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Henlo. As someone utterly obsessed with both Lolbit and Yenndo for reasons I don't even know, do you have a version of either of them? If so 1) what are they like? And 2) May I hug them? (askthefnafcharecters)

LOLbit is Big Loserboy with a weird obsession with Hatsune Miku. he’s good at making money and convincing people to buy stupid, useless products. he’s an elite hacker but is very very dumb. he’s funtime foxy’s brother

Yenndo is weirdly smart and has weirdly puffy hair, and lots of it. he just sits there scheming and helping LOLbit sell stuff. ballora hates him but he’s funtime freddy’s favorite

yes they are very open to hugs

Pamper Night

Harry glanced skeptically through the small containers his girlfriend had laid in front of him. His eyes flew from her hands back to her face that supported a small, excited smile to confirm that she was in fact serious about this. Spa day, she had exclaimed, clapping her hands together happily. She said it was both of what the two needed, a full day of pampering and loving their skins until they were glowing of healthiness.

Who was Harry to disrupt his girlfriend’s moment of glory? Besides, she had finally convinced the boy to accompany her after weeks of imploring at large puppy eyes, which he couldn’t seem to resist anymore. Anyways, the thought of relaxing with the girl he loved…along with her skin itching to be rubbed with oil by his large hands…yeah. That’s something he’d like. Although reluctant of what to expect, Harry agreed to a spa day.

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Unverified claim I coincidentally heard today relevant to your post about 'useless' infomercial products: assistive devices for disabled people get confusingly marketed to general audiences in order to avoid trouble with regulations about selling medical devices, which would come up if the marketing mentioned use for disability.

…that is super interesting. I looked into it, and it seems reasonably legit: the FDA rules on marketing medical devices (defined expansively enough to include manual toothbrushes) require for example that before marketing the device you prove it is substantially equivalent to an existing device, or qualifies for an exemption (or if there’s no existing device you prepare and submit a De Novo request but wow lotsa paperwork), and comply and demonstrate compliance with a bunch of regulatory standards.

That’s easily hours and hours of lawyer time, and it makes sense that a small business making plastic sleeves that help you put on your shoes, or self-stabilizing spoons that are obviously meant for people with Parkinsons, would decide to avoid counting as a medical device at all costs. 

Shower gel: the work of the Devil.

So remember that huge sense8 gush post?  Yea, well here comes another.  Except this one has a different focus.  That post was about how amazing the characters were.  This post is about the impact it’s made on me, and surely so many others

First off, since this show is about people connecting, it’s extremely diverse.  There’s people of all nationalities, genders, and orientations.  Their culture and their cultural problems are brought to light in this show.  

We see a gay man, an actor, trying to make his way through the world

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He’s constantly judged and beaten down.  He lived in fear his whole life, hiding behind “girlfriends”.  He constantly denied being gay, even in the moment when it was extremely obvious he WAS gay.  He was terrified.  Then his fears were brought to life.  He was kicked from the agency, he lost his followers and fans, he was scorned and mocked… You see the struggle of trying to be yourself in a world that is judgmental and against you.  You see Lito fight against the hate, stand back up time and time again.  His friends constantly pull him back onto his feet when he can’t anymore.  You find him slowly gaining confidence in himself.  He learns it’s ok to be gay, and he shouldn’t have to live in hiding.  His character is so empowering, showing love trumps hate.  His character and his development can bring hope in the hearts of sense8 fans.  His character can give others courage to be themselves and fight against the world’s hate.  Not to mention, he’s a scared, yet brave, gay person ON AN ACTUAL SHOW.  The show isn’t solely about gay struggles, it’s just shown as a part of his life.  It shows this is who he is, and it empowers others.

Next, we see a man from Kenya.

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Capheus inspires those around him.  He’s a literal ray of sunshine.  He yearns for good to be done.  When there’s a water riot, he’s there, picking people back up onto their feet.  His situation shows the struggle of poverty and wealth.  There’s such a sharp contrast constantly made throughout his story.  You can start to imagine what the people in third world countries have to go through every day.  It’s horrible.  Getting clean water is so expensive.  There’s so many horrible ways that business people can cut corners and earn money over useless products.  It shows the injustice, and the constant danger due to the missing justice.  You see Capheus working INCREDIBLY hard just to get his mother the meds she needs.  He’s the justice his home needs. Yet… despite this horrible situation he was brought into by no fault of his own… he’s still happy.  He’s still optimistic, he still believes in people and the world.  He longs for right, he always sees the good.  His character shows viewers how despite any hardships in your life, you can still have hope.  His character shows you can find good almost anywhere, and if you can’t, you can make it.  He gives courage to sense8 fans, showing them they can get through the rough patch, and they can find happiness in it.  He shows there’s always hope and goodness around no matter how horrible the situation.

Then, we have this beautiful woman

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Nomi is such an amazing character.  She’s played by an actual trans actress.  Do you know how rare that is???  Most TV shows just hire someone cis to play the character, and don’t write the character well.  But Nomi?  Her whole story just gives me life.  Her struggles and the discrimination are so realistic that it brings me pain and support all at once.  Her parents are accepting of her for the longest time.  They call her by her dead name, taunt her, and mentally abuse her.  They tell her she ruins everything, and sometimes she fears they’re right.  She worries she only screws everything up.  Luckily, her girlfriend is always there to support her.  A gay transwoman.  The representation is just so beautiful.  You’ll be lucky if you get someone that isn’t straight, or someone that isn’t cis, in TV shows.  Nomi however, haha.  She’s neither straight nor cis.  She’s a gay transwoman.  Her sister’s wedding comes along, and we see her struggle with her parents.  We see that look of pure, overwhelming joy when her dad finally accepts her.  We see that hope that parents can change, and they can come to accept you. We see the judgmental stares, all the questions from family friends.  Yet she braves through it all.  She’s so strong and it’s amazing.  It shows the sense8 fans they can be strong enough to fight the discrimination.  It shows all the fans that are trans, that they’re valid and they can get through the hate. You not only see the hate, but you see the trans fetishization.  It’s shown multiple times, and it’s shown that it’s not ok.  Nomi’s just such an amazing character.

And here we have this precious woman

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Sun, precious precious sun.  At some points you just want to give her a hug, tell her everything’s gonna be ok, and fight anyone trying to harm her.  But then when she’s defending herself… WHOOO BOY.  She’s this perfect mix of child-like innocence, and destroy-everything-in-her-path strength. Her character shows her as this strong independent women, battling the stereotype that Asian women aren’t able to take care of themselves.  But that isn’t the only side to her, she’s also seen as this happy child.  She loves her dog, and at one point would even go to jail for her family.  She’s just a girl who wants to be happy, and cuddle with her dog all day, but instead she’s thrust into this constant hell.  She always has to watch her back and lay low.  Her brother murdered her father in cold blood.  The brother she tried so hard to raise, and blames herself for how he turned out.  She just wants love, but she’s so so so so strong and she can survive by herself.  She shows that people aren’t just one sided.  Her character shows people have layers, it reveals how injustice can seep in through cracks and destroy lives.  Her character shows you can be strong and weak at the same time, and it’s ok.

And let’s not forget, our amazing friend here

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She’s this strong woman who tries so hard to have some sense of normalcy.  She’s in love with someone, but because of the culture where she lives, she pretty much needs to marry Rajan.  She tries and tries to love Rajan and hopes it’ll work out.  She does the best she can, but who can help love.  You see her torn between what she wants and what her life is.  You see this woman who’s supposed to be dainty but is hardcore and wants things she doesn’t believe are good.  Her character is just A+.  Her character shows the struggle of fitting in to her society, yet how she wants to carve her own path.  You see the struggle between her heart and brain.  It shows viewers that society’s one big hellhole that usually doesn’t let you have what you want.  You can fake normalcy, you can fake happiness… but you can’t deny the fact you’re uncomfortable.  It shows viewers they’re not alone in the struggle between what society wants, and what they want.  Who they are, and who society paints them to be.

For the next three, I don’t really have much to say.  Also, i’m making this very late at night and I just wanna post it at this point. But I will mention one aspect involving Will (hah, will Will… get it?? Ok sorry i’ll shut up now).

I’m really glad they added the affect drugs have on you.  They showed how he kept wanting more even after he didn’t need it.  He was so dependent on it, and he was willing to go back to it.  But he didn’t.  He kept fighting the urge to not depend on it.  And it can really give hope to those viewers that have trouble stopping an addiction.

If anyone wants to add anything about Riley, Will, or Wolfgang, please feel free.  I can’t think of anything super influential about them at this moment.  But let me just say, this show gives me so much hope, even when I don’t realize it.  It has so much positivity, diversity, and representation.  I was having a particularly bad day today, and being trans was really taking a toll today. But I turned on this show and just bam.  I felt happy, I felt like I wasn’t alone.  I knew others struggled, like Nomi and Lito, to be accepted by those around them.  I knew people like Sun and Capheus had to fight injustice every day, and they stood tall despite it.  I knew Kala was living in a society where she couldn’t follow her heart, and also where she trapped herself.  I’m heartbroken hearing that it will not get a season 3, because this show is so supportive and amazing.  Not only that, but the story’s constantly action filled and extremely entertaining.  I will definitely miss sense8, but i’m so glad it exists.  I hope one day, media will have this much representation throughout all their shows.  I’m specifically hoping for maybe some more a-spec characters.  And I hope that day comes soon.  Who knows, maybe sense8 can be a starting point to shows not just having characters with one layer and one side gay character.  I’m truly grateful for this show

I think that secondhand shops would be almost unheard of in Battery City. Houses would always have that ‘new’ smell even when lived in for years. Hand-me-downs would be seen as rude, in a 'this product was useless to you so now you’re burdening me with it’ kind of way. Things are always easily obtainable in the city, and waste is never really a thing that’s worried about.
However the zones have the complete opposite mindset. In the zones you keep things until they’re practically useless, and then you keep them for a little longer. That shirt is two sizes too small? You’re either giving it to someone who needs it or wearing it until the fibers fall apart. People in the zones are taught that you never let anything go to waste from day one. Hand-me-downs are seen as treasures, as it’s like giving a little piece of yourself to others.

Food is not a reward

*Directed at myself*

Since when did food become a fucking reward? It’s fuel, not a manicure, not clothes, not all the things you have been dying to feel confident doing or buying… It… Is… Fuel. Being on track does not mean you need to fuck it up by “treating” yourself. “treating” yourself just back peddles all the hard work and dedication you have put in to losing the weight you fat dumb cow. Put the food down and breathe, it will be there when ur skinny. Right now you need to stop setting food treats as goals and start setting real goals. Like after ten lbs of loss you get to go get a piercing or tattoo you want. Something productive, not useless food. Repeat after me

Food is fuel
Food is fuel
Food is fuel
Food is fuel
Food is fuel

Get it together, you are never gonna drop 60 lbs if you keep viewing food as a reward, it’s not. It’s the enemy. Stay strong and be the amazing woman I know you can be.

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For team RWBY, does being comprised of a team of useless lesbians hinder productivity in school and in the field? (Asked by anon)
  • Ruby, shaking her head: What is that even supposed to mean?
  • Weiss, stuttering in half anger half embarrassment: N-no! How dare you!?!
  • Blake, not even looking away from her book: It totally does. Case and point right there.
  • Yang, gripping onto Blake's legs: Blaaaaaaaaake. Pay attention to meeeeee

I think it’s hilarious that baby boomers are the ones who refused to raise minimum wage with the cost of living and inflation while simultaneously making things like higher education, homes, cars, and financial stability harder to achieve. They swear we’re “killing” all these industries of random non-essential things, like diamonds but don’t understand they are the reason we cant afford to buy their useless products. Like their big mad that we won’t spend the little money we have on shit we never needed because we’re trying to pay off student loans or just trying to make it to the next meal. So congrats baby boomers

our generation is killing the xyz industry because our parents never taught us shit so we turned to the internet to learn everything and all of us collectively realized that a good chunk of everything the previous generation learned was ‘important’ and ‘necessary’ was all just skilled marketing of fundamentally useless or near-useless products because they could afford it and were easily swindled 

OK - Real Talk

I rarely post text posts or even share anything about myself because I always considered this blog to be solely about art, art history and historical info. And of course, it’s going to stay this way BUT it’s time to make some changes.

I’ve spent 6 years with this blog, 8 years abroad and countless years “hoping” something would spring up  from my love and passion for art and present itself. Ok so yeah, that isn’t going to happen. I am going to have to find it myself.

I started with a call for artists and blogs to share - I got one response, which is awesome. But out of the ¼ million followers I really expected more people to come forward and want to share their stuff. 

So, I am just going to take it upon myself to go out there and find you and share your awesomeness. I am sure people didn’t respond out of embarassment or thinking they’re stuff isn’t good about to be blasted across the universe for being great. Yeah, I don’t care. I’m coming for you.

I’m not an artist but I love art. And funnily enough after years of writing 15+ page papers on art pieces, I learned to translate that into a job in marketing. I can make anything sound exciting and flashy. (You can test me if you don’t believe this). It’s amazing how staring at a painting and extrapolating information can make you good at marketing some useless product or idea and getting people pumped about it.

I see so many great artists and really interesting blogs that people NEED to know about. No more having this be a hobby. We’re going to do something about it.

Now I know about 1% of you will take the time to read this but hey that’s way better than 0%.

It’s go time.

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Fitness trackers keep track of how long you’ve been working out, and your heart rate, and the number of steps you take in a day, all while coming in a conveniently small, conveniently $200 package (which you’ll lose in a drawer in a month). And that sounds pretty harmless, even useful. Who doesn’t love data? Well, what if the data isn’t accurate? A study of a pair of Fitbit products found that they miscalculated heart rates by up to 20 beats per minute, and that they got worse as the exercise got more intense. You may recognize intense exercise as the time when it’s most important for a tracker to get an accurate reading, since you don’t really need that much monitoring when cramming Cheetos in your mouth and yelling at Wheel Of Fortune. A second study found an average error rate of 14 percent – a margin that doesn’t just make the product useless, but dangerous to someone who has heart disease and needs to know precisely how much their ticker is ticking.

6 Healthy Habits With Huge Downsides (Nobody Talks About)

Hey hey!! Cliff here!!

So it’s ABOUT FREAKING TIME I made my fantabulous debut on this page!!

Uhh… I haven’t actually done much here but I’ve been crazy active in the game.



So guys, I am super stoked to be in this game. Lemme tell ya, it’s been all kinds of crazy and insane. The team has been working overtime to bring my face to your screens. This could be the thing that rockets me to stardom!! Imagine my face everywhere. On your TV. On billboards throughout the country. Advertising useless products on infomercials at 2 am when you’re supposed to be in bed but you can’t sleep!! That could be me!!

So I’m a GIGANTIC Jacksepticeye fan and I can’t believe I get to meet him!! I’ll definitely try to give an amazing performance and I hope you’ll like me a lot. The team spent months developing everything about me, from my personality to my glorious mug. And in less than 2 months, you too can meet me and I can finally show you and the whole world who I am!!

So yeah, suffice it to say, I am REALLY EXCITED!!! AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAHHHHHHH!!!!!!!

Sorry. I scream sometimes when I get too excited.

Anyway, I’mma just wait by the computer for all your reactions to meeting me. I know I’ll be waiting for a while but I’m just SO pumped for this.

-Cliff Smedley, Jacksepticeye Fanboy Extraordinaire

Lovely new pic of Sam and Cait BTS on the set. And that is Sam and Cait in this photo, not Jamie and Claire- the drink Cait is holding makes this useless as a production still

Hot New Word:

Garboozler: noun, One who sells useless products and services through deceit or trickery. Portmanteau of garbage and bamboozler.

Now go forth and use it conversationally as much as possible and encourage your friends to do the same. If we can’t get “garboozler” into the OED, I shall be very disappointed!

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I have been a larrie for 3 months already, and I tend to ignore all the bad interviews. I work in the media in my country (a latin one), and the promo and stuff are almost always lies, like to many lies, lol. But I just don't care because I'm not a fan, but being a fan of louis has made realise that everything is so fucked up, for media ppl all this bullshit is normal but now seeing it from afar it is really bad. :/

True, every celebrity lies. It’s just unusual to see a celebrity saddled with so many that are utterly useless to selling his product, and regurgitate them like a textbook.

If only one thing were fake, it would be much easier to believe than to throw the textbook at us, but that’s the modus operandi of Louis’ PR. Maybe that’s why Louis goes so hard… to make it appear as fake as possible.

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in the one post, you said no pet stores. why is that?

My oh my, you guys really know how to ask the questions that will get me typing…

Okay maybe when I said no pet stores I was being a little too harsh, I just wouldn’t recommend 95% of pet stores. I’ve worked in a pet store selling reptiles, so let me say that this is from first hand experience and not a herp snob looking down on pet store quality animals.

I’ve broken my concerns down into my five major points which are: Poor education = Poor advice, High Turnover and Health Concerns, Exposure to the Public, Quality vs Price, ‘Rescues’ aka Supporting the Industry. Click the read more to read my elaborations on each of these thoughts.

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