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  • Fans of a certain guidebook observed Towel Day.
  • Sense8 gets a premiere d8. Also that kiss was gr8.

The Strokes announced a new album. Maybe using the megaphone Julian Casablancas records his vocals through.

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People with powers

Captain America still needs a boyfriend.

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  • Seventeen: not the number, not the magazine, but the k-pop band.
  • Red Velvet: not the fabric, not the cake, but the k-pop band.

Luxury: it’s nice to look at images that make you realize your life is garbage.

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Some blogs:

Spider-Man (2002) dir. Sam Raimi

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'boruto and hima will whoop sarada's ass in seconds'

on what basis are you saying this ?? those trailors in which boruto’s techniques were misdirected ? bcz according to the full movie he cant do chidori his rassengan is actually small and that giant rasengan in the trailer was actually a combined technique of naruto and boruto whereas sarada has already mastered superhuman strength and since she’s the first uchiha to activate sharingan out of love and happiness so i guess it’s safe to assume her sharingan will advance to mangekyou without suffering any trauma
So sarada a monster with superhuman strength,sharingan and skills as good as a jounin vs boruto a small invisible rasengan and lowkey gentle fist user…who’s really winning and whooping ass here ??
and as for himawari woah she knocked out naruto a loving and caring dad who will obviouly rasegan her daughter when she walks to him…such logic wow and well sarada destroyed a crap load of s rated ninjas with mangekyou sharringan with just one punch..hima clearly overpowers sarada right ? There you have your answer
and i’m not bashing boruto and hima i just lost a bunch of nerve cells while scrolling down the forums so i had to do this

Nocturne Egg Giveaway!!

Hi everybody!! It’s been quite some time since I posted on this blog, and I wanted to hold a little giveaway to reintroduce myself to the tumblr FR community c:

One user will win an Unhatched Nocturne Egg, just reblog with your username and ID number! You don’t have to follow me but I’ll try to post regularly from now on and would appreciate it greatly ;u;

Giveaway ends at rollover on the 28th, and the winner will be picked using :D

Can This App Make Me Happier:

Julie Beck does first-hand reporting on an app that purports to help its users “win happiness.” Here’s an excerpt below: 

Of course you can’t measure your happiness in a vacuum—and you probably wouldn’t be very happy in a vacuum anyway—but if there really is an app that can make you happier, I wanted to try it when my life was relatively stable. I decided to do it for a month.

(Photo credit: Chelsea Beck)