useless kun

Goro Akechi is kind of a child

I mean, I know they outright say it in game, but his motives and everything are all based on an immature perception of the world that only a child would have, that whole “if I’m famous everyone will like me,” though to be fair I’ve felt like that a few times.

I like how his metaverse outfits reflect that - you have the princely, pure white outfit that he has normally, because he wants to project the image of the perfect guy and because he wants to believe that his methods and his motives are just, that he’s entitled to what he’s doing. He can’t be wrong, and he’s gonna prove it to everybody.

Also his mask has a long nose and he’s a liar like Pinocchio lmao

Then you have his actual twisted form, which is this weird black and blue (like his bruised ego lol) outfit with that helmet. Everybody else just has masks that cover their eyes, but this dude is so insecure that he’s got a huge helmet. And his outfit reminds me of like, a sentai costume.

Then you’ve got his weapons, which are a toy gun and a beam saber. The toy gun is self explanatory, but the beam saber looks kinda like one of those cheap plastic swords you’d get at the fair or at some dollar store.

Even his idea of being a popular ace detective reminds me of Detective Conan, something that a lot of kids probably watch. I mean, not just kids, but you know what I’m getting at.

Poor kid just wanted some friends. Maybe in the eventual updated rerelease we’ll be able to save him or something.

male rivals according to me


just a bunny rabbit in an apron

that smile is too precious

“no i don’t want your finger on my chin i want your food in my mouth”

okay this guy is my favorite. look at how extra he is.

what an asshole. i’m going to watch him drown in his own ego with a bowl of popcorn. it will be delicious.

“did you cast a spell on me” buddy in an alternate universe she stabs you. wait. no. just… you die or something bud.


cotton candy hair. imma eat it.

the camera angle does not reveal the fact that he’s holding a student that was stabbed with a pair of scissors. they are both wrapped up in bandages. the student is still bleeding. the nurse is useless. what has yandere-kun done. and is that a plastic bag filled with prescription drugs on the ground?

explain to me how the fuck his is an accident. on the bright side senpai can boop the snoot.

fucking pedophile. no screwing the children, teach. we literally had a problem with that in our school this year. why do you look exactly like principal guy from assassination classroom.

abs… or lack thereof

you can’t tame DEEZ NUTS LOCKS

boo imma ghost in a black jacket and im wet because this jacket is low ass quality

oh god it’s too adorable

those eyes. it’s the human embodiment of a freaking sugar cookie. like one of the sugar cookies that’s 99% sugar.

bad sugar cookie! bad!

people have been comparing this guy to some other anime character and i forget who but i believe them

nyeh heh heheh this boi… you troll

oh shit they’re all thirsty

osana’s like why are all these fuckbois after my best friend. i feel you osana.

i would kill all of them mercilessly. what are they doing to fem!senpai. well i guess thats the point of the game anyway.

the art is literally amazing and i’d like to thank the artist for giving us this amazing concept. what an amazing april fools prank, it’s half frustrating half awesome. also the names are cringey af, is that just me

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AAAH How about DRV3 boys having an S/O who seems to be pretty calm, mature and independant but then they accidentally stumbles upon her crying about worrying about being abandoned and being useless? IDK how to explain sryyy

It’s alright Anon! I understand what you mean ;) And don’t worry I suck at explaining things to people XD

DRV3 Boys having a S/O who seems calm, mature and independent but then they stumble upon her crying and worrying about being forgotten and useless

Shuuichi Saihara:

- You honestly impressed him so much

- You were always so calm about any situation, if he smashed a glass you simply went for the dustpan and started cleaning it up

- He had to repay you one day…

- The next day when he gets back from work the house is silent

- “S/O - san?… Are you home?”

- He doesn’t hear a response so he decides to look around for you

- It doesn’t take him long to find you, you’re sitting on the bed. You’re hugging your knees, forehead resting on knees

- Are you… Crying?

- He quickly walks over and puts his hand on your back

- “S/O - san… What’s wrong? Hey… Hey I’m here…”

- You turn your head to look at him, your eyes are red and puffy. You must’ve been crying for a long time

- “What’s wrong S/O - san?… I’m here for you”

- He opens his arms and you instantly collide into him and bury your face in his chest

- “I’m sorry… Saihara - kun…”

- He hugs you tightly and starts stroking your hair

- “What are you sorry for?”

- “I’m sorry that I’m so useless to you!… You’re a great detective and I… I don’t…. You’re going to leave me behind because I’m… I’m not..”

- “Hey.. Shh… It’s okay S/O - san no one is going anywhere okay? I won’t ever leave you, I love you”

- “Why?… I’m… Useless..”

- “Shhh… Don’t say lies like that”

- He kisses your hair and just holds you until you calm down

- Ever since that, he keeps reminding you how amazing you are and how much you mean to him

Kaito Momota:

- You were the greatest person alive to him

- He’d always drag you out when the night sky was clear and point things out to you and you just took in as much as you could, even making notes sometimes

- That’s why when he saw you crying he just… Stopped for a minute

- “S/O! What’s wrong?!”

- He’s instantly by your side pulling you into a hug

- “No wait I know.”

- He takes off his space coat and wraps it around you before pulling you into a hug once more

- “What’s up?”

- “Why… Why are you still here… I thought.. I thought you already left me”

- Momota is confused, like majorly confused

- Why would he leave you?

- He pulls you closer to him and kisses the top of your head

- “Why would you think that?”

- “I… I’m useless… You abandon useless things..”

- “Who told you that? Tell me who it is and I will slap them.”

- “H-Huh?”

- “You’re not useless! Do you know how much help you give me?! Also, whenever I’m around you, I’m so happy S/O! So how does that make you useless?!”

- “M…Momota…kun”

- You cling onto him and cry a bit more, he just lets out a little chuckle before hugging you back tightly and gently rocking you

- “Don’t ever think that again alright? If you do I’ll punish you by giving you a long lecture saying you’re not!”

- You let out a little laugh and hug him tightly


- He’s not really sure how humans function

- But he knows that you’re most likely the most amazing human he has ever seen!

- Whenever he has a question regarding how to be more human you always know how to help him! How professional of you!

- That’s why… When he sees you curled up and crying he wants to help you

- He kneels by you and gently places his hands on your shoulders

- “S/O - san, please tell me what’s wrong”

- You lift your head to look at him, his face is full of concern which makes you feel even worse

- “K..Kiibo - kun?”

- “You sound surprised to see me”

- “I thought… You wouldn’t come back…”

- He’s really shocked to hear that

- “H-Huh?! Why wouldn’t I? Did I do something wrong? Oh no, did I offend you in any way? I’m sorry S/O - san! I didn’t mean to! I don’t fully understand how humans work yet please forgive me!”

- “Woah, no Kiibo - kun you did nothing wrong…” You smile a little, it’s cute how much he cares

- “It’s just… I felt useless to you. I taught you a lot of things on being human so I thought… You wouldn’t need me anymore”

- “S/O - san! That’s wrong! You’re not useless at all! If it wasn’t for you, I would have no idea how normal human behave, if it wasn’t for you, I wouldn’t have been able to understand what love is! Do you not see how much you helped?”

- You quickly lean in and wrap your arms around him

- “Kiibo - kun.. That’s so sweet of you…”

- “I just said the truth, S/O - san”

- Surprisingly, he’s warm. The two of you stay like that for a while

Rantaro Amami:

-He had a lot of respect for you

- He was kinda lazy which meant he misplaced things or just lost them

- But that’s okay, you were always there and you managed to find them within 5 minutes, never complaining

- Whenever he comes back home he usually finds you in the kitchen or living room but now they were… Empty

- He stops for a second to listen

- It’s quiet but he can hear sobbing coming from your room

- He instantly runs to it and finds you lying curled up in the corner of the room crying

- Instantly at your side putting a hand on your arm

- “S/O - san, what’s wrong? Hey, I’m here”

- “You… You won’t leave… Right?…”

- Your voice was shaky and it pained him to see you in this state

- “Of course not… Why would I leave you?”

- “I’m… Useless!”

- “What? Is that what you truly believe?”

- You’re crying pretty heavily so you just nod

- Alright that’s it

- He sweeps you up so that he’s carrying you bridal style

- “H-Huh?”

- He just holds you tightly and gently sways

- “S/O - san, without you I don’t think I’d be able to get anything done. You’re far from useless, you’re the reason why I smile everyday, you’re the reason why I’m happy right now so please… Don’t cry. I want you to be happy too, okay?”

- You stay like that for a while until you fully calm down

Kokichi Ouma:

- You often helped him with with organisation

- He appreciated it, but he never let you do too much, you never really questioned why that is

- He comes home one night clearly exhausted so he collapses on the sofa

- Usually you’d be somewhere close by to greet him but today… You were nowhere to be see

- Could you be asleep?

- “S/O - chan!”

- There’s no answer

- Maybe you really are asleep… But he should check just in case

- With a groan he gets up and heads for the bedroom

- He finds you on the bed with your face in your hands quietly sobbing

- He quickly comes over and grabs your wrists gently pulling your hands away

- “What happened S/O - chan?”

- “I’m sorry…”

- “Sorry for what?”

- “Sorry that I’m not useful enough!… You won’t… Let me… Join or help… Too much with your… Organisation..”

- That’s wrong

- “You misunderstand S/O - chan”

- “What?”

- “It’s true that I don’t let you do much but not because you’re useless, that is a complete lie! I know that because I’m a liar after all”

- “Then… Why?”

- “I want you to be safe. I’m not lying when I say that you mean so much to me… Just… I don’t want to lose you!”

- He quickly grabs you and hugs you tightly

- You’re slightly startled but you hug him back

- He makes sure that when you help him, he tells you how useful that was and he starts hugging you a lot more

Gonta Gokuhara:

- He left the house quite early in the morning

- There was a specific insect he had his eyes on but he realised that there’s only a specific time frame in which it appears

- He probably should’ve left a note but he think he’d be gone for that long

- That was his mistake

- When he got home he found you crying by the door

- “S/O - san! What happened?” 

- You quickly hug his knees and look up at him

- “Are you.. Leaving me”

- “What? Is that what Gonta made you think?!”

- He instantly picks you up and squeezes you into a hug


- He doesn’t even let you explain why you were crying he’s just apologising and hugging you constantly

- Once the both of you calm down you tell him that you feel useless to him seeing as you know next to nothing about insects

- “That’s okay! Gonta doesn’t really mind. Gonta knows that S/O - san has other interests and that’s what Gonta likes! Once you talk about yourself and what you like Gonta always gets excited to learn a new fact about you”

- He’s such a pure child

- You hug him again and he happily hugs you back

- Over the next few weeks you notice he invites you to go on walks with him to the park more often and each time he finds a new insect he lets you record the information

- If you’re not good at drawing, he helps you by holding and guiding your hand

- Each time he tells you how helpful you were and how he looks forward to next time

Korekiyo Shinguji:

- He knew you weren’t that big a fan of folklore

- However, you were determined to help him, you’d volunteer to get books for him or simply to look up stuff online

- Recently… He didn’t really need your help as he had a lot of resources available

- So he isolated himself in a little office

- He really didn’t mean anything bad by that, he simply just wanted to get on with his work

- When he came out at the end of the day he found you hugging a pillow and crying into it

- He quickly walks up to you and places a hand on your knee

- “My beautiful S/O - san, what’s the matter?”

- “Are.. Are you going to leave seeing as… I’m not… Useful to you… Anymore?”

- Your words are slightly muffled due to the pillow but he heard the most important part, not useful to him anymore?

- “S/O - san… You’re completely wrong.”

- You lift your head and give him a confused glace

- “Wrong?”

- “Of course! How can you call yourself not useful?”

- “Well I got… All the books… So you have no use… For me right?”

- “Kukuku~ Absolutely not. I need someone to read them to me, and I need someone to bless me with their beautiful presence”

- He stands and offers you a hand which you take

- He pulls you up and then hugs you tightly

- “Don’t cry… The thought of leaving you never even crossed my mind”

- He strokes your hair and you cling onto him tightly

Ryoma Hoshi:

- You came to every one of his training sessions

- He even saw that at times you’d talk to certain people such as trainers which gained Hoshi benefits

- He got into International Tournaments which meant that he’d have to leave you for a while, neither of you liked that option

- He was just coming back from the shop, he was meant to be getting on the plane the next morning

- “S/O, I’m back”

- The house was quiet… That’s not normal there’s usually music playing or at least the TV

- He went around the whole house until he found you curled up on your bed quietly sobbing into a pillow

- “S/O! What’s wrong?!”

- He’s instantly by your side, he puts his hand on top of yours

- “I’m being… Stupid”

- “How?”

- “I…”

- “It’s okay, you can tell me”

- You look him right in the eyes before shakily saying

- “I.. I feel like… You’ll win and… And abandon me… I can’t play tennis, I’m sure there’s… Amazing tennis players that you’ll meet… And… And…”

- “Okay stop.”

- “H-Huh?”

- “I don’t want amazing tennis players!” He puts both of his hands on your shoulders now “All I want is you!”

- You’re shaking slightly so he gently pulls you into a hug

- “Listen S/O, I don’t love you based on how well you play tennis. I don’t care if you can or can’t play, that goes for the tennis players too. I couldn’t care less about their skill level, none of them are you!”

- “Hoshi - kun…”

- “I’m gonna go and cancel that flight. I don’t really care about this anyway and if it means you’ll be hurt by it then I will definitely refuse offers like that”

- “But-”

- “As long as I have you… Well, your heart is the best prize I ever won”

- You can’t help but giggle at that, that’s so cheesy

- He spends time telling you how much you mean to him

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Can I have angst future AoKuro where Aomine dreams of their past in Teiko when he abandoned Kuroko, and then Kuroko comforts and reassures him. Fluff in the end, thanks!

Hi dear! Finally some AoKuro! It was really a pleasure to write it, Aomine being my favorite character, and I hope you’re going to enjoy it too. I’d imagined this situated a bit further in time; maybe first year of uni or something like that, and I’ve balanced angst and fluff! Yes, I used and reinterpreted the anime’ scene (wait not being a bit canon) that I believe signed the turning point and that hypothetically in the future would hurt Aomine the most when thinking back.

Have a good read!




Aomine blinked annoyed by something and tiredly lifted his eyelids, his body lying in the wet grass. Above him, in the sky rolled dark clouds like waves of a stormy sea. Cold, heavy rain dropped down drenching him ‘till the bones.

I don’t like this type of sky.

Where am I?

A sudden, worried voice called him. He recognized it immediately; he could have recognized it in an excited crowd, wearing earphones.

“Aomine-kun, let’s go back to practice.”

He straightened up and turned slowly. A young Kuroko was looking at him from the path over him, while Aomine just remained still on the bank.

He felt the urgency to raise a hand and show a smirk, but his body remained frozen. He wanted to call Kuroko’s name, to answer his call, but his lips moved on their own.

 “Why should I? For what purpose do I need to practice?” he heared himself asking with cold and cynic amusement “You realized I already win even if I don’t want to?” added walking towards him.

Oh no.

Not again. Not again. Not again.

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Diabolik Lovers Subaru Maniac 8

C H R I S T M A S  T R A N S L A T I O N S



Subaru Maniac 8. MERRY CHRISTMAS EVERYONE! So I’ve been seeing a lot of “follow forever” things and since I’m so antisocial and no one likes me, I couldn’t make one of those. o3o So I decided to translate a scene for all the brothers (and nearly killed myself doing so. nothing like spending Christmas Eve with a bunch of vampires translating their lines) So that’s my Christmas present to you. Hope you enjoy them. And thanks very much for following my translations. (no matter how bad they get)

And for your Christmas gift for me…go eat lots and get fat so I won’t feel bad. c:

now, about the scene: when you enjoy the monologue the most, you know there’s something wrong with the scene. All my information is second hand, so this scene was like D8 I’m really really sorry if I made a fool of myself and the translations are terrible. Please tell me so I fix it! Because I really had no idea for some parts. :x

Happy Holidays~ 

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-Gari-Gari Kun Popsicle -





(English Translation)

Last weekend, I ran a very long slope under the blazing sun.

I managed to reach the hill’s top and stopped by at a roadside shop to get some refreshment. I bought a “Gari-Gari Kun(Biting Boy)” soda popsicle.

I sweated like a pig and felt hotter and hotter, in spite of the fact that I stood in the shade and was eating a cold blue popsicle. I was almost angry at the useless Gari-Gari Kun!

The heat calmed down by continuously having the boy ice pop. My sweats were soon all gone and I even felt a bit chilly. Then the intense heat view just in front of me started to look like the scene of another world; very short-trip to the parallel universe.

Gari-Gari Kun has been very popular in Japan, though for me this was probably the first time to taste the ice pop since the turn of the 21st century.

Now I’m considering to try Gari-Gari Kun again during this hottest summer!