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Everyone's username in the comment sections of emo YouTube videos ever:
  • Papyrus Vantas the emø killjøy garbage can aka american psychø is at the discø with lemøn gerard while wearing a fedøra and drinking milk for centuries whilst dancing with Uma Høwelter wearing cat WHISKers in a Blue Neighbøurhøød with crybabies that are the new americana where we are high øn legal Nirvana which has been at an All Time Løw price ever since Andy Biersack jøined the Bulls øn the Black Parade


A lot of people ask us how to change their usernames, and that leaves us pontificating over lunch about reasons why you might want to do that:

  • Your new career as a secret agents means you can no longer use your “real” name, which was kittycatsnuggles13
  • You simply must find a way to fit even MORE fandoms into that URL
  • Amazingly, you’ve come up with something even funnier than your current username

Whatever the reason, it’s pretty easy to do: just go to your blog settings and click the pencil icon in the Username section (or Tumblr URL section on secondary blogs).

Fair warning! If you’ve changed your username, the previous URL will become available for others to claim after 24 hours have passed.

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Getting Gay in the Guild: the LGBT Experience on Neopets in the Early 2000s – ZEAL
[This essay was funded through Patreon & Medium under the ZEAL project. ZEAL aims to provide high quality criticism of rarely discussed…
By Teresa Navarro

Usually though, the number one thing that I would learn about my friends I met off of Neopets was that most of them fell on the LGBTQIA spectrum. Some people were more obvious about it on the site, but since words like “dating,” “kiss,” “girlfriend,” and “boyfriend,” were flagged, it was hard to admit our sexualities when we wanted to. At that time, the “other” option for gender wasn’t available for the gender section on usernames either. Often, women who found themselves on the LGBT spectrum would have their gender marked as male to make a point, myself included, even before I realized I was part of the community.

If you consider yourself LGBT, you have other friends who are too. It’s just some weird type of magnetism. So how did a whole bunch of LGBT kids in the early to mid-2000s find each other in the giant and vast space of the Internet on a virtual pet website?

On being queer on Neopets.


Saw this on the item database today, and it has me mind blown???? 

External image

External image

Don’t they just take your breath away? I love how deeply detailed each piece is. They’re impressive!

Hopefully this gets posted, not sure if I have to censor the user’s name if it’s a praise??? The user who made these outstanding accents is R! Keep doing what you’re doin. 

Typing… | 01

Your best friend recommends you to try out a new social app and as you are trying it out you make a new, mysterious friend.

Jungkook x Reader

Idol!au — Online Friends!au

1.7k words

Contains: comedy, drama, and so much more!

Note: This is the first story I actually got dedicated to write and post. I’m already working on the other chapters since I have some time at the moment, but I really hope you all like my story. Thank you! :)

The sound of your keys rattling as you grab them from your bag has become a familiar sound to you. You just arrived to your small, but pretty comfy apartment and all you could hear was your bed calling as you opened your apartment door and walked in.

Another day done at that boring ice cream shop you work in. Yes, an ice cream shop. One might think, ‘working in an ice cream shop doesn’t seem so bad’, but really, it is. Every Wednesday, Thursday, Friday, and Saturday you have to prepare your bag for work. Placing small items like your phone, keys, some money just in case you get a bit hungry, and a small fan— since the ceiling fan in there doesn’t really work well and mostly blows air to the oposite direction from where you stand.

When you first began working at Honey Bees Ice Cream you were somewhat excited. You were finally going to make some money on your own plus, you’ll be surrounded by your favorite treat— ice cream.

That excitement slowly started fading away as time passed. The shop started getting a bit too cramped up with rude, rushed customers. There were grandmothers with their grandchildren asking for a specific ice cream flavor we didn’t have. Loud 13 year olds laughing as they got away with taking some money from their friend’s parents wallet without their permission and asking for ice cream with a really rude tone. There were even some crazy ones that asked for napkins and as you went to give them some, they were already gone. Let’s just say, your job became frustrating since then.

“I’m here baby,” you said as you lazily threw yourself onto your bed, face down. As you nuzzle your face on the soft covers a smile grows onto your lips, finally feeling the warmth of your bed below you. “We are reunited once again”. You pat your bed two times as you close your eyes, finally feeling some peace. Until…


A groan leaves your mouth as you hear your phone start ringing. It’s probably your boss wanting to ask you why you left 30 minutes early from the shop.


Sigh. Reaching out inside your bag, that was placed beside you on your bed, you take a hold of your phone and look at the caller id. Your eyes light up a bit once you see it’s Nicole, your best friend of 3 years, relieved it’s not your boss. You slowly press the answer button and hold the phone against your ear.

“Yo Yo Yo it’s rapper Nikki in yo’ phone right now!” she says in a really weird way. You simply roll your eyes as you laugh lightly. She’s always been silly like this and you always seem to laugh at her weirdness. “Hey Nicole,” you greet muffled through the phone as you slowly turn around to look at the ceiling. “What’s up?”. “Not much homie, just chillin” she responds with that really weird voice again. “Ahh nice homie,” you rub your eyes with your free hand as you say that. “I’m tired… Why did you call me? It’s late— wayyy past your bedtime” you laugh as you playfully tease her. You can feel her glare at you through the phone as she let out a fake laugh. “Ha ha. It’s only 8:44, you’re soo lame. Anyways.. how did today go?”. “Same as everyday.. bad” you always tell Nicole everything that happens to you at work. She’s the only friend you have right now, that you can trust with anything, so she already knows what ‘bad’ means. “Ahh well.. you should get some rest so you feel better tomorrow. We should get some ice cream tomorrow—” as you hear the word 'ice cream’ you immediately cringe. “HELL NO. No ice cream” you hear her laugh loudly as you try not to think about ice cream or the word itself. Ice cream tastes bland to you now, your love for it completely gone. “Okay okay…lunch then?”. “Hm Sounds good” you nod as you begin closing your eyes, slowly drifting off to sleep land until she continues. “Did you receive the text message I sent you?” she asks casually. “Let me check,” slowly, opening your eyes, you take the phone from your ear and start checking the messages you received from her. Two links to some BTS crack videos and another link to some app. You were sure you would see those two videos later on, but you were curious about the other link she sent you. Placing the phone to your ear again you ask, “What’s that link you sent me about?”. “It’s a video where Yoongi and Jimin start dancing in a weird way and they put a really weird eff-”. “No no, not the cracks. I’m talking about the app called…,” you check the app’s name and say it in a confused tone “Talk with Me?”. You can hear her get excited all of a sudden, since the tone of her voice got slightly higher. “Ah yeah! It’s an app where you can meet and talk with new people from all around the world!!”. Hmm.. “Sounds like basically every other messaging app, Nicole” “BUT ITS NOT!” you jumped as she yells excitedly through the phone. “How so?”. “You can make video calls and you can change your voice and add some filters— That app basically has everything!! People are going crazy online. Some are using it to make new friends and others to practice different languages!”. Has everything? Sounds pretty interesting. “I’ll download it and see what all the fuss is about then.” and that’s when you hear it. The squeak she lets out when she gets really happy. You chuckle as you can hear her singing happily. “Bye homie”. “Byeeeeee!!” she yells through the phone before you hang up.

Talk With Me. So this is the new hype stuff. You look at the app and press the link. It leads you to the app store and there you click the blue button.


Waiting as it downloads, you close your eyes and place your phone to rest on your stomach. Will you be able to make new friends? Hopefully. That’s what you want. You are not a social butterfly, but you try. It’s not your fault people these days are mostly fake. Making friends was never an easy task. You don’t even know how you became friends with Nicole, but she’s the only one who understands you. Now that you think about it, your social circle is really closed.
Nicole wanted you to download this app. By the way she was telling you about it as if she was payed by a sponsor to talk about the app. It was pretty funny the way she used her own way to describe the app. You can just imagine her being like a chirpy bird as her momma bird brings food. As you’re imagining that, you feel your phone buzz against your stomach. You lift up your head and grab your phone. The app opens and immediately asks for your phone number. Well that was quick, you thought. Tapping the numbers on your phone, slowly pressing each number until it moves on to the username section. You stop and think. What username should you have?— how about the basic username you use for every app, 'y/n3’. You type each letter, one by one, and click enter. Taken. Pfft okay 'app everyone is apparently talking about’. Trying again with another username. Taken. Ugh. You try again, and again, and again. You know what? Fuck it. Every username is taken so you’ll simply just— 'thisusserisnottaken’, ..Approved. You take a deep breath. “Okay.” if it were to say 'taken’ one more time you would’ve simply just deleted the app and went to sleep, but it finally approved. You sighed happily as a small smirk formed on your lips. Finallyyy, you internally celebrated. Then the app asks you to choose a picture. You began looking through your pictures to see which one you’d like to place as your profile picture. You choose one where you were about to enter the venue to see your favorite kpop group, BTS. You were smiling widely as your hair was down and you were wearing a pretty purple long sleeve shirt. It was a nice picture so that’s the one you placed. Done. You were done. No more steps, even though you skipped some because there were too many, but you filled in the ones you thought were most important. Your eyes traveled at the different features the app had. The first one that caught your attention was a section titled 'People Recommended For You’. You decided to check it out. There were some people that seemed pretty interesting. A girl who looked chill in her profile picture, and she likes to sleep, apparently— you were reading people’s bios cause, why not? A boy who likes to party and go out to drink each night. The party type..meh. You continued to read other people’s bios as you started conversations with some of them. Even though none of them were online at the moment. They were probably sleeping. You’ll be joining the offline crew really really soon— actually, right now. Before you closed the app you saw a weird profile. “JJ123456789?” you whispered to yourself in confusion. That person had a blurry dog as their profile picture. 'I like to sing and watch movies :) I’m learning English and I want to practice my English here. Feel free to talk to me if you would like. I will try my best to spell everything right!’ Hm. He or she seems nice. Also, they’re online. You clicked 'Start Conversation’ and typed in a message.

[thisusserisnottaken]: Hey, JJ123456789! You seem pretty interesting and cool. Also your.. dog is pretty visible through that picture hahaha. Anyways, I saw you were online and decided to text you. Message me when you feel like it, I guess.

That was the last person you decided to message as you closed your phone. You waited a few minutes for a response, but your eyes were slowly closing. You placed your phone on your stomach and as you began drifting off to sleep.. Finally, some peace—


Ahhh. You open your eyes while groaning and see a notification. Who could it be this ti

[JJ123456789 is typing…]

Video Game Review: Love Nikki Dress-up Queen

Man, I love dress-up games. I don’t care about fashion, but there’s something very satisfying about putting outfits together that look cool or cute. Even when I was a kid, I used to spend more time dressing our Barbie dolls up than actually playing with them, and as a grown up I enjoy cosmetic items in games and put a lot more time, effort, and in-game money than I probably should into collecting them. There was a time when I considered it a guilty pleasure because I’m a grown adult man and they’re games for little girls, but that was when I was young and stupid, before I learned to accept that fun things are fun and it’s dumb to feel guilty about liking anything.

Originally posted by everythingstarstuff

So it’s no surprise that when I discovered Love Nikki, a dress-up game with a plot, I was immediately hooked.

It was one of those games I saw advertised on tumblr and Instagram all the time, but ignored because I always ignore those ads. Then one day I was bored and decided to check it out, and now 90% of my gaming blog is Love Nikki (even though 90% of my gaming time right now is LOTRO).

All app games are addictive (they’re supposed to be. Gets you to spend money), but even beyond that Love Nikki is genuinely good and genuinely fun. Unlike many mobile games, I’ve never gotten the sense the creators just tossed a bunch of stolen code together in hopes of making money, and they give you so many diamonds for free that you never feel pressured to spend actual money on it unless you want to. If I had a job, I would love to spend actual money on it, because some of the stuff you can do by doing so seem tempting (mainly the “finish x number of times” feature) and the game is good enough that I want to support it financially. 

It has the common dressup game problem where clothing doesn’t always fit together, and there are some items that seem like they should sit higher or lower on the Nikki body, but the characters are fun (even though Momo’s constant whining about grilled fish got real old, real fast) and the art style is gorgeous. I’m really following the plot of each chapter (mainly because it sometimes takes me a while to get all the stuff together from Momo’s hints and by the time I get back to it I’ve forgotten what’s going on) but what little I tend to gather tends to be pretty cute and I really like that Nikki doesn’t have a love interest (unless you count Kimi, which, not gonna lie, I kinda do) .

The only thing I’d really like is if they made it so Nikki wore whatever outfit you had set as your avatar and went by your username in the story sections, but that’s just a small little personal thing. It’d also be cool if there was a PC version, but it’s probably best that there isn’t, because if there was I’d never get any work done ever again.

Love Nikki is a good, solid, fun mobile game. If you like dress-up games, you’ll love it. Even if you don’t, you might get a kick out of it (I don’t really know, because I’m in the former group). You should check it out. You have nothing to lose except time, and time enjoyed is never time wasted.

(JJBA) Pixiv/drawr/etc Artists on Tumblr - MASTERLIST

NOT UPDATED ANYMORE (feel free to reblog and update yourself)


ENG:So Hey I’m really tired of seeing reposts of pics from pixiv/drawr/w/e artists who have their own tumblr


Here is a (non-exhaustive) list of the artists I could find who might have had their art reposted and that I recommend you follow and reblog from :


CH (translation by undine3958): 總之,我超他媽的對於一直看到「明明作者有tumblr,卻總是有”其他人”把作者的圖片從pixiv/drawr/w/e這些地方轉貼到湯上」這種狀況感到非常厭倦。


JPN:こんにちは、最近、pixivやdrawrやtwitterなどを使う方の絵はますます、tumblrにreprintされているので、その方の中で、tumblrも使う方のアカウントを集めて、一覧をやってみたかったです。目標はreprintを止めることです。みんあさん、 何も 説明せずに@ してすみません。.











ENG: This list is incomplete, If you happen to follow some artists I missed, can you give me their username in the reply section below so I can add them ??


CH (translation by undine3958): 這份名單還不詳盡,如果你剛好知道有哪位繪者有使用tumblr而我沒放上去的、可以麻煩你把他的tumblr帳號回應在下方讓我可以加入名單裡嗎?


A polite request from someone with various memory affecting issues and dyslexia:

If you change your blog name to get more into the spooky season, please put your old username in the about section of your mobile theme. 

It’s tricky keeping track of a changed avatar, but so long as your name doesn’t change I’ll probably keep up. Changing your name is confusing for a while and changing both at once effectively makes you a stranger.

Until staff or new-xkit-extension provide a “previous usernames” feature similar to steam, please be kind and make it possible to see your regular blog name easily, without having to search your posts.

Thank you.

Sometimes I see my friends’ usernames in the kudos section of a fic I’m reading. They stand out since those links are the ones I’ve visited before. I feel an odd sense of camaraderie when that happens. Like, “Yeah, you would like this fic, you perv.”

Please, if you can, send my friend Jess ofthisblogiwillsoongrowtired​ some love and support. She made a post about getting fired after protesting getting misgendered by a customer and now she’s being attacked by actual, literal Nazis on top of being out of a job and having trouble making ends meet. If you want to donate to her as well (and please consider doing so!) her post is here. (also I strongly recommend blocking half the usernames in the reblog section, you’ll know right away which are the ones to block)