AU where Dumbledore’s Army uses the Chamber of Secrets instead of the Room of Requirement
  • Ultimate security as Harry is the only one capable of opening it. 
  • Myrtle proudly spending her time acting as a guard/lookout. 

  • Later, Harry diligently teaching Ron, Hermione, and a few choice others, like Neville, how to mimic parseltongue so that they can open it too. 

  • Muggleborns experiencing vicious satisfaction that they’re using this chamber as a place of education and defense, reclaiming the very space Slytherin built to rid the school of their presence. 

  • Hermione methodically dismantling the basilisk’s corpse, covertly selling the priceless ingredients to potion masters, using the funds to continue their work - buying books and battle robes and new wands for those who can’t afford it. 

  • (Hermione saving a portion of those ingredients for her own research, straightening in triumph when she learns what basilisk venom does to horcruxes, knowing she has vials of it hidden up in her room). 

  • Harry reverently adding the Chamber of Secrets to the Marauder’s Map, proudly continuing his family’s work and reveling in the difference they’re making. 

  • These students - these kids - choosing to train in a dark, horrifying place that was never meant for them. Learning spells amongst shadows, growing stronger in inches of murky water, the smell of a decomposing corpse in their noses, memories of all that had happened here haunting them. They know this is what war is really like and it helps to push them forward.  
  • Someone:Lance is horrible he only cares about himself
  • Lance:directs Commander Iverson's attention away from Pidge so they don't get yelled at- getting yelled at himself instead, helps rescue Shiro, catches Allura when she falls out of the sleep chamber, literally uses himself as a human shield to protect Coran from an explosion- almost getting himself killed/knocking him into a coma, e m e r g e s f r o m a c o m a just to shoot Sendak when he threatens to crush Pidge, despite feeling extremely homesick he understands the gravity of his new role in life and doesn't ask if he can go home- only voicing how he misses home, reminds Keith they can't hurt the Balmera at least two times, compliments his friends when they do a good job, thinks about his family and misses them so much everyday
  • Me:*sips tea* anyways i love Lance,

every harry potter film: harry potter and the sorcerer’s stone

it does not do to dwell on dreams, harry, and forget to live.


BUFFYVERSE + Aesthetic / SHIPS + Aesthetic: Buffy & Dawn (for drusillathekiller & anon)  

H.H. Holmes and his Hotel of Horrors - Behind the facade of nomaility, this house contained secret passages within the hotel walls, peepholes for spying, trapdoors, staircases leading to nowhere, doors opening to walls and an elevator shift with no elevator. It was a maze of the macabre and morbid. There was also a room that was converted into an airtight steel chamber, used to gas victims. The basement contained a concrete pit with vats of acid, used to dispose of the victims. Sometimes after dissolving bodies in the acid, Holmes would sell the skeletons to medical laboratories.

Holmes was finally apprehended in 1895 and executed in 1896. It is thought he could have killed up to as many as 200 victims.