useless eaters


USELESS EATERS “Dungeon” (2014, Castle Face)

Brand new album of the S.F based band lead by Seth Sutton on John Dwyer’s label. Their live performances are nuts, check them

Interview: Useless Leftovers with Useless Eaters

By Rebecca Seung

“I’m gonna give you a piece of my mind real quick. Useless Eaters is not a real band. It’s an idea from Mars. It never existed. We went to Mars. We went to Venus. Hung out on an asteroid, but now… I have a new LP. It’s my first full length, highly inspired by the works of Dostoevsky and Jean-Paul Sartre, and it’s called Daily Commute, and it’s about nothing.”

I hadn’t really planned on a specific day or time or series of questions to ask when I approached Seth Sutton at the Nashville house show a couple weeks ago. To his credit, he was pretty lit, but agreed to do it anyways. The above quotation is the first thing he said to me, and in many ways, I think he was telling the truth. His latest offering manages to translate the chaotic, wild energy of the shows and parties we all escape to avoid the boredom and frustration and alienation of being young. Even the band name, Useless Eaters, seems to say, “we’re here cause we have to be, but what’s the fucking point." 

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Lies and Truth

Why are you here? To seek the truth?

Equality is a lie. There is a spectrum from Gods to leaders to sheep.  And 99.99% of the world are sheep. I am a God who will teach you what you need to know to live a life fulfilled.

Every life is precious say the sheep. No, most people are a waste and useless eaters. Both the Gods and useless eaters come from all races.

You can’t.. No, you should. Will and passion are the only truth. Laws are lies.

Everything you think you know is a lie.

Just as I liberate you, you will liberate others.

I will build a house of nine males and nine females. 

Those eighteen will be used for my pleasure and to feed My demons.

One third of their acts will please Me.

One third of their acts will please those under Me.

One third of their acts will destroy the mundane.

You will build a house of nine and do the same.

This is merely the beginning.

Put my lessons in perspective, less unforeseen expenses
I’ve drank the devil’s wine and i’ve used his inventions
I’ve slept in mansions, slept on benches
I’ve laughed in the face of death and messed up friendships
It’s all for granted, dammit. we spent it faster than we cash it
And we’re not scared of accidents.
We’re growing older, hair turning silver
We wanna see the world, but still we gotta pay the bills first
We live another day to load the van and play
Pay roads with pocket change, apocalypse awaits
Maybe you’ll learn from it before we plummet
When the ground opens up like a coffin and we jump in