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I drew this a loooonnnnggggg time ago but look, it’s my Sesshy bby <3

I don’t really have anything else to say other than I still love him

Curious kids wandering through the halls of the Violet Citadel of Dalaran at night and getting to private libraries and secret collections of the Grand Library, borrowing books they’re gonna spend the rest of the night reading and discussing about.

(Unless they get caught I guess haha. But hey, they won’t.)

sometimes it’s like
she’s falling from grace to pick me back up
no it’s more like
she’s putting herself on her knees and saying honey i’m here for you
shes looking up at me like im playing god and i count her eyelashes while i take in the color of her cheeks, her humanity and im realizing now that  
it’s just that she holds her head a little higher than i do
it’s just that she bites her tongue back a little harder than i do
its just that she stows all the bad parts of her farther away in herself than i do


Made some aro wallpapers because I found we were severely lacking in that respect when I was looking for some to use. Sorry about the colors not being perfect. Feel free to use them for whatever! ^.^ Make sure you enlarge them cause otherwise you won’t see the details!

asexual wallpapers | aro ace wallpapers | my other edits

some twisted paradoxical state of simultaneous ascension to godhood and descent into nothingness

pastellipastels  asked:

You drew Chip! You drew him! I would type in all caps out of happiness but I will keep calm so nobody gets scared off. But you drew Chip, i can't even tell you how happy I am to see that. First thing I see and just, yes! :D

i did!!! and you know what, i had so much fun with it that i’m going to draw him again

it’s a pity he’s only interacted with pidge twice ever (or three times if you count Voltron Force), i would have loved to see them do more together because they’re both so sweet and blood families are hard to come by in voltron. 

we’ve already seen pidge break down over missing his parents, so, like… give him back his brother already??? let them hug??? i didn’t sign up for a five-second-long background frame of them shaking hands, where are my aggressively snuggly sibling hugs and eagerly introducing each other to the rest of their teams