My non scientific poll from earlier has yielded these results. 

Red Sox and Cards tied at 3
Cubs and Orioles tied at 2
Every other team that received a vote is at one. 

I thought surely the Yankees, Braves, and Rangers would have a better showing… perhaps I just don’t have a ton of followers that like baseball :)

Thanks to everyone for letting me know your team - good to be able to chat about the important things in life :)

Hope everyone had a great Opening Day! 

user404 replied to your post:Eye of the Tiger

I wish I liked my coworkers enough to go to lunch with them.

It’s my team, I built it. We’re not immune to the asshattery and corporate politic-fuckfest that happens but we’re a pretty tight knit group. We do lunch as a way to get out of the office and I let them vent and then the rest of the time work chat is off limits. 

Everyone needs a break when the stress level sits as high as it does here and so we do dumb shit like this or ride motorcycles to a burger joint. 

If nothing else I’ve got to make them feel secure in their positions and shield them from as much as the BS as I can so they continue to produce quality work and results.