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Hi! I want to draw people with a lot of emotion captured, but I don't really know how to do it so that the viewer feels something. I want to show more emotion, I guess? (This was really unclear, I know :0) Thank you so much!

What a great question, @everchangingotps​!

I think studying anatomy helps a lot. Facial muscles are a bit complex, and they move in different ways to make the frowns and smiles happen!

Here’s a few great resources I found:

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I'm not really confident in my art, and whenever someone sees me drawing in public I immediately recoil. My art is no where near as good as yours. What should I do?

You should watch this video :

This video was made by the amazing @incaseyouart and it will explain you everthing ! ( I just found out this video yesterday night and I was just amazed by how well she explain things )

  • So don’t be scare or mad of your own drawings you need to draw everyday and to improve you need to use references, tutorials and stuff and you’ll see that you will improve without realisation ! :) 


(I will not answer at these kind of questions anymore hope you’ll understand♡ )

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Can someone without experience in drawing on paper AT ALL be able to do digital art and actually be good at it? Would you know any tutorials that'd be helpful in that kind of situation? Also tutorials in using both softwares you've mentioned in another reply.

to be blunt, no not really. If you suck at drawing on paper it’s not magically gonna look good digitally either, and the computer doesn’t draw for you, you actually physically draw. but with a tablet (i use a wacom bamboo)

here are just some of my sketchbooks i’ve drawn in throughout the years, all double sided with hundreds of pages.

I advise you get good at drawing on paper (which is cheap!!!) before going breaking the bank with expensive softwares and tablets and brushes.


Background Tutorial

requested by ion4ever. sorry it took me so long to do this for you but hopefully I was of some help? 


  • I use CS6, and this was mostly done with default hard round brush at around 50% opacity or higher, 100% flow, and size pressure on. I made some random brushes for the greenery by modifying the default ones.
  • always use a large canvas. I go about 3000px x 3000px.
  • with enough practice, painting backgrounds like this will be a fairly quick affair. this one, for example, took about 30 minutes? it’s just a matter of time/experience. :)

So yeah, good luck doing backgrounds, and have fun!! :D


Glitch Effect Tutorial

ayyeee here’s a tutorial no one asked for made this for college assignment, but i hope someone will find this useful! >w< (original drawing)

How to Use Setting Powder

One of the most common mistakes people make when it comes to setting their face  is quickly dusting powder over their skin and calling it a day, whilst this is quick and easy it really isn’t the most effective way to use a setting powder and set your makeup in place. Not only can it disturb the foundation underneath, but it can also give you an uneven, dry and cakey finish to your makeup.

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You're really good at drawing hands! If it's not too much trouble could you make a small tutorial, or just a bunch of hands in different poses that I can study from? If it's too troublesome don't worry about it.

i really think i shouldn’t make a hand tutorial seeing as how yolo all of them fdjgsdlfs but some tips i could give you:

- use refs!!! use your hand, pictures etc… ppl telling you that using refs is “cheating” are wrong
- don’t be afraid to make mistakes! trying new poses will help you get better at drawing hands!
- get inspired from things you watch! for example, the ojamajo doremi hands are a big inspiration for me ! <3

good luck !!! and sorry for the delay in answering TT

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how to anatomy please explain i demand it

Something like this. You can add nicer hair or a beard.

Part 2 

Ahhh thank you again//// im kinda flattered you would ask me for tips;;;;; Well colouring is really VERSATILE and so many possibilities!!! So there’s no right or wrong way to colour//// Here is just some stuff on how I colour, hope it helps!!!