Dear God, Please bless Mommy, Daddy, president Reagan, The american flag, Waluigi, jazz music, animal’s, Compaq, Pentium II, epson WF-2540, times new roman, arial, arial black, verdana, wingdings, WINSOCK.DLL, arthur, dora, KERNEL32.DLL, my little brother, my wayward great-grandson and his little freinds,, AUTOCHK.EXE, CONFIG.SYS, AUTOEXEC,BAT, NOTEPAD.EXE,GENERAL PROTECTION FAULT, Winnuke, wood, QBASIC.EXE, wooden objects, woodworking, MSPAINT.EXE, SUBQ $0x28 %RSP, MOVQ %RDI %RBX, MOVQ -0x14372c83(%RIP) %RAX, TESTQ %RSI %RSI, CMOVNEQ -0x14372c76(%RIP) %RAX, MOVQ %RAX -0x48(%RBP), The fourth of july, ODBC32.DLL, SHELL32.DLL, the juche idea, people’s war of liberation, Sega, Larry Page, Larry Ellison, Larry Summers, and all of the little animals of the forest, Scooter Libby, Jeff Gannon, TASKMGR.EXE, USER32.DLL,