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Dear staff,

IF YOU’RE TRYING TO COMPETE WITH OTHER SOCIAL MEDIA LAYOUTS, STOP. SERIOUSLY, JUST DON’T. Because 1) most of us here hardly ever uses Facebook so stop competing and 2) you’ve taken away one of the main things that made Tumblr tumblr

Tumblr itself is already a great platform and now that you’ve taken away the ICONIC reblog “staircase”, you will just get a bunch of angry users because the flow of reblog comments have been abSO-FRICkinG-LUtely wrecked and also, it looks horrible and it is no longer Tumblr.

You have literally just DEMOLISHED your trademark for a shitty looking “forum” style commenting. Often, these comments are used to make a textpost more emphasised/humourous/etc. but now that has been rid, the whole point of that one supposedly funny textpost has been lost because you took away its glory by making the style something it isn’t supposed to be.

So, in order to minimise the amount of angry notes you’re getting, the sudden drop of users, and other things your marketing team had nightmares about, for the love of God,

change it back


Tales of Berserias new trailler showcases the song and clips from the opening and features scenes from the newly announced characters



Company developing an open-source metaverse operating system - imagine Grand Theft Auto V as the Windows of the future:

At Lucidscape we are building a new kind of massively-distributed 3D simulation engine to power the vast network of interconnected virtual worlds known as the Metaverse.

Our work is necessary because incremental changes built atop existing 3D engine architectures will not be sufficient to create the kind of massively multi-user experiences we expect from tomorrow’s web-of-worlds.

Handling massive virtual worlds requires a fundamentally different approach to engine design, one that prioritizes the requirements of scale, thoroughly embraces distributed computing and many-core architectures, and that is also unencumbered by the legacy decisions which hold current engines back.

We are developing the open source software foundations for a future where millions of us will interact within enormous virtual worlds through standardized clients which allow users and programs to flow from one server to the next as easily as we navigate the web today. Our distributed simulation stack is intended to serve as the VR equivalent of the web server and browser, while also offering OS-like security and scheduling capabilities necessary to manage resource usage by users and nomadic programs.

Whilst at the moment it is in prototype / simulation state, this appears to be the only open-source attempt to date.

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Like You Mean It

Hey there!  I wrote another Rupphire Fic.  The general idea of this one’s been hitting me over the head for the past couple of weeks and wasn’t going to stop ‘till I wrote something.

It’s a human!AU.  Sapphire just moved into an apartment in a new city and is acclimating to her new surroundings when she hears another resident playing music.  She falls in love with their voice, and she ends up out on the balcony every night listening in.

Here’s the ao3 and links if anybody prefers to read there, and that’s about it!

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To finish off my work on 3/11, I made three user flows to double-check my sitemap. On feedback from one of my classmates, I annotated them.

I have three hypothetical users: a father trying to buy pants for his son at the last minute, a student finding a new backpack she wants her mother to buy, and a PTA parent scouting out True Spirit as a possible uniform vendor. The flows made it a lot easier to figure out what kind of features (and extra categories or pages) I’ll have to build to make the site function well.

RECAP: Why Pinterest Is So Dang Amazing

A great read from Design Shack on the success of Pinterest.

Here are some takeaways that strike home with me:

  1. just because it’s been done before, doesn’t mean you can’t make it better
  2. avoid pagination whenever possible; long live the infinite scroll!
  3. content is king - it’s either: A) so good, you never want to leave or B) so accessible, you are in and out in no time


BFA - User Flow Diagrams

As part of my process I created digital versions of my user flow charts. This helps me go over what I’ve already created and look for possible flaws or changes that need to be made. It also clarifies my decisions for any others that may join in on the team.

External image

External image

Though I have much more to document and place on here, this is a great start. Next will come basic wireframes which will be laid out in a similar order I believe so that I can see the user flow in a closer version to reality. That is when things will start to get real exciting!
Build It With The User in Mind: How to Design User Flow

A major factor affecting your conversions is user flow. It's the path a user follows through your website interface to complete a task (make a reservation, purchase a product, subscribe to something). It’s also called user journey. In order to maximiz…

I found this article really helpful. It goes in depth into the questions and research one needs to form a great user flow. Also the author of this blog does a video series critiquing websites for usability and conversion. He also has some great articles on Value Propositions.