My life: a novel
  • Me: do want to hear loads of useless information about bands I obsess over and famous people I have never met to distract myself from the shit hole that is my life?
  • Person: .....
  • Me: Okay, here goes.. It started in 1990....

a concept: murdoc gets super drunk and starts singing “take me to church” at the top of his lungs, but he doesn’t even know all the lyrics only like 20% of them. everyone keeps telling him to stop and put his clothes back on but his singing is literally unstoppable force and he’s an immovable object so it’s useless. the band mates just have to bear through that terrible moment.

i"ll worship like a dog at the shrine of uOur knife
i’lL tell you my sins and u can ..worship your shrine..
offEr me that deathless death GOOOD GOD-”
“lil man shut up those lyrics ain’t even right”

( @murderdoc look at this . u did this)

Pull My Hair

Another hair-centric blurb, because… I don’t think I’ll ever be quite done thinking about it. x. 

P. S. I had most of this done by the time we saw him with the curls, so probably before he got it properly done for the film, but it’s vague enough that you can picture the present Harry Hair if you wish! 

Harry’s so incredibly proud of what he’s done. It does indeed warm the cockles of his heart to think about it, and there’s not a word that he knows in English that covers how he feels knowing that a child is going to have the hair that he grew atop their head.

But he hasn’t had a proper cut in ages and he’s having a hard time with the fact that he has no use for the hair bands around his wrists anymore. He can’t pull his hair tight to his scalp anymore, and it’s almost a little annoying he can’t fasten back the tickling curls on his ears.

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anonymous asked:

Obliviousness + your choice

Okay you can’t just leave it up to my choice bc you’re basically asking me to do the entire Legends team.

Yeah that’s what I’m doing.

This entire Legends team is full of oblivious idiots and emotionally constipated messes and none of them know how to properly deal with feelings.

Ray is the worst at this. Sure, he notices things, but more often than not he misses cues or context clues and it just goes over his head, until someone decides it’s better for the rest of the team to just tell him what’s going on (it’s usually Mick, occasionally Nate).

Nate is oblivious in that he doesn’t know how to read the atmosphere. It’s less of Ray’s misinterpreting what was said and more of just being completely unaware there’s anything being  said. He has no tact, often bulldozing over others’ words without realizing it. The team loves him for it tho.

Sara and Leonard are about the same in this front. Meaning, they can flirt with as many people as they want, but the moment feelings are involved suddenly they have no idea what to do anymore. Sara ran from that nurse in the 50s. Leonard couldn’t for the life of him figure out how to properly get Raymond to look his way the way he wants. They get so caught up in their feelings that they can’t see if the person they’re pining after actually returns their feelings as well. They don’t confide in each other about this, per se, but they do drink silently together and “help” the other in their own asshole-ish ways as the “wingman”. They don’t know if they hate each other more for this.

Mick knows all. He’s never really oblivious, but he will act like it if it makes his life easier. For now he’s content just watching from the sidelines and laughing at the others making a fool of themselves. But maybe he’ll take pity on Pretty’s blunt as fuck advances and tell him he knows, you idiot, stop trying so hard.

Amaya also knows all, because wow, everyone is so much worse at this than her JSA teammates. She cannot for the life of her figure out how the Legends can complicate things so much further than necessary. She helps where she can, in the shadows, but mostly she’s given up. They can figure it out themselves.

Rip is Tired™, He’s done noticing things. If you ask him he doesn’t know. He has enough to deal with without this band of useless queers’ antics taking more effort to sort out. As long as they don’t mess with time or the missions he’s letting them sort themselves out, as big a disaster as that might be.

Jax is selectively oblivious. He’s seen a lot of things that he’s just going to pretend he didn’t, thank you very much. But Jax also surprised the hell out of everyone when the team met up with Team Flash again and apparently he and Wally are already dating?? He returns the team’s very stunned looks with, “Hey, some of us are actually good at handling feelings.”

“I’m totally going to bed early tonight!” she (me) said, five fucking hours ago, but now lays alert in bed with the sun almost fully risen filled with deep regret after replacing sleep with searching for useless band info.

I Hate You (Part 26)

Ryan Sitkowski x reader
​Warning: language, smut

Your father is increasingly displeased.
What are you doing for your college? Did you still have intentions of going? You aren’t going to thrown away your life on some boy, are you? What if he gets you pregnant and you decide to keep it?

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Band Of Brothers Crime AU → David Webster | Art thief

Requested by anonymous

“I only steal the biggest things because they’re the best. You need to look at the value before you steal anything. You wouldn’t want to steal something useless, wouldn’t you?”

#20 Preference ( All 5SOS boys ) - He recieved hate on Twitter, you tweet a GIF as an answer. [Not Requested.]

Calum : f/t/n : Calum doesn’t have his place in this band I swear, go back to China.
y/tn : f/t/n let me show you something

Michael : f/t/n : Michael is just so ugly wow why is he in this band ?
y/t/n : 

Luke : f/t/n : Luke, my dear Luke, can you please kill yourself I mean everyone hates you!
y/t/n : f/t/n Here’s a little gift for you

Ashton : f/t/n : Ashton is just so useless, the band will be the same without him anyway.
y/t/n : f/t/n I think the gif says everything :-))


Ahah this one was funny to do. Hope you’ll like it. Keep asking me stuffs to write. Love you all. xxx

hey. just a lil bit of something more serious that i have realized in the past few days.

all you marching band kids will know the struggle of getting leadership. it always passes through the mind at one point. but with the leadership in my band had always a slight stereotype…well…kinda. it was always percieved that only the good players were student leaders..and it still is. but recently, i had tried out for it, and got rejected unfortunately. lil o'l me did the whole ‘cry at home alone’ scene, and that i was useless part of my band. of course i vented out to my close friend and realized something. the person who got picked over me wasn’t a better musician than me. im not tooting my own horn or saying that they are crap, but in ensemble auditions ive always gotten the higher/more important part. which led me to discover this

please all of those who are trying out for student leadership or had gone already or are thinking about it, remember this.

student leadership does not 'entitle’ you a good player.

and i know some of you are gonna be a little butthurt about this, but its true. i know i am a decent musician, and i help out the music community in anyway i can because i want to major in music education and to teach music to students just like me and you, but i am just not cut-out to be a leader.

yes i did take conducting lessons to be able to further my ability to make the position of drum major or even section leader. my band director was actually impressed at my skills. but i was not picked.

because i am not a leader

and thats okay

so all of you out there who are stressing about these try-outs, or are sad about the turnout just remember, you can be the best musician in the world and be mozart, but leadership is more about being able to lead, and it doesnt connect with your talent as much as you might think

sorry for tagging you all but i really want this message to go somewhere

thanks for just reading this little *vent* of mine, and sorry it is very uncharactaristic of me to post this