username confession

hey, confession blogs

i am getting pretty sick of negative username confessions on the bjd confession blogs.

i really don’t think it’s constructive or even worthwhile to allow an anonymous platform for every little bitchy thought that creeps into someone’s mind.  if you have a problem with someone, you have two choices:  confront them, or suck it up and get over it.

posting it to a confession blog is like having a tantrum.  i deal with lots of tantrums.  i don’t wanna read about someone throwing a fit over what wigs [hobbypersonname] puts on their dolls.  and i don’t care if you’re just venting:  what i’m saying is that your feelings about subjects like these are actually not worth posting publicly.  they are that stupid.  they are that meaningless.  and yet they are powerful enough to humiliate/intimidate/hurt the people that you’re posting about.  posting it anonymously, the cost to you is nothing–but you don’t know what the cost is to the person you’re calling out.

if you wanna vent?  talk to your pet.  talk to your friends.  talk privately to someone else in the hobby, who shares your views and will vent back to you.  then suck it up and get over it.

if you just wanna throw your opinion out into the world and see who agrees with you?  have the ovaries to do it on your own blog.  if what you’re saying is worth any weight, people will pipe up.

here’s what i personally want to see on confession blogs:

  • dirty confessions
  • weird confessions
  • funny confessions
  • actual confessions (as in, admissions of guilt/misgivings)
  • preference confessions
  • positive username confessions
  • scammer notices
  • secret hopes and dreams and fears
  • calls for representation

it’s a pretty wide range.  i don’t really see any reason why we can’t stick to a scope that is still inclusive of the hobby and cut out the just plain mean.

Pristine Nightmare has been removed from the banned username list

Confessions about Pristine Nightmare on TrueBJDConfessions are now allowed again

As I’ve said before and I will say again, I do not help those who see me as an enemy. If you see me as a “bully”, talk negatively of me, and then ask for my help, I will not help you.

-The Admin