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Do you have some advice for how to manage biology? I'm having some trouble getting used to it.. Your blog is really helpful, thank you! :)

Here are some things I did for Biology when I was in high school:

  • I made a list of the key words and terms on an index card for each chapter. I look at these cards whenever I have time + before the tests so as to help me memorising them.
  • I made a lot of flow charts for biology. Sometimes I even use one flow chart to summarise a whole entire chapter, like for photosynthesis, respiration, and more. The process of integrating all the information into that flow chart really helps me understanding the materials.
  • I taught myself using those flowcharts. With the flowcharts, I would just follow the flow and talked about the entire chapter. This is a way to organise all the information in my head once again.
  • I also visualised things. I understand how hard it is to remember a bunch of terms and processes, that’s why I found visualising those processes really help.

This is a post by study-early​ on how she studied biology. I hope all of these can help!


So the amazing @ripvontinkle / @ripvondraw and I were talking about ADD / depression and how I want to get a bit more strict about taking care of myself and adjusting my daily routine after I move. She’s been working hella hard too. She made us this amazing flowchart to follow when we wake up in the morning. I’ve had people message me expressing how they relate to some of my personal posts and I hope this helps more than just us!