Hello! I think it’s important to take care of your study space as well as the place you live in, so I created this checklist of activities. Some of them are to be done daily, some weekly and some of them just once a month or so. It’s also a good idea to do these in your study breaks, you are giving your mind a break but staying productive at the same time! 

  • write a shopping list
  • go grocery shopping
  • cook the next meal / meal prep
  • vacuum
  • dust the furniture
  • water your plants
  • take the trash our
  • do the recycling
  • change the towels in your bathroom
  • change your toothbrush
  • clean your hairbrush of hair
  • do the laundry + ironing
  • open your windows and let some fresh air in
  • change your bed sheets
  • make your bed
  • wash the dishes
  • tidy that one chair / your bed / your floor of clothes
  • organise your bookshelf
  • clean the mirrors
  • clean your shoes
  • put toilet cleaner in your toilet
  • take care of your drains
  • feed your pet!!
  • disconnect any electronics if you are not using it
  • change light bulbs
  • check the fridge for expired food
  • clean your make up products and brushes
  • colour coordinate your wardrobe
  • bin that one broken thing you’ve been meaning to
  • call the electrician / plumber if there’s a problem
  • decorate according to the season
  • cut the grass
  • sweep the balcony / terrace
  • clean the shower and the sink

Feel free to add on if I’ve missed anything. Good luck!

Tired of Good Vs Evil?

I have other type of conflicts for you:

Order Vs Chaos

Tradition vs Progress

Discipline Vs Harmony

Selflessness Vs Egoism

Bacon Vs Tie      

Safety Vs Freedom

Individuality vs Community

Emotions Vs Stoicism

Romanticism Vs Enlightenment 

Nature Vs Nurture   

Life Vs Death

Bacon Vs Broccoli

 Pacifism Vs Self-Arming

Chance Vs Purpose

Talent Vs Hard work

 Passivity Vs Action      

Performance Vs Technique

Law Vs Good

Order Vs Harmony

Science Vs Nature

Human morality Vs Non-human morality (especially if both sides are “good”)

UPD: Added new ones

Also old three-way picture. Just in case if anyone might need it.

useful study tip! 

if you have a question/ if you’re confused about something while studying, write it down on a sticky note and put it next to your notes. That way you’ll remember to research it further or ask your teacher, instead of just letting the confusion continue.

Hey everyone! I’ve been having a really good day today, and after walking home in the rain, I decided that I was going to create a guide for refocusing yourself as the quarter/semester goes by and you find yourself losing your push. Please feel free to comment and share if any of this was helpful!

Disclaimer: I am not a professional, and these are things that I think about that help me focus on what really matters. These things may not work for you, but I encourage you to share anything that has worked for you with the rest of us. 

1. go on a stroll || 

sometimes the best things we can do for ourselves is to take a breather from our social responsibilities and exist in a world that is our own. focus on what we value as individuals away from the ideas of others, and really develop and reconnect with a sense of who we are. i recommend putting on some of your favorite songs, or something that inspires you. i have a playlist for when I go on strolls, if you’d like to listen. take this time to think about yourself, and think about things you enjoy. rediscover value in the things that you take for granted on a day to day basis, and give thanks to them. Use this time to remember why you’re doing what you’re doing. If you are a writer, remember what made you want to write. If you are a biology major, remember what made you want to go into biology. use this inspiration as motivation to get back to your work.  

2. humble yourself ||

 find things that you do really well, and find things that you would like to see yourself improve on. evaluating your own abilities will help you construct an idea of your strengths and your weaknesses. once established, you can look for ways that you can improve on the things that you find to be weaknesses that you have. life is all about growth. don’t discourage yourself for having weaknesses, but rather acknowledge them and work towards improving them. if you find that you are struggling in math, then acknowledge that you need help, or that you need to commit more time, and do it! a big part of working towards improving is that you’re actively working.

3. find a role model || 

think of someone you look up to. what qualities do they have that you enjoy? why do you find value in the things that they do? if possible, have you told this person that you look up to them? having role models is a really important part of life. whether it being admiring the works of great scientists, or appreciating the loving nature of an acquaintance, it’s important to find people that we appreciate, and use them as inspiration to become better ourselves. if you’re a scientist, get inspire by the drive of influential scientists who have changed the world with their discoveries. if you’re a writer, get inspired by the vast worlds of Harry Potter.

4. look up || 

this tip is my personal favorite. it’s as simple as it sounds - look up. i find that people are often caught up in their own world and don’t take the time to look around and notice the things around them. take a new perspective. look up at the trees, and analyze how nature moves. look up as it’s raining and notice the pattern of the rain falling. look up in a room and notice that one of the lights is different colored than the others. the whole idea of this is to look at things in a new perspective. it helps you notice the things you would normally be blind to. i challenge you to try and change your perspective. take that new perspective into your work, and try to analyze and learn in new and interesting ways.

Imagine that if Tony told Loki he can be ‘useful’ in the tower, Loki never thought that he would make him a bartender at his famous parties. 

At one party, where you are for the first time, a guy gropes your ass. You react by punching him in the face and breaking his nose (unintentionally). You then go to the bar. Despite your badass reaction, the guy really scared you and your hands are trembling and heart is pounding in your chest. Loki, who saw everything, offers you a glass of sugar water, which you gladly accept, and his velvety voice and soothing words soon calm you down again.