Yesterday I chatted with folks with disabilities. Four had Down Syndrome. In a flash, I realized that this may be the last generation of people with Downs. These who love, laugh, who experience pain and hope, are genetic undesirables. These a German dictator once denounced as useless eaters. These would be gone soon… a medical victory saving them from the pain of existence. Ah, hiding bigotry behind compassion is a wonderful trick.
—  Dave Hingsburger, “Snow”, A Real Nice But

“I Hate The Kids” by Ty Segall & Seth Sutton

Remember what I said, how I wish Ty Segall would make another straightforward head-banger of a record? 

Well, he did.  Did he ever.  With Seth Sutton of Useless Eaters (a new favorite of mine, just remind me to post something from their album C'est Bon!)

This song is so amazing I’m fucking speechless.  Just listen.

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Put my lessons in perspective, less unforeseen expenses
I’ve drank the devil’s wine and i’ve used his inventions
I’ve slept in mansions, slept on benches
I’ve laughed in the face of death and messed up friendships
It’s all for granted, dammit. we spent it faster than we cash it
And we’re not scared of accidents.
We’re growing older, hair turning silver
We wanna see the world, but still we gotta pay the bills first
We live another day to load the van and play
Pay roads with pocket change, apocalypse awaits
Maybe you’ll learn from it before we plummet
When the ground opens up like a coffin and we jump in

Track: Ty Segall and Seth Sutton - I Hate the Kids

By Rebecca Seung

We heard a few months back that Ty was moving out of the Bay to Nashville, Tennessee, where he’s already made a few stops on tour, played their annual Freakin Weekend, and recorded locals like Heavy Cream. With his nose ever to the grindstone, it didn’t take long for him to collaborate and record something new. And by new, I mean that with a change of scenery and a different pool of talented musicians to work with, he never hesitates to experiment. The A-side, below, is a gritty number that fuses the angst of Seth Sutton’s Useless Eaters with the grime of Ty’s other work, resulting in a track that’s all their own. B-side also features a collaboration between Ty and Dillon Watson of D.Watusi as they cover Brian Eno’s “A Needle in the Camel’s Eye”, but unfortunately, this 7" is the secret release cooked up by none other than Nashville’s Dead. That means it will only be on sale tomorrow night for their third birthday show, so if you’re not gonna make it, you’re shit out of luck. At least you can console yourself while you stream them on the soundcloud