Today I realized that the method I used for studying all my life was completely wrong and because of this, I failed Aerodynamics and Compressible flow. What I did was review the concepts in the lecture notes, and then after knowing I had a grasp of them, redo the problems in my lecture notes, text book examples, and HW problems. It sounded like a decent plan, right?

Except one thing: engineering and upper-level math exams rely on students solving problems they likely never seen before. They rely on testing the “on-the-fly” problem solving skills of students. That’s why professors make tests completely different from HW and lectures.

What I was doing was reviewing what I already knew. In other words, I wasn’t actually learning anything new or teaching myself how to tackle new problems: all I was doing was pointlessly redoing all the problems.

All that did was give me a false sense of confidence without actually learning anything new. In other words, this method only made me overconfident.

A different method would be something like this (under read more)

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1. Well to be honest it doesn’t really count part of the main series, it wasn’t very personal to the players after all.

2. He would exactly look like Gogo just with green eyes with no glasses.

3. Possibly

4. If that was true, i can imagine all of that happening

1. If Spark finds his tickle spots, which he will, Go can’t win at all

2. Away from all the leaders and assistants antics, especially the war between Valor and Mystic… Well its just Gogo and Beta. Yeah he probably would hang out

3. Go will be tanned forever because of Gogo’s mixture lotion she used

4. Beta: W-what? WHY!? WHAT DID I DO!?

5. Sure in a way

1. Yeah I draw other stuff, it just Pokemon is taking over my life right now

2. Yeah ,Go got Rowlet, Gogo got Poppilo, and Beta got Litten

3. Nope not one bit. Not a single chance


THOUGHTS: This one was inspired by a scene from “Goonies” where the kids climb up the hill and you have a spectacular view of Cannon Beach in the back. What I love most about this shot is that it was unedited, no special FX…that day was exactly like that and it feels amazing.

1. Square format
2. Painting in under 60 minutes.
3. Photo references used
4. No photo overlaying.
5. Weak paintings get deleted