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Some thoughts about the boy who has watched all he loves fade:

  • Raphael Santiago carefully rewriting every single one of his mothers recipe’s while he keeps the originals in a little box for safe keeping. The paper’s yellowing with the years, but it’s comforting having a little piece of her. Comforting to see the same sweeping y’s and the undotted i’s of her handwriting reflected in his.
  • Raphael made a promise to his mother to take care of all of them. The first time his mom placed Sergio into his arms at just 4 years old Raphael knew that his heart wasn’t his own’s anymore.
  • He goes every Sunday to see Lucia, makes her meals just like mama used to. Spends hours trying to make them as exact as possible.
  • Sometimes Lucia will look at him and he swears that the way she smiles so symbolic of her name that she recognizes him.
  • Lucia was the only girl in a family of hermanos mayores. And while Raphael was the one that looked most like their mama, Sergio having all of mama’s charm, Arturo had that same wildness as their father, but Lucia’s eyes, Dios nos libre, it was like having Guadalupe Santiago stare right at him.
  • Lucia’s health was declining and she usually fell asleep early in the night. Raphael would spend  countless hours singing to her, despierta, mi bien, despierta mira que ya amaneció. Ya los pajaritos cantan la luna ya se metió.

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new concept: u nd i as michael nd geoff, in palette # "I fucking hate horror games"

riley really hates horror games, and i love to laugh at riley hating horror games so here we are

God I love Dante Ramon so much and he’s so smart like

he dug up a lot of shit on argus in like three hours using nothing but Cisco’s ID card and desperation to save his brother. he got shot in the CHEST trying to protect cisco and committed several crimes just to get Dale to help him, because he didn’t care about the consequences as long as he didn’t lose another sibling.

he shot open the tube keeping Cisco prisoner with no regard for his own life (which lead to the whole getting-shot thing), despite not knowing if it would work.

he didn’t want Cisco to become a superhero because he was worried that the government was just using an 18 year old kid who wanted to do some good with his life (and he was right as it turns out) and he didn’t want to watch someone else he loved die in front of him.

he still carries the guilt of not doing more to save Armando with him? he regrets not grabbing Armando and pulling him to safety every day? he hates himself for it? he’s such a good person and he hates himself so much?

anyways. God. I love Dante Ramon.


ONO, the first ever smartphone 3D printer 

 Born in 2014 from the simple idea of making 3D printing accessible for everyone, founders Filippo Moroni and Pietro Gabriele worked on new technology to develop a high quality 3D printer that was affordable and easy to use. Their goal was to make the most diffused printer in the world and to develop a worldwide community around it. After 2 years of hard work, ONO has developed and grown into the first 3D printer of its class. ONO aims to put 3D printing into the hands of new users and professionals alike, expanding the possibilities for innovation and advancement of the technology across the entire spectrum of users.

Fast, accessible, and precise, ONO is now faster than ever. Gearing up towards the closing phase of the campaign, the latest video of ONO 3D shows the printer creating a reticular structure in just 2.5 hours using a mid-range Android phone.
The object takes up almost the full printing area (120 x 66 x 50 mm) with the use of 46.8 ml of castable resin. During the whole printing time, the phone was not once connected to a charger and used less than half of the fully charged battery, so you can really use ONO on the go!

See the time-lapse video showing the whole process, using an open-sided ONO.

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Pentacle and pine cone?

explain your craft.
in short, i practice cosmic witchcraft. i draw energy from planets, stars, and other celestial bodies like black holes and supernovae. i worship the planets, esp saturn and neptune. i time my spells using planetary hours and lunar phases. 

do you meditate?
not as much as i should. i did it a lot when i first started practicing witchcraft though.

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Witchsona commission for thelabyrinthlolita, from puppetgrenade

pink/charms/herbal tea witch + corgi familiar

some unlucky kiddos :’)


headcanon that the russian team is just a bunch of fucking trolls  (feat. Yuuri bc they’re all rinkmates now)

We are always stronger together 

Can you believe there is only a few day left before Voltron season 2 ???





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