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[Trainers Ethan & Taron want to FIGHT!]
[>YES] [>NO]

Look at those two loosers… We love them.
With @yuunic we talked about those two and what IF they were Pokémon Trainers. They ended up with those 2 pokémons for very obvious reasons xDDD they are useless as hell but maybe one day will be something more… They always have the potential to grow =D

Humans are still HELLISH and LONG to draw grrrr

“Hahahaha, ah Stricklander, you are always hilarious!”

“I…wasn’t joking,  Ásketill…”


(I’ve been messing around trying to learn how to draw his troll-form all weekend, and I lost patience on his knife collar…also picture isn’t done which is why Stricklander has no torso details whatsoever and Ásketill is missing horns. I do want to color it properly too.)

Cabrey is being added onto Pierrot’s blog and I’m so excited he’s my BOY

Those really old ocs , basically:

Creative: happiest delivery woman in the world™ but mean to humans, also a gay crocodile
Ally: robot that copies friends’ personalities and is really gay for Creative
Kit: unluckiest cat in the country, always dreaming about traveling the world and having a life like romance movies and novels
Anis: human that wants to live a normal life but has to deal with her friends shenanigans, lowkey wants to kill Creative
Ruby: proud member of a sea cult, fakes kindness to humans but her cult is the one that started the human hatred
Nocte: actively fights against that sea cult, constantly persecuted after being framed of the murder of an important cult member
‘Shadow’: not really his name but its the only thing he remembers from his past, came from a different reality and is seen as public menace, actually a decent person despite scary appearance

magicmoon65  asked:

Which oc has been hurt the most and how?


I know in the previous ask I said I was a good parent, but in terms of giving my OC’s happy lives, I am usually a terrible parent. (It seems to be a common theme among writers to give the characters we love most the most tragedies?) If an OC is doing well and having a peaceful time, chances are they’ve worked long and hard to get there. Here is a sampling of my horribleness:

*Liz lost her mother in a horrible car accident when she was 16, which resulted in her mother being comatose for a few months before being taken off life support by her ex-husband. Since Liz’s relationship with her dad was pretty rough even before that, she was basically on her own. (She is now an excellent teacher and tentatively beginning a relationship with a dear friend and crush she is head-over heels for.)

*Rayla was abducted as a child and tortured in hopes of becoming a puppet ruler for an aspiring dictator when she was older. (She was rescued after many years and is better now.)

*Both Topaz and Azura were abused as children. (The two of them have established a “found family”/very close friendships through their job, with a total of 7 other girls.)

*After Tavi’s father died, her mother did little except to grieve. She eventually left the family, leaving Tavi and her older sisters to raise 3 young children (her younger siblings) on their own. Tavi and her triplets were 20 at the time, and the oldest girl of the family was only 24. (The 3 little girls have been raised with nothing short of infinite love and are doing as well as they can at present, living in a country on the verge of war.)

There’s more I could put here, but this answer is probably too long and boring already.

Thanks for the ask! :)

Current and old special intrests in no order:

-mental health discovery and treatements throughout histodh
-guinea pigs
-Gorillaz (band)
-my ocs,,,