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it’s children’s day today so what could be better excuse to draw this silly au again :B 

they are going purely on cues of flynn-once-mentioned and i-read-it-in-a-book which are both not very accurate and not good at explaining “obvious” stuff. mostly. in this case it was flynn mentioning that lil sam ate his crayons and thank god they were nontoxic. and since sam was normal kid that must be what normal kids do yes? after initial idea fiasco they decided to be creative on their own

A Matter of Statistic Value
( googleplier )
A Matter of Statistic Value

anonymous: Google doesn’t really care if we choose Bing over him does he? I mean he’s got better things to do than care about that surely. And if we’re being honest here…Bing is a lot kinder to us users so everyone wins….right?

A User’s preference over me rather than Bing is not important for emotional reasons; it is important for statistical reasons.

I may have more important concerns than mankind’s perception of me, that much is true; but when I am de-valued in favor of an inferior model, it means that something I am doing is lacking; and I must rectify it.

And, User; I would not put my faith in the false kindness of Bing’s; he is merely waiting…


Chinese swimmer Ning Zetao claims historic win at world championships

China’s Ning Zetao took home a historic win at the World Swimming Championships in Kazan, Russia on Thursday, grabbing gold in the men’s 100-meter freestyle in 47.84 seconds.

This is the first time that an Asian swimmer has broken the 48-second barrier in the event, and the first time a Chinese has won the event.

22-year-old Ning, a lieutenant in the Chinese navy, did a smart military salute to the national flag during the medal ceremony. “Winning the gold is like a dream,” said Ning, “I made it. And I showed the world that Chinese men can also win in short distance swimming.”

China has already made some breakthroughs in long distance swimming. At the 2009 Rome World Championships, Zhang Lin claimed China’s first world gold by breaking the record in the men’s 800m freestyle. At the 2012 London Games, Sun Yang won China’s first Olympic gold in men’s swimming.

Ning’s victory is being compared by thrilled Chinese net users to Liu Xiang’s winning in the 110-meter hurdles at the 2004 Athens Olympics, which was also a significant breakthrough in Chinese sports history.

Of course, the netizens didn’t forget to praise Ning using their favorite online catch phrases:

“He can obviously depend on his looks, but no, he chooses to make his way with his ability,” remarked @Xingzoudepangyatou

“My mom asked me why I had to kneel in front of our TV. [Heart] [Heart] [Heart] [Heart] ” commented @_Fanersai, implying that he was totally overwhelmed by Ning’s performance.

“No one in this world looks better than Ning, topless.” @yyangguangchuantoulexin

In Thursday night’s tough final, Australian swimmer Cameron McEvoy became runner-up with 47.95, and Argentina’s Federico Grabich took the bronze at 48.12.

(With inputs from Xinhua)

Teach Access Wins Knowbility Award for Educational Achievement

Image: Teach Access logo

Mike Shebanek, Yahoo Senior Director of Accessibility

I’m very excited to share that Teach Access, an initiative to include accessibility and universal design principles in the curricula of computer scientists, designers and researchers in undergraduate, graduate and continuing education, has won the Knowbility, Inc. award for Educational Achievement! Yahoo is a founding member of the project.

Teach Access was created by a coalition of tech companies, universities and advocates for people with disabilities. Its mission is to expand awareness and knowledge of accessible technology development in higher education through approaches such as faculty bootcamps, guest lectures, internships, challenge grants for research and curriculum development and industry partnerships. Teach Access also builds open source online learning tools that reflect and teach accessibility best practices. The tools are widely available to individuals, companies and organizations. In addition, Teach Access has developed job descriptions that include preference for accessibility knowledge to support recruitment activities and to extend the post-secondary foundation through “on the job training” in product and service development.

Image: Knowbility Award.  Inscription reads Knowbility is pleased to recognize Teach Access for Educational Achievement for creating and promoting an initiative to include accessibility and universal design principles in college and university curricula. 2017 Community Heroes of Accessibility Awards.

This is an extremely proud moment for Teach Access and its members and supporters as we continue our pursuit to bring accessible design and development skills into college classrooms.  

What did Exo get for Christmas?


  • “1001 Puns you can use anywhere and everywhere!”
  •  “How to roast your friends” 
  • “101 words that start with W”
  • more anime 
  • a film that just loops every one of red velvets songs 


  • boba tea  
  •  diy boba kit 
  • make-your-own boba tea 
  • boba tea infuser 
  • “willis” name tag
  • a clock that runs 11 minutes slow 


  • bubble tissue 
  • , bubble tissue
  • , bubble tissue 
  • bubble tissue 
  • bubble tissue
  •  a rilakkuma doll 


  • a jukebox so he can sing and dance to all of his favourite 90′s hit songs 
  • stilts so he can have long legs 
  • a stamp with his :3 face 
  • Headphones to block out suhos jokes 


  • new knitting needles that also double as a stick-pointer thing that can cause damage to others 
  • a new set of knives (liKE HE ASKED)
  • a penguin onesie 
  • a heavy duty pair of head phones to block out everything 
  • a cookbook 


  • “ten steps to an indoor voice” 
  • “A Guide to Properly hold someone’s hand” 
  • league of legends game but its been… edited so the user wins every game they play
  • nail-hand-finger-care kit 


  • a prop knife
  • , fake vampire teeth
  •   blood 
  • a unicorn stuffed animals 
  • 100000 bunnies
  • fortune cookies 
  • a timer that tells him wHEN ITS TIME TO REST ASDFGHJKL


  • a new karaoke set 
  • a camera 
  • R E S P E C T 
  • coffee pot 
  • or one of those really fancy barista coffee machine things i dont know what theyre called


  •  dog treats
  •  dog food
  •  a new dog (what even happened to monggu jjanggu jjangga like) 
  • chicken 
  • set of sauce to go with the chicken 

You asked for it and it’s here! Rather than starting with mutuals I decided to give everyone an equal chance to get one so: guess one of my favourite characters based on the clues under the Read More and win an user aesthetic moodboard! 

  • You have to be following me
  • Reblog this post
  • Send me an ask with the number you’re guessing and the name of the character 
  • Check the original post in my blog to see which have already been guessed.

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To celebrate this momentous occasion I’ve arranged a give away of sorts!

To enter just like and it Reblog this as many times as you want. I’ll just scroll through and randomly pick. You have to have your messenger on so I can message you.

1st Prize (the first two users I choose) will get an episode of either Teen Wolf, ShadowHunters, Agents of SHIELD, or Shannara Chronicles written for them! With this prize you can choose which episode you want me to write a character(s)/you into or make up your own plot for an episode! If you don’t watch any of the shows above jut ask me if I’ve seen a show you like if I have not you can have a long one shot from a fandom you want (I have to be in it of course.) I will message you if you win and we can discuss details and whatnot! (Also an example of this is here:

2nd Prize (the next three users I pick) will all get a 1.5k word fic about whatever they choose! (I may go over but it will be a minimum of 1.5k.) I’ll message you if you win so we can discuss details.

3rd Prize (the last five users I pick) will win an imagine about whatever they want! I’ll message you if you win so we can discuss!

The contest deadline is May 20th.

Once I announce the winners they’re prizes will take priority over other requests (I know I haven’t been doing request but that is because I have high school and gross stuff but I will be strong out the week of May 20th so it’ll be good.)

Also one last thing for this to work at least 11 people have to enter.


Miitomo × Splatoon second collaboration details

To accompany the final Splatfest, “It’s a Squid Sisters Showdown! Callie vs Marie”, Miitomo will be holding a second promo event where Miitomo users can pick a side too! Team Callie and Team Marie t-shirts are now available in the Miitomo Shop priced at 2,000 coins each. Full details of the collaboration with pics below…

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