“Why do you ship them, they’ve never even met”

The similarities don’t end there. They were both young girls from dysfunctional families. Claire’s dad Jimmy died. She was lost for a while, but then she thought she found a home with a replacement father, Randy, who turned out to be a major douche. Krissy’s dad, Lee died. She was lost for a while but then thought she found a home with a replacement father, Victor, who turned out to be a douche.

I honestly don’t get why people don’t ship these two, if they were both guys, tumblr would be all over this ship.

also can their ship name be classy? i spent 5 hours laying awake in bed last night thinking about it. please?

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I hate to do this. I really do. But we really need the help.

That speckled little boy on the left is Tyler. He’s a Border Collie/ Blue Heeler mix, and we adopted him from a local rescue seven years ago. This past Tuesday night, May 19th, he was rushed to the emergency vet clinic bloated, coughing and attempting to vomit. We assumed it was a stomach torsion, but what the doctors found instead was a liter and a half of fluid in his chest, and a mass settled right between his lungs.

Today, May 21st, we received word that he has lymphoma. It’s a very fast growing and aggressive type, and at this point he’s been given six months to live. We may be able to change that with chemotherapy, but at this point it’s financially out of our reach.

We’ve been rescuing animals nearly my whole life. We live in a county that only recently stopped using gas chambers to euthanize perfectly healthy animals due to “lack of space.” There are homeless animals wandering down our streets every single day. Right now, we have two dogs and a cat with immediate serious health concerns, and others with chronic conditions that need daily treatment. We could have managed—we almost always do—but with Tyler as sick as he is, we’re running out of options.

If you could, please donate to my mother’s campaign. If you can’t, please, please share this post so others might see it. We will all be eternally grateful for your kindness.


Me and my friend Ben Schwenk (who taught me tons about making costumes!! He’s the demon lol) when I used to work at Chambers of the Mausoleum, pretty much the best haunted house ever. I miss those days tons! #scaretocare #spoopy


‘Dirty Projectors - Useful Chamber’. “Far away.”

Top 5 Music Moments

Since i’m a silly idiot who hangs out with Cranky Kong and makes too many music lists in my head, here’s a list of my top moments in songs (as of today, and it has generally stayed the same choices for the last 3 years)

1. Cuckoo Cuckoo - Animal Collective

The main piano loop. IF there’s any possibility that we really are some sort of transcendent energy masterpiece than this loop is the vibe my soul gives off to all the goofs in heaven. Its so heart breaking and honest and sad, everything is beautiful and everything is at stake just for being alive.

2. What You Want - My Bloody Valentine

The way Kevin Shields voice trails off at the end of each verse. There’s a certain magic in Kevin’s vocals, the same one I find in those Beatles harmonies and Robert Pollards voice circa Bee Thousand that seems completely otherworldly. It just gently exists, past the point of being frustrated in this massive, chaotic, elephant guitar world.

3. In The Flowers - Animal Collective

When it gets MASSIVE.

True Story - one time a midst the biggest depression I had ever faced yet I put on this song on and was cheered up INSTANTLY and forever, I still feel good and that was like 3 months ago. When I was first discovering alternative/indie/weneedabettertermforgoodmusic, I remember being so annoyed at this part, “Its like being attacked, from a song!?” but now every time I never turn it down I just give myself to it and this weird fireworks fairy entity appears to hover over my head.

4. Feel Like Makin’ Love - D'Angelo

When the Rhodes SO GENTLY comes in and casts a rainbow over the track. That sound is mixed so quietly, cant get over the perfection in the design of that Rhodes in relation to the whole song. I always picture some idyllic night in New York when I hear this song.

5. Useful Chamber - Dirty Projectors

After the first dissonant freak out the female vocalists come in and sound like the closest approximation of angels anyone has heard or can imagine. So anyways they beautifully assault you with giant AAHS but with a simple vowel shape change the mood is powerfully comforting. Thanks Dave, way to orchestrate shit like no one ever does or will.