it’s interesting, to hear supergirl tell cat ‘you are the most arrogant, self serving, mean-spirited person i know.’ Because with everyone else? All that she’s saying is pretty new, never heard before. Except, we’ve already heard Kara say something like this to Cat before-when Cat’s mother was in town, and then Kara accidentally lost control of her temper yelled at Cat why are you so mean? Sure, not nearly as bad as what she told Cat this time, but it shows that these thoughts don’t just appear from thin air. They exist, in a small dark part of herself that Kara’s afraid of, that she never wants anyone to ever see, and so she buries it. Except, that isn’t an option this episode, because sometimes Kara is just so filled with pain and rage and hurt that for a fleeting second she wants everyone else to hurt with her, and then she remembers why she never wants that for anyone, but the thought is there. It happened. And we got to see all of it on display.

And honestly it’s a little bit why I’m so annoyed at James this episode at the end “Just to know that you have this anger inside of you..”

You have someone who lost everything, her family, friends, language, culture, her entire world, everything, (also let’s not forget astra just died like a week ago)  and you’re surprised to learn that she has a dark side, and is capable of a lot of anger?????? It’s the fact that while she is capable of such hate and anger, day after day, when she’s not under the sway of a synthetic chemical specifically designed to hurt her anyway, she chooses light and smiles and sticking up for random little girls on the street and laughter.

Pig farmer vs restaurant owner.

Once upon a time there was a man who owned a piece of land next to a thriving restaurant. Now this man had owned the land for a long time, (22 years), and it was undeveloped. He had bought it cheaply, but it had great highway frontage, and he had always dreamed of building a little used cars lot or gun shop on the tract, as his retirement pastime.

Now, the man had had the tract zoned as a commercial lot when he bought it, but when news leaked about the upcoming development, the restaurant owners petitioned the zoning board to overturn the commercial zoning, and re-institute the original agricultural zoning. By the way, all land in the mythical state of Kentucky is zoned as agricultural by default. This was unfair, illegal, and generally rude, but the restauranteur’s brother was the county zoning commissioner, so things naturally turned agaist our would-be entrepreneur.

After fighting the good, clean, play-by-the-rules sort of battle and losing, our would-be entrepeneur gave up. He decided to accept the county zoning.

Not to see the tract go idly unused, the enterprising retiree decided to pursue another business venture. He raised hogs. Lots of them. Two hundred and four, to be exact, on his little 12 acre tract. For those of you unfamiliar with the climate in time-lost Kentucky, the summers are downright southernly in their humidity and heat. As you can imagine, a rather malignant odor grew up around the thriving hog farm. Patrons of the restaurant ate elsewhere, anywhere else to be exact.

In a matter of weeks, the zoning commissioner reversed his earlier ruling, returning the commercial status of the lot. It is another caveat of Kentucky zoning law that land can always be used for a purpose lesser on the scale of hierarchy than its current zoning. Everyone, especially the restauranteur, was surprised when the hog farm remained in operation. Nothing, not even substantial financial offers, could convince the new farmer to quit his now beloved occupation.

Exactly 3 months, and four days after the opening of the hog farm, the restaurant closed its doors for good. The farmer, in a fit of depression, ceased hog farming and decided to open a small sporting goods store instead. It remains there to this day, alongside his newly-acquired restaurant.

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Here’s an Idea: What if Stan never stole his brother’s identity… at least, not on purpose?

QUICK NOTE: This is not meant to confirm or deny the Identity Swap theory. These are just musing I’ve had, especially in light of my last post. I’ve just been on a roll lately so my brain won’t stop thinking about it so I need to get this out so I can SLEEP TONIGHT JAYSUS.

While in the beginning I was leery about Stanford actually being Stanley, I think there is too much evidence for it and it’s pretty much confirmed. HOWEVER, I do not think Grunkle Stan ever actually stole his brother Stanford’s identity. I think it was simply bestowed upon him by Gideon, and he never corrected the little gremlin because he didn’t care enough.


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One time my sister saw my car parked where it shouldn’t be on campus and I found this when I came back.

Not only did I get ticketed, but every Gryffindor was pissed off at me for the rest of the year…


“Outta This World Coffee” (all my lot names in this neighborhood are ridiculous, puns, or random number strings). If Clara owned a coffee shop, it would probably look a lot like this.

I don’t even wanna think about how long I’ve been trying to decorate this lot. Well, not so much decorate as trying to come up with a reasonable floor plan…

WELL that was an interesting adventure LMAOOO

I locked my key AND my purse WITH MY SPARE KEY in my car when I went to Michael’s. I noticed it as soon as I heard the door click shut and I was just like, “Well. I’ll deal with that when I come back out.”
Mom was busy, couldn’t help, dad was asleep, so I was like “Well fuck it, looks like I have some time to kill” and walked to Taco Bell for a drink and wouldn’t ya guess it, a friend from high school that I haven’t seen in two whole years was there. We chatted for a bit and I was like “So… You wouldn’t happen to know how to break into a car would you?”

And he did

So high school friend I haven’t seen in two years and I embarked on a mission to break into my car together

And it JUST SO HAPPENS that I actually did my makeup today for an errand I thought would take me three minutes. God is with me this day.