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an uber-style app that allows users to pay me to drive to their house and crack open a cold one w/ them because no boys should ever have to crack open a cold one without any boys


As soon as I saw the list of the anime shows they got I shed a tear because some of those are easily the most anticipated of the season. None of them will ever be talked about at least not the degree they would if they were on CR. 

The list for their summer catalogue is as follows…

Katsugeki! Tōken Ranbu
 : July 1

Love & Lies : July 3

DIVE!! : July 5

Altair: A Record of Battles : July 7

Vatican Miracle Examiner : July 7

Made in Abyss : July 7

Welcome to the Ballroom : July 8

Hitorijime My Hero : July 8

Princess Principal : July 9

Lights of the Clione : July 12

Hell Girl 4 : July 14

Look at this list, I bet to about 90% of anime fans at least 2 titles on here are on your most anticipated list.

 For those that are confused AS is a newly launched service by Amazon that streams anime essentially competing with CR and Funimation. 

To put it bluntly, it’s a nightmare. A clear example of the monopoly Amazon is trying to become and it’s bad news. They’re trying to buy out all the amazing shows make them exclusively for this service which btw is only accessible to Amazon Prime users in USA. The rest of the world does not exist to them. 

Amazon Strike’s #1 issue is it’s Double Paywall. In order to watch AS you need to be an AP user and that is $10 a month. Now for me that is not the issue because I’ve been a Prime user since I was 19 and still till this day. However you then have to pay an additional $4.99 a month to have the channel. That is the issue. To me AP users should get this for free, and none AP users should pay 4.99 a month only. In total you’re looking at $160 a year for this service. The most expensive anime streaming platform and it’s got the smallest library of choices as well.

The #2 issue is it’s Simulcast schedule or lack thereof. Anime Strike does not promote the titles they stream. The only thing they do is tell you when it’s available and it’s available hours or even days after it aires. So that new episode of Re Creators you wanted to watch or that new episode of Dive!! or Welcome to the Ballroom that just aired? Yeah that episode will not be available for hours on end, or even days. And sometimes will just be skipped and not released in subs. This has happened many times already within the Winter and Spring seasons. Do they tell their costumers about any of this? Nope they do not say a single word. Essentially all the titles they purchase are just simply their to hostage them and make sure that CR and Funi doesn’t get it and while the amount of money they poured to the anime developers and studio is probably huge it won’t pay off in the long run. Mainly because their product will be widely ignored by the masses or heavily illegally streamed.

The #3 issue with Anime Strike is it’s Subtitles. The subtitles are the worse. Don’t flow well at all. Late. Mistranslations galore. It’s just really really bad.

The #4 issue with AS is their complete and utter lack of care for the anime community. All they care about is money. They made it crystal clear when they got into the business that they knew the anime community was passionate and would pay money for their product. That’s it. They don’t want to get involved with the community, they don’t even care if  their licenses do well. All they care about is driving CR/Funi out of business so they’re the only game in town and we will then have no other choice but to do as they want. All that money that their paying the anime studios, well that’s gonna disappear. Cause once their the only big game in town then they can then afford to negotiate actual prices.

Do not support Anime Strike. Boycott it! Let them know via social media that what they’re doing is wrong and unethical. They’re in this business for all the wrong reasons. Normally I am completely against anything but legal streaming because I want to do my part in helping the industry but I refuse to cooperate with these people that do not care about anything but money. So this Summer season, if you want to watch those titles you know what you have to do, become a pirate. Wave that pirate flag proudly, do not support AS.

And if you need any clearer sign that AS does not care about us take a gander at what it’s offering to people that subscribe to their service…

Yes a WHITEWASHED version of GITS that was almost universally hated by the Anime community is the kind of thing we want…

They’re completely tone deaf and do not care. Do not support Anime Strike.

[MM] 1.6.8 Update

Hello, this is cheritz.

1.6.8 Update Content
- Improved the chatroom notifications.
- Updates to the in app purchase system.
- Improved Valentines Day DLC.
- Minor bug fixes.
- Added a missing English translation.

[v1.6.8 Update Release]
Android: We are planning to release a new version today
iOS: Takes an extra 2~4 business days after the Android update due to the Apple review process.

Recently inquiries related to Youtube video upload have increased.
Cheritz encourages the free creation of new content by artists who use our content; but for the sake of users who pay for in game features, YouTube videos that contain the following are prohibited and may be requested to be taken down.

1) Revealing hidden content that could affect sales, such as spoilers (Ending/After Ending/Call History)
2) Opening/Ending/Full version of the OST
3) Any tips on abusing the game.

Thank you.

The armistice between Taylor Swift and Spotify is good for everyone

Let’s answer the main question right out of the gate: the reason Taylor Swift brought her albums back onto Spotify and to platforms she’s overlooked in the past few years, like Amazon Music and Pandora Premium, isn’t because Katy Perry released Witness (although it may have something to do with the timing) or because Swift’s last album, 1989, sold 10 million copies (this is the official reasoning for the release) — it’s because of the new licensing deal between her distributor Universal Music Group and Spotify, and the realities of releasing music in 2017.

The new deal between UMG and Spotify allows for artists to choose to window new albums (or make them unavailable to free users) for up to two weeks after their initial release — a huge win for the label, and a sticking point for Swift. Streams from paid users pay far better than streams from ad-supported users on Spotify, and Swift is nothing if not fully in control of her content and her finances.

In 2014, the last time Taylor Swift released an album, people still bought albums. She pulled her catalog from Spotify the week 1989 was released, stating the service doesn’t pay artists fairly and doesn’t give them enough control over their content. “I’m not willing to contribute my life’s work to an experiment that I don’t feel fairly compensates the writers, producers, artists, and creators of this music,“ Swift told Yahoo at the time.

The experiment isn’t an experiment anymore.

In 2016, streaming became the dominant revenue driver for the music industry — when 1989 was released, it made up 27 percent of the revenue. Spotify grew from 10 million paying customers in 2014 to 50 million this year. Swift can’t ignore that.

Even Adele, a notorious hater of streaming, admitted that she would eventually catch up with the times shortly after she released 25 at the end of 2015, despite holding the album off streaming services for seven months. “I know that streaming music is the future, but it’s not the only way to consume music,” Adele told Time back in 2015. With an older audience used to buying albums, Adele might be able to stand on this for another release. Swift doesn’t have that luxury.

Make no mistake, Swift is one of the shrewdest businesspeople in the music industry, and she will get every dollar she’s earned. But in 2017, keeping your catalog off streaming services won’t help you maximize your earning potential or appease your fans.

You could argue Swift won both of her corporate fights in the music industry. She got Apple Music to pay artists during its trial period, and Spotify agreed to a two week windowing period for new albums. (The latter had far less to do with Swift and more to do with Spotify trying to stay afloat as a company charging toward an IPO, but a win is a win.)

While Spotify may have lost the initial battle, it didn’t lose the war, and frankly neither did Swift. This is a calculated armistice that allows both sides to retreat to their base and claim victory. 1989 is finally on the world’s largest streaming service, and Swift will get paid more and have more control over her content going forward.

The real winner here is the Swift fans and Spotify users, who can finally listen to the most popular artist in the US without hassle.

-The Verge (x)

apps i use for language practice

안녕하세요 !! ciao !! helo !! hi! today i though i’d share the apps that i use most often to practice the languages i’m learning (Korean, Italian, Welsh, and French). i’ll provide a quick rundown of the features and links to where you can find each [free !!] app on both the google play store and the apple app store. this isn’t sponsored in any way by anyone, i’m just sharing my feelings and experience with each application. 

app one/two: duolingo and memrise

✧ ✧ ✧ duolingo and memrise form the most well-known and popular language-learning app pair. they’re comprised of millions of users learning a wide variety of languages (there are some that duo offers that memrise doesn’t and vice versa). duolingo offers everything for free, while memrise reserves its most useful features for ‘pro’ users with a paying membership. I personally prefer duolingo’s speaking exercises and skill tree, but memrise has some plusses too, like their native speaker soundbites and aesthetically pleasing app design. 

✧ ✧ also: while they’re very good for basic/conversational knowledge, they’re fairly limited as far as modern vocabulary goes. they serve as an excellent primer, a foundation, something that will get you through grammar and the essentials, but they’re not the only services you need to use !! 

✧ links: memrise on iOS , duolingo on iOS , memrise on android , duolingo on android 

app three: clozemaster

✧✧✧ clozemaster is a fast-paced language game where you type or select correct words to complete sentences in your target language. it’s pretty simple, and even if you don’t have a big vocabulary, you learn via exposure !! i’d recommend the fluency fast tracks! they’re full of useful words. 

✧✧ clozemaster is a very good resource for everyone, regardless of their skill level. they have a pretty big selection of languages to practice, so I’m sure yours will be on their list !!

✧ links: clozemaster on iOS , clozemaster on android 

app four: hellotalk

✧✧✧ hellotalk is a service that connects you to native speakers of your target language. you create a profile with your name, location, native language, age, gender (there are only binary options, sorry nb pals) target language (languages if you get premium, you have to have it to be able to list multiple), and then other users can message you for an online language exchange. 

✧✧ i think communicating with native speakers is a really important part of learning a language, so i recommend this app and others like it for anyone who seeks a balanced language diet. 

✧ links: hellotalk on iOS , hellotalk on android 

app five and six: reverse context and microsoft translator

✧✧✧ reverso context and microsoft translator are both very reliable translation options. reverse context searches textual examples of the phrase you’re translating (context) and presents you with both the examples and the machine translation. small and common phrases are better for this, as you’ll have more text to get your translation from (different cases, genders, etc). microsoft translator is a machine translation service only, but I’ve found it to be more accurate than google in many cases. 

✧✧ translators can actually be really helpful if used in moderation !! don’t feel bad for using translate for some words/phrases, as long as you are just copypasting full paragraphs without looking over anything, you should be good!!!

✧ links: reverso on iOS , translator on iOS , reverso on android, translator on android

that’s all for now !! I hope you found this useful. have a nice day ! :)

hey mutuals

so i made a playlist with all the songs i think fit in the halloween/fall mood so it’s kinda random and long but here it is


Chapter II

Previously: I

a/n: If you catch the movie reference I make you’re awesome, hope you enjoy

Kylo woke up in a cold sweat, another nightmare. He sighed and dragged his fingers through his hair, he felt the sleep deprivation weighing heavy on him, urging him just to lay back down. Instead, Kylo willed himself to get out of bed, deciding to start his day before dawn. He’d have to make more sun potion but he’d make it, anything was better than the horrors he saw when he closed his eyes.

After finishing some chores and a few more requests, Kylo decided to check on you and see if anything had happened. He was worried about you, all vulnerable out in the middle of the woods. Sure he was as well, but he had many ways to protect himself and few would dare to go after him. You on the other hand, were an easy target.

He thought back to yesterday, to your seeming innocence of who he was. It was refreshing really, not to be looked on with disgust or fear, called some kind of demon. However there fear was probably smart, he was an extremely gifted magic user, made even more powerful by his use of dark magic. It was…frowned upon, but Kylo found something attractive about the dark. It had always fascinated him, ever since he was young it was like he was destined to fall into it to the behest of his family of light magic users.

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anonymous asked:

Explain this 100 scenes app from voltage thing for me? I'm all kinds of confused. Is it like Lovestruck? Were every app is now in one? What about coin apps? Do we lose coins we had yet to use? Will the old apps vanish?

I made several posts here about it:

This is when they launched the app (link)

This is about their VIP room system for monthly pay users (link)

This is about transfer of purchases and how you will lose the coins you already have in your stand alone app (link)

Yes this app will replace all stand alone apps and they will be eventually removed from stores. It is a much better product that Lovestruck and it will include all the old apps as well like IYAT, SITSC, AKD, BMP, etc. 

Overseas will have to prove how much time they will be willing to spend on reformatting those old apps tho and if transfers will be allowed.