uses his love to manipulate him and try to murder him

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Are you hate Peter ? Why ? I love him ._.

well he did murder several people in cold blood, including his own niece just so he could become an alpha. he abused and psychologically tortured lydia, making her literally think she was going insane, to the point where he manipulated her through hallucinations into doing what he wanted. he turned scott, then constantly tried to manipulate him (even going as far to use his own mother against him) before trying to kill him time after time when scott became a ‘threat’ to his own power. he’s threatened to kill many other teenagers, even going as far to kidnap and blackmail stiles. aside from all that, he’s manipulated his own family countless times (particularly derek and malia), and went as far as to use his own daughter to try and get close to the pack so that he could kill one of the only good friends she had, and literally shoving her into a wall in order to do that. ultimately peter is a murder and manipulator, and the idea that the writers would constantly bring him back over countless female characters (including a poc lead female) just so they could use malia as a plot device for a redemption arc he doesn’t even deserve is rather gross to me

Examples of crappy things that Gon’s friends did to him during the CA arc.

Since I mentioned it somewhat vaguely in my previous post, I felt I should expand on it a bit. People love to talk about the ways Gon was shitty to his friends during the CA arc, but let’s discuss how they weren’t exactly the most thoughtful of people, either.

Exhibit A: Something else that I’ve actually never seen the fandom address was how Killua used Gon’s feelings about his (presumably-murdered) father figure as a way to manipulate/control him. Even if Killua had good intentions in mind (he did), it was a really shitty thing to do to his friend, who he knew was already at the point of mentally-breaking because of it.

I mean, yeah, Gon was selfish because he said that mean line to Killua when Killua was trying to prevent him from killing Pitou…because it’s not like Pitou would have, without hesitation, killed them if it had the chance, right?…but THIS was stuff that really bothered me (even moreso because people found it “funny”). I know this line was likely written off as humor, but they all knew that Kite’s name was an extreme emotional trigger for Gon, yet they still had no problem with using him against Gon–who again, is a distraught and emotionally-unstable 14-year old boy.

(Furthermore, I think the most disturbing part of it is that it is strongly implied that Killua knew that Kite was dead already, while he knew Gon was still holding on to blind/delusional faith that Kite was alive, yet he still chose to do this. And he knew that when the illusion would finally break, Gon would be left irreparably-devastated.)

Exhibit B: I think people fault Gon again for losing control and almost killing Morel in this scene, but remember–again, they deliberately used Kite as a way to manipulate Gon into “proving his worth” as a team member, at the cost of severely emotionally-triggering him.

Imo, it’s comparable to how, during the Hunter exam arc, the prisoner in the tower–unknowingly on his part, which made his actions actually more excusable than Morel’s–used the Spider tattoo/his clan’s massacre to upset Kurapika to the point of almost beating him to death. Except Gon didn’t–and immediately after, he even apologized profusely for losing control, even though Morel had purposefully coerced him into doing so, possibly traumatizing Gon all over again.

And remember–Gon apologized to both Killua and Morel.

(These are the ones I thought of off the top of my head and have the energy to expend on–feel free to add to, or dispute, anything here.)