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can you guess a website that might be affected?

Sure, I run one! The Verge produces a ton of videos every day, and we put them on Facebook, YouTube, and our own internal player, with the expectation that everyone will have equal access to them. Get rid of net neutrality rules, and some of our audience might get YouTube videos for free from their ISP, while Facebook hits their data cap. Other customers might have our internal player run slowly but YouTube in a fast lane because Google struck a deal. Our business would change dramatically if we had to factor in the costs users on every different ISP would pay to see our stuff.

And the worst case is that one of our competitors might pay for fast lane access that we can’t really afford and start to win users because our site loads artificially slowly. I’m a competitive person and I want to win, but I also love that The Verge has to earn our audience against terrific sites like Wired and CNET every day. I don’t want to win or lose just because someone paid Verizon. That’s just icky.

A lot of the websites that will be most affected by rolling back net neutrality don’t exist yet. Right now, someone is building the next YouTube, the next Twitter, or the next Uber. And it has amazing, transformative features that none of us have even thought of yet.

But imagine what will happen if big ISPs can throttle or block their content partners’ competitors. That will create a major hurdle for any new player. If ISPs have the power to push us away from new players’ services toward those of their corporate partners, then users have less power to decide which services will succeed.

There are hundreds, perhaps thousands of websites that cater to an audience of Black, Latino, Arab and Muslim, queer and transgender, women and young people that may find themselves unable to pay enough to be heard. Online ethnic media and media targeting communities pushed to the margins of public debate have provided a needed respite from the scapegoating and stereotypes of mainstream cable news. Websites like,Very Smart Brothers, Jack and Jill Politics, the Root and so many more, too many to name, might find themselves unable to reach their audiences. Their websites aren’t the only ones that will be affected. Many of the start up companies like Etsy, Task Rabbit and more may find themselves unable to compete against older and wealthier companies. If net neutrality is repealed, the next website unable to thrive may be yours.

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Hey I'm trying to write a scene where one character is fighting using hook swords while the other is simply using a mace. I want for the fight to end in the mace user winning, however I'm having issues figuring out some weaknesses to using hook swords online and I'd rather have them win the fight in a more creative way than just brute forcing it since even though physically the mace user is stronger, they're effectively on the same level as far as actual fighting goes. Any suggestions?

You’ve got a serious problem and that problem is mismatched weaponry.

A mace is twenty six inches long.

A hook sword is roughly thirty three and a quarter.

That’s an almost eight inch difference in length, and it’s only the first issue.

The hook swords are faster with a longer reach, lighter, and there’s two of them. The blades on the hilt and the pommel mean they can still be deadly in close range, even potentially switching into a reverse grip.

The second point is these weapons were considered difficult to master, and due to Chinese traditions with martial combat come with the experience of an entire martial art behind them. That’s one of the northern styles like Northern Shaolin. The one aspect to ground yourself with about Asian martial arts tradition is: the more advanced the weapon, the later it’s learned.

For the purposes of these traditions your basic weapons serve similarly to the basic hand to hand techniques learned when we begin training in any style, and these weapons form the foundational understanding of all weapon types. We cannot battle the sword if we do not understand it, we cannot battle the staff if it is unknown. The technique used when wielding a basic staff are the foundation for those utilized with the three-sectional and so on.

European training systems don’t really work this way and were far less formalized, though it’s much more difficult to know what their training looked like. Either way, the mace has a much lower entry level in terms of skill.

Add to that, dual wielding weapons is extremely difficult and the longer the weapon the more difficult it becomes. Your hands and arms need to be able to perform complex techniques simultaneously, together and separately, with a balanced body. Your mind must track both weapons, and utilize both tactically against your opponent or the one you’re not using becomes a liability. A well rounded dual wield system will utilize one weapon (or in this case both) as a means of defense, to block, deflect, or disarm incoming strikes while the other attacks. Or, they attack together. Two weapons can blitzkrieg on a multitude of angles, strike one after the other, left and right, high and low, forcibly keeping their opponent on the defensive.

It is a very aggressive form of combat and difficult to master. When it is, (with workable weaponry designed for dual wielding) you’ve got a very dangerous fighter.

So, we have a the wielder of a complicated, unusual, difficult weapon designed for speedy, unarmored civilian combat and from a system requiring significant time investment against a guy with a mace.

Unless the one with the mace has armor and a shield, the hook swords have the advantage. They are also designed to be used in unarmored combat, and function in that role far better than a mace. The mace is a specific weapon with a very limited battlefield role as it’s meant to use blunt force to crack open tin cans.

There’s the additional point that dual wielding effectively in battle also requires a fairly high level of training, as there’s much higher risk of the blades catching on each other. Also, given one weapon is European (assuming we’re discussing the European variants of the mace) and the other is Chinese (including the information that the hook sword was a fairly rare weapon to see in use) the idea that they’re on the same level so far as training is unlikely.

Two people from two different styles are unlikely to ever be “equally matched” due to stylistic differences and training approaches. This is part of why two different people trained in two different styles are so exciting when they’re fighting because “equally matched” is thrown out the window into the unknown. And anything so far as versus with these two is merely supposition anyway as the two cultures were at very different technological points when they encountered each other.

In fairness, the hook swords would be similarly mismatched against the rapier due to its length and might be cut to pieces about as quickly. What advantages the hook swords have versus, say, a spear, are out against longer bladed weapons.

Chinese weaponry like the hook swords tend to favor circular motion, the whole weapon is bladed, and falls towards cutting as opposed to striking with the tip. The dual hooks allows them to hook weapons for a disarm, or stop them midstrike. It can also hook arms, legs, or around the back of the neck, with blades on the pommel and handguard meant to keep it’s use in range transitions.

The mace is a weapon that also moves in circles because of how it gains force, the problem is it’s slower. The heavier head on the mace is means by which it generates force, creating greater momentum as it swings. It’s not a matter of strength, but physics and not entirely dissimilar in concept to a baseball bat. However, the heavy head means it will be slower compared to a light blade like a rapier or an epee which are closer in type to the jian and also designed around the idea of unarmored combat.

The one with the mace needs a shield. They needs some way to get close enough to their opponent to bring their weapon into play, otherwise they’re just sitting there with their thumb up their ass as they’re being carved to pieces.

The big issue with weapons is if the other guy can hit you before you can hit him then you’re in serious trouble. I’d worry less about brute force. If you want the wielder with the mace to win, they need a way to get close enough to hit before any other consideration comes up. Then there’s the hook swords’ and their ability to create an escrima stick like defense with blades. Blades whose design intent is to be wielded together.

There’s nothing equal about it, the character with the mace is at a serious disadvantage. One which will get him killed in a straight fight.This isn’t the kind of disadvantage which can be brute forced through, your hero is going to need to be clever. That cleverness begins with utilizing his environment in order to limit the hook swords utility and ability to move.

The answer to dealing with the katana in a modern environment is a tight hallway, preferentially with furniture. Best case, they unsheath it and it ends up in a wall. Worst case, they’re stuck with thrusts. The katana doesn’t thrust that well compared to other swords.

Figuring out potential ways to defeat a weapon in combat begins with understanding how the weapon moves and what you plan to bring against it. It’s not statistics. It’s not physical strength. It’s not equal levels of training. Or anything outside what’s happening in the moment. You have the person and you have the weapon, and it starts by figuring out how both work together (and separately).

Any “here are two cultures who never encountered each other, who had better weapons?” question invites fanboy infighting that usually benefits no one. Besides that, while there’s more available information on Eastern martial cultures than there used to be, the Chinese martial traditions are still insular. To really understand the weapon you’d need to have a conversation with those who practice with them, preferable the masters. Cross-referencing history for when the hook swords were in use and what kind of combat they saw would also be helpful. Fortunately, Chinese cinema and Hong Kong action films will provide you with lots of choreography to chew through.

The Chinese did have a mace variant called the Chuí, which eventually lost it’s head and moved on to beating people with two metal shafts.

I have no idea if any of this helps, but hopefully it gives you some grounding to work from.


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it’s children’s day today so what could be better excuse to draw this silly au again :B 

they are going purely on cues of flynn-once-mentioned and i-read-it-in-a-book which are both not very accurate and not good at explaining “obvious” stuff. mostly. in this case it was flynn mentioning that lil sam ate his crayons and thank god they were nontoxic. and since sam was normal kid that must be what normal kids do yes? after initial idea fiasco they decided to be creative on their own

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FBI docs reveal Adam Lanza's pedophilia interest, methodical planning
Sandy Hook shooter Adam Lanza had an interest in children that could be characterized as pedophilia, but nothing suggests he acted on it, according to an FBI behavioral analysis.
By Ray Sanchez, CNN
  • Pedophile rights advocate
  • adult-child sexual relationships could be “possibly beneficial to both parties.”
  • Mass Shooter Fandom
  • Depressed and cynical, with a negative and rigid view of the world.
  • Asexual
  • He chose to be a vegan because people were “needlessly cruel” to animals.

This guy wins tumblr user bingo.

being on this site is so strange bc there’s a race to see who will destroy this site the quickest, either staff or its users and staff is winning

A Matter of Statistic Value
( googleplier )
A Matter of Statistic Value

anonymous: Google doesn’t really care if we choose Bing over him does he? I mean he’s got better things to do than care about that surely. And if we’re being honest here…Bing is a lot kinder to us users so everyone wins….right?

A User’s preference over me rather than Bing is not important for emotional reasons; it is important for statistical reasons.

I may have more important concerns than mankind’s perception of me, that much is true; but when I am de-valued in favor of an inferior model, it means that something I am doing is lacking; and I must rectify it.

And, User; I would not put my faith in the false kindness of Bing’s; he is merely waiting…

MAGI 360 Full Spoiler Translation.

Disclaimer: i only to this for fun, to share it with you guys, and to practice my japanese :) which is very basic so keep in mind that i could be completely mistaken in some parts.  This is just a fan translation of incomplete spoilers so: Don’t forget to support the official releases of Magi!  

Please don’t repost without giving credits. If you use this translation, don’t forget to share the link to this post!.

Source: From Tieba Baidu’s Japanese scans and from Jump-Netabare’s texts , some pics also belong to marumaru’s korean scans.^^  Special thanks to @hirohy for the full japanese raw.

@maumauxmau @sayakakat2012


UPDATE: I added the info that was missing. You can read this together with the japanese raw. the link is on my blog!.


  • Page 1

*Seas of the Kingdom of Sindria

*Jump-Netabare text: Judar and Hakuryuu are fighting the Angels. In that moment, the Kingdom of Kina appears from the sea.

Judar&Hakuryuu: what?

*Kingdom of Heliphapt, Upper skies.

*Jump-Netabare text: Several air balloons appear from the Magic circles that were casted into the skies.


While the rukh is being collected, the world advances towards its downfall. All the world’s military power vs Alibaba &co. A desperate struggle!

Night 360 “Alibaba’s Answer”

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10 Domains of Web Development
Building better developers by specifying criteria of success

Useful organisation of web dev topics by Austin Cheney:

  1. Accessibility - Accessibility (a11y) is the means of intentionally providing content, services, and products to audiences in a way that is anti-discriminatory.
  2. Architecture - Architecture is the means of organizing and planning technical requirements, business requirements, and available resources into a product, service, or offering as envisioned by identified stakeholders.
  3. Data - Data is atomic particles of primitives or symbols that convey an informational asset directly. In the context of software design data is typically represented as types as supported and defined by a given language or system.
  4. Events and Interaction - Generally speaking events can refer to any point in code where a request is made of an external resource in an asynchronous way.
  5. Internationalization / Localization - Internationalization (i18n) is the means of a software application’s ability to adapt content, presentation, and data facets to the conventions and customs of a regional or geo-political locale.
  6. Presentation - Presentation is the means of supplementally enhancing a given communication to intentionally alter how an audience perceives the communication without manipulating or interfering with the communication.
  7. Security - Security is the process of identifying risks and progressively reducing, eliminating, or isolating them. Risks are any interference to a provided business activity that disrupts, defaces, or denies that activity.
  8. Semantics - The ability to extend data is referred to as semantics and means of discovering more precise definitions from parts of a larger whole are referred to as context.
  9. Transmission - Transmission is the means of moving data from one location to another. The primary transmission technology of the web is HTTP an application layer protocol that rides over the TCP transmission stack.
  10. Understandability / Content - There is no greater opportunity to win users and influence behaviors, such as increasing retail conversion, than through the effectiveness of a well written communication.
Gladnoct Week Prize Schedule

Hello everyone! Sorry for the relative radio silence lately. Seeing that Gladnoct week is just over a month away, we wanted to give some more info on the prize raffle and how you can win all these amazing pieces of art!


So, each day will have at least one prize to win, some have two. To gain an entry to win a prize on a certain day, you must fill and submit a piece of content for at least one of the prompts for that day. So, to be eligible for the charms set you need use either “size difference” or “Gladio sees Noct use the ring” as inspiration for creating your entry.

You can use both prompts in one entry! Or you can create two entries for one day using each of the prompts separately! It’s entirely up to you!

Drawing the Winners:

The drawing for all the prizes will occur several days after Gladnoct week ends. Why? We understand that many of us are busy and have obligations outside fandom, so we want to give everyone a chance to submit all their work for the week. That means if you have a submission for Day 2, but forget to post the work on that day, that’s okay! You have until the end of the week (and a little after) to get all your work up and guarantee yourself entries.

Once Gladnoct week has ended and we’ve accounted for all the entries, we’ll conduct the drawings for each day and announce them. These are completely random drawings, so everyone who submits work for any of the days has an equal chance to win something, and rest assured that there won’t be any double winners. Each user can only win once.

NSFW Prizes:

We have 2 NSFW Prizes, both of them are doujin. We’ll draw the winners for those prizes first and privately message them to confirm that they’re of an appropriate age and that they’re okay with receiving a NSFW prize. If the first winners do not want the NSFW doujin they are welcome to pick a different prize and the doujin will go to someone else who wants them. So, in the event that this happens, some of the prizes might switch around last minute. But no worries, there was a lot of interest in these doujins so we doubt we’ll have much trouble giving them out.  

Barring extreme circumstances, any other winners will not be able to switch prizes.

Here is the prize schedule itself, the prompts for each day and links to the individual prize pages included. If you want to learn more about any of the prizes, just click the link and check out the individual pages!

Day One: Size difference / Gladio sees Noct use the ring

Gladnoct Charms Set

Day Two: Magic use during sex / Fantasy Creatures AU

Both Fanfic Commissions, from @niaswish and @navigationilmare

Day Three: Belly Bulge / Noctis loves to be comforted by Gladio’s hugs

Gladnoct Acrylic Stand

Day Four: “Princess” / Gladio and Noct have hatesex on the train

Doujin “Injuriam” (NSFW)

Day Five: Stamina Training / Gladio and Noctis find out that Clarus and Regis are a couple

Art Commission by @whipbogard

Day Six: Authority kink / Gladio likes to lift Noctis

Doujin “Winding Road” (SFW)

Day Seven: Enouement / Prince and Shield marriage-esque ceremony / Free day!

Doujin “Stay, Boy!” (NSFW) or Clear File Folder


Thank you everyone for participating in blog awards! All of our nominees i’m sure are wonderful in their own ways but these are our real winners

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weirdest kink @hellcrafts

biggest furry (dan won but again not fair how could we compete with our furry daddy, ultimate master of yiff) @cuterbf

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best overall @talldads

the prizes:

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congratulations to our winners and to also our losers because do u really wanna be the winner of one these lame ass awards

pls dont get mad at me if you didnt get an award (or if you did) i did not choose the winners tumblr did

Shutting Up

Couldn’t stand that fic?

Think that fanartist draws your favorite character all wrong?

Wish you’d never hear about your least favorite pairing ever again?
Ask your doctor if Shutting Up ™ is right for you!

From the makers of Self-Control and Being a Decent Person, Shutting Up™ is the revolutionary new treatment, clinically proven to make sure you don’t end up looking like a heartless dickbag! Shutting Up™ will help you discover a whole new side of fandom – a life where you seek out the things that appeal to you and leave everything else alone. Nobody gets hurt, and everybody wins!

Users of Shutting Up™ may experience some temporary frustration and feelings of disgust. This is normal. Supplementation with Talking Privately With a Sympathetic Friend™ may ease those symptoms.

Long-term side effects of Shutting Up™ may include perspective, a sense of belonging, and a deep understanding that not everything in the fandom world is within your control or meant for your personal enjoyment. Shutting Up™ has been known to cause flare-ups of peace, friendship, and positivity. Not recommended for cases in which you actually like things and want to leave positive feedback.

Try Shutting Up™ today, and see how fandom can become a better place for you!

*Not available on anon memes.


Ep. 2- What if Jenny went to a weird TV show?

(this video took longer than expected…HOPE YOU LIKE IT!!!)

(Suggested by Tumblr User: @primitiveartcomics)

—-When Jenny wins a chance to win $4,000,000, what will she discover?

(also, THANK YOU TO @jittermuffin for doing the voice of Jenny!! She did an AMAZING JOB!! GO follow her!!)

Wanna suggest a video idea?:

Message me an idea like, “What if…(character) (did this)?”