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self care "(beauty)" tips

1. Ditch the overpriced products and make your own toner using apple cider vinegar and water.

2. Get a gentle cleanser, from brands like Cetaphil, CeraVe, and/or Simple Skincare for example.

3. Use two different towels for your body and for intimate when showering.

4. For soft hydrated skin use baby oil gel after a shower, if you are feeling like you need extra moisture, follow up with a good lotion by Vaseline or Palmer’s Cocoa Butter.

5. Use an oil as a nightly moisturizer, yup, even if you already have oily skin. It helps give you a natural glow and hydrate your skin without being over powering. Some of the best oils are RMS beauty oil, Josie Maran’s Argan Oil, and more on the simpler side: any kind of vitamin E oil.

6. Use sunscreen or a moisturizer with SPF as a daily moisturizer! Even if it’s a cold and dark day. UV intensity is always there and with protection you can prevent and subside acne scars and dark spots, as well as any sun damage to your skin.

7. Use an eye cream to combat dryness under your eyes and also for your makeup (if you wear any) to lay down smoother.

8. Let your boobs and your vagina breathe every now and then. You don’t always need to wear a bra or panties if you’re going to bed, and if you feel most comfortable with them, wear bralettes that aren’t overly tight, and loose cotton panties. Trust me, you’ll feel a bit freer.

9. Buy an at home foot-spa, ConAir has great ones for reasonable prices. Sometimes it’s good just to get home and have some you-time.

10. If drinking water is hard for you, make detox waters! You can google all kinds of recipes from adding simple cucumbers and lemon slices to even getting creative and adding watermelon and berries. It will get you more excited to drink water and also add some flavor if that’s what you need.

11. Massage your scalp. This increases blood flow and in result helps your hair to grow. If your goal is for hair growth, use one of your favorite hair growth products from oils/greased to massage into your hair as you do it. For example (and my favorite): Jamaican Black Castor Oil.

12. If your lips are chapped and it seems like even chapstick and lip balms aren’t having an affect, use a lip scrub and finish off with just a dap vitamin e oil.

13. Eat fruit. If you’re hungry and it’s late at night: eat fruit. If you’re hungry and there’s “no food in the house”: eat fruit. If you’re hungry but pressing on time: eat fruit. EAT FRUIT! EAT FRUIT! EAT FRUIT!

14. Moisturize your eyelashes. I know, it’s something we hardly think about. But we moisturize our hair and skin, think about how little we touch our lashes unless it’s with makeup? Moisturizing your lashes will stimulate growth and maintain its health. Vitamin E oil or a little dap of aloe vera gel would work.

15. TRIM. YOUR. ENDS. Don’t hang on to dead hair or split ends simply for length. Otherwise your hair will just keep breaking where it’s already broken and stay the same length that it is. Healthy hair is “good hair.”

16. If you have oily or acne prone skin use a very gentle but affective form of exfoliation every other day, such as a konjac sponge.

17. Remove makeup with micellar water, it’s super refreshing and will lift every bit of makeup from your face

Remedy for sore throats ﻬ


1 bag of Chamomile tea
2 tbs local honey
1 cap full of Apple Cider Vinegar
1 single pinch of cinnamon

The heat of the tea will open the pores in your throat.

The Chamomile will sooth the ache and the redness. Also will provide a calming effect for your entire body.

The honey will seep into those open pores and serve as a calming balm to the burning sensation.

The fact that it is local honey will help your body develop an immunity to the illness.

Apple Cider Vinegar is a wonderful remedy for viruses as it had many medicinal qualities and antioxidants. (It is recommended that you should drink a cap full daily even when you are not sick)

The cinnamon is simply for the taste. Apple Cider Vinegar is a strong, bitter flavor, so the cinnamon makes it more palatable.

Drink one cup a day until your sore throat is completely gone.

You should feel the effects within an hour of drinking your tea

Blessed be! ﻬ

💖 Skin Care Nighttime Tips  💖

- Don’t skip nightly cleaning. Remove make-up before you go to bed, so your skin can breathe and repair itself while you sleep! 

- Don’t use overly harsh cleanser. It’ll strip away natural oils your skin needs! Use: coconut oil, apple cider vinegar mixed with water (1 part vinegar, 2 parts water), honey and lemon juice (2 tablespoons honey, 1 table spoon lemon juice) or yoghurt. Alternatively, buy a gentle, natural, organic one. 

- How to know if your cleanser is too harsh? If your skin feels very tight, dry or “thirsty” after using it, it’s not a sign it’s effective - it’s a sign it drys out your skin too much! 

- Don’t forget neck, decolletage, and behind the ears! Clean and moisturize them too. 

- Moisturize, moisturize, moisturize. Nighttime is the ideal time for your skin to rehydrate! Use: Coconut oil, olive oil, shea butter, sweet almond oil. Alternatively, buy a gentle, natural, organic one.

- Mix vitamin E oil, lavender essential oil or tea tree essential oil in your moisturizer for a extra skin care kick (a few drops are enough!) 

- Put a mix of yoghurt and cucumber on your face for 15 minutes, then rise it off. It’s super hydrating and refreshing! Do this once or twice a week. 

- Get enough sleep!  No nighttime product should be expected to work wonders if you aren’t getting enough sleep. 

- Wash your pillowcases regularly, so your face doesn’t lay in bacteria and dirt all night. You’ll reduce breakouts by washing them regularly! 

- Go to bed naked (if circumstances allow it), to let your skin breathe. 

- It’s late at night and you’re hungry? Eat fruit - your skin will thank you! 

Best Natural Skin Clearing Products

- Manuka Honey (use as a mask or a spot treatment for any redness or inflammation)
- Witch Hazel
- Apple Cider Vinegar (I use both ACV and Witch Hazel as a toner diluted with a bit of water)
- Tea Tree Oil
- Aloe Vera gel and lemon to fade scars
- Egg white mask helps to dry and clear your skin if it’s oily
- Small amounts of Rose hip oil and vitamin E helps with redness and scarring


Some slides from the last witch class! We’ve moved on to herbalism, and started with tincturing. Since I have more than a few underage people in the class, we used herbs that could be extracted into apple cider vinegar, but the information is still the same as if using grain alcohol. Aside from the comments about each herb, the solvent ratios will probably be the most useful thing here! They came from JJ Pursell’s wonderful book initially, but I can second their accuracy from personal experience.

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♤ with Jughead

♤: Taking a bath together

“Are you sure this is the recipe?”

“Look,” he pressed eagerly, showing me the screen of his phone. “This one says add apple cider vinegar, this one says use oatmeal.”

“But none of them say use the two together!”

He shrugged. “I figure they both help with the same problem, why not use ‘em together, right?”

I sighed, looking at the kiddie pool on the ground filled with what looked like gross swamp water. “Do I really have to get in there, Jughead?”

“Well, you wanted to do somethin’ about that sunburn, didn’t you?”

“It smells like the dumpster behind the Pop’s.”

He chuckled to himself. ”Just imagine you’re in some fancy infinity pool or something. You’re in… Aruba? Dubai, maybe?”

“Except we’re in my backyard in Riverdale. And this is a kiddie pool we got from Walmart.”

“Some imagination you got there. Let’s go, Toasty.” He handed me one of the bands he kept around his wrist.

“Ugh, don’t call me that- This shit hurts!” I rolled my eyes and tied my hair up before stepping inside the thick sludge. “So gross… I’m burning this swimsuit after this.”

“I told you to wear sunscreen-”

“-I did! You’re the one that didn’t rub it in good enough-”

“-No no! I’ll have you know I definitely rubbed it in.”

“Oh, shut up.” I sat in what felt like a pool of mud and made myself comfortable. “I feel like I’m bathing in oatmeal cookie batter.”

“Hey, uhh… how do you think that stuff tastes, anyway?”

“Ugh, don’t be disgusting, Juggie-”

“-Really! I’m thinkin’ a chocolate chip cookie dough shake from Pop’s.”

“How about you grab a spoon after I get all my sunburned skin cells all mixed in, hm?”

“Alright, that’s enough. You’re gonna make me lose the burger I just ate.”

“I can’t believe I have to spend my Saturday soaking in this… waste!”

He sighed, staring down at the murky water. “Don’t say I never did anything for you. Move over.”

I looked at him as he began pulling his shirt off. “W-what? Wait- What are you doing?”

“Putting a coin in the karma bank.”

“It’s fine, Jughead. I’m fine, I’m just being a baby about it-”

“-And I was always good with babies. I used to eat Jellybean’s smashed peas to make her seem like they were the best thing in the world and she was missin’ out. I think I can handle this.” After climbing out of his jeans he stared at the pool one more time before looking at the sky. “Help us all.”

I chuckled and shook my head. “So dramatic…”

“Is it cold? Do I need to dip a toe in first?”

“Oh no, the water’s great. Feels amazing,” I spoke sarcastically. Finally he took a deep breath and climbed in, taking a seat next to me, outstretching his arms on the pool. “Wasn’t so hard, was it?”

“I’ve got oatmeal in my boxers, Y/N. There’s oatmeal in places I never imagined having oatmeal! When I imagine us taking baths together, this isn’t exactly what I pictured, y’know!”

“You imagine us taking baths together?” I teased.

He rolled his eyes. “Shut up.”

I laughed and sighed, reclining against the wall of the pool to try to get as comfortable as I could. “So how long does it say I’m supposed to sit in this stew anyway?” It went silent for a second until I realized one thing: he didn’t have his phone on him. My eyes shot open and I turned to look at his pile of clothes, his cell sitting right on top. He was doing the same.

The thought after that realization hit us was mutual: “Shit!”

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Anyone have any tips/products for acne? 😰😭 as well as getting rid of dark spots?

Wash everyday. I do , in the shower, when I’m sleep, when I’m peeing. ALWAYSSSS. Jk but seriously I wash everyday although sometimes (maybe once or twice a week after my sports practice) I’ll skip cause I’m tired or it’s too late too. I also use a spin brush, those work so well I very much recommend them! Mine is from Mary Kay and I got it for a discounted price cause my mother sells them. I also use this natural toner with apple cider vinegar and water it works very well also, but keep it kind everyone’s skin type is different so it might work very good for me but work terribly for someone else.

xx NiNi

Séance Water

From time to time we all need to cleanse our sacred space where we connect to spirits and the divine.  When this happens for myself, I brew up a little something I like to call Séance Water. This water is meant to cleanse surfaces or mirrors that are used in divination or any type of trance.  It keeps your area cleansed of physical and spiritual dirt while simultaneously allowing the good woo woo back in.  Here’s how you can make some: 

I like to start off with a nice cast iron cauldron or dutch oven.  If you don’t have one that’s okay.  Put your cauldron on the stove and add the following:

2 cups water 

¼ cup vinegar (I like to use apple cider vinegar)

1tsp lemon juice

1tbs dried mugwort

1tsp dried juniper berry

¼ cup dried rose petal

Once you have these ingredients in your cauldron, you want to just warm them up.  Don’t boil them as this isn’t good for cast iron, just heat them on low for about ten minutes.  I like to give them a good stir at this time and make sure my herbs are being blended into the mixture.  Once it’s warm remove from heat and add 7 drops of Rosemary essential oil and 7 drops of Cypress essential oil.  This step is optional of course.  

Let the mixture cool some and then strain (or don’t) into a bowl, jar, or spray bottle where you can easily distribute the mixture onto a wash cloth.  Saturate your wash cloth in the potion and cleanse away all of those spiritual, and physical, nasties.  I find that this solution works wonderful on highly, let’s say used, surfaces and mirrors.  Once the surface is clean, allow to air dry.  

You of course have the ability to change or substitute any of the listed ingredients.  I would say only that I never like to use salt or white sage in my Séance water or any cleansing solution that is for dealing with objects connected to my spirit guides.  We wouldn’t want them to leave forever, now would we? 


My “Everything but the Kitchen Sink” Face Mask

My face hates the winter. I’m one of those odd people that actually break out more when its cold.So, every so often I try different masks to pull out any toxins and hydrate my skin. Also, If you click on each photo you can see the steps/ what I was adding at that time. 

To make my wicked concoction I used the following products:

- Aztec Healing Clay (2 Tbl Sp)

-Apple Cider Vinegar

-Yogurt (6 Tbl Sp)

-Honey (2 Tbl Sp)

-EVOO (Extra Virgin Olive Oil, 1 Tbl Sp)

-Coffee (4 Tbl Sp)

The above “measurements” are super rough. I honestly threw everything into a bowl until it reached a creamy consistency and looked a lot like melted cookies n cream ice cream. 


-Aztec Healing Clay is an all natural calcium bentonite powder that creates a polarized charge on your face, lifting toxins out of the skin and replacing them with healing minerals. It works against pimples, acne scars, large pores… and that’s just for your face. This clay is $11 for 1lb on amazon :)

-Apple Cider Vinegar is a cure all for acne. According to google it removes dirt, oil, makeup, dead skin; contains vitamins A, B1, B2, B6, C and E- AND MUCH MORE. 

-Yogurt works as a hydrant in this mask. The healing clay by itself (with water) is very drying and flakes a lot. So, yogurt was used to give the mask a smoother texture. Also, yogurt naturally hydrates the skin and has anti-bacterial properties that will work to destroy pimples. I used some old yogurt that I found in the back of the fridge.

-Honey & EVOO have the same basic properties of yogurt. Honey locks in moisture and has anti-bacterial properties. While EVOO is a super moisturizer. 

-Coffee reduces under eye inflammation and redness. It’s also an excellent exfoliating agent and brightens up your complexion!


-Apply this mask before you get in the shower so you will be able to soften the mask enough to gently massage it off with your fingertips. DO NOT use a face rag or your face will be sad and red like a tomato. Learn from my mistakes :)

-Test the product on your hand before applying, just in case you’re allergic to any of the ingredients!

Link for clay!

***Someone (Elizabuns) pointed out that I should have used a plastic spoon to make this face mask, great point! Thanks Elizabuns!!***

I’ve been using bentonite clay masks mixed with Apple Cider Vinegar and lavender oil once a week for the past month and my face looks incredible. The pores are smaller, the scars are smoothing out. I’m over the moon.

I wash my face with soap made from goats milk and rosemary, I use ACV as a toner, I use Aveeno sensitive skin with feverfew moisturizer and spritz my face with rose Water and I only do this at night.

It’s seriously making all the difference.

Zero Waste Hygiene Update

I have tried a bunch of new zero waste hygiene options and would like to share them with you:

Hair washing:

My #1 recommendation for this is to buy a shampoo bar from Lush. They are a little pricey ($9-$12), but last long, leave no residue, come in various scents and target different hair needs, and leave your hair soft. The only hair product I use is one of these bars. 

I used to use a shampoo & conditioner bar from Whole Foods (only $2), but I found it left a residue in my hair and doesn’t leave it feeling as nice as the Lush bar. 

The other option, for those of you who are brave, is to use baking soda and then an apple cider vinegar rinse. This is the “no poo” option. I haven’t tried this personally, but have heard good things. 

Hair spray: 

I used to make homemade hairspray out of lemon and vodka (the recipe can be found on my blog) but now find I don’t really need it (though I frequently curl my hair). 


The options are almost limitless here. I find rubbing a little bit of coconut oil on your underarms and then following with a 50/50 mix of baking soda and corn starch works very well. The coconut oil keeps the baking soda from causing irritation. 

Another option is to buy an all-natural spray on deodorant in a reusable glass bottle. This is good if you want a scented deodorant. 

Lush has many deodorant options like bar and liquid deodorant. They tend to be pricey, but might be worth a try if these other options don’t appeal to you. 

You could also buy a crystal deodorant rock, which I haven’t tried but have heard works well. 

Make-up removal:

Coconut oil on a cloth or reusable cotton pad works the best. 

Feminine Hygiene: 

Menstrual cups are an option that many women rave about once they try one. 

Cloth pads are another great option. I recently tried Party in my Pants and would definitely recommend them. 


Invest in a safety razor! They are a bit pricey (and seem a tiny bit scary) so I haven’t bought one yet. I’m working on it, though. 

Use a soap that really lathers. 

Hope these suggestions are helpful!

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Whenever I make the Apple cider vinegar recipe at the bottom it has a bunch of slimy substances... I put the warm water, Apple cider vinegar, 0 calorie sweetener in it like the recipe says but it doesn't taste how everyone says it does.. do you know if I can do something different or of any low calorie apple cider vinegar brands??

I use Heinz because it’s the cheapest one at my local grocery store, and it’s 0 cal too. If there’s slimy stuff at the bottom maybe you’re adding too much cinnamon? What i found is that if you use water that isn’t hot, you have to shake to mix it properly. Hope that helps!

Is pizza the new cookie? NO. There, I answered that one for y’all.

Pizza and cheese are both dairy products, yeah, but the thought of pizza and milk is kinda gross to me.

Rhett: This is not an improvement. (continues chowing down despite this and his lactose intolerance)

“hyrulecitizen” lol it’s like we’re discussing someone from Breath of the Wild right XD

Hold the phone…GLASS MUGS???

I wouldn’t be surprised if Rhett actually lectured that girl on how to pronounce La Croix. XD

lol when i hear ‘apple cider vinegar,’ I think of it being used as a natural hair product, not a food. :P

@strongpottery i still get some spots from picking my face (i have mild dermatillomania) BUT ive found this is rly calming for my face and lets it heal and doesnt block any pores, and i have generally dry skin btw— i use

1. cerave face wash, 2. witch hazel toner sometimes to get everything clean, 3. rosehip seed oil and almond oil to moisturize (rly good for my scars), 4. i also use a bentonite clay with apple cider vinegar as a mask which really clears out the pores and soothes my face!!!!

also i alternate using etude house or physicians formula bb cream and no other makeup (except sometimes mineral blush)

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What is a good salad dressing? I've read that vinegarettes are bad because our digestive system can't handle it, it's too acidic?

As long as you aren’t drinking half a cup of vinegar or something, a little bit of acidity is totally fine for our digestion!
I love using apple cider or balsamic vinegar, lime or lemon juice, Dijon mustard, tahini, hummus, mashed avocado or a mix of these as salad dressings.
Also adding some fresh or dried herbs, Gaelic powder, black pepper etc makes them even more delicious! xx

If you all are are breakfast obsessed as i am you probably have quite the pile of
broke egg shells. Though egg shells are great for compost they also have many other unexpected wonderful practical uses as well.

1:  the membrane within the egg shell is great for wounds.
Simply swipe a little membrane off, wrap it around the cut and allow it to harden.
You can also use an egg shell to soak in some apple cider vinegar for a few days and utilize that mixture for skin irritations.

2: FERTILIZER!!! egg shells both whole and ground are great for pests and great for the plants.
You can plants seeds within old egg shells for the nourishment, loads of calcium and as a little protector from soft bodied critters that like to eat seedlings… like slugs.
You can also ground/crush shells to place in each hole before planting or transplanting, also sprinkling around the bases of
plants is again a great pest deterrent and calcium boost!
One thing i personally love about utilizing old egg shells for garden and seedling purposes is their direct symbolism of fertility,protection and new beginnings.

3: Eggshells are great for cleaning hard to reach spot or tough grime.
If you crush them rather than grind them they act as a great abrasive for cleaning in bottles
( hard to reach bottle necks and bases… just fill partially with hot soapy water, throw in some egg shells and SHAKE SHAKE SHAKE)
You can even use them against your tough crusty frying pan.

4: sprinkle it in your food or your pets food for some extra calcium in your diet, its also great for those who have hens that lay…. hens need
tons of calcium.

5: Grind it and add it to your morning cup of coffee… this is something i have been wanting to try for a while now.
apparently the ground egg shell will tone down the coffees bitter aspects making it smooth and almost creamy.
Sounds amazing and as soon as i ground some up to try ill give a little post about it!

6: You can use the shells for candle molds!
Simply fill with wax, set the wick and when it is all done drying… peel off the egg shell and tada, you have a cute little candle.
Also would be great molds for making your own magikcal candles.

7: Just like sprinkling egg shells onto your plants i also like to ground them up and soak them in my sprayer… so when i give the plants a spritz… again
its giving them a nice healthy boost <3

8: Egg shells are believed to have strong protective attributes, making a simple cleansing wash,chalk and or Cascarilla is very simple and can offer protection,
just as an egg protects its embryo. That is only one of the many uses of egg shells in magic.

9: as stated above, you can make egg shell chalk!
all you need is

   Approximately five empty egg shells
   1 teaspoon flour
   1 teaspoon very hot water
   food coloring (for colored chalk)

10: Facial cleanser and toner, i always used to watch my mother use eggs for a facial mask and never understood why…. its because its great for you!
Grinding some old egg shells and whisking it in to fresh egg whites make a wonderful facial mask.

These are only a handful of the many practical uses for egg shells.
If you all have other uses, please feel free to leave them in a comment, id love to hear!

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have u ever used apple cider vinegar to loose weight

nope, but if any of you have and think it works please let me know, i’d love to try it :)

Day 38: Fire Tonic

Being out in the pollen filled woods yesterday gave me a little tickle in my throat, so it’s about time to break out the batch of fire tonic I made last Fall. Fire tonic is a mixture of pungent herbs, hot peppers, and apple cider vinegar, used to help open up the sinuses. Let me tell you, it works if you can get it in you. Since I’ve been pretty busy today I thought I’d make a small post and just give y’all my recipe for fire tonic so you can make some for yourself. 

Fire Tonic

1 32 oz. bottle apple cider vinegar. I like to use unfiltered, it seems to taste better and it’s easier on the stomach. 

5-10 cloves of garlic, crushed

3-5 hot peppers, as hot as you can stand

1 3 inch knob of ginger, crushed 

1 medium onion, peeled and diced 

¼ c. chopped sage

¼ c. chopped rosemary 

¼ c. chopped thyme 

¼ c. crushed star anise or green sweetgum balls (sources for shikimic acid which helps fight the flu virus)

Take all of this and combine it in large mason jar, all the herbs and vegetables are going to take up a lot of room. Let this stand in a dark place for about two months. Shake everyday. After it’s finished macerating strain off the liquid, add about a half cup honey, bottle. 

I usually wait another month or so before I drink any. It gets better with age. Take a shot of that when you’re feeling congested and it’ll knock it right out. 

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My twat smells

… okay then. Vaginal soaps only, don’t use any old soap to clean, half a cup of Apple Cider Vinegar in your bath, and eat pineapple and green veggies. Even berries and yogurt. (Dairy isn’t always good for it though so be careful)

Drink lots of water.