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Marlin Model 512 

Also known as the “Slugmaster”, this bolt-action shotgun resembles a classic hunting rifle rather than your traditional pump-action shotgun. Equipped with rifle sights and a 21″ long rifled barrel, it proved to be popular in states with rifle restrictions for hunting. Max capacity is still a meager 2+1 but you are using 12 gauge slugs. A synthetic stock version called the 512P was introduced for a short period of time before the line was put out of production in 2001. (GRH)

The Practical Uses Of Slug Spit (Wonwoo x Mingyu Hogwarts AU Smut)

Summary: In all the drama their years at Hogwarts held for them, Mingyu and Wonwoo liked to… fly under the radar. They preferred to have their lives play out in private. All the deep discussions, chocolate sweet kisses, and cheek-pinking moments. Hogwarts AU. Boy x boy. Smut. 

(A/N: okay so i am the queen of getting carried away. i saw this prompt and i felt so inspired, i wanted to write something about it. i originally intended this just to be a little blurb but then it shaped up in my head and as i was writing it, it grew past a thousand words and it came to be a full blown scenario. a short one, but still. this is probably the fastest i’ve ever written something like this, and i honestly think this is the first piece on the blog with absolutely no reader character. but i still hope you all enjoy it. i really really enjoyed whipping this up quick, and i think it helped to get me back in the swing of writing all the time. plus, meanie is one of my favourite ships from seventeen. and i always love going crazy with my hogwarts aus. warnings for: extreme fluff, smut, gay smut, gayness, nutella, a brief jun cameo, and yeah. enjoy. -Tanisha<3)

“You’re in my spot.”

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❤ Only 5% of the slug population is above ground at any one time

❤ A slug’s blood is green

❤ Slugs are hermaphrodite, having both male and female reproductive organs

❤ Unlike snails that hibernate during winter, slugs are active whenever the temperature is above 5°C

❤ Slugs used to live in the ocean, which is why they still need to keep moist

❤ Slugs have the capability to reproduce by themselves, although a mate is preferred

❤ When picked up or touched, the Black Slug will contract into a hemispherical shape and begin to rock from side to side

❤ Slugs leave their own individual scent trail so they can find their way home

So I’ve been wanting one of my first major headcanons here to be on Zaeed’s cybernetics and general medical condition, specifically as it relates to having been shot point-blank in the head and survived. Now, I’m charitably assuming that his execution was done with a pistol, because, with the weapons technology native to mass effect, anything else at that range with no armor or kinetic shielding would have blown his head apart like a watermelon, and personally I still think it was a near thing. 

To quote directly from the wiki: “A mass accelerator propels a solid metal slug using precisely-controlled electromagnetic attraction and repulsion. The slug is designed to squash or shatter on impact, increasing the energy it transfers to the target. If this were not the case, it would simply punch a hole right through, doing minimal damage.”

To put it gently, after Vido was done with him, Zaeed’s head was a fucking mess. They left him where he was instead of checking a pulse because there was no logical way he should have been able to survive - the fact that he managed to drag himself far enough to get help is nothing short of mind-boggling, but not totally unheard of in the case of instances of extreme brain damage, which he most certainly had. He looks relatively put-together today, but before he went in for the first volley of reparative surgeries, half of his face was outright missing, and had to be reconstructed roughly from the appearance of the other half. If I ever drabble it or write a flashback into a post, the phrase “I don’t know where to put the medigel, man, there’s just nothing left” would not be out of place. 

As far as what was done to fix him, and what lingering side-effects he has to this day, his eye is the obvious starting point. It’s synthetically-grown tissue - technically organic, as opposed to, say, The Illusive Man’s cybernetic variety, and wired where the optic nerve would normally be  with a series of implants that simulate the act of sight. He states in the Citadel DLC that he lacks depth perception, and yet he can still shoot (with an Incisor sniper rifle, no less), so I’m inclined to think the implants combine with experience and muscle memory to provide him a firing solution, but that neither can provide actual depth of field. This deficiency may be a result of the brain damage previously alluded to, if 22nd century medicine couldn’t find a work-around. 

But other than his eye, there is a lot more damage still lingering under the surface. His olfactory nerves were completely destroyed, and his sense of smell is also simulated via implant. More than half of his teeth are fake, as well as much of his lower mandible. His voice was deep before, but it didn’t become as outright gravelly as the one we hear in-game until heat-scarring to his trachea and esophagus took root. And then there’s the damage to his brain: he lost a significant percentage of actual brain mass during the shooting, which is something that he wouldn’t have survived without significant physical and mental impairment in any previous century, and during his convalescence he was frequently prone to seizures and hallucinations, suffered serious balance issues, and most importantly temporarily lost his grip on his long-term memory.

He now has an implant not dissimilar to a greybox (which were originally designed, before being used in espionage, to combat the symptoms of Alzheimer’s) that catalogs and helps him recall his memories through the use of synesthetic mnemonics. This is part of the reasoning behind both his frequent reminiscing and his obsession with the past - he can not only recall it perfectly at a moment’s notice as a result of his implants, but he can remember what it was like to not be able to remember, and clings to his past savagely as a result, lest it be stripped from him again. Unfortunately, this only dug his need for revenge in deeper - he isn’t kidding when he says that he remembers what Vido did to him every time he hears a gunshot, he literally cannot help it. 

Flashbacks are common, and he suffers from frequent migraines, but a dulled sense of any other type of pain or physical sensation, and while he was already a borderline sociopath before he was shot, his ability to connect emotion to circumstance and empathize with others was further impaired by the damage. His most capable emotions are the “lower” variety - anger, paranoia, passion - while “higher” and more abstract feelings like compassion, loss, and regret tend to escape him, leaving him “sitting in neutral” most of the time, emotionally speaking. He can be made to care, but it’s generally in a pragmatic way, and on a very narrow and personal scale. 

Dib's happy place

(Continuation of the event from @smallest-irken-invader)

Shivers crept onto Susan’s back, as she heard the singing. She wouldn’t admit it, but she was terrified of this place, Marble and… in the current state Dib too.
She started an intense search, and they helped her on her way. She kept seeing those black slugs Dib used before, but they always destroyed them. “For your safety” they kept telling her.
She started with the roof, and continue to go down.

I love comparing the interpretations whenever Kaneko and Soejima have both drawn a mythological character.

For example Jiraiya from Jiraiya Goketsu Monogatari:

Kaneko’s interpretation in SMTII 

He wears typical ninja clothes and has theatre associations.

Jiraiya is a Kabuki play. Though the mask Kaneko drew looks like from Noh theatre.

Jiraiya, his wife Tsunade and their traitor disciple Yashagoro/Orochimaru have also appeared in movies, novels and mangas.

Soejima’s design 

Soejima’s Persona 4 design focuses on Jiraiya’s special ability. He can use toad magic while his wife uses slug magic and Orochimaru uses snake magic

There are also allusions to Shuriken in Soejima’s design

Jiraiya is also a electric based skill that Black Mask Fukoshi use as their special attack in Devil Summoner 2: Raidou Kuzunoha vs. King Abaddon since Jiraiya 
児雷也 is written with the symbol for thunder 雷.

I’m sitting here with tons of zinc pennies wondering what I can make with them and then I realized something.

Zinc melts like lead
Zinc can be used to make slugs
I know how to make a slug mold
I know how to make black powder
I know where there are shotgun shells
I know how to reload shotgun shells

The only issue from doing a truely wasteland reload is the primer. Now I have to learn how to make or if possible reprime primers

But for about 5-7 cents (gotta figure out the weight for 1oz) I can make my own shells sans primers.


The run-and-gun. This fine genre, a staple of the 80s and early 90s arcade experience, was on the verge of extinction in 1998, having been surpassed in popularity by fighting games, lightgun shooters and even the venerable shoot-em-up which had found new life thanks to companies such as Cave and Raizing. This type of game’s days were clearly numbered. Early Neo Geo titles, like Magician Lord and Ninja Combat, had tried to carry the torch but just couldn’t seem to recapture the magic of old.

There was but one group left with both the skills and passion to do the dying genre justice in an arcade setting: the Nazca team, who by this time were a part of SNK itself. In 1996, they brought us Metal Slug, a triumph of form and function–gorgeous graphics and solid gameplay. After two years, they figured that the public may have recovered from what they had unleashed, and they returned with Metal Slug 2.

Bigger, badder and better in almost every way, Metal Slug 2 is a worthy successor to the first game and a great warm-up to the team’s magnum opus, Metal Slug 3–to be joyously covered when we hit the year 2000. You can now choose from four characters (featuring the introduction of Fio and Eri) instead of the default of Marco and Tarma locked to the respective players 1 and 2. The stages are generally larger and somewhat more immersive, even including branching paths at some points. The visuals are even more impressive this time around, with debris-filled explosions, multi-part crumpling boss enemies and lush world-spanning environments like only the Irem of old could provide. You’ll blast through what looks like the Middle East, Egypt, China and maybe even Siberia on your missions, set to the tune of the same military-rock fusion style music of the first game. It’s glorious. All told, the enhancements to the game required a Neo Geo cartridge nearly twice as large as the first game–45 megabytes, and it shows.

But all of this beauty takes its toll on the 8-year-old Neo Geo hardware, and the game is riddled with slowdown, sometimes cutting the framerate in half or less. It’s the one drawback of the game, although some players may welcome the slightly reduced pace when things get particularly hectic. SNK heard the cries of those who were upset at this chugging gameplay and released a new version of the game, Metal Slug X, the following year in 1999. That release removed a lot of slowdown, but also changed the graphics and music which some might find objectionable. Thanks to modern technology, though, there’s another option available to play the original, unaltered Metal Slug 2 without slowdown: use the Sliders menu inside your MAME to overclock the CPU being emulated to, say, 150%. This won’t harm your computer, but it will trick the emulated CPU into running at a higher rate than the Neo Geo possessed, which allows it to more easily maintain the 60 frames per second goal. Enjoy–and good luck. At regular speeds, you’ll definitely need it.