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God I need help b/c you know Levi probably didn't hear many nice words after his Mom died and he has trouble sleeping until Eren starts saying sweet things to him and soothes him to sleep and alskabkdk I HAVE SLAIN MYSELF WITH FEELS.

oOFOGOOFOG DDUDUDUUDE, u shouldnt have sent me this bc now i am crying as well ;______; i swear i didnt mean for this to happen but it did so yeah, have a drabble

It’s just past midnight, and as usual, Levi cannot sleep.

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Hey Eila! I remember you talking about how you are an UI/UX designer without having learned about anything like that in school. How did you get interested in this? And how did you learn more and get experience? Any good online resources to suggest?

How to Become a UX/UI Designer - A Comprehensive Guide

I’ll just do a comprehensive guide on this :D

Is UX/UI designing right for you?

You’ll love User Experience Design if…

1. You love analyzing & solving problems

As a UX designer, your job is to deliver the most effective way to solve users’ problems and achieve business goals through design.

To accomplish this, you must understand:

  • The business: The nature of your client’s business and what they want to achieve.
  • The users: Who are they? What do they need to solve their problems?
  • The overlap: How can you provide a user experience that aligns users’ needs with the business goals?

When you have insights into these key factors, you can translate them into an optimized, implementable design solution. It can be anything from an improved user flow or information architecture, more focused messaging, or new features.

2. You love psychology (cognition & behaviors) — To design for usability, you need to understand how different types of users behave, think and process information.

3. You love researching — It’s a huge advantage to know what the competitors (of your clients) are doing and what works for them. Stay on top of trends among your target users and what’s new in the design & tech world. These insights will help you make design decisions.

4. You value functionality and efficiency as much as aesthetics — Sometimes you must sacrifice beauty, but if it boosts sales by 20%, so be it. A good designer can balance the best of both worlds.

5. You are attentive to details — There are more components to a website or app than its primary features. You must make sure to cover all scenarios that users may need, even rare ones, like error messages, forgot password popups, on-boarding, etc. You don’t want users to get stuck in limbo somewhere, become frustrated, and quit forever. This comes with experience and from studying other people’s products.

You’ll love User Interface Design if…

1. You love to communicate visually

As a UI designer, your job is to design the best way to visually communicate a clear message at first glance. You’re not just a “pretty-maker.”

Your design’s purpose is to communicate:

  • The brand: What is the brand image? Fun & young, sophisticated & classy, or formal & reliable? How is it different from the competitors?
  • The goal: What can users accomplish on this website or app? What is the most important call to action? Is it to sign up, subscribe to a newsletter, or buy something?

2. You love psychology (perception) — You have a huge advantage as a designer when you understand how visual elements affect people’s perception. How does certain colors, typography, or layout make people think and feel? You can guide users to take the actions you want, or even increase their perception of the product’s value.

3. You love consistency—A website or app is much more memorable and easy to use when the design is consistent. Pick a visual style that fits and stick with it. The same elements should be linked the same function (e.g. everything related to signing up is orange).

4. You are adaptable — Aesthetic is subjective. And your clients know more about their business than you do. What is beautiful to you may get a huge backlash from their users. You should make recommendations based on your expertise as a designer, but it is ultimately your clients’ business, and they have the final say.

Continue to the next sections on design resources, how to get started as a UX/UI designer, and tips on becoming a better one.

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Symphogear XD Unlimited - Memoria Card "Relaxation Date" EN TL
  • (Very rough translation. If I've made mistakes, feel free to message me with corrections! I'm still in the process of learning and any help is appreciated. Might attempt to put up a subbed video of the story at a later time.)
  • PART 1
  • Shirabe: [Stare-...]
  • Elfnein: Zzz... Ah... What is it, Shirabe-san...?
  • Shirabe: Elfnein, you're sleepy...
  • Elfnein: Yes... Ah, um, I've been stationed at headquarters since yesterday...
  • Kirika: Since yesterday...? You mean, you've been pulling an all-nighter!?
  • Elfnein: I did take a, a little nap...
  • Shirabe: ...Are you okay?
  • Elfnein: I'm all righ... Wha!?
  • Kirika: That must've hurt... She propped her head up with the wall...
  • Shirabe: ...Are you really okay?
  • Elfnein: I, I'm fine... I woke up a little just now... More importantly, what official work is there?
  • Kirika: Oh, that!
  • Shirabe: We wanted to use the simulator for some training, but...
  • Elfnein: So that's what it was. Please wait a little while. I'll get it ready now.
  • Shirabe: ...Is she really okay?
  • Kirika: It doesn't look that way at all...
  • Shirabe: Kiri-chan, you've been kind of greedy since this morning...
  • Elfnein: Yawn... ah!
  • Elfnein: I'm s-sorry... I've been in a bit of a daze...
  • Shirabe: You're apologizing to the wall.
  • Elfnein: Wha- ah... Shirabe-san, I'm sorry...
  • Shirabe: You're still bumping into the wall. That's not me.
  • Elfnein: You're right... Where did Kirika-san go...?
  • Shirabe: Kiri-chan's numbers were coming up short, so she's working overtime on a check.
  • Elfnein: Ah, is that so... Alright, then I'll...
  • Shirabe: Even if you keep working despite being tired, I think that's too much. You should rest a little.
  • Elfnein: But I can't be the only one resting if everyone is working their hardest...!
  • Shirabe: ...Well, it can't be helped.
  • Tomosato: Ah, Shirabe-chan. Kirika's adjustments just need a little more.
  • Shirabe: Is that so? Then, I'd like for you to give Kiri-chan this message. Please let her know we're going out to the park for a little while.
  • Tomosato: Yep, understood.
  • Shirabe: Let's breathe in some fresh air with a little change of pace.
  • Elfnein: B-but I...
  • Shirabe: It'll be fine.
  • PART 2
  • Elfnein: Ah, ouch...!
  • Shirabe: Tripping even with nothing in your way... Look, you need to watch your step.
  • Elfnein: Yes, I'm sorry.
  • Elfnein: Oh, ow...!
  • Shirabe: And this time she hit a telephone pole...
  • Elfnein: I'm sorry, I'm sorry!
  • Shirabe: Don't apologize to the telephone pole. Even cutting out the bad condition you're in, you've already blundered enough.
  • Elfnein: I have so little knowledge of just about anything that isn't alchemy...
  • Shirabe: Is it really just your knowledge...?
  • Shirabe: Show me your hand.
  • Elfnein: My hand?
  • Shirabe: I'm a little worried, so how about we hold hands?
  • Elfnein: Okay... Thank you very much.
  • Shirabe: I know how it feels to not be able to rest, so at least breathe in some fresh air...
  • Elfnein: I will, thank you...
  • Elfnein: [deep breaths]
  • Shirabe: ...She's fast asleep. Ah, I think a little nap's fine. Just a little.
  • Elfnein: ...Yes, I'm sorry...
  • Shirabe: Right after the Frontier incident, Kiri-chan also apologized a lot in her sleep...
  • Shirabe: But I feel like her sleeping face looks good.
  • Shirabe: Fufu. Kiri-chan, could you wait a little more?
  • Kirika: Oof, they left me practicing alone...
  • Kirika: But this is the last one! Even if I'm waiting for Shirabe's sake, I've gotta finish up quick!
  • Kirika: Gear adjustments, FINISHED!
  • Kirika: Alright then, I'll hurry over to Shirabe's side!
  • Elfnein: Ha...!
  • Shirabe: Are you awake?
  • Elfnein: ...I fell asleep so quickly... A, ah, I'm sorry I used your shoulder like a pillow!
  • Shirabe: That's...
  • Elfnein: I've got to show my gratitude somehow... Ah, what's that vehicle over there?
  • Shirabe: It might be an ice cream truck.
  • Elfnein: I'm going to buy some as a token of thanks!
  • Shirabe: It was really nothing! Ah... she's gone.
  • Elfnein: I bought some. Here, please feel free to eat up.
  • Shirabe: Just one? What about yours?
  • Elfnein: I didn't have enough money...
  • Shirabe: If that's the case, let's eat it together.
  • Elfnein: Is that okay?
  • Shirabe: Yes. I think it's tastier eating together than eating alone.
  • Elfnein: Shirabe-san, you're so kind.
  • Shirabe: I'm not really-
  • Elfnein: Ah, Shirabe-san, there's some ice cream on your cheek.
  • Shirabe: Hya!? What!?
  • Elfnein: Please don't move. I'm removing it.
  • Shirabe: Elfnein, you're tickling me!
  • Kirika: De... de...!
  • Shirabe: Kiri-chan-
  • Kirika: De-de-de-de-ss!?
  • Kirika: How did the two of you end up in this kind of relationship...!?
  • Shirabe: Hold on, Kiri-chan!?
  • Kirika: I, I'm...going to get away for the sake of friendship! Shirabe, I hope you're happy!
  • Elfnein: She's already run away... Are things going to be alright?
  • Shirabe: It's not good, but it'll be fine.
  • Shirabe: Jeez, Kiri-chan is...
  • Elfnein: I'm sorry. What I did just now was weird, wasn't it?
  • Shirabe: Just a little. What you did just now was off limits for people who aren't intimate friends.
  • Elfnein: I understand... Then was it wrong to do that to you...?
  • Shirabe: No... It wasn't bad, but you should treat Kiri-chan the same way.
  • Elfnein: Understood. Next time, I'll do the same to Kirika-san.
  • Shirabe: Mm... Sure, let's go with that.

Never really talked about it this way, a convo made me think: how much are people aware about Wakfu and its fandom? How many people feel lost, confused, out of touch. Some don’t even know what Wakfu is, although it’s mostly what I post here.

So let me explain and tell about the tumblr Wakfu community a little! \o/ Like it’s my own home and I show you, here’s the living room, kitchen here, bathroom here. x’D I’m one of the oldest fandom members that are still active, and my blog receives a decent user flow, so I thought making such a post would be fun and helpful.

A standard introduction: Wakfu, along with Dofus and several other products, is a part of cross-media called Krosmoz, vizualized by the super talented french guys, Ankama.
Cross-media is: several animated series, short animations, a film, comics of many different styles, and, of course, games. I’m primarily on the gaming side of the community, though I watched (and rewatched) all the animations. Here you can find and watch/read most of the media for free. Other titles can be easily googled.

What initially drew my attention, is this trailer. It was my “door” into the Krosmoz universe. Ankama’s visual style is just flawless, they had me the moment I saw it. So, if you’re hearing of Wakfu for the first time, give this trailer a shot.

If you’ve been around for a while but feel there’s no fandom or it’s too tiny or scattered, check out the Wakfu tag. It’s still alive, even to my own surprise.
When I joined in 2012, there was something like a cozy family that played the mmo, roleplayed and talked about their characters. Those people are mostly gone by now, but they made the best first impression for me. Lately, there was a noticeable activity increase and new user flux, so I thought it’s the right time to make such a post. The tag lives again, yay! \o/

Everyone’s up to their own business, but sometimes you see a few posts tagged as Sacrier Saturday and such on. I saw people being confused and asking what’s that, uh.. It’s just an unspoken tradition started by hell knows who. :D A fun, silly little celebration.
There are, to my knowledge: Masqueraider Monday, Toddler Tuesday, Feca Friday, Sacrier Saturday and Sadida Sunday. (psst you can come up with another day idea)
They’re unofficial, fan-driven, recurring mini-events. You draw, talk, post any type content about a certain thing on a certain day. Visit the respective tag to see others’ stuff and feel good, that’s just it. <3 

Recently I had a talk about artists, how barely visible they are. This post’s initial purpose was to actually give a spotlight to my favorite Wakfu artists, so that they can get the love they deserve, and people can find more cool creators to follow.

Off the top of my head. Mid to high quality art, those who post at least once in a while. There’s actually more awesome peeps and hopefully you’ll find ‘em. C: You can reblog and add your personal favs!

loverofscythe | atomic-soldier | followthechick | shushuccubus (may contain nsfw) | eniripsa | deviched | nat-just | robotrigger | flora-fatale | hua333 (may contain nsfw) | davidohdrums | awful-fortune | ony-b | thingsofthebrain | sailorleo | wakkass | mini-amiya | my bff aketan, of course :9

If you’re not okay and want your name removed from the list, just message me >////< I wanna spread the love, you guys make me happy whenever I see you in the tag. You might not even know how much I adore your arts and OCs because I mostly never crawl out of my shell and communicate. Let this post be an exception. I love your stuff and you’re the best. <3 Keep rockin’!
"Get Out" Perfectly Captures the Terrifying Truth About White Women
There are many scary things about the movie, but scariest of all is its realistic depiction of racism.

This writer? Kendra James? Is fire! As excerpted here: 

But here, condensed into one 10-minute span, I recognized the sinking feeling of being betrayed by a white woman you’ve stanned for, loved, liked, or even simply been mildly okay with. It’s that feeling when you find out that, after enjoying her in Easy A and finding her bubbly personality lovable, Emma Stone was fine with playing an Asian woman in Aloha. Maybe you went through it with Scarlett Johansson when you found out that she’d accepted the lead role in Ghost in the Shell, an adaptation of a Japanese anime series. It’s the betrayal you feel the first time you realize that women who are labeled pop-culture feminist icons, like Tina Fey, are perfectly fine with gunning for blackface laughs at your expense, or blaming your idols for white girls’ lack of self-esteem. (Beyoncé is many things, but she is not the reason you hate your body.)


Credit goes to original user

Like You Mean It

Hey there!  I wrote another Rupphire Fic.  The general idea of this one’s been hitting me over the head for the past couple of weeks and wasn’t going to stop ‘till I wrote something.

It’s a human!AU.  Sapphire just moved into an apartment in a new city and is acclimating to her new surroundings when she hears another resident playing music.  She falls in love with their voice, and she ends up out on the balcony every night listening in.

Here’s the ao3 and links if anybody prefers to read there, and that’s about it!

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U2F with Yubikeys

During our recent hackday we wanted to explore new ways to login to Tumblr and play with some cool toys. The following is not an announcement of any kind, other than that U2F is awesome and everyone should buy a Yubikey (they aren’t paying us to say this, we swear).

Authenticating your online identity

If you’ve ever logged into any website on the internet, chances are you’ve been through an authentication flow. You provide the site with a username you use to identify yourself on that platform, followed by a password that (in theory) only you know to prove that you are you. If all that matches what the site has in their database, you’re authenticated! However, that particular flow only represents a single factor of authentication, the “knowledge factor” (because you know your password). But even if you have a highly complex password, unique to that one site, that probably won’t be enough to really secure your account from unauthorized access. That’s why we provide the ability (and highly encourage users) to enable Two-Factor Authentication (2FA).

Traditionally, 2FA is done either via SMS or through an authenticator app (i.e. Duo, Authy, Google Authenticator, etc). But what happens if you don’t have reception, how will you receive a text message? What if there’s an issue with the authenticator service, and you don’t have a fallback? Surely there has to be a realistic and practical option past what industry has been relying on that can help mitigate some of these issues.

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Dear staff,

IF YOU’RE TRYING TO COMPETE WITH OTHER SOCIAL MEDIA LAYOUTS, STOP. SERIOUSLY, JUST DON’T. Because 1) most of us here hardly ever uses Facebook so stop competing and 2) you’ve taken away one of the main things that made Tumblr tumblr

Tumblr itself is already a great platform and now that you’ve taken away the ICONIC reblog “staircase”, you will just get a bunch of angry users because the flow of reblog comments have been abSO-FRICkinG-LUtely wrecked and also, it looks horrible and it is no longer Tumblr.

You have literally just DEMOLISHED your trademark for a shitty looking “forum” style commenting. Often, these comments are used to make a textpost more emphasised/humourous/etc. but now that has been rid, the whole point of that one supposedly funny textpost has been lost because you took away its glory by making the style something it isn’t supposed to be.

So, in order to minimise the amount of angry notes you’re getting, the sudden drop of users, and other things your marketing team had nightmares about, for the love of God,

change it back

The NSA Knew Of HeartBleed Bug For Two Years And Used It To Spy On The Internet

The NSA knew about the Internet security bug Heartbleed and regularly used it to gather intelligence for at least two years, anonymous sources told Bloomberg.

If the report is true — both the White House and the NSA say it’s not  — the NSA could have collected information like passwords and private communications from hundreds of thousands of websites, since Heartbleed is a bug in the popular open-source encryption software OpenSSL, used to secure data flowing from users’ computers to hundreds of thousands of websites, including Gmail and Facebook.

Almost two-thirds of all sites on the Internet use OpenSSL, according to estimates, making this bug possibly one of the most dangerous the Internet has ever seen and potentially allowing the NSA to access information on millions of users.

Matthew Prince, the CEO of security firm Cloudflare, tweeted that it’s “hard as a tech company today to not feel like we’re at war with our own government.

Despite the outrage, this revelation doesn’t come as a complete surprise for many. Over the past few days, some have already speculated whether the NSA used Heartbleed to breach SSL, since documents leaked by Edward Snowden revealed the spy agency has been trying to breach it for years.

It would not at all surprise me if the NSA had discovered this long before the rest of us had,” Matt Blaze, a cryptographer and computer security professor at the University of Pennsylvania, told Wired. “It’s certainly something that the NSA would find extremely useful in their arsenal.

Watch: What Is The HeartBleed Encryption Bug


(This is a small guide for a hot trend topic among Star Wars fans, hope you guys appreciate this!)

AKA The Determination Form or The Way of the Sarlacc.

It is simple, and its simplicity is strength.

It’s said to be the oldest and most basic of the ways of using a lightsaber, so it wasn’t originally made to fight other lightsabers. Its stance is open and almost eager to jump into fray.

Though its moves are simple and basic (it’s the form taught first to anyone learning how to properly swing a lightsaber and not lop off a limb or two accidentally, own or others), it is still the most versatile for battlefields - as the Force flows through the Jedi, both User and Lightsaber flow through the battle.

Positive Aspects: it’s the most fluid of the styles, targeting body’s strike zones, it is the easiest way to disarm and debilitate several opponents, by use of flowing swings.

Negative Aspects: the temptation to injure your enemies is strong, as the Shii-Cho practitioner gives into the flow of the battle, and in the hands of a unprepared user, Form I can tempt going for extra-harmful moves.

Also, it’s a weak style against single skilled opponents. There are also several easy to spot holes in the Form I, with its open slashes - some call Form I’s bladework “clumsy”.


Tales of Berserias new trailler showcases the song and clips from the opening and features scenes from the newly announced characters


To finish off my work on 3/11, I made three user flows to double-check my sitemap. On feedback from one of my classmates, I annotated them.

I have three hypothetical users: a father trying to buy pants for his son at the last minute, a student finding a new backpack she wants her mother to buy, and a PTA parent scouting out True Spirit as a possible uniform vendor. The flows made it a lot easier to figure out what kind of features (and extra categories or pages) I’ll have to build to make the site function well.