i really like the idea of demiboy Lance

  • Lance uses they/he pronouns
    • which ones he uses flips daily.
    • sometimes in the middle of the day
  • the only one to really know about this is Hunk
  • Hunk asks him every morning which pronouns to use
    • He also asks Lance if he should start using the other pronouns half way through the day
  • Lance loves how much Hunk concerns over this to make him comfortable in his own skin
  • Lance sometimes talks to Hunk in the middle of the night about coming out to the others but he’s so unsure he doesn’t know if he should
    • Hunk is super supportive of Lance coming out to the others but he doesn’t push him to do it. He gives him his space to decide for himself
  • Lance being afab and constantly worrying if he’s being too feminine in front of the others
    • it sparks heavy dysphoria when his thoughts start rolling on that
    • Hunk notices him pulling away from the group and comforts him
      • “You’re not being at all feminine” “Yes, you do look like a guy”/”you are totally androgynous passing” etc
  • Lance decides to come out to the others 
    • he gets similar responses from the others when Pidge said she was a girl
    • it’s a little overwhelming for lance to be accepted so quickly especially by his friends
      • “I thought you guys would see me as a liar or something to that extent….”
      • “You look nothing like a girl I wouldn’t have had a clue!”
      • “You’re still the same ol’ Lance to me”
      • “Lance, I don’t think even the mice knew”
  • Lance is the happiest demiboy in space he cries a bit
  • the others also start asking about pronouns in the morning and afternoon (what seems like afternoon and morning anyways)

hello yes i’d like to introduce you to an idea courtesy of fox @ganseyiil and i that involves andrew and multiple types of court

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Deadly Games (part 2)

(Joker x Reader)

Request:  Can you make a part 2 of deadly games youre so good in wrihting❤

Warnings: drug use

He let you go, just like that. Walked you out of the building the next morning, gave you a pet on the back and watched you walk down the street. You half expected it to be a bad joke and find yourself waking up bound and gagged god knows where but nothing happened.

You were free, yet you felt more trapped than before. There was something captivating about him, something that drew you to him and you couldn’t explain why. You couldn’t shake the feeling off and it made you crazy.

You were restlessly rolling around in bed the whole night until you finally couldn’t take it anymore and got up. Taking your coat, you opened the door and walked down the street until you were standing in front of the same building you stayed yesterday.

You were contemplating if you really should go in but the decision was taken out of your hands when the door suddenly opened and a scary looking guy greeted you.

„Miss Y/N, he’s upstairs.“

The fact that he had expected you to come back all along didn’t help much to proof your sanity. What were you even doing here? You should run, get away. Everything inside you was screaming but you still walked up the stairs and opened the door.

„Look who came back to daddy. Did you miss me already?“ He was sitting in a chair, spinning around when you entered to greet you with a smile that was anything else but warm.

„Why am I here? What did you do to me?“

„Why do you think I did anything to you?“

„Because I feel weird.“

His grin grows wider and he leans back into the chair, „Come here, daddy’s going to make it all better.“

It was as if you didn’t have any control left over your body when you feet started to move, taking slow steps toward him. You tried to make sense of it but your mind was just blank, the only thing you wanted to do was obey him.

He grabbed your wrist when you were close enough and pulled you into his lap, „Might have played a little with your mind last night…gave you some new drugs I came up with and I have to stay it worked exceptionally good. Here you are, like the good little girl I hoped you’d be.“

Your pulse sped up at his words, eyes growing wide. Would he really? Of course he would, a voice in your head screamed. You could practically feel your heart hammering against your chest. No wonder you couldn’t help but come here, this strange feeling hadn’t been normal and now you knew why.

„You didn’t….“ You whisper, a lump forming in your throat as you try to speak. There were tears beginning to form in your eyes as you looked at him, feeling more helpless than you had ever before in your life.

„No, no, no, no…don’t cry doll. As long as I’m around no one’s gonna hurt you.“

„Except for you.“

„Exactly.“ He begins to chuckle, making you shudder all over, yet you don’t pull away or try to run. Something’s stopping you and you can’t fight it.