uses of a dotting tool


Check out the full length tutorial for this design here!

White Dotticure

After cleaning, filing, and shaping the nails and applying a base coat:

  1. apply two thin coats of blue polish 
  2. using a big dotting tool and some white polish, make two big dots down the center of the nail, one at the tip and one at the base
  3. using a smaller dotting tool, make a row of dots going down the center of the nail (in between those two big ones)
  4. use the same small dotting tool to make two small dots on either size (horizontally) of the original two big ones (this is a total of 4 dots - one on either side of the dot at the base of the nail and one on either side of the dot at the tip of the nail)
  5. use the big dotting tool from step one to make two big dots on either side of the row of little dots (so basically two big dots in the empty space on the sides of the nails)
  6. apply a coat of your favorite top coat

barbiebones  asked:

i've been sculpting miniatures since 2010 but I cant get strawberries right at all :( They always look like shit. I've tried youtube, japanese tutorials.. nothing is sticking.. Help/advice?

2010?? thats amazing!!! im sure you can create some awesome stuff now!! :D

its hard to address the issue when i dont know what you dislike about your strawberries, but i will do my best to describe my process and see if that helps!! i first use a white translucent clay to sculpt the shape of the strawberry on the tip of a needle. i then use a nail dotting tool that comes to a point (like a normal dotting tool, but tapered toward the end?? i guess???? you could file a smaller one down to achieve this shape if you dont have one) to make the seed indentations. you dont want them to be completely random, they do have a pattern to them. 

then i bake, and color with a diluted pinky-orange alcohol ink toward the top to represent the sort of coloring found here

after that dries i do a few thin coats of a vibrant red alcohol ink. multiple thin coats give the strawberries that juicy glossy look!! i unfortunately havent found a good way to give the illusion of the tiny yellow seeds, but i find most miniatures read perfectly fine without them.

for the leaves, i paint yellow tissue paper various shades of green and cut out  sets of leaves with manicure scissors. glue them on, coat them with a matte glaze, and coat the rest of the strawberry with a glossy glaze. that should get you a pretty good result!! 

to me, the hardest part is getting the strawberry to keep its shape as im adding the seed indents. this is because i use premo which is a very soft clay. i suggest a firmer clay like fimo professional or even kato polyclay for projects like this, if you have the same problem as me. 

I really hope you can make some strawberries youre proud of soon!! if youd like a video tutorial, im thinking about filming a few so let me know. :D

So, I decided to do something different and just use the dot tool for coloring instead of the pressured pen. I don’t know if there is a big difference, but if it looks better, I might go back and redo the colors for the other dragons. 

This dragon is my other pro-gen, Axial, and I love him very much. He’s a kind soul and he’s everyone’s dadgon. 

Blind 8-year-old gives every classmate a personalized Braille valentine

On Thursday, the father of a blind second grader shared a photo of his daughter’s festive handiwork on Reddit: heart-shaped valentines with “Love” written in braille. The proud dad, user Mack3r, said his daughter made the cards using a Perkins Brailler, a typewriter-like tool that punches the dots onto paper. He said he only helped his daughter a little.


A super easy dotticure for V-day❤️

Just two things to keep in mind

1. You can use a dotting tool instead of a brush. I used a brush because I think I have better control for different sizes of dots
2. You can cut a heart shape using scotch tape if you don’t have liquid latex 😋

Dance Baby

Big Apple Red

Cuticles Barrier

Fine line brush

Dots with acrylic 🎨🖌paint

Hk Girl top ✨coat

Song🎤🎶🎶🎶My Heart Will Go On by Celine Dion🎶🎶🎶🎶

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Here’s PART 1 of the tutorials for my skittle manicure using my @hbbeautybar #ChinaGlaze Desert Escape polishes!!! For this one I just used a dotting tool and a nail art brush - check out ALL the details, a helpful voiceover, and the rest of the nails on YouTube! 💅🏻 Go go go!!!!! 🎵 Song is “Daisy” by Zedd 🎵 I don’t use an app for my videos, I edit them on my computer! #TNPCvideo #prsample (at YouTube tutorial in my bio!!!! 💅🏻😍)

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All we have is stinkin’ tuna!

Hello Lovelies!

One of the polish groups I’m part of on FB is having a giveaway, and to get an entry you have to paint your nails green; I ended up doing some Scrump nail art!
Lilo and Stitch is one of my favorite Disney movies, and I’ve always loved Scrump, I’m surprised she hasn’t ended up on my nails yet! I started these with a base of Color Club La Petite Mint-Sieur on most of my nails, and Color Club Twiggie on the Scrump nail.
I used a combination of dotting tools and a detail brush for Scrump, and I tried to freehand “Ohana means family” across the rest of my nails, but the letters got kinda squished together.