made a tutorial for these nails that I did a few weeks ago using @bornprettystore chrome silver polish. This polish is highly reflective and completely surpasses expectations for a chrome finish look. That being said, it peels quite easily and wears down after about a day. I’m still working on figuring out what combination of bases and topcoats work best with it though. This look will be cute if you just use silver polish too!

1. Cut two strips of tape and place them on your nail in a V shape. You want to make sure they overlap at the tip of the V too because this area will be the negative space area of the nail and you want that shape to be crisp. (sorry you can’t see the tape very well, I just used basic clear scotch tape)
2. Paint the top part of your nail black (the area closest to your cuticle).
3. Using a light/powder blue polish, make a cluster of star-shaped flowers on the black area.
4. Using white polish and a dotting tool, make a few white flowers by dotting 5 dot clusters. 
5. Make red dots in the center of your white flowers, and white dots in the center of your blue flowers.
6. Fill in the remaining area with green polish to create stems/leaves. Simply create Y shapes branching out from the flowers and the edge.
7. Using light yellow polish and a dotting tool, make a few clusters of yellow dots where needed to fill the space in a bit more.
8. For the Chrome polish, you must first paint the bottom of your nail using the given clear polish, and then once it is dry, paint over it with the silver polish. Make sure the nail’s surface is smooth, and that you do not touch the clear coat until it is completely dry, as either of these will cause imperfections in the chrome finish. If you do not have the chrome polish, simply paint the bottom half of your nail with silver polish.
9. Remove the tap strips once the polish is completely dry (do this carefully so that the polish does not peel),  finish with a clear coat, and enjoy!

Don’t forget to tag me if you do these! I want to see your work!

Born Pretty Store 10% off code BEHHQ10

This lovely polka dot mani is spot on. 

step 1: hydrate with apricot cuticle oil.
step 2: clean then prep nails with an essie base coat.
step 3: apply 2 coats of ’chinchilly’. let dry
step 4: polish the top half of the nail with ’smokin’ hot’. let dry.
step 5: using a toothpick, bobby pin, or dotting tool dipped in ’smokin’ hot’, apply the dots in a symmetrical pattern. let dry. 
step 6: shine + seal with an essie top coat

Blind 8-year-old gives every classmate a personalized Braille valentine

On Thursday, the father of a blind second grader shared a photo of his daughter’s festive handiwork on Reddit: heart-shaped valentines with “Love” written in braille. The proud dad, user Mack3r, said his daughter made the cards using a Perkins Brailler, a typewriter-like tool that punches the dots onto paper. He said he only helped his daughter a little.

xgpopex-blog  asked:

Have you got any particular tools (besides nail polish of course!) that you would recommend?

UPDATE: I have added more products to my essentials. View my updated reviews here. 

I certainly do! I posted my nail prep essentials before (which you can find here ) but I have been wanting to do a nail art tools one too, so what a perfect opportunity!

These right here are my nail art rocks. I use them every week (as you can tell from how messy they have become!)
1. My absolute favorite thing I use are my Migi Nail Art pens! I searched for such a long time to find nail art pens that worked well and didn’t clog up and these babies are amazing! I’ve had them for over 2 years and they are still going strong. I don’t think I’ve done more than maybe 4 nail sets without them. Definitely the best investment I’ve ever made when it comes to my nails.
2. Whenever I have to use colors that I don’t have in pen form, or when I want to do bigger designs, I use little nail brushes or a dotting tool. Mine are due for replacing but they are so essential. Make sure you keep your brushes clean! I took awful care of mine when I first got them and now they are stiff and not as great as they should be anymore.
3. The last brush was a gift from heynicenails and let me tell you, it is a life saver! I dip it in acetone and use it to clean up the polish on my cuticles after I have finished painting my nails. Clean cuticles really give nails that sharp finish that frames the great work you do so nicely. And let’s face it, everyone makes a mess of their cuticles when painting their nails, it’s only natural. But with this brush it is so very easy to clean up at the end!

I know this isn’t really essential to the review but I wanted to show you how I keep it all together. I searched for months to find a perfect little case that fit everything I needed. It’s like my nail art emergency essentials kit. 

I hope this helped! Let me know if you have any more questions about what I use!