• you: love
  • me, an intellectual: Rhysand and Feyre Archeron, The High Lord and High Lady of the Night Court, who met after Rhysand had been trapped Under The Mountain for 49 years as Amarantha's whore. Feyre was actually UTM to save Tamlin, a dumb useless high lord that couldn't do anything but rage at people, but in the end she saves the entire fae world and Amarantha dies BUT Rhysand helps her survive the competition and therefore she saves the world and him but he makes a deal that one week a month she has to visit him in the Night Court and she is reluctant but TENSION because they have a mental bond and she has a SICK tattoo on her arm from it. Fast forward to an unhappy Feyre in the spring court and she and previously mentioned useless high lord proposed to her and they are getting married soon. Ianthe, aka a stupid biach, is planning the wedding and shit but she's actually having ulterior motives. Useless high lord treats feyre badly, doesn't care that she had ptsd, just constantly says he loves her but does nothing to show it because he is, as previously mentioned, useless and dumb. She has nightmares and stuff but useless highlord does not give a quarter of a shit. Fast forward to the wedding day! Feyre is haunted by blood and tells Ianthe and the useless highlord THAT THERE SHOULD BE NO RED FLOWERS but Ianthe, the biach, uses red flowers. Feyre freaks out and then Rhysand, out bae, HEARS HER AND WINNOWS TO SAVE HER HE TAKES HER AWAY FOR A WEEK. He begins to teach her how to read because, again, uselsss highlord didn't do anything about that. Fast forward to when the week is over and time passes and Feyre is back with useless high lord, but now he TRAPS HER INSIDE. She flips out and is so scared but MOR AND RHYS SAVE HER. Also, Rhys loves Feyre. Did I mention that? Also, she meets the badass crew (TM) of Cass, az, mor, and amren, and she falls in love. Rhys trains Feyre how to fight and shit and she goes to the weaver and the bone dude and Rhys and her go through a lot together and there is so much tension and EVENTUALLY SHE SAVES HIM AND REALIZES HE IS HER MATE AND STARFALL AND LICKING AND SO MUCH AND AHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH AND CHAPTER 55 AND THEY ARE MATES AND THEN THEY ARE HAPPY AND SHE SAVES VELARIS BUT THEN KING OF HYBERN ISSUE AND USELESS HIGH LORD RUINS EVERYTHING AND TO SAVE HER FRIENDS FEYRE PRETENDS THAT RHYS FORCED HER TO LOVE HIM AND THEM SHE GOES WITH USELESS HIGH LORD BUT LITTLE DOES USLESS HIGH LORD KNOW THAT FEYRE IS NOW THE HIGH LADY OF THE NIGHT COURT AND THAT IS LOVE

My own personal headcanon ramblings/analysis? Sorry *shot*

I want to make doujins or visual novels of my headcanons, but I’m too lazy so I’ll just settle for writing them down in bits. orz (Based on Secret Reports and bits of the game.)

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