BTS in Bed (Based on Their Venus and Mars Signs) - Maknae Line

warning: mature content, longg detailed post ahead

Hyung Line version here.

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Jimin - Scorpio Venus Scorpio Mars

  • remember that dark side of his that i mentioned earlier?
  • inside that cute mochi is a real f r e a k
  • his scorpio venus AND mars are a lethal combo
  • scorpio mars exudes power 
  • the sexiest and most seductive in the entire zodiac
  • sex to them is more than the act
  • it holds a lot of significance and often rules their lives
  • definitely not one who’d be up for one night stands with a stranger
  • they not only want to merge with their partner physically, but also emotionally and spiritually
  • want to own their partner in every sense of the word
  • extremely prone to jealously and possessiveness
  • during the act, he drips raw passion and intensity
  • dom!!!
  • and a rough one at that
  • remember how bts says he’s the scariest when he’s mad?
  • that explosive scorpio mars is not one to mess with
  • k i n k y
  • some of his many dark fantasies include:
  • bondage
  • body worship
  • daddy kink 
  • anal play
  • his partner wearing lingerie
  • just for him to rip it off (literally)
  • god didnt give him those lips for no reason
  • oral
  • libra is all about balance so he’d love 69 where he can work his magic while also getting some action
  • every guy loves blowjobs but he would especially because genitals are the erogenous zone for scorpio marses, making them especially sensitive
  • t e a s i n g
  • any dirty talk that has to do with possession
  • “who do you belong to?”
  • praise kink
  • is aroused by being wanted
  • hickies (that u cant hide)
  • he can bottom but he wont sub
  • power bottom
  • although his way of loving may be rough and powerful, he still cares deeply for his partner
  • and wouldn’t do anything that they’re uncomfortable with
  • his gentle libra sun emerges during aftercare when hes making sure they’re okay and praising them for being good
  • in conclusion, a real life sex god
  • (if u dont believe any of this i suggest u go check out his spotify playlist)

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Spanish Grammar - The Imperative

So I have always found it difficult to wrap my head around all the different forms of the imperative, all the different endings, and all the uses of the imperative in Spanish. For whatever reason, some of it continues to baffle me, whilst other aspects of it have become 2nd nature. Hence, I thought I would make a concise post where I could bring all aspects of the Spanish el imperativo together. So enjoy!! 

The imperative, in general, is used to express a command, demand, instruction or wish. However, when using el imperativo, it is important to identify wether you want to use positive imperative or negative imperative, and wether you wish to convey the imperative in a formal or informal tone. 

Positive Vs. Negative Imperative

There is a very simple difference between these two concepts in Spanish, as there is in English. Positive imperative expresses a command, demand, instruction, or wish, which is intended to be realised. 

For example, in English, the phrase “Eat the apple!” is an example of the positive imperative as you want the apple to be eaten 

Conversely, Negative imperative expresses a command, demand, instruction, or wish, which is not intended to be realised.

For example, in English, the phrase “Don’t eat the apple!” is an example of the negative imperative as you do not want the apple to be eaten. 

The reason why it is important to remember this concept when using el imperativo is because wether the positive or negative imperative is used impacts on how you conjugate the verb. Let’s see how. 

Forming the Negative Imperative

Forming the Negative Imperative in Spanish is very simple to achieve, provided you have a good understanding of the conjugations for the present subjunctive - if not, you might want to scratch up on this first! The following construction is used:

No + present subjunctive

In order to change the subject of the negative imperative, you must therefore change the subject of the present subjunctive accordingly. 

The imperative is primarily used using the 2nd person, however the form you chose will depend on the plurality of the subject, and wether you wish to use a formal or informal tone. The following table shows the forms to use

Hence, match the present subjunctive endings of the above forms with the subject you wish to refer to. For Example:

  • No toques la mesa! = Don’t touch the table! (tú)
  • No toque la mesa! = Don’t touch the table! (usted)
  • No toquéis la mesa! = Don’t touch the table! (vosotros)
  • No toquen la mesa! = Don’t touch the table! (ustedes)

Forming the Positive Imperative

To form the positive imperative, add the following verb-endings to the verb stem:

Note how the usted and ustedes forms are exactly the same as the present subjunctive forms.

Examples of the Positive Imperative in use:

  • Habla conmigo = Speak to me
  • Come rápido porque tenemos prisa = Eat quickly as we are in a hurry
  • Hablad en voz baja = Speak quietly 
  • Escribid enseguida = Write straight away

Unfortunately, however, there are some irregular forms of verbs for the tú form of the positive imperative, all of which must be mesmerised. They are:

  1. Decir = Di
  2. Hacer = Haz
  3. Ir = Ve
  4. Oír = Oye
  5. Poner = Pon
  6. Salir = Sal
  7. Ser = Sé
  8. Tener = Ten
  9. Venir = Ven

Using personal pronouns with the Imperative

In order to use object or reflexive pronouns with the positive imperative, one must simply add the appropriate pronoun to the end of the conjugated verb. If you wish to use an indirect object pronoun and an direct object pronoun at the same time - place the indirect object pronoun first. You must then add a tilde where the stress should normally be.

For example:

  • ¡Levántate! = Get up! (tú)
  • Hazme el favor de poner la mesa = Lay the table, please
  • Dimelo ahora mismo = Tell me right now!
  • Váyase = Go away! (usted)
  • ¡Dénmelos! = Give me them / Give them to me

To use the personal pronouns with the negative imperative, you ust place them immediately before the verb. If both direct and indirect object pronouns are being used at the same time, the indirect object pronoun must come first. 

For example:

  • No te levantes = Don’t get up
  • ¡No se vaya! = Don’t go away
  • No me los den = Don’t give me them / Don’t give them to me

The First Person Plural Imperative

This refers to the english construction “Let’s….”, for example “Let’s go to the beach!”. It is very simple to form in Spanish, as in order to form it, all you have to do is use the first person plural form of the present subjunctive.

For example:

  • Hablemos = Let’s talk
  • No entremos = Let’s not go in
  • Hagámoslo ahora mismo = Let’s do it right now

Notice how personal pronouns can be implemented right at the end of the conjugated verb, with a tilde used in order to retain the original stress of the word. It also should be noted that in reflexive verbs, the final -s of the nosotros form of the verb is omitted. 

For example:

  • Vámonos = Let’s go  
  • Levantémonos = Let’s get up  
  • Divirtámonos = Let’s have a good time 

It also important to note that these forms of the “Let’s…” construction are rarely used in colloquial Spanish. Normally you would use the construction: Vamos a + Infinitive. Use whatever you prefer

The Imperative ‘que’

The Imperative ‘que’ is a very nifty feature of Spanish. It is used at the beginning of a sentence and is immediately followed by the subjunctive, and is used to express a wish or command. You here it frequently in colloquial dialogue and in television, so it’s definitely worth revising!

For example:

  • ¡Que gane el mejor! = May the best man win!
  • Que espere un momento = Tell him/her/them to wait a minute
  • Que entren todos = Let them all come in

Hopefully you all find this useful! 

The reference for this post is primarily Muñoz, P, and Thacker, P. (2012), A Spanish Learning Grammar, Third Edition, London, however I have added in notes from my Spanish 1B classes at the University of Edinburgh. I do not own the first image. 

Dating Renzo Shima would include:

(I recently decided that Renzo was my fave human male character, he’s a stupid piece of shit and I love him)

Warning: Major manga spoilers

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  • He would always flirt with all the other girls
  • So at first you thought he wouldn’t be good boyfriend material
  • As soon as you two became a thing he stopped flirting all the time and instead spent it gushing to everyone about you
  • He is always holding your hand
  • He genuinely is interested in what you say
  • He listens and remembers the little things you tell him
  • His hugs are the best
  • Has a habit of playing with your hair
  • He loves introducing you to everyone as his girlfriend
  • You love chilling out and watching anime together
  • And reading manga
  • He loves taking you on dates
  • Places like the cinema, bowling, cafes, Mepphyland, the beach, and the park
  • It’s important that you get along well with his family
  • Which you do
  • His brothers like you and tell him to treat you well
  • Kinzou always questions him on how Renzou scored a person like you
  • He loves that you can be serious when need be 
  • But goofy and childish at heart
  • You were beyond shocked and felt betrayed when you found out he was the Illuminati spy
  • You even broke up for a while
  • He was heartbroken
  • Renzou kept telling you how he wanted to tell you more then anything
  • But he was sworn to secrecy 
  • And he didn’t want to put your life at risk
  • He reassured you he kept it hidden to protect you
  • You eventually got back together
  • You trust him
  • He trusts you
  • Helping each other study for regular and cram school
  • Study dates that turn into heavy make out sessions
  • He loves taking you shopping
  • You find it cute how he remembers the names of all of your plushies
  • Your always cuddling
  • He loves holding you in his arms
  • With his face buried in your hair
  • He loves the shampoo you use
  • He loves kissing your cheek and your forehead
  • Does so all the time, even in class which annoys a lot of people
  • Eating lunch together 
  • Sometimes feeding each other bits from the others bento
  • Tickle fights
  • Play fights

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i really like the idea of demiboy Lance

  • Lance uses they/he pronouns
    • which ones he uses flips daily.
    • sometimes in the middle of the day
  • the only one to really know about this is Hunk
  • Hunk asks him every morning which pronouns to use
    • He also asks Lance if he should start using the other pronouns half way through the day
  • Lance loves how much Hunk concerns over this to make him comfortable in his own skin
  • Lance sometimes talks to Hunk in the middle of the night about coming out to the others but he’s so unsure he doesn’t know if he should
    • Hunk is super supportive of Lance coming out to the others but he doesn’t push him to do it. He gives him his space to decide for himself
  • Lance being afab and constantly worrying if he’s being too feminine in front of the others
    • it sparks heavy dysphoria when his thoughts start rolling on that
    • Hunk notices him pulling away from the group and comforts him
      • “You’re not being at all feminine” “Yes, you do look like a guy”/”you are totally androgynous passing” etc
  • Lance decides to come out to the others 
    • he gets similar responses from the others when Pidge said she was a girl
    • it’s a little overwhelming for lance to be accepted so quickly especially by his friends
      • “I thought you guys would see me as a liar or something to that extent….”
      • “You look nothing like a girl I wouldn’t have had a clue!”
      • “You’re still the same ol’ Lance to me”
      • “Lance, I don’t think even the mice knew”
  • Lance is the happiest demiboy in space he cries a bit
  • the others also start asking about pronouns in the morning and afternoon (what seems like afternoon and morning anyways)

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omg I love your headcanons so far!! ❤️ okay I have an idea (for fem) yknow after you wash your hair and after air-drying it say you put it in a bun or braid perhaps while it's still kinda damp, if you leave it for quiiiite a while a really strong scent of your shampoo will just emit from your hair when you let it down (is it just me idk) so how would the chocobros react to that? whether it ends up fluffy or nsfw is up to you (;

Omg thank you so much??? This ask is adorable and no it’s def not just you, my roommate’s and my shampoos battle for scent dominance every night


  • Will literally wander around the room smelling everything because he has no idea what that is or where it’s coming from or why he likes it so much
  • Then he notices that it gets stronger when he’s closer to you
  • So he kind of stands there and blinks at you before plopping down at your side and pulling you into him
  • You think he wants to cuddle and you’re #AllForIt
  • Until he smells your hair. He’s kind of a quiet kid, maybe a little weird, but you’ve been watching crime dramas and this is borderline creepy. You wiggle in his arms
  • “Noctis. That’s weird.”
  • “But you smell so good.”


  • Very few things distract him. This is one of those distracting things
  • He’s used to your smell, so he knows it’s you, but he honestly finds it so interesting that the room is just full of how you smell and how good that makes him feel
  • But he still doesn’t say anything about it
  • The two of you are eventually cuddling with a movie playing, and it was your turn to pick the movie so you’re pretty sure he’s bored and nuzzling your hair to stay awake
  • You ask him if he wants to put something else on and he acts all offended because he didn’t think that he was making you think he wasn’t interested
  • He chuckles and shakes his head, flushing just a bit–then admits that he kind of just likes how you smell


  • Gladio here notices little things like how you smell
  • So he knows that it’s you as soon as he’s basically punched in the face with the scent of “Herbal Essences white grapefruit and mosa mint”
  • You bet he knows what shampoo you use
  • He walks into the room and hangs up his coat, making casual conversation in a way that you know something’s up
  • Or maybe it’s the too-big grin on his face that tips you off
  • Suddenly he’s all over you, laying kisses all over your face and nuzzling into your hair
  • “You smell so good!”
  • Gladio is literally gushing at you and there’s no stopping the literal bear that is pinning you to your bed


  • Prompto comes home to his favorite sight ever: you, no makeup, hair tied up in this adorable messy bun thing (his words), shorts and a t-shirt, and Six you look so happy
  • He sneaks up behind you while you’re busying yourself with making lunch for the two of you and grabs your waist with one hand, untying your hair with the other
  • And then the smell of you basically punches him in the face
  • And he falls in love all over again!
  • He sighs into the top of your head and starts to sway a little, then you two leave lunch forgotten while you wind up dancing around the kitchen
  • Until you smell something burning
  • “Prompto, oh my gods, the stove!”

hello yes i’d like to introduce you to an idea courtesy of fox @ganseyiil and i that involves andrew and multiple types of court

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Hi! For my holiday request, how about an hc of the rfa boys + saeran spending a "holidate" sleding in the alps? What would their dates be like ahhh with all the fluff action and stuff. Thank you and Happy Holidays! (灬ºωº灬)♡

The limit is two characters, so I’ll just do Jumin and Saeran. Happy holidays to you, too!


  • His intention on taking you out to the Alps was to enjoy sightseeing and relax
  • But you pulled out the puppy dog eyes when you asked to go sledding and he caved in
  • This man has never been sledding
  • So when you’re at the top of the hill, he’s sitting behind you holding onto your waist with his dear life
  • “I think I’m having second thoughts about thiiIIIIIIISSSSS”
  • You don’t think you’ve ever heard Jumin scream before and you wish you had recorded it
  • By the time the sled stopped at the end, you finally take in how much he’s hugging you
  • “I’m not doing that again,” he uttered, still in shock
  • “You’re such a baby,” you giggled


  • Saeyoung won tickets to the Alps from a competition he entered but didn’t really have the time to go himself, so he gave them to you and Saeran to use
  • He was reluctant to go at first, but when you said that you were fine going alone, that boy started to shove his suitcase full
  • Saeran is like a child in snow and it’s adorable
  • He never got to do the regular activities as a child so he was more than happy to try them
  • Sledding seemed intimidating at first, but he felt more at ease when he felt your arms wrapped around him, whispering encouragements in his ear
  • Saeran actually had a lot of fun sledding!
  • You guys went again and again, taking turns on who got to be in front
  • It was nice to warm up with hot cocoa at the end of the day

You can read the ada version here if you want

Port Mafia

  1. Chuya
  • surprisingly well skilled in the kitchen despite almost never cooking at all
  • Mr fancy hat always uses red wine as the main ingredient for all his dishes.
  • most of his food preferences and skills were picked up from kouyou as a child but later obtained his own
  • very picky and won’t hesitate to tell you if your food is shit

      2. Akutagawa

  • eats out all the time
  • Very little to no knowledge about cooking. The only cooking utensil that pops into his mind is the kitchen knife because knife.
  • the only times he payed a little detail to food was when he’s tasked by mori to be food connoisseur for elise

      3. Mori

  • he would definitely take up a cooking/baking class for the sake of elise’s sweet tooth. He loves seeing elise eat food that he makes; preferably enjoying it
  • he would practice making elise’s favorite food every chance he gets to perfect the recipe
  • A new oven is purchased to replace the old and broken one at the end of each month

      4. Kouyou

  • she learnt to cook all by herself for survival reasons and mostly because she would have to be independent if she were to last in the mafia
  • because of that she would like to think of herself with the best skills in the mafia in terms of cooking
  • starts giving pointers to mori when he asks her for a quick taste test & would invite Chuya to help her out in the kitchen as a kid

      5. Higuchi

  • her time is mostly spent with Akutagawa, therefore she does what Akutagawa does. Which doesn’t include cooking at all
  • orders take-out almost every single time unless its the weekend and she’s in the mood for some instant noodles or pasta

      6. Gin

  • her cooking skills is as mysterious as her gender to most of the mafia’s members and she would like to keep it that way
  • for those who know her, cutely packed bento lunch boxes are her forte even though she would never admit it

      7. Hirotsu

  • Has plenty of ancient herbal recipes passed down from generations for medical use or just to maintain general body health. Have a joint pain? Feeling uneasy in the bowels? Just ask him and he’ll know exactly which herbs to use
  • he makes simple Japanese food at home, nothing fancy.

      8. Tachihara

  • He only knows how to make 1 dish.. but even so he makes sure he cooks it darn good
  • He’ll act as if he was some kinda young chef protegee since he’s the only person of his ranks that knows a thing or two about cooking

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they actually think spr*useh*rt is real and that K J and Coleslaw aren't friends, they're like those damn people in the spn fandom who though Jared and Jensen were actually dating and their wives and kids were a PR stunt im hollering

I can get seeing some of ghe set friendships as fake but KJ and Cole are probably the closest friends on set they went on a road trip together?? like they legit seem to be friends. why is this a conspiracy theory. what is her evidence.

also Cole and lili said they aren’t dating so why is she disrespecting the ones she stans by continuing to spread those rumors 🤔

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Could u plz do a head canon where when MC has an anxiety attack and calls the RFA members asking for help? (PLEASE add Saeran, V and Rika)

Like my writing? Check out my masterpost here!


  • uh
  • he was concerned when he heard you breathing heavy and panting on the other side
  • “are you ok??? mc????”
  • he would worry just as bad bc he’d remember all the stuff w Mint Eye and––
  • “yoosung please come over”
  • fwsssssh he’s off
  • out the door and barely grabbed his keys
  • he’d talk to you the whole way till he got to your place
  • and he’d just wrap his arms around you bc he didn’t know what else to do


  • you know how Jumin tells Jaehee to reschedule all his shit 
  • like 24/7
  • well these were the only times when jaehee would bail on jumin w/o a care in the world
  • the second she got your call and knew something was up
  • boom she’s out that motherfucking door
  • she doesn’t even tell jumin were she is going she’s just like “peace bitch my gf needs me”
  • probs throws him a peace sign out that door you go girl #girlfriendoftheyear
  • when she gets to you she knows exactly what to do
  • she rubs small cirlces on your back and holds you close, talking about pointless things to take your mind off the fear
  • once you calm down she makes you some coffee, changes you into comfy clothes
  • makes sure all your plans for that day are taken care of, any work is completed
  • relaxes with you the rest of the day omg she is so sweet


  • whats acting?
  • bitch he’d be flying out that door when he got your call
  • once he got home in record time zen weren’t you in japan?? he’d make sure you felt 10,000% loved and secure 
  • he’d do what he knows best
  • L O V E
  • kisses and hand holding and hugs and cuddles
  • everywhere he went he’d take you
  • “ok mc I need a drink, up you go”
  • floop you are now being carried princess style to the kitchen
  • it got to the point where Zen tried to carry you to the bathroom bc man needs to pee
  • “Zen you can’t take me there!!”
  • his crazy actions caused you to forget about your fear
  • “are you ok now??” 
  • he was still concerned
  • “I’m better thanks to you”
  • doesn’t matter he still took you in the bathroom w him hehe


  • somebody call 9-1-1
  • but in all honesty he would call his doctor because he’d want you to have the best help and care out there
  • even if he knew he couldn’t help you and someone else could…..he’d call them
  • your health was way more important than his pride
  • but when his doctor didn’t answer when you had a panic attack and you were on the line freaking out he just
  • dropped all his work
  • and Jumin motherfuckin trust fund kid Han ran to you
  • and he bursted through the door which caused you to freak out even more and throw the nearest object at him
  • which happened to be a pillow
  • and it hit him in the face
  • and he was so confused
  • and the whole situation made you laugh and forget your fears bc you just hit jumin in the face w a pillow omg
  • afterwards you sat down with him and he ran his fingers through your hair as you told him all you wanted was him to be there when you had your attacks


  • when you called him he didn’t even have to wait a second
  • in all honesty he saw your panic attack unfold on the cctv and rushed out the door before you could even reach the phone to call him
  • he made sure to talk about all sorts of things until he got there
  • aka plan your space wedding, dork wanted to get married on pluto
  • “I know pluto isn’t a planet mc but I think it just isn’t understood !!!!!”
  • anyways once he got there he would pick you up in his arms and flop down on the bed with you
  • he’d make sure you were wrapped in his arms
  • “thank you saeyoung” 
  • “you know I’d do anything for you mc”
  • and when you were all better
  • he would wrap his legs around you and put you in a bear hug
  • “gotcha!!!!”
  • as you giggled in his arms he was just happy you felt good enough to laugh 

Bonus V, Saeran & Rika under the cut!!!

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Deadly Games (part 2)

(Joker x Reader)

Request:  Can you make a part 2 of deadly games youre so good in wrihting❤

Warnings: drug use

He let you go, just like that. Walked you out of the building the next morning, gave you a pet on the back and watched you walk down the street. You half expected it to be a bad joke and find yourself waking up bound and gagged god knows where but nothing happened.

You were free, yet you felt more trapped than before. There was something captivating about him, something that drew you to him and you couldn’t explain why. You couldn’t shake the feeling off and it made you crazy.

You were restlessly rolling around in bed the whole night until you finally couldn’t take it anymore and got up. Taking your coat, you opened the door and walked down the street until you were standing in front of the same building you stayed yesterday.

You were contemplating if you really should go in but the decision was taken out of your hands when the door suddenly opened and a scary looking guy greeted you.

„Miss Y/N, he’s upstairs.“

The fact that he had expected you to come back all along didn’t help much to proof your sanity. What were you even doing here? You should run, get away. Everything inside you was screaming but you still walked up the stairs and opened the door.

„Look who came back to daddy. Did you miss me already?“ He was sitting in a chair, spinning around when you entered to greet you with a smile that was anything else but warm.

„Why am I here? What did you do to me?“

„Why do you think I did anything to you?“

„Because I feel weird.“

His grin grows wider and he leans back into the chair, „Come here, daddy’s going to make it all better.“

It was as if you didn’t have any control left over your body when you feet started to move, taking slow steps toward him. You tried to make sense of it but your mind was just blank, the only thing you wanted to do was obey him.

He grabbed your wrist when you were close enough and pulled you into his lap, „Might have played a little with your mind last night…gave you some new drugs I came up with and I have to stay it worked exceptionally good. Here you are, like the good little girl I hoped you’d be.“

Your pulse sped up at his words, eyes growing wide. Would he really? Of course he would, a voice in your head screamed. You could practically feel your heart hammering against your chest. No wonder you couldn’t help but come here, this strange feeling hadn’t been normal and now you knew why.

„You didn’t….“ You whisper, a lump forming in your throat as you try to speak. There were tears beginning to form in your eyes as you looked at him, feeling more helpless than you had ever before in your life.

„No, no, no, no…don’t cry doll. As long as I’m around no one’s gonna hurt you.“

„Except for you.“

„Exactly.“ He begins to chuckle, making you shudder all over, yet you don’t pull away or try to run. Something’s stopping you and you can’t fight it.

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How exactly do you agree on the pronunciation of Troll names, such as Feferi, or Aradia? For example I pronounce Aranea as Ar-ay-knee-ah

Some time ago when he had a Formspring, Hussie answered a question about Troll pronunciation, and we use his pronunciation for basis:

TA-vros (rhymes with HAVE and GROSS)
eh-RI-dan (combine names Erin - n + Dan)

There’s a little variation between cast members, but I feel like that’s plausible; in real life people pronounce names differently. Feferi’s surname, Peixes is pronounced as the word Peixes should be; like the Portuguese word for fish, so “Pay-shes”, the rest are pretty straightforward, though I know common sticking points are “Leijon” (Lay-on) because it’s French, and Nitram, which since it’s literally just Martin backwards could have been anything, I think we went with “Nigh-tram”.

Hussie never wrote a guide for the Dancestors, so we had to make it up. Aranea is a point of contention among some viewers. We are aware that really her name should possibly pronounced with a tongue roll like A-hra-nya, but that’s pretty hard. A popular pronunciation in the fandom is “A-ran-ee-a” which is probably what most of us use outside of LRHS. The problem was that when spoken aloud, it’s easy to confuse that name with Aradia in the above pronunciation. So we had to improvise and we settled on “Ara-neya.”