Belisama: Hello again, Mister.

Andrei: Ohhhh……~

Belisama: I still don’t have a patch.

Andrei: …..

Belisama: Is that your way of saying you have a soft spot for Steam users?  :D

Andrei: In that we don’t care about you enough to bother?

Belisama: …..

Andrei: Then yes?

Belisama: No news is good news, fuzzy!

Andrei: Rrrrrf…….

Belisama: I do use Origin though.

Andrei: Oh?  So we still own your future firstborn, user of the competitor?

Belisama: ….!

Andrei: I’m sorry, you were still speaking.  Continue.

Belisama: I just meant I use it for all the stuff you don’t release on Steam!  …. anymore.  Dragon Age: Inquisition!  Great game.  ….. I still play DA:O on Steam though.

Andrei (irritated): ….. You are a cocky little bitch, you know that, right?

Belisama: Now now….

Belisama: I generally just prefer Steam!~  It has a wider array of games than…… (somewhat disgusted) Origin.  Which admittedly is a niche pain in the bum.  I’m not buying DA:O again on that.  Why would I?

Belisama: If you ever released TS4 on Steam I would actually buy that over again, if just to not have to use Origin.

Andrei: Now you are talking stupid, Stupid.  … which… by the way….

Andrei: Do you have something for me?

Belisama: Something?  No?  I don’t pirate my games…. we discussed this already.

Andrei: Don’t be coy.~  The user is, across the board, a pirating dirtbag… that’s why DRM was invented.

Belisama: I owe you nothing?

Andrei: Hand it over.~

Belisama: Oh!  Do you wanna hug, fuzzy?  (❀◦‿◦)

Andrei: No….

Andrei: Giiiiive…. meee…….~

Andrei: AHA!  SWEET DREAMS AND HOPES!~  (๑•̀ㅂ•́)و✧

Belisama: Wha…… WHAT?!  Σ(‘◉⌓◉’)

Andrei: Mmm….

Belisama: WHY!?


Andrei: You are, by your own admission, NOT FAITHFUL.

Belisama: BY USING STEAM?!  (●´⌓`●)

Andrei: Correct!  A step up from being a full out pirating dirtbag!  CHECK YOUR POCKETS!  FILLED WITH SAND AND RUM AND HOOKHANDS AND VENEREAL DISEASE!

Andrei (purring softly): Rrrrrf…. dreams and hopes!  … so sweet.~


Andrei: Oh stahp….. do not flatter.~

Andrei: I still have a bouncy ball pit on my superjet!~  Perhaps I will get my own TS4 toddler render.  A cute, bouncing baby asshole that you and your ilk want so desperately I could get you to obediently eat seeds from a dish between my legs if I told you I would give you them.  I WILL EAT THE MEDIA THEY PUT IT ON IN FRONT OF YOU.

Belisama: Don’t you have a soul?

Andrei (confused): Huh?


Belisama: You are terrible to everyone and everything!  You just destroyed Maxis and you sit and wear its name like a party hat!  What next?!

Andrei: Your fucking girl in a minute.~  Oh!~  ♪(┌・。・)┌

Morrigan: Jesus Christ ARE YOU DOING IT AGAIN?

Andrei: Maybe…..~  ( ◞・౪・)

Morrigan: I have automatic updates shut off because of your damn claws in my shit.

Andrei: Oh.


Andrei: Like I said earlier, I’ll see you when your computer shits the bed and you have to redownload, sweets.  ᕕ( ᐛ )ᕗ

Sho’N’Tell is a new alternative to Tumblr!

Sho’N’Tell goal is to do things right and to listen to its users. Its made to be a place of discovery and sharing.

Some of its current features are:

  • Messaging system
  • Block out any sensitive content (violence, nudity, sexually explicit, ect.).
  • Link your posts together and have them part of ongoing series
  • Upload pictures in .jpg, .jpe, .gif. png, .tif, .bmp, and .ico
  • 720pixel wide images
  • 10mb gifs
  • Set quick tags
  • Favorites are sorted into categories (All, Art, News, and Writing) and then again into sub categories (fan fiction, painting, memes, journals, ect)
  • Multiple blogs per user
  • View your favorites, dashboard, searches by popularity or by date

and loads more will be added as soon as we can.

If you would like to help out then please consider donating here at gofundme all money will go towards the development of the site.

Thank you for your time have a wonderful day :)

Top 10 Favorite Female Anime Characters:

9. Mikoto Misaka (Toaru Kagaku no Railgun)

Original art by:

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Just Joining EWC? Here's our "User Favorites" and "Curators' Best" articles!

Just Joining EWC? Here’s our “User Favorites” and “Curators’ Best” articles!

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If you’re new to our Ever Widening Circles community, you might not realize we have 300+ articles on every subject under the sun. And that’s the point!.. We wanted to be the place people look forward to visiting, for the inspired randomness and only the best from the worldwide web.

Just this week we reached some personal goals with users joining us from countries like Saudi Arabia, Ecuador,…

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Heya there! This blog has now a year since Tumblr deleted the original one, and I’m almost back at the followers count I had before! I’m super thankful to you guys. So I decided to make a follow forever!

Really special people 

(Those are either really close friends or friends I know IRL. They brighten both my dash and my day)

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Favorite tumblr users 

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Thank you all so much! May the goddesses be with you all!

toninomontana asked:

what books do you read when you're feeling down??

favorite tumblr user award goes to @toninomontana for giving me this opportunity for a Book Rec SO:

Ordinary Magic by Caitlen Rubino-Bradway: Mid-school literature I Guess but as a person whose tumblr url is toninomontana i trust you to trust me when i say this is Not Your Average Kid-Lit. 

To Say Nothing of the Dog by Connie Willis: Time travelling shenanigans as SEVERELY TIME LAGGED people from the FUTURE time travel to THE PAST to recover AN ARTIFACT and LOVE HAPPENS?? (this book is DELIGHTFUL istg)

The Long Way to a Small Angry Planet by Becky Chambers: Say it with me: Space Opera is good for the soul. (it’s true, it is.) This is the feel good science fiction i have always been here for complete with: Diversity, Interesting Aliens, Polyamorous character(s), FLUFF.

The Golem and the Jinni by Helene Wecker: I gave this book to myself and I loved it. I gave this book to my mom and she loved it. I gave this book to my 80 year old grandmother and she called me yesterday nearly in tears to tell me this: “It’s all a fairytale but it’s also true.” 

The Truth by Terry Pratchett: This is here as a stand-in for the Terry Pratchett book of your choice but Terry Pratchett knows what’s up if he can’t make me happy then I don’t know what’s wrong with this hypothetical me but i feel for her she’s suffering 

To All the Boys I’ve Loved Before by Jenny Han: Going back to how weak i am for fluff this book has KISSES and it also has SISTERS and it also has ROMANCE and i’m a weak weak woman with a fragile heart that can only be soothed by reading about people kissing

A Hero at the End of the World by Erin Claiborne: A DELIGHT. So many post-Harry Potter books wish they were this book they dream about being this book but they’re not because this book is the only of its kind

Howl’s Moving Castle by Diana Wynne Jones: I was going to say that this is a stand in for the dwj of your choice but then i realized that so much of DWJ makes me cry/is dark so it’s either this or the magicians of caprona or dogsbody or the game PROBABLY. 

Tam Lin by Pamela Dean: I am a parody of myself I know. BUT! Literary references! Kissing! The best bloody university you’ll ever read about! Discussion of PLAYS! TAM LIN. Also this book has the vague feel that the secret history is happening to the next dorm but everyone is too busy going to plays and kissing faeries to notice. 

Welcome to Night Vale: A Novel by Joseph Fink: Welcome to Night Vale is one of the best things that have ever happened to me in my life as a fan of things and the novel didn’t disappoint. Put this podcast in your life then make space for its novel and you’ll always have a small weird corner to curl into every time the world feels dark and unwelcoming.

Android users!

What are your favorite witchy apps? I’m making a part II to my app masterpost but I don’t have access to an android phone so I don’t know what’s good! Suggestions??


Something weighing on my mind: one of my favorite library users passed away last week, but I only discovered his obituary last night. He was an older gentleman who came to me for advice on stories for his grand kids. Sometimes being a librarian is humbling in a variety of ways. The people we encounter daily vary, and our responses to their quirks vary. Some nearly drive me to drink, but I don’t usually take my work home with me. This time I did.

Rest easy, Mr. C.

Apparently I have been summoned by one @imcoolerthenyoux and I’m required to answer personal questions about myself… How inconvenient…

1. Who is your favorite user on tumblr?

Why that would be my dear friend @setracrap-ra

2. What is your favorite fandom and why?

What do you call the fandom that worships me? That one.

3. Favorite song?

I don’t listen to much music lately… Been working too hard on my rap album

4. Favorite movie?

Titanic or that one they made about my book

5. If you were in an apocalypse what three items would you bring and why?

If there was an apocalypse, I would probably be made a ruler of some sort, so I would be good as far as safety goes. I would bring Doritos, the Doritos recipe so I can make more, and a scepter so I can rule with class and style.

6. Favorite color?

The blood of my readers

7. Favorite YouTuber?

I’m more of a Netflix kinda guy

8. Netflix or going to the movies?

Oh yeah Netflix

9. Favorite Quote?

“Me, myself, and I.”

10. Have you been to any concerts? If so which ones?

I saw @mynameisdevektra once, but when I went back to meet her she punched me in the face

11. America or Canada?

America because that’s where they make Doritos

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