uses for hemp


4 bananas , frozen
1/4tsp cinnamon
2tbsp vanilla protein powder (i used purplebalance )
a splash hemp milk

 Freeze the bananas overnight. In the morning defrost them for 5-7 minutes. Put all ingredients in a blender or a food processor and process until smooth. Move to a bowl , add your toppings and ENJOY.

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Blueberry chocolate smoothie bowl

The first recipe of 30 Days of Veganism is, of course, a breakfast smoothie! Breakfast is my favorite meal of the day and you can prepare any delicious smoothie bowl in such a short period of time. This morning I added some cocoa powder to my usual fruit smoothie; it definitely satisfied my chocolate cravings!

Just a side note: I usually eat my smoothie bowls either with added oatmeal or homemade granola. Feel free to take out the rolled oats and substitute them with granola of your choice.


  • 40-50g of rolled oats
  • 100-125ml of plant milk (depending on the desired consistency; I used soy milk - it has extra protein)
  • 1 tbsp of vegan protein powder (optional; I used hemp protein)
  • 1 tbsp of cocoa powder
  • 1 tbsp of nut butter (I used almond butter)
  • 80-100g of frozen blueberries
  • 2 ripe bananas
  • 1 tsp of chia seeds
  • fruit toppings: banana chunks, kiwi (or any other fruit you have)
  • other toppings: 1 tbsp of nut butter, 2 brazil nuts (for your daily dose of selenium), a handful of cashew or other nuts


  1. Boil the oats with about 200ml of water.
  2. In the meantime, pour the plant milk into a blender, add the protein powder (if you’re using it), cocoa powder, nut butter, frozen blueberries and 1  1/2 banana, and blend it all until smooth. If the consistency is still a bit too runny, add 1 tsp of chia seeds to make it a bit thicker.
  3. Make sure to stir the cooking oats.
  4. Prepare and cut the fruit for toppings.
  5. Once the oatmeal reaches the desired consistency, pour it into a large bowl. Then pour the smoothie over the oatmeal. Add the fruit (including the remaining ½ a banana) and other toppings, and enjoy!


(Cannabis sativa) Safe to interact with.

Folk Names: Chanvre, Gallowgrass, Ganeb, Ganja, Grass, Hanf, Kif, Marijuana, Neckweede, Tekrouri, Weed.
Gender: Feminine.
Planet: Saturn.
Element: Water.
Powers: Healing, Love, Visions, Meditation.

Magical Uses: Marijuana, or hemp as it was commonly named, was once widely used in magic. Due to laws enacted during the 1930’s which restrict its use and sale, many of these practices are dying out. Here is a sampling of them.
Hemp has long been used in love spells and divinations, such as in the following infamous “Hempseed Spell.” Take a handful of hemp seeds to a church at midnight, preferably just as Midsummer begins. Walk around the church nine times, sprinkling the hemp seed as you walk, and repeat the following words:

Hempseed I sow, hempseed I sow,
Who will come after me and mow?
You will see a vision of your future husband or wife—and you may
also get the local church in trouble with the law!

Hemp was part of many vision and scrying incenses, the smoke of which opened the psychic senses. Mugwort and hemp were prescribed to be burned before a magic mirror to gain visions. It was also added to meditation incenses.
Scourges made of hemp were used in China as imitation snakes, which were beaten against the beds of the sick to drive out the malicious, illness-causing demons.

(from Cunningham’s Encyclopedia of Magical Herbs by Scott Cunningham)

Ironic Fist

So a crunchy hippy with ninja powers comes back to stake claim to his 1% life…

I don’t care. At all. The first episode is so clumsy it’s just difficult. We open with characters that are just annoyingly stubborn in their unwillingness to have a conversation, which leads to crazy hijinks. Know what would be better? Not that. Give me a villain that will have the conversation, see the views of the hero, and calmly say “i don’t care”.

Think about the Fugitive with Tommy Lee Jones and Harrison Ford. In the sewers, Ford’s character exclaims he didn’t kill his wife. Jones’ Marshall just says, “I don’t care.” And we learn so much there. In that moment, he doesn’t care about true or not. He cares that he has a job he has to do.

Give me a villain that believes he’s the hero in his own story. Give me a villain that doesn’t have to be a dick.

This show just gave us a villain by way of poor communication skills. And the project manager in me wants to sit everyone down in a room and have a detailed requirements discussion.

Exo reaction to you using cannabis for your anxiety

(For those who don’t know what cannabis is. It’s a a tall plant with a stiff upright stem, divided serrated leaves. It is used to produce hemp fiber and a psychotropic drug. It’s More common name is Marijuana. It’s slang name is ‘weed’. Usually it is interpreted as a drug to get high off of, but also does have medical uses.)


*watches you in confusion*
“What is that… isn’t that weed? why are you smoking that?”


*doesn’t like the idea that your using a drug, but understands why. He’ll push you not to use it as much and instead come to him when your feeling anxiety*


*pouts at the thought of you using a drug to calm yourself, but fully understands why and won’t push you to stop it*


*explains to you that there are other ways of dealing with anxiety, and with his support you slowly grow out of your shell*


*always so worried about you when your using it, always asking if your okay and constantly worries for your health*


*watchs you from a distance, he won’t tell you to stop as it does help you, but can’t stand to see you using it*


*jokes about using it with you, and once or twice he might*


*high af*


*internally screaming watching you use it.*
“you know what that can do to you, right?”


*really shocked when you tell him, but after warming up to the idea he’ll understand and get used it it*


*sits you down seriously*
“I support you using this as long as you promise me you won’t get addicted”


*chill with anything actually*

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Mama Cat’s Spring Cleaning Cauldron Candle

Mama Cat knows that anytime is the perfect time for spring cleaning. She also knows that the closets may not be the only thing that need to swept out. Sometimes when a room or house gets to muddled up with stress, doubt, fear, anxiety, etc., the air needs to be swept out as well as the cobwebs in the corners. (Yes Mama Cat saw them and yes you need to get them out of here because they are collecting dust.) This little cauldron candle is super simple to make and will help clear the air. However, opening a window wont hurt either.


a small cauldron

5 tea lights   (Mama Cat used this combo to make a light pink but whatever colors you would like work also)


a microwave safe bowl

cord that will be safe to use for a wick (Mama Cat used hemp cord)

a stirring utensil

herbs of your choice that you feel will help cleanse your area 

(Mama Cat used the ones below)

Putting It Together:

First you need to separate the tea light from its tin and wick. Gently tug the tin from the bottom and it should pop right off. From there you should see the small disc that anchors the wick. It may take a little digging but it should slide out the bottom. The end result should be close to this.

Once you have all the candle separated, place them into the bowl and carefully melt them in the microwave. 

Now it’s time to make your wick. Tie the end of your cord to your cauldrons handle. if your cauldron does not have a handle, get a pencil or something of the sort that will lay across the top of your cauldron and tie the end to that. Measure the length it takes to reach the bottom of your cauldron and snip it there. Now carefully dip your cord into the bowl of wax.  It should end up looking close to this.

Now comes the fun part. Gently pour a small amount of the melted magma wax into your cauldron. then layer on whatever herb you have chosen. Repeat this process until your cauldron is just about full. This is how Mama Cats looked.

From here all you need to do is to be patient while cools. after it has completely cooled and is once again solid, trim the wick to one half inch (1/2′) and enjoy.

Reminders: MELTED WAX IS VERY HOT. When the candle is burning make sure to keep it in a safe place, away from anything that could catch fire. Also your cauldron will be VERY HOT while the candle is burning. Please also just use common sense when working with fire.


Hemp for Victory during World War II,

Grown and harvested for thousands of years, hemp has numerous industrial uses which benefit mankind.  However, in the United States hemp is illegal due to it being a cannabis plant, and its legality is also in question in many other countries.  Its important to note that hemp only contains minute amounts of THC, its cannot be used as a drug like marijuana.  However due to zero tolerance laws, even trace amounts of THC make hemp illegal to grow in the US. 

The banning of hemp began in 1937 with the Marihuana Tax Act.  It is often theorized that hemp was included in the law in order to destroy the hemp industry, which threatened DuPont’s business of manufacturing artificial materials.  The prohibition of hemp was short lived, it would take a world war to bring about the resurgence of the American hemp industry.  With America’s entry into World War II, there was an exploding demand for raw materials and industrial goods.  This included hemp, which during World War II was used to produce rope, canvas, and uniforms, all necessary items for the war effort. 

Whereas once there was hemp was illegal, within the blink of an eye the US Government was issuing thousands of licenses to grow it.  Various propaganda campaigns were instituted to convince farmers to grow hemp nationwide.  Many of these former hemp farmers had been driven out of business, fined, and even imprisoned a mere handful of years ago when was initially banned.  One of the most famous pieces of propaganda from the hemp campaign was a film entitled, “Hemp for Victory”, which extoled the virtues of the hemp plant and hemp growers.  It was a complete 180 degree departure from the 1930’s when the government issued propaganda demonizing hemp and hemp growers.

During World War II 350,000 acres of hemp were cultivated.  As soon as World War II ended, the US Government made another 180 degree policy turn, once again demonizing hemp and crafting regulations which made it de facto illegal.  In 1970, it was made illegal to grow in the US with the passage of the Controlled Substances Act.  Today hemp is still illegal to grow hemp in the United States according to Federal Law, and even small countries such as Serbia produce more hemp than the US.  However, hemp is legal to import into the country, and quizzically the United States is the largest consumer of hemp in the world.

Mama Cat’s “Walk This Way” Love Charm

Mama Cat knew her babies would grow up someday. So she made this litle love charm to try and help her babies find the one that would be their better half. And if her babies were not looking for love in a person, than she hoped that they would find a great movie, a new place to eat, or something they could call a friend.


small container that can be sealed


rose leaves



hemp cord

your favorite scented oil


rose quartz

Putting It All Together:

Grind up rose leaves, salt, lavender, and oregano into a powder. Place into the container and add the oil (add the rose quartz here if your using it and then add the oil). Seal the container tightly and use the hemp cord to make it into a necklace, bracelet, keychain, etc. 

Wrap It Up:

Carry this charm with you when you go out looking for love. Wear it at parties, parks, pet adoption places, wherever you go to find love.

Reminders: This charm is only as strong as you allow it to be. Dont forget that self love is just as, if not more, important than romantic/platonic love. Dont be discouraged if love doesnt come right away, love takes time.


Malachite leg rig prototype 1 BETA. Boyfriend demonstrating haha :D

This is the very very basic skeleton for the legs. Haven’t decided yet which way I want the legs to move. In the video we’re walking veeery carefully since we haven’t finished the wheels yet and we don’t wanna dent the floor, that’s why it looks a bit tame haha :D
Anyway I can do both so it’s just a matter of what looks best.

It’s a very simple rig but I think it’s gonna look cool with the body and feet on later! And when I cover up the wheels haha :D

Obviously not gonna use hemp string for the finished product haha, I’m using invisible fish lines for that :)

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Sea Witches Pouch

This was a prototype for a crane bag I’m making for myself. It didn’t quite work out how I wanted it to, but I figure someone must be able to give this long pouch a good home. :)
Made from a variety of recycled fabric scraps in sandy tones and a single camel bone bead carved to look like a dolphin. And excellent and lightweight bag for wandering the beach.
Pouch measures 5x6 inches, and the strap is roughly 66, segmented using a hemp string to give it more texture.

Available for purchase at Otherworld Imports!!