Libraries are terrible at privacy! We put Google Analytics on our websites. We add buttons for social media platforms that feed information to third parties like woah. We don’t ask vendors why our catalogs don’t use end-to-end encryption. We get ebooks riddled with digital rights management and are shocked, shocked when it turns out Adobe is reading over our patrons’ shoulders (and sending unencrypted information about them and their reading habits over the Internet - oopsie!) Adobe is encrypting, now, but they’re still reading over your shoulder.
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Goatlings is literally founded on art theft, plagiarism, and copyright infringement. I am not knocking on Goatlings because they righted that wrong, but the difference? Kris actually saved images without permission, aka stole, then used it on her site like it was owned by Goatlings franchise.

PotatoCakes allegedly used a tutorial, drew their own art, but got called out for ‘too many similarities’ without indefinite proof and is now suddenly an overnight sensation ‘art style thief’.

If PC learned from Boricha’s tutorial it would have been a nice courtesy to credit her, yes, but it is also big-headed of Bori to automatically assume she is responsible for this artist’s new style and demand credit without any type of proof other than a user going “I mistaken someone else’s art with yours.” It happens.

Certain people can rebuttal by saying PC’s style was way different when they first posted on Goatlings. To that I say experimenting with different styles, different programs, etc is something all artists go through until they find a good niche, but once again, you cannot pat yourself on the back and just jump to conclusion saying you deserve something that might not be yours to begin with.

I have shown both artists’ work (Bori’s tumblr v PC’s examples) to some college graduate art students, who are extremely serious about art theft ever since the birth of Neopets, and even they say this accusation is ridiculous.

While Bori draws quite well and there are similar traits between artworks there are also hundreds of thousands of similar traits by many other different artists too. Between Bori’s and PC’s art there is no similar poses, no exact copy of character designs, lining and shading is not to a ‘T’

Art thievery is a huge allegation in terms of pet sites that focus on members’ designs, the art community, and just a whole in general. I do not condone art stealing, and from the looks of it there is absolutely no leg to stand on in terms of PotatoCakes being guilty of stealing, or even imitating someone’s exact style. It would be nice if people would not throw words like ‘art plagiarism’ around without factual evidence to support their claim.

Motorola предлагает пользователям обратитovo

Прошло уже около 4 лет с того момента, как компания motorola выпустила несколько планшетных компьютеров, которые так и не смогли получить большой популярности среди пользователей. Если вы являетесь фанатом этого производителя и надеялись вновь увидеть планшетный компьютер Motorola, то у нас есть для вас плохие новости. На данный момент motorola не планирует выпускать подобного рода устройства. Об этом заявил генеральный директор компании Рик Остерлох в ответ одному из пользователей, который спросил о возможности увидеть планшет от Motorola.

Отметим, что ранее в сети несколько раз появлялись слухи о том, что американская компания может выпустить несколько планшетных компьютеров с диагональю дисплея от 7 до 12,5 дюймов. Рик Остерлох опроверг эти слухи и предложил пользователям обратить внимание на планшеты серии Yoga от компании Lenovo. motorola же сейчас занята разработкой новых смартфонов и умных часов Moto 360 второго поколения.

I think I’ve known rainbow09 for… 5 or 6 years now, and I must say it: I’m so happy that I’ve met her. She’s an amazing artist, I love her writing (fanfic, theories, analysis, etc) and I love to discuss about digimon (and sometimes non-digimon related stuff) with her. She inspires me a lot, she encourages me to do my best and improve myself and my art/writing.

Seriously I’m so glad that I made friends with someone like her. Sometimes I feel like I’m not a good friend, but I think we’re best friends (at least I think).

Behind closed doors something else goes on

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