used to love wearing my hair this way at school in the 80s

“Prom was invented just to make girls starve so they can fit in a dress and compete over a stupid title.”

“Uh –” Derek blinks, eyes his sister dubiously, “I’m not a girl?”

Cora huffs. “Whatever.”

In the kitchen Laura bursts out laughing. “Don’t worry.” She yells. “Cora is just jealous she will have to wait five years to go to her own prom.”

“I’m not going!” Cora yells back. “Prom is stupid, I don’t even know why you’re going,” she tells Derek, “it’s not like you know how to have fun.”

Derek raises an eyebrow while Laura just laughs harder. “Oh my god.” Their older sister says. “I stay away for six months and Cora turns into a sassy queen.” She walks into the living room, pretends to wipe at her eyes. “I’m so proud.”

“You two are ridiculous.” Derek says, turning around. “And I’m just going because Erica promised to pay me. With ice cream.” Then he gives Cora a wicked smile. “That I’m not going to share with either of you.”

“You are the worst brother!” Cora yells as he begins to climb the stairs. “And I hope you fall on your ass while trying to dance!”

“Can’t hear you!” Derek’s cell begins to ring. “Too busy getting ready to prom!”

Laura lets out a high-pitched laughter. “I love you two so much.”

Derek shakes his head fondly, closes his bedroom door behind himself just as Cora tells Laura to shut up. “Hey.” He answers the phone, collapsing on his bed. “What’s up?”

“Yo,” Stiles answers, “whatcha doing?”

“Listening to my sisters fight.” He says, snorting when he hears his dad start complaining about all the yelling and ‘no, Cora, I’m not letting you go to prom, you’re thirteen!’. “I’m gonna have to check the trunk of my car tomorrow night.”

Stiles laughs. “She’s not that good.”

“If you keep teaching her, she will be.” Derek blurts out, curses himself mentally when he realizes it came out harsher than he intended.

It’s just – sometimes he can’t help it. He’s known Stiles since they were four, Cora wasn’t even born then, but one day she turned eleven and Stiles became her new favorite person. Stiles couldn’t find it funnier and took Cora as his little apprentice. He even taught her how to cheat on Mario Kart.

He’s never taught Derek that.

Derek rolls his eyes, thinks about his little sister still downstairs pouting and trying to convince their dad that she’s old enough to go out. He shouldn’t be jealous of her, but the thing is – he grew up with two sisters, he knows how to share toys and food, but he doesn’t know how to share Stiles.

Because Stiles is his.

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Unanswered PLL questions

Plot Holes/unanswered questions:

1. What was the point of the puzzle pieces of the puzzle image meant nothing?
2. How was that not related to Archer or Bethany Young’s drawings?
3. Speaking of which, how is Bethany not more relevant to this?
4. If Bethany isn’t relevant then what does this picture that Marlene posted from the finale mean? Is she just a bad speller?

5. Why impregnate Ali with Emily’s eggs? What was the point of that?
6. Why was a Melissa mask necessary?
7. What was the point of holding Ezra captive?
8. Why did A.D. favor Aria so much and pull her to the dark side?
9. Also Alex climbed in bed next to Aria and said she would love her the most. Why did she have such a soft spot for Aria?
10. If Wren broke out Mona from Welby, then when was he killed? Didn’t we just see him at the airport?
11. Why did Alex kill him?
12. Was Melissa ever even in this episode or was that Mona? If not, where is she?
13. What the point of this picture of a burned person? I liked the fan theory better than the actual ending in which Bethany was burned during the Jenna Thing and that gave her more motive.

14. What was the purpose of Ali and Bethany being pen pals?
15. What purpose did Sara Harvey serve and why make her both Red Coat and Black Widow?
16. What was the point of Bethany’s drawings?
17. What was the relevance of the Carissimi group again? Wasn’t Jason involved somehow?
18. And how did Jenna and Noel become involved? That was briefly explained but still unclear to me.
19. Why were Alex and Mary Drake both at the blind school in 7x10 but they were playing for opposing sides? Who shot Spencer?
20. At what point did Wren and Melissa break up and he met Alex? The timeline seems off.
21. What was the point of Lucas’ comic book? Why was this never mentioned again?
22. What was Ian filming? Who was beach hottie? What was the point of NAT club?
23. Why did Jessica DiLaurentis tell Bethany to call her aunt?
24. Why would CeCe dress as Charles in the dollhouse if she’s transgender now?
25. How did Cece and Sara Harvey meet?
26. Who killed Sara Harvey? Noel?
27. What’s the significance of all the pie references? And pretty eyes?
28. In a flashback a few seasons ago, Ali comes into Spencer’s house with a bloodied lip and tries to hide it. Who did that to her?
29. What was the purpose of Sydney? How did she and Alex meet?
30. Why were so many people wearing yellow tops that night?
31. Who did Spencer hear scream back in the pilot episode?
32. Why is the number 214 constantly brought up? It was several hotel numbers, it was the locker number that Aria used, it’s been seen several times over the course of all the seasons.
33. How did Alex create this board game? How was she everywhere at once?
34. Why doesn’t she have more motive against Mary Drake who sold her when she was a baby?
35. Back a few seasons ago, there was a scene where they police had suspects written on a chalkboard. Why was “Dr” Wren in quotations? Is he really a doctor?
36. Why did Bethany have Melissa’s riding helmet?
37. Why did Eddie Lamb recognize Aria in Radley?
38. Was Spaleb real or was that Alex?
39. Did Alex kill Yvonne?
40. Who built the dollhouse?
41. Why was Noel helping with the dollhouse?
42. What was the point of all the Alison masks?
43. What did Maya know?
44. What is the exact timeline of the night Ali “died”?
45. What was the relevance of Melissa’s suitcase handle if that wasn’t a murder weapon?
46. What was the point of Garrett?
47. Who did Noel push down the stairs at that party and why?
48. Who put the blood in Spencer’s bag during her interview at Oxford?
49. Why were Shana and Jenna afraid of Melissa?
50. Who sent Toby the text about his mom?
51. Who drove a car into Emily’s house?
52. Why was Wren seen coloring a picture of a woman in a red coat?
53. Why would Elliot hold such a grudge against Ali if he knew all along Ali didn’t kill CeCe and that she was trying to help her?
54. Also, doesn’t my theory that Elliot is really Wren make more sense since he stole someone’s identity any way?
55. Did Elliot and Wren know each other before meeting Charlotte and Alex?
56. What happened to Marco Fury?
57. What was the significance of the apple farm where Charles supposedly had a connection to Andrew?
58. Who was Leslie Stone? What was her purpose and why did she have multiple pairs of glasses?
59. Who knows about Twincer? Do Peter and Veronica know? Does Melissa know?
60. How did Jenna regain her vision and then lose it again?
61. Why was Spencer shot if Alex didn’t intend to kill her?
62. How did they catch Aria on that New Hampshire traffic cam?
63. What did Melissa whisper to Peter when they were being questioned at the police station?
64. Did we ever find out why Bethany killed Toby’s mom?
65. Who was Varjack?
66. What was with all the literary references?
67. When did Charlotte visit an Amish farm with Archer when she was in Radley? What was the timeline of when she got out of Radley?
68. What happened to the Alison bracelet? Wasn’t Bethany wearing it when she died? Why?
69. Why exactly was Pastor Ted brought back to be Charlotte’s dad? Why didn’t he play a larger role in the earlier seasons?
70. Was the cop in the finale really Mona’s boyfriend in Paris and that’s why she was able to keep them as dolls?
71. Also how was Toby’s mom in the flashback with him and Ali when they were teenagers if she was killed when Charlotte was a kid and Charlotte is older than Toby? PLOT HOLE
72. What does this mean?

73. What was Paige’s role in this?
74. What’s with all the piano playing?
75. How were the Emison twins blue eyed and blonde hair when Emily and Wren are the parents?
76. Will Emison ever know who their baby daddy is?
77. What did the anagram or whatever “Miss Aria you’re a killer and not Ezra’s wife mean”?
78. What happened in Cape May?
79. What happened to Tippi the bird?
80. How did they make a mold of Wilden’s face if Wilden has been dead for a while now?

modern, muggle headcanons

[wolfstar and jily/jegulily, 1,5523]


  • oversized sweaters and button downs all day everyday
  • ink stained hands
  • collects old books - Most have torn pages and faded ink from constant rereading.
  • has too many half written stories all featuring the same characters he’s overly attached to (an: oh shit its actually me)
  • somehow always carries chocolate or knows the nearest place he can get some.
  • works in a book store (an: I just love this au too much ik its cliché as hell)
  • can and will fall asleep anywhere
  • all his clothes have rips in them or are extremely worn - not on purpose like Padfoot however (’MOONY ITS PUNK ROCK SHUT UP AND GIMME THE SCISSORS’)
  • enjoys the rain a lot - lucky they stay in Scotland then
  • Amber eyes and golden hair that lightly curls with his love of the rain (James gets jealous bc hes the ‘curly haired friend’)
  • always carries a notebook, of which he has wayyyyy too many
  • knows too many constellations which he doodles in all of his notebooks and always keeps track of the moon phases, hence the nickname
  • his sleep schedule is beyond screwed - probably caused by “ nope I cant sleep without reading Pads,” and then getting completely transfixed by a fictional world
  • always sketching people around him, he could happily sit in a café all day and draw everyone there, maybe he has an entire notebook of Padfoot sketches, maybe he does not, who knows
  • can’t function without coffee
  • very trustworthy of his friends almost too trusting, but can barely talk to a person outside of their group
  • almost too pale, couldn’t tan if he tried all that the sun does is give him a light dusting of freckles and chases away his beloved rain
  • loves living in the attic of their huge shared home (curtesy of James’ insanely large inheritance and Sirius’ uncle Alphaard) it has wooden walls and an obscene amount of plants, his favourite part is a large window on the ceiling that he enjoys climbing out especially when its drizzling when the others join him
  • usually the subject of Padfoot’s (favourite) polaroids
  • probably the only guy there that thinks of the consequences of a situation before they become a reality
  • the responsible one
  • can read & write music
  • pianist
  • Lily & Peter read all of his stories - annoyed they aren’t finished
  • loves animals, still pretends to be annoyed when James brings home stray dogs
  • gets sick constantly and secretly finds it hilarious when Sirius freaks out and acts like his nurse


  • constantly painting, drawing and creating awesome art pieces
  • photography nerd - has a huge collection of polaroids & pinholes in his ‘dark room’ (a cupboard under the stairs that has a red light)
  • owns a motorbike that he is constantly repairing and is attempting to convince James to get one too “prongs we’ll look awesome c’mon do it or the aesthetic” James can’t ride a damn bicycle
  • always stealing Remus’ sweaters, even thought they are all about 10 sizes too big
  • has at least 15 leather jackets.(Wears one bc Moony got him patches for it years ago)
  • Long black hair that is always falling into tired grey eyes - Walburga has threatened to chop it off too many times
  • works in an art gallery, occasionally slips in his own work (the manager knows but she loves his work)
  • angsty as hell
  • always listening to music - preferably on vinyls  “I don’t care how expensive it is Wormtail, it sounds far better (also it’s not my credit card its my cousin Bellatrix’s so???)
  • Smoker (probably for the aesthetic tbh) “yeah right Moons it makes me punk rock as shit,”
  • wears his biker boots all day everyday
  • plays guitar (secretly acoustic is his favourite)
  • all his clothes are ripped as heck
  • very very protective of his friends, has given out and received his fair share of black eyes for this “its for a noble cause also it makes me look pun-”        “ Padfoot for god sake we get it you’re punk rock!”
  • terrible at showing negative emotions but has learned to when it comes to Prongs and Moony - he’s getting there with some of the others
  • obsessive in his love for dogs and is genuinely offended when Lily gets a cat, the day he found out  James bought it the word ‘betrayal’ is genuinely used, even more offended when Regulus began playing with the cats “ Sirius I’m named after a star in the LEO constellation???”
  • such a drama queen (speaking of Queen imagine him & Bohemian Rhapsody?)
  • tries to hide his aristocratic background, though his mannerisms show it off quite often
  • fluent in French he has a slight French accent
  • Lives on Tumblr (surprisingly this was never meant on this site) & Netflix
  • also memorises the moon phases ( just to impress Remus honestly)
  • makes awful puns constantly “I’m serious”       “nah I’m Sirius you’re James”         “ugh are you fucking serious”         “nah I’m fucking Moony” *atrocious wink*
  • ripped skinny jeans - Wormtail still calls him emo for it


  • super athletic
  • Loves photography claims to use the best equipment but still constantly invades Sirius’ excuse for a dark room
  • plays drums
  • somehow the only one who can cheer up Regulus instantly
  • only has 1 pair of glasses even though he is horrendously clumsy, Lily is assuming he is just seeing how much tape he can build up before they are entirely useless
  • obsessed over football - he manages a small team that he is way too enthusiastic about
  • still surprised Lily even talks to him “James we’ve been dating for 5 years stop being a prat”
  • plans out the biggest pranks and somehow manages to get everyone involved, if he doesn’t they turn to shit but that’s a ‘secret’ everybody knows
  • only shoes he actually ones are trainers & football boots “James you are not wearing Nikes to Alice and Franks bloody wedding!”
  • really copetitive
  • obsessively plays Xbox and has weekly gaming nights with everyone (Sirius always rage quits) Wormtail is the only one who is still playing with him after 30 minutes
  • goes on tones of unplanned road trips with Lily
  • tries a weird new diet practically every week, sort of a health freak
  • way too much house pride - his whole room is decorated red and gold
  • has an old pickup truck he prides too much even though he is almost needing to fix it as much as Sirius and his ancient motorbike
  • the ‘mom friend’ always looking after everyone


  • actually the only reason they don’t all eat fast food & take aways 24/7 - he’s a great cook
  • proof reads all of Remus’ stories for him before they get posted
  • works as a barista in a grunge as hell café across the road - the others always hang out there when he’s working
  • secretly enjoys the challenge of James’ strange dieting (gluten free+ vegan month was definitely a challenge though)
  • owns 2 pet rats - is scared shitless that Regulus’ pet snake is going to eat them at one point
  • really good at giving gifts because he’s great at listening to people
  • has a massive collection of hoodies for no apparent reason
  • always third wheeling because of Wolfstar and Jily, it’s better now that Regulus has move in though
  • really good at video games - occasionally lets James win because he gets too moody otherwise
  • bassist
  • only listens to indie & grunge music - secretly loves Sirius’ obsession with vinyls


  • not super feminine but always has the latest fashion trends - usually fairly alternative (known to sport the jeans + fishnets thing that looks bomb as hell)
  • reads almost as much as Remus and is always hanging out in the book shop he works at
  • really enjoys playing football with James - finds it hilarious when he gets competitive
  • super long ginger hair + green eyes
  • loves tattoos, has handpoked a few of her own (mainly gets them done professionally, her friend Marlene is a tattoo artist) & Sirius let her do a moon on his wrist
  • doesn’t know that James reads all the books she talks about until she finds 3 of them hidden on his side of them wardrobe and interrogates him
  • super spontaneous really enjoys the constant unplanned road trips 
  • does a lot of digital art, usually draws characters from books most often the characters Remus will never let go of in his stories
  • can ride a motorbike and occasionally takes Sirius’ for a spin
  • just a badass tbh
  • everyone takes their problems to her because she somehow has a solution for everything
  • wants to get into interior design and when they move in she helps everyone decorate their rooms, constantly adding to their home paints a different wall every week
  • literally friends with everyone - nobody dislikes her and probably couldn’t if they tried
  • has a weird skill for knitting, likely the source of 90% of Remus’ holy sweaters
  • obsessed with ‘retro’ things, favourite things tend to be from the 80s/90s
  • always helping Wormtail when he is baking, as long as she gets the first taste

an: this was just a random thing I wrote in a notebook at school, the next time we get a cover teacher I’ll probably add some secondary characters (Regulus, Alice, Frank etc)

Special Programme: Perfume "Collaboration" Excerpts

Morisanchuu: How will Perfume be like when everyone turns 50?
N: I think we’ll still be together.
K: Yeah, We do talk about it quite a bit huh - how the 3 of us will be like. I wonder if we’ll still be able to dance when we’re 50.
A: That is a problem huh. 50 years old - that’d be around the same age as my mom.
K: So it wouldn’t be weird to have a 20 year old daughter huh.
N: Well, but I get the feeling that there’ll definitely be something interesting that we can’t imagine. Don’t you think so?

Kimura Kaela: If you were to change your hairstyle, how would it be like?
K: Since I’ve always had long hair, I want to try having hair around as short as Nocchi’s, or maybe even Kaela-san’s.
A: Since Kashimama’s is short too, it’ll probably look good.
K: What about A-chan?
A: Huh, I don’t have any in mind.
N: What about the colour?
A: Ah, well, it seems like it’ll be really fun to wear black clothes with hair that’s browner and brighter.
K: That’s true, huh. It’ll change their impression on others.
A: So I guess, maybe a bright colour or something?
N: In my teens, I had hair about as long as Kashiyuka’s. But right now, I really feel like having a fringe again.
K: You haven’t had a fringe in some time huh.
A: Nocchimama has that hairstyle too. (Laughs)
N: Yeah, all of my female family members have started having that hairstyle.
K: Well, since everyone has more or less the same image, it probably looks good on everyone.

Takahashi Yuu: How do you keep the things you treasure?
N: Well I do have a treasured items box.
K&A: Me too.
N: With like our matching bracelets.
K: And straps.
A: And costumes, as well as letters from fans - as much as six boxes.
N: That’s amazing!
A: That’s why I keep mine above.
K: Ah, so you’re the above type? I’m the below type. The things I don’t have space for at home I leave at my parents’.
N: I guess I’m the below type too. But they’re all scattered about in various places.
A: Please keep them together! (Laughs)

Yuusuke Santamaria: What do guys do that make your hearts skip a beat?
N: I like nasally voices. Nasal inflammations are the best! So if we’re talking about actions, I like it when they cough. Like “eghem” or something.
A: Ain’t that no good! (Laughs)
K: I like it when they make a face like nothing’s happened after they almost fall. Like when they think no one saw, and without letting out their voice, they gaze off to the side.
A: Something that makes my heart skip a beat… The person I like!

MIKIKO: What are the moments that make you most happy for joining Perfume?
N: Though there a plenty, recently it’s been when we receive choreography from Sensei, and being able to dance that really cute choreography makes me go, “This is the best!”
K: For example, when we have our first lives at overseas locations, the moment we start, I often think, “Our dreams are coming true! Right now! Ah, I’m so glad that it’s the three of us, I’m so glad that it’s this team. There really isn’t any moment that’s happier than this!”
A: Yeah, I understand that. We get really nervous, right? But somehow, standing on stage, overcoming our nervous selves, being together with our precious comrades, and at the very end, we say “Well then, we’re Perfume! Thank you very much!” And then when we bow, I often think that I’m really glad to have joined Perfume. Like, nothing can replace that sense of accomplishment, and I can’t get enough of it.
N: It’s a bit complex, but I get it. And I’m sure Sensei thinks the same.

Miyagawa Daisuke: What are the parts about the others that you dislike, or wish would be changed?
N: Well, I mean it’s not like I wish for it to change, but if I had to say it, there is something… So A-chan likes to eat tasty things, but she has a small appetite, so when she gets full in the middle of a meal, she’ll become a little moody. The first bite is her peak, like “it tastes so goood!!”
All: (Laughs)
K: I also have something about A-chan.
A: Oh no! What could it be? Why is everyone choosing me? (Laughs)
K: It’s not like I dislike it or want it changed, so it’s like just some info, but there are times when she really gets into the choreography, and gets into a groove, and becomes unable to dance normally.
All: (Laughs)

Pornograffiti: What kind of house do you live in right now?
N: I’ve tried out various spacious floor plans, but the clutter began to build up, so now I’ve tightened it up.
A: You remodeled a lot huh.
N: I did. It’s left me worn out.
K: You threw away quite a lot of things, right?
N: Yeah.
A: All at once, right?
N: Yup.
A: As for me, my kitchen doesn’t have partitions to separate it from the rest of the living room, so I have to keep it clean. Other than that, the scenery is pretty.
K: Because it’s high up, huh.
A: Yeah.
N: Kashiyuka’s room is the probably the one I’ve seen the most photos of.
K: Ah, maybe so.
N: Inside anan (the magazine).
K: It’s scary how much of it is available to see. (Laughs)
A: She has plants, and she’s an animal person too. She really loves raising things. (Laughs)
K: Yeah, I have many living things.
N: If you look it up in anan you’ll probably more or less understand how it’s like. (Laughs)

Maeda Kenta: Do lives feel good?
A: Well, it feels suuuper great.
N: Feels suuuper great. Nothing can take its place.
K: I want to experience even more of it.

Chatmonchy: What kind of pajamas do you wear to sleep?
N: Recently, I’ve been wearing rompers, the one that look like a pair of shorts and a T-shirt joined together. The thin one.
K: I’m finally wearing the one I got from A-chan.
A: Really? I’m happy! The organic cotton one right?
K: I got it for my birthday but I thought I’d be too cold if I wore it in winter since it’s thin. So I’ve finally gotten to wearing it recently.
A: Recently I’ve been particular about the materials. To begin with I already have 80 or 90 sets, but I really really love pajamas, so there are times when I’ve bought one before I know it. Like, why’s this in my bag? (Laughs)

Maximum the Hormone: If you had to get a tattoo, what and where would you get it inked?
N: I think, I’d get something tattooed onto my scalp after shaving my hair.
K: How scary!
A: Wouldn’t that be troublesome for the tattoo artist? (Laughs)
K: I’d tattoo a triangle onto the back of my neck.
A: Ah! The fashionable sort.
K: If I got something like that, I wonder if it’d make feel like an android.
A: I can’t imagine it, but I like the kanji for strict (厳) because I think it’s the most balanced.
K: You’ve mentioned it before, huh. (Laughs)
A: Yeah. I’d tattoo that.

Manabe Daito: What’s the hardest challenge you’ve faced from using technology?
N: The pressure from Cannes was overwhelming, huh.
K: Yeah.
A: We had to wear the machinery on our shoulders for about an hour huh.
K: Yeah, on standby.
A: Yeah, after putting on the costumes and turning the switch on, the nervousness continued to build. Usually for our lives we put on our costumes right before the performance begins. But for Cannes, we didn’t know when our turn would come, and we didn’t know if we could smoothly put on the machinery, so we decided to get dressed earlier.
K: But overcoming that slow build-up was really fun, right? Like, the feeling of slowly getting closer to our goal was really enjoyable.
A: Yeah. That’s why we’d like to continue to challenge new things, so we’ll continue to await any new proposals too.
N: We’ll be in your care.

Seki Kazuaki: What MV(s) did you dislike filming?
A: Wasn’t the reverse playback really difficult?
K: That’s what I thought of too.
N: (Groans)
A: (Laughs) But, y'know, wasn’t Seki-san waiting for that answer?
K: All that hard work…
A: In the second chorus of Magic of Love, though it looks like we’re dancing normally, the truth is that we danced it in reverse.
K: From the way our hairs fly up, and the balls move backwards, you can tell that it was in reverse.
A: Yup yup. And the movements were a little weird too. (Laughs) That really was difficult..
N: We had to download a reverse playback application.
A: Yeah, and we recorded a lot with it, and because it was so difficult, we had to save all of it.
K&N: (Laughs)
A: And when we tried doing it for real it looked really bad.
K: We took quite a lot of takes huh. But it turned into an interesting MV, huh.
A&N: Yeah.
A: I really love that MV.

Notes from the Nakata interview
- It’s been about 14 years since they became acquainted. Nakata was about 22-23 at the time. Perfume were around 14-15.
- Nakata used to look much more like an uncle than he does now. His hair was short, and was blacker. He was wearing sunglasses too. It’s because he thoughts adults were cooler, so he wanted to look like one sooner.
- A-chan practiced hard to get the strange rhythm for Oishii Recipe down, but Nakata was very cold during the recording, which made her feel frustrated and tear a bit.
- Nakata talks about why he gets his vocalists to sit down while recording but I don’t really get what he means because it’s too abstract.
- Nakata uses auto-tune just because he thinks the songs would sound better and cooler with it.
- It’s not like Nakata has always had confidence in his music. But from some point, he began having confidence in the tracks he gives to Perfume.
- Computer City was the changing point in Perfume’s attitudes towards Nakata’s music. It was the song that made Perfume understand what Nakata was going for with his music. They brought the single’s poster to their high school to promote it. Before that, they used to be embarrassed about and keep quiet about their activities.
- Nakata has never told them, but he has always planned for their music to go in a cooler direction when they grew a little older. And looking back, they went in that direction earlier than he expected.
- The reason Nakata doesn’t really go to Perfume’s lives is because he doesn’t want it to change his impression of what songs he should be making for Perfume.
- Nakata thinks it’s important where a person is born, and he tries not to make music that can’t have its place of origin identified by the listener. So he doesn’t really go overseas much because he’s afraid of having his music sense changed.

My FTM Detransition

This is the story of my own transition and detransition.  This is my experience only.  I’m not speaking for anyone else.  

I’m in my midlife now, and up until about six months ago I knew I was trans. My top surgery and hysterectomy were done almost two decades ago.  My name change was legal almost a decade ago.

I’ll start at the beginning.  I was born in the sixties in a conservative town at a time when gender roles for men and women were extremely rigid.  I know these roles are still rigid, but believe it or not they are less extreme than they were. Growing up it was apparent to me even as a child that I was less than just for being born female.  Fathers were proud of their son’s in a way no one was of their daughter’s.  When son’s were born it was celebrated, when daughter’s were born it was just another day.  Additionally sons had power, they were allowed to be vocal and have opinions. Daughters were seen and not heard.

My mother wanted nothing more than a girl when she had me.  She’s told me that by 3 years old she could no longer keep me in dresses, that she would put me in a dress and within minutes she would find me stripped down and dressing myself in my fathers clothing.  This was the beginning of the clothing wars with my mother, and I give her a lot of credit for finally letting me win that war to a large extent.  She did eventually allow me to wear t-shirts, jeans and sneakers most of the time, though I still had to wear dresses for holidays and events.  Those days involved a lot of screaming fights and crying.  I was not allowed to cut my hair short until high school, which was another battle and a huge relief when the day finally came.

My friends were all boys.  I liked their toys, their games, and playing sports. I felt like one of them, but I couldn’t understand why I didn’t have a penis.  So every night I would ask god to please let me wake up with a penis.  I don’t recall how long I made this request, but I remember waking up disappointed for a significant period of time.  I never had any interest in girls, their toys, or their games.  And I found their conversations boring.

Over and over I heard the same things from the adults around me, even some I didn’t know:

“Girls don’t do that”

“Why are you wearing boys clothes?”

“Why are you wearing boys shoes?”

“You’re a girl you know”

And later, “Why do you have a boys haircut?”

Looking back I can see the beginnings of my internalized misogyny.  And why would I want to be a girl? Girls didn’t get to wear comfortable clothing or shoes. Girls didn’t have any of the freedoms afforded boys. Boy Scouts went camping while Girl Scouts sold cookies and did what I considered to be boring, and in a skirt!  A girl’s future involved getting married and having children, which I had no interest in.  Girls didn’t grow up to have careers, they grew up to be housewives doing laundry and making meals and I had no interest in that either.  There was no room for me in any of this, so from the beginning I was separating myself from girls and identifying with boys.  

At 11 when I got my first period I honestly felt like my life was over.  I became very distressed, and cried every month for years, begging my mother for a way to make it stop.  My mother would try to comfort me telling me that this was something all girls/women went through, and that just made it worse for me.  All I could think was that 12 times a year, for what seemed like the rest of my life I would be bleeding from my vagina.  And while I never liked my vagina to begin with because I felt I should have a penis, I now despised it, and it was the start of intense dysphoria which would last for many years.  To make things worse my breasts started noticeably developing quite suddenly and my mother decided it was time for me to wear bra’s.  My periods were distressing but I would at least get a 3 week break from them.  Bra’s were everyday.  From the very beginning I felt encumbered bra’s. They felt like a harness around my body, and I longed for the freedom I had when my skin felt free under my t-shirts before I had breasts.  

Once I started puberty I was around boys less because I was isolating, due largely to the distress of a changing body and the realization that I was trapped in a body that did not feel like mine and that I did not want.  I was not comfortable in my own skin, and I had a lot of self-hatred because of my body.  

I also discovered the love I had for women was here to stay.  When I was younger I had crushes on girls, but I didn’t give them too much thought because my friends were boys who also had crushes on girls.  The only talk of gay men, or lesbians (shims as they were called in my town) I ever heard growing up was mocking and negative, so I kept this secret to myself.  In high school I was determined to make peace with my body and spent my junior year wearing make-up and dressing like a girl.  I had no friends because I had already be judged a freak by my peers and I became more depressed than I already had been.  In my senior year I went back to dressing in a way that felt right to me, back to men’s clothing, with big button shirts over t-shirts to hide my breasts.  I had learned to wear sports bra’s in a smaller size to flatten myself.

After high school I went away to college in a major city and for whatever reason ended up quickly becoming friends with lesbians and the lesbian friendly women, without even being aware that this is who they were initially.  Then for the first time I began dating woman.  I enjoyed this new group of friends, and girlfriends too.  I got a fake ID and began going to gay and lesbian bars and a new world was opening up to me.  I had transformed into a butch lesbian and it felt like maybe I was coming into my own, sort of.  

I did begin to notice not long after was that I still didn’t feel right in my own skin. I was with a group of friends I loved, and had a girlfriend that I loved and yet I didn’t feel a part-of within the lesbian community.  I was with women, who were proud of being women.  But my body still felt foreign to me.  I still had dysphoria.  I still felt distress with every single period I had, not only that my periods were heavy, and painful, and a full week long.  And I still wore tight sports bra’s to hid my breasts.

It’s important to remember that this was the mid 80’s, long before the internet, and long before the word transexual was used to mean anything other than a pejorative.  The only time I heard the word “trans” was in reference to transvestites and prostitutes at that time, and it was used in the most derogatory way.

After 4 years of college in a major city where being a butch lesbian was largely accepted (in the right parts of the city), I moved to another major city.  This new city was a big wake up call for me because while there was a large lesbian community, it did not include butch lesbians. I had a buzz cut and wore jeans, t-shirts, Doc Marten’s, and a black leather motorcycle jacket and I was not welcome within this lesbian community.  I’m sure somewhere in this new city there must have been butch lesbians, but with no internet I never found them.  I tried for a couple of years to make friends within this group and no matter what I did I couldn’t make friends, and couldn’t find a girlfriend for quite a long time either.

I decided to throw myself into my work and became a workaholic.  I worked long hours, and 95% of the people I worked with were straight.  Once again I became more comfortable with the men I worked with, and generally talked only to the women I had crushes on, some of which I had relationships with.  I still had dysphoria, still hated being in my body, and still did not identify with being female.  I began distancing myself from being female even more, my internalized misogyny came crashing back, and I was incredibly depressed. Life went on like this for years.

Eventually the word trans became part of the vernacular, and when I was about 35 I had top surgery. This was one of the happiest days of my life.  It was the beginning of a journey that was going to help make me comfortable in my own skin.  Within a couple of years I had a hysterectomy.  The hysterectomy was for medical reasons and not related to my being trans, but that was the other happiest day of my life.  Now life was really looking hopeful for me.  I still had some bottom dysphoria, but without breasts and periods my life instantly became easier to deal with.  I very much wanted to start T, but at the time I had a great job in a somewhat conservative industry that I wasn’t willing to lose at that time.  I had already been passing well enough to use men’s rooms and get called “sir” pretty consistently without T, provided I didn’t talk much. But I was leading a double life for years as a female at work and male outside of work, and I was getting tired of that.

In 2012 I started a low dose a T because I was still concerned about losing my job.  When my voice started to change I decided to come out to my boss.  I lost my job about a month later.  A couple months after that I started getting a lot of cystic acne and I was seeing my dermatologist 2 to 3 times a week to have cysts drained.  The longer I was on T the more acne I had, and I still was not at a full dose.  Other than the severe cystic acne, the other changes I was getting were relatively minor as I already looked fairly male, though I did love the big energy bump I got from it.  After another few months both my dermatologist and endocrinologist said as long as I continued taking T, I would continue to have cystic acne.  Cystic acne had plagued me through my teenage years and there was no way I could live with it in my 40’s and beyond. I stopped T.  

While it was incredibly disappointing at the time to have to stop T, at the same time I felt relief.  I can’t exactly pinpoint why because I still didn’t feel or identify as female, but I wasn’t going to actually be 100 percent male even with T. Something didn’t feel right about it.  

It’s been 5 years since I stopped taking T, and in most of that time I still considered myself trans until my thinking slowly started to shift without me being completely aware of it. The more I thought about what my identity is, the more I felt like I’m just me.  Sure, I was born female, but I’m still just me, and that me is gender non-conforming. Then about 6 months ago I was on YouTube, and I discovered there were other people who had people who had transitioned, but had then detransitioned.  And on Tumblr I found more people who had detransitioned.  And none of us detransitioned for the same reasons, we are all unique.

And here’s something else, all my life I considered myself a feminist but I wasn’t, I was a misogynist for decades until the pieces started coming together. I was unknowingly lying every time I called myself a feminist. How could I distance myself from being female in every way possible and not be a misogynist??  Wouldn’t it make more sense to be a different kind of woman?  I didn’t and don’t have to buy into this antiquated patriarchal system of what is male and female.  For me, by transitioning I was buying into that system and I don’t want to perpetuate that rigid binary model.  And more importantly, for me that is, is that had I understood at a young age that is was possible to be whatever kind of female/girl/woman, and that I didn’t have to follow the narrow path I was presented with.  Maybe I could have been spared a lot of discomfort, anxiety and stress I felt about being born female.  It’s not to say I still wouldn’t have been distressed over my breasts because I did feel entirely confined and trapped by bra’s.  But it is hard to quantify whether my periods would have caused so much distress for decades because they were abnormally heavy from the start, and I had excruciating cramps from my first one until the last one.  And by my mid 30’s before my hysterectomy I was having extremely painful periods twice a month.  Just maybe if I had had a normal cycle I would have outgrown the distress, but I’ll never know.  And as for my bottom dysphoria it’s possible that had I not felt so trapped by my gender, had I known there was more than one way to be female, had I had more access to sports and parents who wholeheartedly accepted me as different, maybe that would have eased that dysphoria.  

This is what I’ve come to take away from my experience.  Gender roles are bullshit.  Yes I was born female, but I can be anyone I want to be.  I don’t have to fit into any kind of rigid role I don’t want to.  And I don’t have to take T to try to turn myself into something I will never be. I also don’t regret my top surgery, because who says I can’t modify my body in any way I want to.  I can do whatever I want to my own body.  And here’s something else that happened on it’s own, somewhere between the ages of 40 and 45 I woke up one day and realized I no longer had bottom dysphoria.  I wasn’t working on it, and the only thing I can think of is I just didn’t care anymore.  I didn’t care in the same way I don’t care how people read me.  I know who I am, and it doesn’t matter what anyone else thinks.

Maybe all of us who are AFAB could start to embrace our differences and build a better community for ourselves.  If we work together and accept each other, we could begin to close the gap in the difference between the way men and women are treated in society.  We could stand up for each other and not tolerate being “less than”, and we can demand the respect we deserve.

I’d like to add that I am NOT part of the right wing Christian movement.  I am not a republican. I am not against people transitioning because we are free to do whatever we want with our own bodies.  This post is my own experience and nothing more. 

The Serpent Or Me - Part 3 (Bughead/Serpent!Jughead x Serpent!Reader)

Jughead has never cared about fitting in, as long as he has Betty and the gang he knows he has his place in Riverdale. However, Southside High has brought him an odd comfort and new friends very easily. The serpents have taken him under their wing, one in particular y/n has started to show him how things work in the gang. Jughead starts to grow a fondness for y/n that feels uneasy, he’s stuck between two worlds. Where or who should he choose?

Part 1    Part 2

Characters/Pairings: Betty, Veronica, Kevin, (Mentioned) Bughead, Serpent!Reader.

Warnings: None.

Word Count: 1672.

Notes: Apologies this took so long! I’ve scheduled a day next week to write, going to get working on future instalments of this. I’m still sticking with the 3 POVs (Jughead, Reader and Betty) but I want to bring in the other characters’ storylines to create a fuller story. The plan is to release a new part every Friday. Fingers crossed all goes to plan.

Originally posted by fyeahriverdale

Betty’s POV

Sometimes you just need your best friend and a strawberry milkshake. Ronnie and I had arranged to meet up at Pop’s for a mid-week girls night. I needed to rant and I think Veronica needed to as well.

I sat in my usual booth waiting for Veronica, Pop brought over our milkshakes, we didn’t even need to tell him what flavour anymore. I looked around the diner and you could tell Riverdale was unsettled. First Jason Blossom’s murder and then Archie’s dad being shot in this very space, everyone felt tense. So much for the Town with pep.

The door chimed, Veronica finally arrived, only ten minutes late. She slid in the booth opposite me, her shoulders were slightly slumped.

‘I really needed this.’ Veronica started sipping on her chocolate milkshake.

‘You okay V?’ I asked, knowing the answer already.

‘Oh you know, usual Archie stuff. I’m not sure what else I can really do.’ Her eye contact was hesitant, she twirled her straw round the glass.

‘Has he opened up anymore? I’m really worried about him. In all the time I’ve known Archie, I’ve never seen him like this.’

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Creepypasta #1123: Pac Man Fever

Length: Medium

This happened in 1995, but I still remember it clearly. I was 24 years old, hard at work on a novel about love and loss and redemption, and working third shift at a convenience store just off the college campus to make ends meet. My manager, Todd, was a dick; my girlfriend, Sage, was probably cheating on me; and the stray cat I’d taken in, Kurtd, liked to crawl into my closet and piss on my Doc Martens.

The night I’m talking about here was in October, and it was chilly and clear and I remember the moon was big. If we’d had text messaging back then I’d have texted Sage something poetic about a big orange moon (something about ‘kurious oranj’ because you couldn’t go wrong making a Mark E Smith reference) but back then we just kept that shit to ourselves and everybody was just as happy. I’d covered up my uniform shirt with my old reliable blue and orange flannel shirt, the way I did every night, and Todd the Dickhead would have thrown a shit fit if he’d seen it.

When this all went down I was actually feeling pretty good about myself, because I’d just made a little coin on a shady deal. It was a Friday night and a party at the Sig Chi house had run out of booze. So around 2 in the morning, a couple of Sig Chi bros came in and tried to buy a 30 pack.

We were absolutely not supposed to sell beer after 1 AM, I said. It would be a real risk for me to take, I emphasized. I cleared my throat. Looked around and pointedly saw nobody in the store. “A real risk, dudes, a real risk,” I added. 

Two of the three guys turned around to leave. The third guy, a handsome fellow wearing beer stained Abercrombie khakis and a violent green polo with a little alligator emblem on it, said in a low, raspy whisper, “And what would a risk like that be worth to you?”

So ten minutes later I was at the back entrance, out of camera range, handing them a 30 pack of Natty Lite and counting my money. I walked back into the store and saw a dude standing there playing our Pac-Man game.

Now what you may or may not know is that 80′s nostalgia among college kids goes back to, well, the 80′s. By the mid 90′s, 80′s nostalgia was in full fabulous swing and every bar on or near campus had an 80′s night or two every month, and every frat house and off-campus frat apartment had several 80′s parties every semester. The owner of the convenience store where I worked, a big Falstaffian goofball named Peter, partly as a nod to the college kids and partly because he was a lovable dork himself, bought and refurbished an old Pac-Man arcade game and set it up in the corner near the entrance.

Now the kid who’d come in to play it while I was hornswoggling the frat boys out back looked like he’d just come from the ultimate nostalgia splooge-fest. Dude could have just stumbled in from the big Shermer High School Winter Wonderland Carnival. He was wearing a clean, crisp jean jacket with the word Disappearer airbrushed in neon pink and green letters on the back. He had big spiky blond Club Kid hair. This guy was skinny–we’re talking “Lives on vodka tonics and Bolivian Marching Powder” skinny–and had the sleeves of his jean jacket pushed up to reveal jelly bracelets up and down his right arm. White Guess jeans were stretched tight across a round, muscular ass that I’m sure Sage would have gone wild for, and the jeans were rolled up to show he wore his white Gucci loafers sockless.

This boy, The Disappearer, was really into his Pac Man too. He was bobbing his head and swaying his hips and gobbling up ghosts. It was pretty fun to watch at first. Almost on cue, the local radio station started playing Duran Duran’s “Girls on Film” and I jokingly said, “Hey dude, did you call in a request?”

No response. Not a talker. Fine with me! I sat my ass down on some egg crates I kept behind the counter (Todd kvetched about it but fuck him) and started scribbling in my notebook. This time of night I didn’t do much cleaning and there weren’t many customers, so if he wanted to stand there and feed quarters into an old arcade game that was fine by me.

Except I was actually kind of cranky he hadn’t answered me. Who did this shit think he was? Just because I work in a convenience store he thinks he can just blow me off? A Depeche Mode song came on the radio, Strangelove, and in addition to giving the game some body English I noticed he was kind of shaking his ass to the song. I decided to try being friendly again. 

“Must be 80′s night somewhere around here, huh?”

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Insecurities {pt.1}

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REQUEST: an angst/fluff jimin scenario or something in which the reader and him meet after one of their concerts and become best friends and realize they have feelings for each other. Maybe the reader and Jimin helping each other with their insecurities.


Genre: fluff, slight angst (we’ll get there later though)

Pairing: Jimin x You

Word Count: 3200+

A/N: THANK YOU SO MUCH FOR MY FIRST EVER REQUEST! I’m really sorry it took me forever, but school was going on, ideas were rough…and I just felt like this prompt made for a good series. I will say that writing this in a dual perspective is quite challenging. I really hope you guys enjoy this. I’m really hoping this series turns out well (mechanically wise as well as storyline goes). 

[Y/N’s P.O.V.]

Noooo! I don’t want the concert to end already! I had so much fun. Can’t they just stay here for a while more? I mean, they don’t have to perform. They can just talk with us and stand there, or sit…or lay down for crying out loud! Just, don’t leave us yet.

The concert was coming to an end and the boys were walking around the stage, greeting us, waving at us, messing around. Jin and Tae were at the very center, messing around. Taehyung had decided to dump an entire bottle of water  on Jin, and the two were just running around chasing. Hoseok. Rapmon, and Yoongi decided to mess around with a hat that another fan gave them. It was so cute…Hoseok was wearing first, but then decided to give it to Rapmon…HOW ADORABLE! Jungkook on the other hand was on the far left waving to all the other concert goers and just interacting with everyone else. My sweet sweet Jimin…ahhh, he’s just perfection. OH MY GOD HE’S COMING THIS WAY! OH MY GOD! OH MY GOD! Wait…the plushie! I almost forgot the plushie!

It was a cute little mochi plushie. Pastel pink, round, fluffy, and absolutely adorable; everything that Jimin was. There are so many people in front of me though, there is no way they’re going to let me get at the very front. Luckily I’m not too far back, but it’s now or never. I have to throw the plushie now. After all, no one is going to get hurt, or trip over it. It is the end of the concert. 

I took a deep breath, and with great strength, threw the pink mochi plush. I didn’t want undershoot and have the plushie end up in the dark abyss, which is pretty much the floor where the boys can’t reach. It’s always better to overshoot in this case, because worst case scenario, it goes over them. But I suppose that wasn’t worse case scenario for me.

I have such horrible timing. Always have, always will.

The moment I threw it, well, I didn’t overshoot. Nor did I undershoot. Instead, I hit a target.

“Oh shit…” I gasped.

[Jimin’s P.O.V]

I swear to god. Taehyung and Jin hyung are just too much sometimes, but still…I’m glad they’re having fun. I decide to walk to the far right of the concert stage since no one was really there. I’m standing, waving, and just ultimately smiling that so many people showed up! I mean, I never knew this many people would show up. I couldn’t help but feel such a warm feeling envelop me. The happiness I’m feeling, nothing can compare at this moment.

What the hell was that? What just hit me in the face? I looked down at my feet and see that it’s a pastel pink plush. I bend down to pick it up and when I do, I look into the crowd wondering just who could’ve possibly thrown this at me.

Her! I mentally point at the girl who is embarrassed for her poor life and is spewing nothing but sorry. Her almond eyes, round because she was so shocked. Brown and bold they are, and her forehead is furrowed, probably because of how mortified she’s feeling. I don’t understand why, it was an accident. As a way to calm her down, I smile a gently, thanking her for the plush and letting her know that I’m ok. The moment I smile, the furrows on her forehead disappear, although she doesn’t stop with the “I’m sorry” mantra. But…I’m glad she’s a little bit at ease. A beautiful girl like her shouldn’t worry so much.

[Y/N’s P.O.V]

The concert ended and I decided to stay behind because I wanted the venue and the pit to clear. See, I have a slight form of enochlophobia. Tight spaces in crowds, large moving crowds, essentially, anything more than 80 people freaks me out. When I was 12, I was in the school gym on the first day of school. And that means brand new textbooks that you have to lug around all day because teachers love to assign massive amounts of homework. It doesn’t help when you’re an honors student either. That means two textbooks in my hand, and two in my backpack. Seriously, I was Atlas…carrying the weight of the world on my back. That can bring a kid down when they’re only 12 and 90 pounds.  

My dumbass school was overcrowded too. A school that was only meant for 500 kids, was trying to cram and jail about 900 of us. It was hell itself. Fights breaking out every day. Riots between different classes was the norm. And being bullied was just something that was as cool as the latest trend. Anyways…here I am, carrying the world on my shoulders when the stupid P.E. teachers decide to dismiss us. That’s when all hell broke loose.

I’m in the middle of the crowd trying to get out. About 300 of us, trying to get out of the double doors that held us in. Everyone is pushing and shoving, when all of a sudden, I feel myself falling down. Nothing to hold on to. No one to catch me. I fell on the floor, and all that I saw, were feet going over me. Kids shouting, rushing to get out, because like always: The youth have no concern for the wellbeing of themselves or others.  Feet were dragged over me, people were trampling over me, falling over me, being knocked over, while I was in the center of it. I shut my eyes, hoping that this would all end soon. My friend, my hero, she tried so hard to get people to walk around. But when she couldn’t, just like me she had to wait until everything was over. She helped me up, and walked me over to the nurses office where I had a massive headache for hours. Only to be picked up by my mom, taken to the hospital, and find out that I had a concussion.

That, my friends, is how I came to slightly fear crowds. Ironically though, I decided to go to the concert by myself because I didn’t want to feel like I was dragging anyone along. I also don’t want my friends freaking out thinking there’s something wrong with me every time I fangirl. God…I really have to make some kpop friends. Although, it was fun having all these fans with me, the singing, the chanting. The screaming. Especially when they all came out on stage! OH. MY. GOD! THEY LOOKED DIVINE! The sons of Aphrodite herself. But Jimin. My god. Jimin, was a sight to see. His beautiful pink hair, parted in two. His muscles. His thighs! And my god that Jibooty! If I’m being honest here, I can just stare at his butt all day long. Not that I was, but I was totally staring at his ass. Thoughts about the concert continued to play over and over again as I exited the section I was in. I walked straight outside thinking it was going to be empty, but was welcomed with a swarm of concert goers, merchandise sellers, and hot dog vendors. I just want to get to my car and go home. I am so exhausted, and my throat hurts so much from screaming. Will I be able to talk tomorrow?

I’m sitting in my car waiting for traffic to die down when I begin looking and enjoying all the beautiful videos and pictures that I captured. My god…Not Today was so hyped. And Jungkook! His performance. I mean, yeah, I’ve seen him dance. I’ve heard him sing. But by himself?! His choreography too! It was so simple, yet so intricate. THIS BOY CAN PERFORM! 

But when Jimin came on stage. Wow. Wow. Wow. I mean. Wow. That’s all I can say. This boy has me speechless and wrecking my mind. I’ve seen his performance before, but to witness it live, that was a whole other experience. To see him blindfolded, dancing, body rolling, performing his iconic swirls and turns and spins. The way he moved. His contemporary background was definitely showcased, and my god his vocals. I. Am. Speechless.

The videos kept playing one by one, and I kept scrolling through all the pictures that I had taken, admiring all the members features. Thier jawlines, their eyes, even the sweat glistening and dripping off their faces. It wasn’t until long growl rumbled from me.

“Oh my god, I’m starving” I realized.

Traffic had dispersed and I was now driving with a huge smile on my face still succumbing to the idea that I had just seen the boys live! I didn’t realize how long I was sitting in my car. It had been a whole hour! I starting driving until I remembered that there was a small diner not too far off.

 [Jimin’s P.O.V.]

We walked back stage drenched in our own sweat…well, except for Jin hyung. He was soaked in his sweat and water because Taehyung decided to pour water all over him. Although our limbs were like jello, and our muscles were stiff and sore, we had smiled all over our faces and just enjoying the high we got from performing.

“DID YOU SEE THAT RAINBOW OCEAN?!!! GAH…” exclaimed Namjoon.

All I can think about was if my performance was as great as everyone else’s. Jungkookie’s voice was stable, and well, he can do just about anything perfectly. Tae was good too. His voice, soft and light, yet powerful at the same time. Hobi hyung performed amazing and the crowd…well, they went wild. I just… I wish I performed the same way they all did. I don’t know. Maybe I did? But I know I could have done better. My footwork could have been cleaner, my arms could have been more fluid, I definetly could have put more emotion into it.  Maybe I’m just not-

“JIMINIE!” shouted Tae.

I heard my name being called and began walking over to Taehyung.

“Yeah?” I asked.

“You ok? You seemed to be a little lost.”

“I guess. I’m just tired if anything.” Little did he know I was critiquing my performance.

We all gathered and started heading to our dressing room so we can all just sit back and relax in our comfortable clothing. It wasn’t until Jin said something that we all began talking once again. 

“Aigoo, listen to my stomach…I’M SO HUNGRY” Jin whined.

“But hyung, you’re always hungry.” retorted Jungkook

“Don’t act like you’re not hungry, I know you are! Listen to your stomach 

“I’m almost sure that’s just your stomach”

Hobi hyung walked up to them, “Oh come on Jungkookie, it’s late, we’re tired, let’s go get something to eat. 

Now that I think about it, I’m starving. I was so exhausted I totally forgot about my hunger.

“There was this diner not too far from here. Let’s go there!” Jin replied.

We grabbed our sweaters since it was cold outside, and began walking since it wasn’t too far from us. I wish we actually decided to drive over there, the 10 minute walk felt like forever! My muscles, are just exhausted. I’m exhausted!

When we reached the diner, it was quiet. No one was here, which, for us, was heaven. We love our fans. We truly do, but after a concert, sometimes peace and quiet is what we need. The hostess led us to our booth and we all squeezed in. Rapmon going in first, then Hobi, Yoongi apparently wanting to sit next to Hobi, but felt uneasy because he was too close to Namjoon. Jungkook sat next Yoongi hyung, probably hoping he would buy him something, With Tae then sitting next Kookie, it’s no doubt that Jin is going to have a handful today. I decided to sit at the edge, only because if I want to get up and go to the restroom, I have no one to crawl over, or have to ask people to get up.

As the hostess leaves, our server stops by, hands each one of us the menu and asks “Is there anything I can get you to drink? 

“SPRITE!!” Hobi hyung shouted.

“I’ll take a coke” added Yoongi hyung

“Can I get an apple juice please?” Jungkookie asked in his meek voice.

“I’ll take a coffee and water,” Rapmon hyung said politely. 

Once everyone placed their orders, the server looked at me. 

“Uhh…I’ll take a water,” I said meekly.

We were quiet until the server came back with our drinks. “Why coffee? Don’t you want something cold?” I asked Namjoon hyung.

“That’s what the water is for. Besides, the coffee is to help me wake up.”

Hyung picks up his coffee mug and places it to his lips, getting ready to take a sip. He blows on the coffee in an effort to cool it down, but fails the moment the hot coffee comes into contact with his lips.

“AIGOO!! THIS IS SO HOT!” he shouts. He reaches for the glass, but with his luck knocks it over, making the water spill all over me and Jin hyung.

“AISH! WHY?! For once can you grab something without knocking it over, or breaking it….” Jin hyung scolded.

“It’s ok..I’ll be back, I’m just gonna go to the restroom and pat this dry.” I got up and left an angry Jin who was too busy scolding Namjoon. 

[Y/N’s P.O.V.] 

I  walked into the diner fatigued and famished. As soon as I stepped towards the sign that read ‘please wait to be seated’, I heard someone shouting. 


That voice…I’ve heard that voice before. Why is it so familiar? As I turned to the familiar shouting, I recognized the six faces before me. There they are. Oh my god. What are they all doing here? Jin, Namjoon, Jungkook, J-Hope, Taehyung, and Yoongi. Wait…where’s Jimin?

I turned my head from the left to the right, then to the back of the diner in hopes of trying to find the cutie with a sweet shy smile. But I couldn’t find him anywhere.

“Excuse me Miss?” the hostess interrupted

“Yes?” I responded quizzically 

“Um…I’ve been asking where would you like to sit”

“Oh.” I chuckled. “I’m sorry, uh…how about any place that’s farthest from that group?” I asked meekly. 

“Sure thing miss.” 

I decided to sit as far as possible because one, I’m not one to intrude on someone’s privacy…I mean these guys go through so much. Second, I’m not comfortable with the way I look. Although I was known for being really pretty in high school, it’s one thing to be told, and another thing to believe it. I decided to order a hamburger and a coke since I was starving. When I was a younger, my dad always told me to wash my hands before I ate. I could already hear his voice in my head to tell me to go “WASH YOUR HANDS!” 

I got up, and headed to the restroom. I was so exhausted that I was drooping my head, when all of a sudden I smack my head into something…more like someone. I looked up and the missing face at the booth was standing right in front of me.  


“No no no…Don’t apologize, it was my fault. I wasn’t looking where I was going.” Jimin responded sweetly.

 I was still overcome with euphoria and exhaustion from the concert, that it took me a while to truly register who I was talking to. 

“Oh. My. Gosh…” I was shocked. Speechless. I couldn’t think of anything to say. I felt even more sorry for bumping into him. “I didn’t mean to bump into you! I’m so sorry.” I raised my hands in an apologetic manner. But I felt that wasn’t enough, so I started bowing as if my life depended on it. 

“No. Please don’t” Jimin chuckled. He reached for my shoulders, and stopped me mid bow. “No need to do this, it wasn’t your fault.” 

I stood up straight, and felt ashamed. I not only bumped into him, but I made him feel a little embarrassed. WHY AM I BEING SO STUPID RIGHT NOW! OF COURSE I SHOULD STOP BOWING! I thought. But once I stopped, I began to apologizing over and over again. 

Jimin chuckled.

Why is he chuckling? I stopped apologizing and looked at him puzzled. 

“It’s just…no one has ever apologized to me this much.” He said. 

“I’m sorry.” this caused both of us to chuckle. “It’s just, well, it’s you. And, if I’m being honest…IT’S YOU! I’m freaking out here. I’ve never been this close to someone so famous. I’m even surprised that I’m talking this much when you’re standing right in front of me. I mean, not that you’re an alien or anything, and I don’t mean to be making you feel uncomfortable or different than me, but..IT’S YOU! YOU’RE JIMIN! You’re cool, and awesome, and well…you’re good looking. I’m sorry. I’m rambling. I should stop.”

I noticed that Jimin had become a little shy and awkward after you called him good looking. He smiled his usual shy smile and looked down towards the ground. 

What do I do? What do I do? I though. I stood there awkwardly, not knowing what to do…until I remembered that you had gotten up to go wash my hands. Unfortunately, our small encounter has to come to an end. 

“I’m sorry, but uh…I’m going to have to excuse myself. Sorry for bumping into you.” I bowed, turned and started walking towards the restroom. I walked in, and the moment I did, I started pacing back and forth, back and forth, replaying the encounter that just happened minutes ago. 

“OH MY GOD Y/N! IS THAT ALL YOU COULD MANAGE? ALL YOU DID WAS SAY SORRY! OH I’M SO STUPID, I’M SO STUPID, I’M SO STUUUPID!!!!!” If I had the ability to kick myself, I would have done it by now. 

As I was washing my hands, I looked up, straight in the mirror and deep into my reflection. My god. How did he even stand to look at me. I can’t even look at me.

I looked at every single inch of your face and found a flaw every single way. Like the small faint scar on the top of your upper lip. This scar is hideous. Then my nose;  My nose is enormous. My skin: My skin…my skin is nowhere near clear, why is it filled with so many scars and blemishes? When will I ever be pretty? Beautiful? Gorgeous? Just how did he not vomit by the looks of me. I was flooded with all kinds of thoughts. 

I turned off the faucet, shook the excess water off my hands and placed them underneath the hand dryer. I sighed deeply, still dumbfounded as to how lucky I was to have an encounter with Jimin. As I was walking towards the door, I heard a small thud outside. “Is he still out there? There’s no way he would wait for me.” I uttered. I placed my hand on the door handle, took a deep breath and opened the door.

Dan pushes open the doors to the auditorium. It’s seemingly empty, which Dan is grateful for. The last five times he’s been in here to practice his solo parts, the weird Hanson kid who’s in charge of lights and audio for the show has interrupted him. He’s pretty sure Arin isn’t in here, and he sighs, relieved. He’s got several parts where the ensemble won’t be singing with him, and he wants to make sure he’s perfect for opening night. He never thought he’d try out for anything, but they were doing Rock of Ages! His 80s loving heart couldn’t say no, and he had somehow managed to land himself the part of Stacee Jaxx, though he’s still not entirely sure how he managed that. 

Dan stretches his arms above his head and groans happily at the resounding crack. Sitting in a school desk that he was way too tall for for eight hours a day is going to give him a permanent curve to his spine by graduation, he’s sure. His vocal warm-ups echo loudly in the empty room, and he feels like an idiot while making such weird noises, but they’re necessary. After five minutes of ridiculous babbling to warm up his voice, Dan starts with ‘Wanted Dead or Alive" since he’s almost completely on his own for the number. He’s halfway into the second line when a deafening noise comes from the speakers up above. 


 "Hanson!“ Dan shouts, frustrated as all fuck. This is the sixth time this week! It takes a moment to spot him, but when Dan does, he has no clue how he missed him. The dude is wearing a bright fucking pink shirt, for Christ’s sake! Arin is up on the catwalk laughing his fucking ass off while the shitty sound of 'All-Star’ continues to reverberate off the walls. "Fuckin’ piece of shit,” Dan mutters, marching over to the ladder that leads to the catwalks above. “Shitty taste in music, listening to this bullshit.” He keeps muttering angrily as he ascends, and soon enough he’s standing behind Arin, who looks like he might topple over the railing with how hard he’s laughing. Dan slams his hand down on the switch that turns off the music, which only makes Arin laugh harder. “I’m gonna body slam you,” Dan threatens, glaring at Arin. 

“I’ve never been body slammed by a pipe cleaner with hair before,” Arin says, still laughing slightly. 

“Fucking,” Dan begins, using the word as a placeholder for the start of his sentence. “What’s the deal, man? I gotta practice for this shit! Like, I just, do you wanna be responsible for me whiffing it in front of the entire school?” Arin is still giggling, but he’s getting it under control. 

“Sorry, dude. You’re fun to mess with. You’re really cute when you’re pissed off.”  

“That’s not–wait, what?” Dan feels the telltale heat in his face that signifies he’s blushing. Thank god it’s dark up on the catwalk. 

 Arin’s grinning, but he barrels on like he hadn’t said anything out of the ordinary. “And besides, you’re already gonna steal the show from the rest of the cast. If you keep practicing it’ll just be cruel." 


“You say 'what’ a lot, don’t you?” Dan wants to wipe Arin’s shit-eating grin right off his face.

“You think I’m cute?”

“Well, yeah,” Arin says, like it’s the most obvious thing ever. “I do have eyes.”

 "Quit being an asshole,“ Dan snaps, but it lacks malice.

"Aw, but what will I do with the rest of my life then?" 

"Arin, fuckin… shut up for a second before I actually body-slam you.” Arin leans back against the railing and fixes Dan with a heated look. Dan tries and fails to ignore the way it makes his stomach flop.

“Promises, promises.” Dan covers his face, exasperated. “At least take me to dinner first.”

“Fine. Be ready at six.” Once he gets back on the floor, he looks up to see Arin dancing in place up on the catwalk. He rolls his eyes.

When he picks Arin up that night, he uses a great deal of restraint to keep from pushing him right back out the door when Arin flings it open and starts singing All-Star at the top of his lungs. Dan’s got the feeling that this is going to be the start of a ridiculous relationship.

Fairytales - Optional Bias Fluf/Angst

this’ll probably be longer than needed, but i’m back!!

prompt: You’re a princess who’s told by your father that you must marry and a ball is planned to find you a husband. You flee to the edge of your kingdom where you find a young man, living with two brothers and an abusive stepfather. You become friends quick and hatch a scheme: you will take one of the his shoes, claim it belong to your one true love, and send your father on a fool’s errand to find the ‘prince’ to which it belongs. In return you will help the man escape his family, if he wishes, at least for one night - at the ball.

words: 11k

“But I’m not ready.” You exhaled in exhaustion.

You’re staring up at your father with wide eyes and he stares back, eyes piercing as he speaks.

“It has been set since you were a little girl,” He stood at your doors, arms crossed as he scowled at you. “You were to marry when your mother and I got too tired to control this part of the kingdom any longer.”

“Yes, but-”
“Your mother and I announced our stepping down from the throne almost two years ago, which gave you just enough time.”

You sighed.
“You never even let me out of the house unless I’m with ten guards, how would any guy even approach me?”
“We have invited princes from the east and the west to have dinner with you, here, right in our palace, and you turn them off every time.”
“It’s forced.”

There’s a slight silence before he opens his mouth again.
“Well, we didn’t want to go this route, but we must.” He sighs. “A ball will be scheduled in few days time, a marriage ball, the guests will only be princes, and you must find one to marry by the end of the night.”
“But I want to be in love with the one I marry.”
“You’re even lucky your mother and I didn’t just arrange a marriage,” He glares down at you. “There will be over 80 men there, surely one will suit your preferences.”

You stay silent.

“Isis will come down this afternoon to get a description and draw a style of the dress you’d like before she designs it. Your mother will handle all the food and decoration. I just expect you to be nice, look pretty, and find a husband.”
You don’t say anything else as he walks out and shuts your double doors before retreating.

You flop back down onto your bed, tears already beginning to fall.

The worst thing was that you knew you couldn’t do anything about it.

And you didn’t want to but you knew you had to marry.

Your parents were getting older, and the job was too stressful for them. So, in a way, you had always known you would eventually have to take over the palace and the kingdom with a husband by your side (especially as you were their only child).

But you hadn’t had a proper crush on anybody after you liked that one boy in kindergarten, and you only liked him because he used to give you his rice pudding everyday at lunch.

After you were young, you were home schooled, and even though the young palace workers flirted with you, it never went past that.

You didn’t realize how long you’d been sitting until you heard a knock.

You don’t move until the knocking persists, making you lift your head.

You tell them to come in and instantly you see the long, dark curls of your stylist.


She was motherly, always wearing silk and diamonds and ever looked mischievous with a cheshire cat smile.

But she wasn’t smiling, because she knew what was going on.

“I’m sorry.” She instantly says.

“It’s okay, it’s for the best.” You smile at her.

She closes the door behind her before moving to sit on your bed, dropping her sketchbook and ink onto your duvet.

She strokes the top of your head, a finger curling in one of your kinks as she sighs.

“I still have to design this dress for you.”
“I know.” You sit up.

“You don’t want to talk about it, though?”
“No. I just wanna get this all over with. Maybe I’ll like my husband after a while.”
She nods though she’s not convinced, flipping to an empty page before you.
“So, I want it baby blue, princess flared, I guess, and really huge, like the one we did for my birthday.” You sigh. “And I want it to shimmer, all over, everytime the light hits it….”

The loud clock near the kingdom’s temple had rung out, signalling it was midnight.

You looked out your window, watching all the palace workers retreat to their nearby village.

It was extremely dark and a thunderstorm was raging, but you had conspired this plan for hours, and nothing was going to stop you.

You looked into the mirror sitting up against one of your walls.

You wore a dark red outfit; a traditional red tubed top paired with long-flared red pants. Your crystal shoes were hidden underneath them.

You took a sheer scarf from your closet and wrapped it around your head, hiding your hair and most of your face within it before deciding you were ready.

You exited your room quietly, walking downstairs to get to the place your father kept most of his money.

You took a few hundred coins, not knowing how long you would be gone for, before rushing your way down the many halls to get to the very back of the palace.

It was outdoors at this part, because this was where the garden was, meaning you could sneak out the gates without making any noise.

You hid within the rush of palace workers, blending in as you tried to look as if you were in a hurry as well.

You successfully made it out, following them to the village they would now go to.

But when you got to their village you continued on, deciding you wouldn’t stop until just the right moment.

It was your second day out, and you knew word had gotten out that one of the princesses had disappeared.

Since a little girl you had been friends with all the princesses from neighboring kingdoms, so you snuck into their palaces whenever you could for food or to rest, and they would hide you well, before you set out again.

It was night and you had just made it to the next village.

It was quiet out, and it was raining again, thundering as well as you walked, but it didn’t bother you.

What did bother you was the sounds of shouting a few steps away.

You tried to ignore the yelling coming from inside a particular house until you saw the door to the house open.

A man instantly fell out, onto his back and seemed to be looking up into the house before you saw another man standing, peering down at him.

“I told you to clean the fireplace, didn’t I?”
“I was going t-to, I was just cl-cleaning the dis-”
“Since you can’t take care of anything in the house, why don’t you take care of everything outside?” The man booms at him. “You can sleep in the pig’s den tonight.”
With that he shuts the door and locks in.

Not another sound is heard.

You had been hiding behind a tree the entire time, fear stricken as you watched.

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"Look at me" - Jason DiLaurentis one shot.

I’ve been through a really stressful time for the past week or two and I really wanted to go see my guidance consular for some help. I wish it was as easy as it seemed like but guess who my guidance consular was? Jason DiLaurentis.
Yup the hottest guy in Rosewood, the guy that every girl had a crush on, the brother of the Queen Bee of Rosewood High.
He had just started working at the school and I’ve never really talked to him professionally. I mean I’d always go to Ali’s house and he’d be there and I’d just smile and say hi. He was so sweet to me all the time. Even Alison would joke around and say that he had a crush on me but I’d laugh it off. How could this gorgeous creature have a crush on a normal girl like me?
Anyways, I went to the guidance office and requested an appointment.
“You can come after school (Y/N) because that’s the only time Mr. DiLaurentis is available for personal life talk”, said the secretary.
“Alright, thanks”, I walked out and headed back to my class.
I had Travel and Tourism class and I had finished my work and asked my teacher if I could go book an appointment and she allowed me so that was great.
“Two more periods”, I said to myself.
I was kind of nervous to go talk to Jason and treat him like a consular and ask for advice but I was excited to see him too.
Thank God I had so much work in my last two periods so the time passed really quickly without me even noticing.
The last bell rang and I went quickly to my locker to put my books there and get my jacket and go down to the guidance office.
I walked in and the secretary was getting her stuff and leaving.
“(Y/N) you can go in”, she smiled.
I knocked on his little office’s door. “Come in”, he said.
“Hey Mr. DiLaurentis”, I smiled.
“(Y/N)! Have a seat and please call me Jason because this whole ‘Mr. DiLaurentis’ thing still feels weird to me”, he laughed and I laughed back.
I sat on the chair infront of his desk and put my bag and jacket on the floor.
“So how are you? Is everything okay?”.
“I’m fine I guess but I’m too stressed and I really needed this talk with someone professional not just my friends”, I gave a little smile.
“Yes of course, I’m always here. So what’s up?”.
I began telling my issues and I loved how much interest and care he was showing.
“You know how it’s close to exams time and I’m graduating this year. It’s too stressful, I wanna get a high average to get my scholarship. I also have to work really hard at my job to get enough money to start college. My parents financial status is not that good and it’s hard”.
“That’s totally normal (Y/N), I understand. We’ve all been through this and I know working and managing to get high marks is really tough but you just have to take it easy and slow. Don’t push yourself too hard because that’s only gonna mess you up and not fix you”, he advised.
“I mean look at your marks now, they’re already in high 80s and 90s. You’re really smart (Y/N), you can do it”, he had my school profile opened in his computer.
“Thanks Jase”, I smiled and blushed.
“So is this the only thing that’s stressing you out?”, he asked and he seemed really curious but I knew where he was going.
I was dating a guy that was new to our school he was such an asshole. My friends caught him kissing three different girls multiple of times recently. I finally broke up with him about two months ago. But why would Jason even care about that?
“What do you mean?”, I pretended like I didn’t know what he was trying to get to.
“What about him?”.
“You’re over him?”.
“Our relationship was never real. He never cared about me. He never noticed anything about me. He was just using me and I’m thankful we dated for only a month and I never really liked him that much”, I smiled.
“So he never noticed your cute new haircut? That new necklace you’re wearing? The pink lipstick that you’re wearing today which you don’t usually wear?”.
My heart beat began raising really fast and I could feel butterflies in my stomach.
What Jason never knew is that he was the one I liked, not David.
“You noticed?”, I blushed.
“how could I not? I notice every single detail about you (Y/N). That cute wink you accidentally make when you laugh. The way you play with your hair when you’re nervous just like how you’re doing it right now. The way your voice changes when you’re shy. Everything”, he grinned.
I couldn’t take it anymore. Gosh this guy was so damn sweet. I didn’t want to embarrass myself so I decided to leave.
“Thank you so much Jason for this talk. It really helped me”, I stood up and got my bag.
Jason got up and walked to the door and closed then locked it and closed the curtains down.
When he turned, I was standing right in front of him and I almost tripped.
“(Y/N)”, his voice was deep and sexy. I got goose bumps all over my body just because of it.
I put my head down because I didn’t wanna look at his eyes and fall in love with him even more.
“Look at me”, he lifted my chin up and just that small touch made me die a little from the inside.
I looked at his beautiful greenish blue eyes.
“This whole time when we were talking you never looked straight at me… How come?”, he raised an eyebrow.
“Hmm, I hate making eye contacts with people it’s just so awkward”, I bit my lip and looked away quickly, embarrassed for what I just did. I mean really (Y/N), why would you bite your lips in front of him when he clearly knows that you want to be under him so badly.
“Look at me”, he said gently.
I swallowed really hard and looked straight into his eyes and I felt like my heart was going to come out of my chest.
He grabbed my face and stroked my hair. With every single touch, I could hear myself scream from the inside.
His face started getting closer and closer to mine and suddenly, we kissed and I literally melted.
His lips were so soft and full, I could never get enough of kissing him.
“I knew those feelings weren’t one sided”, he smirked.
“What?”, I was so lost in my own world of fantasies.
“I’ve liked you (Y/N). Since day one. Since the day you first came to our house and slipped on Pepe’s toys and I helped you get up. The first time I touched you, I felt something I’ve never felt before. Then you began laughing and making fun of yourself and everything made me fall in love with you more and more”.
I was in shock. I was speechless. How could this be happening to me? Alison always said that she felt a special connection between the two of us but I never thought this would be true. Was I dreaming? Was this real life?
“Wow. I don’t even know what to say! I mean is this real life or am I dreaming? Pinch me so I know I’m not dreaming”, I giggled and blushed.
“How about something more fun than pinching?”, he smirked and bit his lips.
I was dying.

(Thanks for reading guys. If you want a smutty sequel to this fanfic please let me know. If I get more than 5 requests for it. I will do it.)

That Place in the Fields(A Richonne AU short story)

  That Place in the Fields
He could see her in the distance across the expansive field that separated their houses. Michonne’s smile was visible even with her so far away. A heat wave had hit Georgia, and the devil himself was torching the air around them. Rick wiped beads of sweat off of his forehead. The blades of grass on the ground did not move a bit; there was no breeze to cool anything down. He put his hands up like a sun visor to cover his eyes, the sunlight was blaring out.

“Hey there, Rick,” she said with a bright smile. He loved that smile. Dreaming about that smile got him through some difficult nights. Michonne had went away for two years to live in South Africa. She had just returned home for the summer, and decided to move back in with her parents. Rick had a similar situation, but for different reasons.

“Hey, ‘Chonnie, what’s going on?” Rick said leaning against the banister. He didn’t have his shirt on, just some blue jean shorts. Could you blame him? It was just so depressingly hot  outside. He was a bit bronzed by the rays of sunlight that dispersed all over his bare chest, arms, and back. The sweat made him glisten like a Grecian statue. Michonne shaded her eyes as well, looking up at Rick.

“Not much. Bored as hell. My parents went to the big mall in Atlanta, but I didn’t want to go. I didn’t want to sit in the car while they argued over directions.” Rick laughed. Whenever her parents took them to the mall when they were in high school, they always argued on the way there, and made heart eyes on the way back. He always thought they were the coolest people ever. “What are you getting into today?” Michonne added.

“I’m feeling the same way you are. Bored. I’m a bit restless, so I had to come outside and get some fresh air, even in the devil’s heat.” Rick said walking towards the steps. “You wanna come inside? I got some tea and lemonade. I’m pretty sure we can find ourselves some great show to binge watch.”

He raised his hand waving her up the stairs. “Come on, ‘Chonnie.” She still looked the same he thought as she ascended the few steps to his wrap around porch. Her locs were a little longer, he noticed, as she walked up the stairs. They were mid way down her back now.

She apparently was hot as well.  Droplets of sweat appeared over her brows and she used the back of her hand to wipe it away. Some droplets formed in the area above her cleavage, rolling down tantalizingly between her breasts where they disappeared into her purple tank top. Her shorts were frayed at the bottom and sat just below her round ass.

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Why does this book still own my ass [part 2]

part 1

  • Ari is actually noticeably shorter than Dante
  • Hugs from behind are gr9 bc Dante can comfortably rest his chin on top of Ari’s head and feel and smell his nice hair 
  • Ari and Gina end up being the same smol height (5'4’) but Susie just fucking shoots up to maybe 5'10 (these numbers mean nothing to me use the metric system please) 
  • Susie wears a hijab and Gina has very tight curly hair 
  • Ari is def stronger than Dante so in most cases he’s able to pin Dante down but when Dante manages to pin Ari down Ari just kinda goes weak and his limbs becomes jelly and just kinda melts under Dantes weight and doesn’t fight back much after oh mannnnnnn
  • -*stares at linette* beefCAKE
  • Sometimes he lets Dante win
  • A lot of times actually
  • What a fucking child Dante you’re a year older please
  • Dantes physical affection rubs off onto Ari and in time he starts kissing his parents on the cheek more often and Jaime/Santiago is the first to notice it but doesn’t really object to it or say anything
  • Dante gives those super jovial and tight hugs that completely envelop you (he is big and with a broad back I’m sure he would wrap you up) and sometimes lifts you off the ground bc hes taller and  sometimes he just tackles I love how uncensored he is (giant golden retriever)
  • Whereas Ari’s hugs are the slow kind that you melt into like youre being consoled and warmed from the inside and he slowly brings your closer to him as the hug progresses and he presses into the person and the other person nuzzles their face his hair bc he’s got very nice hair
  • [yes those are from that post i drew that post]
  • They both really suck at dancing tbh like they think they’re good bc they don’t dance with other people but one night when they do go out with gina and Susie to dance or party they look like complete idiots oh my God
  • And Gina and Susie just slowly back off
  • “I’m sorry who are you I don’t recall coming with you???”
  • No amount of good looks can save you Dante
  • Dantes Cathedral classmates like to tease Ari (all good hearted) bc Dante probs never shut up about him before they kissed and probably didn’t after
  • Dante can’t grow a beard lmao his facial hair is so shit
  • And sometimes he takes it personally bc what if he isn’t macho enough by Mexican standards
  • Ari can grow a decent beard but probs keeps or clean shaven so Dante doesn’t feel bad
  • Soledad used to be a swimmer [probs despite her parent’s protest] before Sam and a few years after Dante was born.
  • She sounds rlly stubborn and headstrong from how she upped and left her family [probs dante got that too that lil shit]
  • She also wears big bifocal lenses those thick thick ones
  • That’s probs where Dante gets his closeness to swimming from
  • They probs go clean up aunt Ophelias house during the school holidays and they discover all the weird shit
  • And Ari starts to sniffle and tear up
  • He swears its the dust but Dante knows its a lie and just holds him again
  • They stay there while cleaning up bc driving back to El Paso probs takes too long and dante never actually keeps his promise to drive 
  • (maybe he doesn’t like cars I wonder why)
  • he just sleeps [i think someone else had this HC too]
  • Aris hair is actually lighter than dantes hair like maybe a chestnut brown, just a shade darker than his own skin compared to dantes almost black hair
  • Aris leg scar becomes less sensitive to touch but he still winces out of habit when something grazes him
  • Dante has scars from being beat up
  • Over the years they get a lot more scars bc theyre reckless and stupid and their bodies become an album of all their adventures together (ty izzy!)
  • Dante really enjoys sleeping on Ari (when the weather isn’t too hot) he likes listening to his breathing and the warm and everything
  • Even when they’re so close together Dante needs to be closer
  • And not just his chest ok sometimes he just drops onto Aris legs and falls asleep how annoying
  • Ari likes Dantes big sweaters and keeps taking them and returning it when they don’t smell like him anymore
  • “Ok you’ve worn it long enough it smells like you I want it back”
  • It’s not even the detergent that Soledad uses its Dantes smell whatever the fuck that is
  • His /musk/
  • And when Soledad gives him a sweater as a gift he makes Dante wear it for the smell again
  • Dante (secretly) likes brushing Aris hair??? Sometimes he braids it when Ari isn’t paying attention to piss him off
  • “I’ll shave your head if you don’t start doing this yourself”
  • (a very empty threat bc beautiful hair and Ari being his little che guevara)
  • Ari rebuts “that’s my mum’s job” in an attempt to make it awkward
  • This was the boy who replied “one night my parents had sex” when asked where he came from
  • Liliana is thankful that someone brushes her son’s hair bc it would be a fucking mess if he was left alone
  • You know what was popular I the 80-90s
  • Crop tops
  • u know who probs wears crop tops
  • both of them
  • When Dante walks he always has a slight bounce and always seems to be walking to a beat and Ari just loves that about him he’s so full of energy and life
  • And likes to jump around places like from 2 steps down or across a curb
  • On Aris 21st dante serenades him with LA BAMBA
  • Ari gets so red its incredible
  • They instinctively hold each other a lot everywhere like the hands the arm shoulder the clothes sometimes their bags.
  • More often Dante than Ari
  • Ari regularly tells Dante that he can’t fight for shit and that saying fight me means people will actually fight you
  • Ileana comes up somehow probs bc Gina blabbers and Susie is like oh fuck but in the nicest way possible tbh
  • Aris neck is very sensitive 
  • And Dante knows this 
  • You know where I’m going with this
  • Thigh hickeys 
  • Ye

exploring-anne  asked:

With the Anne and Gilbert dynamic, do you get the sense there's also some neat layers of psychology at play? One of the poignant things the series does is show the echoes of Anne's traumatic upbringing. So when she calls herself 'homely', its cute and self-deprecating, but also a sad reminder that neglect messes with one's sense of self worth. I sense that with her and Gilbert. He uses subtle cues of 'I like you' but Anne doesn't (yet) know how to read/process those signals. Cute & poignant.

NoI love how beautifully the show interwoven both the psychological aspects of their interactions with the plot/timing of it to create the perfect “slate over the head…grudge to ensure” storm. 

When Anne meets Gilbert for the first time she’s at her most vulnerable. You can practically see her fold into herself as Billy Andrews moves in to do God only knows what. She has very clearly suffered abuse in her past and like you said, endured a traumatic upbringing. Anne in that moment is someone who is used to being treated that way. Like you said, we see her calling herself ugly and homely and it’s sort of sweet (and sad, but also reflective of how many teenaged girls feel about themselves), but when other people do it (and she says this herself) it’s just flat out terrible manners and bullying. Anyway, I digress, so when she meets Gilbert for the first time, she’s at the most vulnerable we’ve seen her in her interactions with peers and then he’s there defending her, defusing the situation and genuinely interested in meeting her, knowing her name, getting to know her. And that’s a bit of psychological whiplash. He’s polite, almost overly so, on the way to school and she softens, because Anne is a good person and polite too, so she gathers her courage and puts herself out there, introducing herself, but before they can get past names, she’s made ANOTHER social faux pas in simply being in the same space as him and alienated the girls who she wants so desperately to be friends with. 

Now remember, Anne is 12? 13? It’s 1890ish. There is no way she wants to or even could really be friends with a boy over the other girls. Those girls need to be her priority and she knows that - having navigated through the social structure of a co-ed orphanage. So she gives in immediately, despite Gilbert having been the only peer besides Diana to treat her with any genuine kindness. So another bit of psychological whiplash, where she has to go from wanting to be nice and polite to the boy who rescued her and is clearly interested in being her friend to shunning him completely or it’s just another reason for the girls to ostracize her. Personally, I thinks she reads his signals loud and clear. She knows exactly what it means that he rescued her and then held the door open and offered her an apple and tried to talk to her and then came over to the girls’ side of the classroom and left that apple on her desk. He might as well have been wearing a neon sign that read, “Gilbert Blythe Likes Anne Shirley!!!” But she can’t show even a flicker of interest or she risks everything because Ruby has dibs. Of course, then he lets his frustration boil over and he pulls her hair and then she snaps and breaks the slate across his face and undoes all the good work she’d done with the other girls in ignoring him because that, “You just did” with smile only makes it clearer that he likes her and some mean-spirited teenaged girls will interpret her outburst as an attention grab rather than snapping and lashing out. 

Anyway, this is why I like this version of events so much better than the 80s series or even in the books. There are SO MANY LAYERS to this first few hours of their acquaintance rather than just a snap of temper and a long-standing grudge for almost no reason. Now Anne has two reasons to ignore Gilbert, Ruby’s dibs and her embarrassment/anger at him basically forcing her into a spectacle - which he probably still doesn’t understand, because despite being a rather compassionate kid, he likely has no clue why she was ignoring him in the first place and let’s be real, he probably liked that thwack across the face with the slate if that smirk was anything to go by. It’s all so perfectly put together that I can’t wait to see the rest of their rivalry and relationship unfold. I think I said earlier in one of my responses that Anne was always a bit of an unreliable narrator when it came to her own reactions to things, so I’m hoping we get to see a new interpretation of how Anne interacts with Gilbert. I refuse to believe she’d never spoken more than a few words to him in the years of their rivalry. It’s impossible to spend that much time in a one room schoolhouse with someone and not interact at all. It’s easy to write something that way, but it’s hard to allow it to play out on screen without seeming odd.  

86 Questions- Ask me any
  • 1. favorite thing about your crush?
  • 2. favorite place to be?
  • 3. whens your birthday and what age are you mistaken for?
  • 4. Is trust a big issue for you?
  • 5. Did you hang out with the person you like recently?
  • 6. What are you excited for?
  • 7. What happened tonight?
  • 8. Do you think it’s disgusting when girls get really wasted?
  • 9. Is confidence cute?
  • 10. What is the last beverage you had?
  • 11. How many people of the opposite sex do you fully trust?
  • 12. Do you want to get married?
  • 13. What are you gonna do Saturday night?
  • 14. What are you going to spend money on next?
  • 15. Are you going out with the last person you kissed?
  • 16. Do you think you’ll change in the next 3 months?
  • 17. Who do you feel most comfortable talking to about anything?
  • 18. The last time you felt broken?
  • 19. Have you had sex today?
  • 20. Are you starting to realize anything?
  • 21. Are you in a good mood?
  • 22. Would you ever want to swim with sharks?
  • 23. Are your eyes the same color as your dad’s?
  • 24. What do you want right this second?
  • 25. What would you say if the person you love/like kissed another girl/boy?
  • 26. Is your current hair color your natural hair color?
  • 27. Would you be able to date someone who doesn’t make you laugh?
  • 28. What was the last thing that made you laugh?
  • 29. Do you really, truly miss someone right now?
  • 30. Does everyone deserve a second chance?
  • 31. Honestly, do you hate the last boy/girl you were talking to?
  • 32. Does the person you have feelings for right now, know you do?
  • 33. Are you one of those people who never drinks soda?
  • 34. Listening to?
  • 35. Do you ever write in pencil anymore?
  • 36. Do you know where the last person you kissed is?
  • 37. Do you believe in love at first sight?
  • 38. Who did you last call?
  • 39. Who was the last person you danced with?
  • 40. Why did you kiss the last person you kissed?
  • 41. When was the last time you ate a cupcake?
  • 42. Did you hug/kiss one of your parents today?
  • 43. Ever embarrass yourself in front of a crush?
  • 44. I’ll tell you the first letter of my name and you complete it your way (the name that goes through your mind)
  • 45. If you could, would you take back your last kiss?
  • 46. Did you talk to someone until you fell asleep last night?
  • 47. Who was the last person to call you?
  • 48. Do you sing in the shower?
  • 49. Do you dance in the car?
  • 50. Ever used a bow and arrow?
  • 51. Confession?
  • 52. Do you think musicals are cheesy?
  • 53. Is Christmas stressful?
  • 54. Are you in Love?
  • 55. Did you ever dream of a guy (name)?
  • 56. Occupations you wanted to be when you were a kid?
  • 57. Do you believe in ghosts?
  • 58. Ever have a Deja-vu feeling?
  • 59. Take a vitamin daily?
  • 60. Best Kiss (name)?
  • 61. Wear a bath robe?
  • 62. What do you wear to bed?
  • 63. First concert?
  • 64. Wal-Mart, Target or Kmart?
  • 65. Nike or Adidas?
  • 66. Cheetos Or Fritos?
  • 67. Best Sex (name)?
  • 68. Favorite Taylor Swift song?
  • 69. Ever take dance lessons?
  • 70. Is there a profession you picture your future spouse doing?
  • 71. Can you curl your tongue?
  • 72. If you had to bring someone to your favorite spot, where would that be?
  • 73. Have you ever cried because you were so happy?
  • 74. What is your favorite book?
  • 75. Do you study better with or without music?
  • 76. Would you fuck someone from school (name)?
  • 77. Ever been in love?
  • 78. Who would you like to see in concert?
  • 79. What was the last concert you saw?
  • 80. Horoscope sign that fits you best?
  • 81. Tea or coffee?
  • 82. Favorite type of cookie?
  • 83. Can you swim well?
  • 84. Ever won a contest?
  • 85. Are you patient?
  • 86. Would you show your tumblr to someone in particular (name)?
80s Makeup - My First Big Bang Fic!

After El came home after a year in the Upside Down. Nancy started to teach the adoptive daughter of Jim Hopper and his fiancée Joyce Byers - Elle Hopper - how to do her makeup.

Mike always frowned whenever he and Elle would be happily snuggling on the basement sofa - at 14 and a half which some people would say is too young but neither actually give a flying monkey. Nancy would walk down the stairs to the basement and smile at her little brother curled up with his girlfriend.

“Come on,” Nancy held out her hand for Elle. Elle didn’t move from Mike’s arms, tightening her hold on her loving, boyfriend. Elle pouted, snuggled her head closer into Mike’s warm chest. Both were blissfully unaware that Nancy had taken Elle’s hand and pulled her away from Mike.

They both whined as Nancy took Elle away from Mike. Nancy didn’t want to take Elle away from Mike - but she knew that they were going on a date tonight. And she wanted Elle to wow Mike. Mike had told Nancy on MANY occasions that Elle was beautiful the way she is - no makeup, his beautiful Elle. She never did use that Noxzema stuff as it always made her break out in more acne.

Elle was sat down in front of Nancy’s pristine white dressing table. Elle admired how Nancy kept it clean and perfect. Hers was cluttered with scrunchies and bobby pins, the mirror was filled with cute Polaroids.

Her, Mike, Will, Lucas and Dustin; at the beach, at the Arcade with Max, on each other’s birthday’s - bright happy faces around a different cake.
Her with Joyce before the Snowball, as well as one of her and Will before the snowball and her and Mike - kind of awkwardly - smiling at the camera and the other after Mike made Elle laugh (a completely natural photo of them - bright smiles on their faces).
One of her and Will on a hammock in the summer of ‘84 (Will drawing, Elle snoozing the summer sun)
Her and Hopper watching the baseball cheering on the Indiana Hoosiers, both wearing Hopper’s baseball jersey’s - Elle’s from Hopper’s High School - that he’d given her for her 14th birthday, Hopper wearing a Hoosiers jersey. 
Elle and Jonathan making breakfast - the Polaroid took by Joyce.
And Elle’s favourite, her and Mike stood on the dancefloor (finally at the snowball), slow dancing to My Girl by Temptations, the exact moment he told her he really liked her and they became a couple.

Mike sat on the sofa in the basement, pouting after his beloved Elle was taken by his older sister to put unneeded makeup on Elle. Just for the sake of waiting while Nancy was done with putting makeup on Elle - some that he has no idea what it does and nor does Elle - and using her weird crimpers on his other half’s hair.

Nancy knew that Elle hated Noxzema after it made her break out with really bad acne the first time she used it. Nancy had taken Elle to get makeup - but Nancy knew Elle didn’t know how to put on makeup and if Hopper found out Elle had makeup he’d flip… - so she kept it in a simple pale pink Caboodle.

Nancy took out the pale pink Caboodle that has Elle’s small amount of makeup in it - a small bottle of foundation, a small palette of pale and simple eyeshadows (Elle wouldn’t let Nancy come near her face with blue eyeshadow), an eyebrow pencil, eyeliner. And makeup brushes. And some pink lipstick, pink lipgloss.

Nancy took out Elle’s foundation and tipped a little out onto the back of her hand. The older girl then took out Elle’s foundation and started gently blending the foundation into Elle’s face.

Nancy then reached over and routed through her blushes and brought out her pale pink blush that she rarely uses and Elle’s blush brush. She then got Elle to smile and gently brushed the blush over the apples of her cheeks.

Nancy then got out the small eyeshadow palette that Elle has and put a peach colour on her lids, a pink colour on her crease and from the corner of her outer eye to the near end of her eyebrow. She then brought out a greeny-blue colour eyeshadow and Elle shifted back in the seat.

“No.” She said, moving her head away from Nancy’s hands.

“Elle. Trust me, it’s not going to be much. It’ll just tie it all together.” Nancy said, keeping the eyeshadow and the brush away from Elle’s face, she gently stroked the younger girl’s cheek. 

The curly haired girl took in a deep breath and shut her eyes, saying without words to put the greeny-blue eyeshadow on her. As the brush with the eyeshadow came closer to Elle’s face was stopped when Nancy’s little sister came in and plopped herself on Elle’s lap.

Elle’s eyes opened and looked down at Holly and smiled. Elle stroked the long, blonde pigtails that still sat on Holly’s head. As Elle’s stroked Holly’s pigtails, she shut her eyes and Nancy started pulling the greeny-blue eyeshadow under Elle’s bottom eyelashes.

Mike poked his head into Nancy’s room after her and his girlfriend had been in there for nearly an hour. He saw Elle sat in Nancy’s dressing table chair, Nancy pulling little bits of glitter on his Elle’s cheekbones and his baby sister sat on Elle’s lap half asleep. And the cheesy (yet classic) song of Papa Don’t Preach by Madonna playing on Nancy’s tape.

He saw Elle go rigid when the word Papa was sung. He made himself know and his older sister took Holly gently off Elle’s lap and tucked Holly into Nancy’s bed.

Mike came around the chair and crouched down and held Elle’s hands in his.

“Baby?” He whispered after she came back on Halloween night in ‘84 - he knew not to speak to her in loud tones as it makes her cry.

“Mike?” She mumbled and his arms came around her waist and brought her into his lap. She was shaking out of fright, almost reverting back into her 1983 state - a quiet, scared 12-year-old girl.

“Sh. I’m here, I’m not leaving you, I’ve got you sh.” Mike mumbled in her ear and started rocking her back and forth.

Sat in Holly’s room was the rocking chair that Karen uses to use (and most likely still does) to rock Holly to sleep at night. The same rocking chair that was used to rock her only son to sleep as well as her oldest daughter.

Nancy saw the cogs turning in Mike’s smart brain and went to Holly’s room and started to drag the rocking chair to her room.

“What are you doing?” The voice of her mother made Nancy stand up straight and look at the perfect Karen Wheeler.

“I was playing Papa Don’t Preach by Madonna and Elle went straight as a board. Mike came in to comfort her and she hasn’t calmed down yet. I thought using the rocking chair would help. And Mike said Elle loves dad’s La-Z-Boy, but there’s no chance of me dragging it all the way up the stairs without being grounded by dad.” Nancy explained and then started pushing the rocking chair back to Holly’s room.

Karen reached out and held her oldest daughter’s face in her hands and smiled at her. “My smart baby girl.” No matter how old any of her 3 kids will get, she will always call them cute little nicknames from when they were babies.

“Shhh, Elle. Come on, baby.” Mike continued to gently attempt to calm her. Never once will he ever get frustrated with her and simply tell her to calm down. He knew Elle had had a bad childhood and would give anything in his power to switch childhoods with her.

He heard his mom and Nancy talking in the hallway, he knew Nancy had caught on to what he was thinking and had started to drag the rocking chair from Holly’s room to Nancy’s room.

Nancy then walked into her room carrying the rocking chair with their mother. Mike smiled gratefully at the two older women in his life. Karen walked over and took Elle out of Mike’s arms. Elle started to whimper as she was removed from the warm and loving embrace of her other half.

Mike got in the rocking chair and held his arms out for Elle. As soon as Elle was back in Mike’s arms, she stopped whimpering but was still shaking slightly. Nancy went and rewound the tape, quickly took out the tape and put it back in its little case and back on its spot on her shelf.

Karen smiled at her little boy as he comforted his first (and only) love. The loving mom got her youngest daughter out of Nancy’s bed and padded away to tuck Holly in her own bed with her teddy bear that Mike got her at the state fair (while Elle was still in the Upside Down).

Nancy followed her mom’s lead. Nancy reached and grabbed her review for her last exam in a couple of weeks time and left Mike and Elle curled up in the rocking chair in her room. She smiled at the two curled up together and shut the door gently behind her. She went to the phone in the kitchen and rang the Byers - she had to revise and maybe working with Jonathan could work in both their favours…

Mike gently rocked the rocking chair, cooing soothingly in Elle’s ear, whispering her sweet nothings. Elle’s whimpers slowly turned quiet and Mike smiled down at her.

“Hey, beautiful,” Mike said, running his fingers through her hair. Elle’s head - which was originally rested in the crook of her neck, her jaw bone against his collarbone - lifted up and looked Mike in the eye, and (for the first time in a while) smiled.

Her soft fingers reached up from around his waist and stroked his freckles (’pretty spots’ is what Elle calls them which makes Mike’s cheeks flush red, and Elle then complains when she can’t see them, she’d always loved his freckles - since she first met him, when she ran away from the lab and found Mike and Lucas and Dustin and then Will).

Mike watches as small goosebumps appeared on her arms and he realised that Nancy’s bedroom window was opened and the cool winter/spring breeze waffled in.

“How about, instead of going out and getting something to eat and a movie. Instead, we go down to the basement and watch some old movies. Ghostbusters? Star Wars?” Mike said, smiling down happily at his loving girlfriend.

Elle nodded her head. Mike gently lifted Elle out of the rocking chair with him (he’s gotten strong from when he was 12 - not all that strong but strong enough to lift Elle without having to hand her off to someone else after like 3 minutes). He took her down to her blanket fort and put in the Ghostbusters Video. Mike looked around her blanket fort and remembered the first time she slept in the forth since she disappeared.

Mike kept up Elle’s blanket fort even after she disappeared into black ash. When she came back, she refused to sleep anywhere else, she was going to sleep in her blanket fort the night she came back - they’d have to drag her kicking and screaming before they could.

El was sat on the Byers’ living room sofa, Joyce’s comforter and Jonathan’s many blankets wrapped around her and you could still see the frightened little girl was still shaking - still cold but also out of fright.

The boys came up with the nickname of ‘E.T’ for El - because she has the same like powers as E.T but before this nickname was ‘Mapel’ as to where they found El but it reminded Mike too much of ‘The Weirdo on Mapel Street’ something Lucas use to call her.

Will saw El sat on the sofa and smiled. This was the girl that Mike has spent nearly a year crying and missing. This was the girl that Dustin exaggerated her powers - making her seem like Superman. And this was the girl that Lucas missed and said he was rotten to her when they first met her - and wished that if he saw her again, he would act differently.

“You’re El, aren’t you?” Will smiles, he already knew the answer. 

The little girl nodded, and by the look of recognition in her eyes, she knew he was the lost little boy that she helped his 3 best friend’s find him.

Will rushed over and grabbed his SuperCom. “Guys, come in! E.T is home! I repeat, E.T is home!”

The first to reply was (obviously) Mike - slightly out of breath, “WHAT?! Will, please tell me you’re telling the truth, El’s home?” The last part he whispered.

“Yes. She’s home.” Will said, smiling at El who was quickly demolishing a plate of Eggos. His mom sat at her side, gently rubbing her back - much like his mom does with him when he was sick. Jonathan sat at the other side of El and kept telling her to slow down with her Eggos.

Mike didn’t reply after that - most likely still in his pyjamas to go get on his bike (fight his sister or his mom) and ride as quick as he could to get to Will’s house.

After Will talked to Dustin and Lucas - who both said they were on their way over - and then there was a loud knock on the front door. This made El jump, her plate (with an Eggo still on it) crashed to the floor, breaking. She started to whimper at the loud knocking noise and now the echoing of the plate breaking on the floor.

Joyce wrapped her arm around El’s shoulders and brought her over to her lap. Gently rocking El back and forth - calming her down.

Jonathan got up off the sofa - after gently rubbing El’s arm - and went to go answer the door. Stood there, out of breath, was a teary-eyed Mike Wheeler as Dustin and Lucas got off their bikes and laid them next to the one Mike had dumped on the floor.

Jonathan smiled at the 3 younger boys and let them in. Mike stood by the entrance staring at El as she whimpered into Joyce’s shoulder. Dustin and Lucas quietly walked over to El and crouched down in front of her.

“Hey, El,” Dustin says, smiling at the little girl and smiles as he sees the pixie length curls around her head. He gets a short wave in return. Lucas smiles at her - guilt quickly bubbling up in his throat after how he treated her in November of the year previous.

“I’m sorry for the way I treated you last year.” Lucas apologises, and El nods - accepting his apology.

Mike then slowly made his way over to El and sat at the other side of her.

“Hey, El,” Mike whispered, reaching out and stroking her cheek. El’s curly hair flicked her hair and looked at Mike and smiled.

“Mike.” That was the first thing she had said since she got back. Since she said ‘goodbye Mike’ nearly a year ago.

Mike wrapped his arms around El and she was lifted off Joyce’s lap and was tightly cradled in Mike’s arms. They both started to cry into each other’s shoulders.

“Hey, El. Hey.” Mike smiled and hugged her tightly, he gently rocked back and ran his fingers through her curly, pixie cut. 

As soon as Mike put Elle in her blanket fort, she stretched her arms out for Mike as he went to put in the Ghostbusters tape.

“Mike,” She said, her hands doing the same grabby motion that Holly did/still does when she wants something.

“Yes, sweetie?” Mike said, looking over his shoulder - at his beautiful girlfriend - with the Ghostbusters tape in his hand.

Once again, she did the grabby motion with her hands. Mike put down the tape, walked over to his girl and crouched down in front of him. He easily saw the upset pout on her face, and the light trickle of sweat run down the side of her forehead.

“Elle? Baby, are you ok?”Mike said, stroking her curls. He wiped away the small bead of sweat that had trickled down her forehead. “Elle?” He watched as she slowly turned a shade of green and he instinctively reached and grabbed a trash can - and she suddenly started to throw up in it.

Mike frowned and gently stroked her back. After she came back from the Upside Down - it was quite often that Elle got sick after being raised in confinement for 12 years she didn’t have a very good immune system…

“It’s ok, this is normal,” Mike said, he knew Elle hated being sick - she absolutely despised it. 

Mike had tucked Elle into her blanket fort that he still kept up as she gently dozed - even that she now lives with the Byers and Hopper, even during the time she was missing in the Upside Down and that year he was a mess. He ran up the basement stairs.

He rooted through the linen closet and pulled out a washcloth. He ran to the kitchen and started running the washcloth under the cold tap.

“Michael? What are you doing?” Karen asked, watching her only son ring out the extra water down the drain. Panic was written over his face.

“Elle’s sick.” He says, continuing to ring out the water from the washcloth.

Karen then walked to the pantry (which was stocked with a lot of extra food in case they got snowed in) and walked out with two bottles of 2-litre Lemonade and two (rather large) packets of jelly babies,

“If she’s anything like you,” Karen handed Mike the two 2-litre bottles and the 2 bags. “That’s what she’ll be surviving off these next couple of days,” Karen said, placing a loving kiss on Mike’s forehead (as he’d grown considerably and was now taller than Nancy and Karen, he was now catching up to his father) and let him go down to the basement to nurse his girl back to health. Karen knew Mike hated it when Elle was sick.

Elle was awoken suddenly to the sound of 2 bottles falling down the stairs. Her head came out from between the blankets and saw two bottles laying by the stairs and Mike walking down the stairs - chasing the bottles - with two packets of jelly babies in each hand with a washcloth in his mouth.

Mike looked over and saw that Elle was awake. He then dumped the bags of jelly babies on the D&D table and padded over to his girlfriend and gently put the wet rag on her forehead.

“You’re gonna be ok,” Mike said, running his fingers through her hair. “You may not be able to eat Eggos for the next couple of days.” Mike continued and watched as Elle’s face scrunched. She didn’t like the idea of not being able to eat Eggos.

“I know, baby. I know. But your stomach might not be able to digest them right now. You may bring them back up.”Mike watched as Elle’s head cocked to the side.

“Bring them back up?” She questioned, she doesn’t know little things like that - but she can speak in full sentences but sometimes she reverts back to her 12-year-old self (which makes Mike’s heartache).

“When you bring something back up,” Mike was nearly sick when he said that. “It’s when you’re sick, it’s another way of saying sick,” Mike said, running his fingers through Elle’s hair. Small droplets of sweat were running down from under her forehead and he used the wet rag to wipe away the sweat droplets away.

Mike had once heard his mom say that combined body heat was one way of increasing a fever - it was something along those lines - and he climbed into the blanket fort next to her.

Her head came to rest on his striped t-shirt, small droplets falling under the washcloth and slowly (but surely) got wet. He rubbed her back and ran his fingers through her hair.

“It’ll be ok, Elle,” Mike whispered, whispering sweet little nothings into her ear. She slowly fell asleep on his shoulder.

He’ll never understand how Elle can sleep on him. He knows that it must be rather uncomfortable for his girlfriend. He’s gained some weight since 1983 but he was still as skinny as a stick. Elle grew to around 5ft 3" and stopped and then started growing outwards. After this had started to happen, Mike had been dating Elle for nearly 3 months (which he was over the moon with) and had taken notice of the way she was growing…he’s a teenage boy leave it be!

Mike smiled down at the girl laying on him and ran his fingers through her hair. As he smiles down at her, he remembers how lonely, depressed, upset he was during the time she was missing.

He had missed her so much while she was gone. He knew she had missed him too. He probably would have done something really extreme like jumping off the cliff and to his death if that meant her saving him and getting her back.

El’s Dream

Elle was walking through the water of Hawkins lake, watching as the water gently lapped against her shoeless feet. Her small toes painted a pale pink colour - the same colour that reminded her of the pale pink dress she wore the first time she was in Hawkins.

Elle looked up from watching the waves lap at her feet, she smiled at the dream version of her loving, adorable boyfriend. Don’t get her wrong, Mike loves her and treats her like a princess - the way she deserves, but her dream Mike still treats her like a princess like he does out of dreams.

Dream Mike smiled at her. She smiled back at him, seeing the stars on his cheeks, the sunshine in his heart and the midnight sky in his eyes. He walked to her and stood before her, in a usual striped t-shirt and a pair of jeans. His shoes were missing as well.

“Hello, baby,” dream Mike smiled, reached over with his realistic fingers and ran his fingers through her brown, curly, fluffy long-ish hair.

“Hi,” she smiled shyly at dream Mike. She, much like dream Mike was currently doing, reached over and ran her fingers through his realistic straight, fluffy, black hair.

Both Elle and dream Mike stared lovingly at each other and then dream Mike helped Elle out of Hawkins lake onto the man-made beach where a checkered blanket and a woven picnic basket sat on the man-made beach.

Elle smiled seeing the checkered blanket laid out on the beach.It was her blanket, that Joyce and Hopper had gotten for her when they went on a small holiday to California for a week - Jonathan, Will and Elle stayed at the Wheeler’s (Elle in her blanket fort, Mike on the basement sofa, Will in Mike’s bed and Jonathan in Nancy’s room) and on the last day before Joyce and Hopper came home, Will slept in the blanket fort and Mike and Elle slept in Mike’s bed. When the three Byers left after the week, Elle left behind (accidentally) her checkered blanket. It still sits on the end of Mike’s larger, double bed.

The woven picnic basket made Elle smile as the memories of tall the picnic’s her and Mike have had. All the different types of food that have sat in the basket. All the laughter and happy memories that they have shared.

She gasps as dream Mike pulled out two champagne glasses, a champagne bottle of pink lemonade, the leftovers from Karen’s breakfast casserole, some chocolate covered strawberries and some Marshmallow Pops.

“Thank you, Mike.” She knew if she called dream Mike ‘Dream Mike’ he would be offended.

Elle smiled sleepily, and rolled over and nestled her sweaty forehead into Mike’s chest. She murmured and continued to sleep happily.

Mike’s Dream

Mike was sat on a bed, watching his loving other half, dream Elle Hopper. She sits in front of a dressing table. His beautiful dream Elle, she looked a bit older than she is out of dreams.

There was a sparkle coming from her left hand and Mike nosed over dream Elle’s shoulder and saw a sparkling flower, diamond engagement ring and a plain, simple gold band (representing a wedding ring) above the engagement ring.

Mike guessed that from the rings, that in this dream, dream Elle was his blushing bride, his other half, the love of his life, his wife.

Dream Elle had a foundation brush (some product on the brush as well as the back of her left hand) in hand, she looked over her shoulder and saw (for this dream) her husband.

“Hello,” she smiles, quite shyly (of course she’s going to be shy - you idiot - it’s Elle, dream or not) up to Mike and then looked back at her reflection in the dressing table mirror and started to apply the makeup from her brush onto her face.

“Elle, you know you don’t need the makeup, right?” Mike said, calling dream Elle ‘dream Elle’ would cause the love of his life to burst into tears - and he hates seeing Elle cry, whether he is the cause of her crying or not. But he also knows that whether he is in the dream world or the real world with real Elle - he knows that she doesn’t need the makeup.

Elle just rolls her eyes at this and continues to put the little finishing touches to her foundation. Mike does the Wheeler sigh and reached over to dream Elle and took the foundation brush out of her hand.

“El, I am not joking - I have never joked with you, you seriously don’t need makeup on your face. You are beautiful and flawless without it.” Mike said, running his fingers through her realistic tight brown curls that framed her head.

Mike then picked up the packet of makeup wipes and proceeded to take one out of the packet and start to wipe the makeup away from her face (to reveal pure and simple dream Elle) and the back of her hand - because Mike knew from past experience that when he does help Elle take off her makeup off at the end of the day (or when she’s just put on her foundation) that there’s a patch where the foundation has sunk into the skin of the back of her hand.

“You really think so Mike?” Dream Elle asked - much like Elle would - and she let her (for this dream) husband wipe away the single layer of foundation - she didn’t even to her beautiful eyeshadow palette or her glitter-filled highlighter.

“I know so, baby,” Mike said after Mike had taken all of dream Elle’s makeup off. He wish that Elle (or dream Elle for that added point) could see how beautiful the way she was without any makeup,

“Thank you, Mikey,” Mike always blushed whenever he heard Elle (or dream Elle) call him the cute little nickname that Nancy and Holly originally came up with - he laughs when his two sisters call him that (Nancy teasingly and Holly when she was extremely happy and wrapped her arms around her only brother’s neck).

Nancy woke up the next morning and went to go see if her little brother (her only brother) has woken up in his own room or if he had fallen asleep in Elle’s blanket fort - most likely with Elle in the blanket fort snuggled up next to him).

Her head poked into Mike’s room seeing the Star Wars posters and the Back to the Future posters. Elle’s blanket laying over the edge of Mike’s bed, Mike’s action figures lined on shelves around his room. Nancy smiled when she saw the photo frame sat on Mike’s bedside table - the picture was taken from Dustin’s birthday (the same day that Mike finally asked Elle out to be his girlfriend and they have been stuck together like glue from that day - and probably way before). There were also little bits from photo booths.

Nancy let her slipper-clad feet pad down the stairs and saw her mom making pancakes and eggs and bacon and a lot of other food that Nancy would associate with her mom’s breakfast casserole.

“Morning, mom.” Nancy smiled at her mom before making her way around and walking towards the basement door.

“Good morning, baby.” Karen smiled as her eldest daughter made her way down into the basement - most likely where her baby boy and his girlfriend (the girl she has quickly become attached to) were sleeping in that blanket fort he kept up for the year he was snappy and moody and just completely wasn’t himself.

Nancy walked down to the basement stairs (those stairs always creak under any weight) and smiled as she saw her little baby brother with his arms lightly wrapped around Elle. His t-shirt stained with sweat, dripping off Elle’s forehead and the unpleasant smell of sick in the air -from a bucket. 

Nancy worked out that poor Elle (most likely her future sister-in-law) was sick and Mike was doing everything he could to make her feel better.

A/N: This is the first Stranger Things Big Bang Fic that has happened. My artists work (@loneysail):

Cut Loose

Request by @sherlocked-whovian-1969A John x reader where the reader is older (like the boys age) and she works at a bar that the boys stop at and Sam and Dean compete for her but she beeline to John fluff and smut if you write it THANK YOU LOVE YOUR BLOG

Word Count:1996

Warnings: Implied Smut

Version en Español: Cut Loose

“You know what you need?” your roommate, Jill, asked while you got ready for work.

“A million bucks? More dogs? A mansion so each of my dogs can have their own rooms? An all-expense paid trip to Milan so I can go shopping? A cruise with a hot, French man who feeds me grapes and reads poetry at sunset? How about three tiny—“

“A real date! With an honorable man who respects you as an intelligent, independent woman.” Jill cut in, exasperated. You didn’t know why she cared so much about your dating life. Or, lack of. You weren’t really even friends. Just thrown together by campus housing.

You rolled your eyes and kept working on your makeup. “I don’t have time for dating, Jill.”

“But you have plenty of time to hook up with slimy guys in the bathroom at the bar?”

Pretending to be offended, you gasped. “Only sluts hook up with people in the bathroom at the bar!” Then you grinned and went back to your makeup. “Everyone knows that it’s classier to sneak them into the back office.”

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Kaitlyn x MC Fanfic: Wake up where you are

Summary: MC and Kaitlyn are best friends, so why was she feeling this way? She thought, How could she be feeling all these when she was a girl and Kaitlyn was one too? This is the story of MC’s awakening.

Wake Up Where You Are

She was fascinating. So fascinating. But I couldn’t understand what I was feeling. She was a girl. I was a girl. All 21 years of my life I’ve dated boys. I’ve had crushes on girls when I was a teen, but that’s a given when you go to an exclusive girls’ school. But this… stirring inside me. It was new. And disturbing. When I stepped out of my room wearing my bikini that first day we met, I observed her quickly eye me head to toe. I forced myself to think she was just sizing me up, possible competition with the boys when we go to the slip-and-slide. But that… stirring I felt inside me. I felt it was something else. I pushed it aside.  

She was confusing me. Very much so. We got along so well. We laughed at the same jokes, shared a love for ‘80s music, enjoyed the same food (the spicier the better!), liked and disliked the same folks at Hartfeld. But I felt there was a wall between us. One night , we stayed on the roof till the wee hours of the morning talking about nothing and everything. “Why don’t you have a boyfriend?,” I asked. She smiled quietly and said we’d better go back to our rooms and sleep.

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