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Yo what r ur favorite voltron headcanons?

Y’all ready for this.

  • Allura is buff as fuck and uses every available opportunity as an excuse to rip off her sleeves. She’s lucky the Castle is able to replicate clothes because otherwise she would’ve run out of dresses by like. Day 9 lmao.
  • Hunk has two moms who love him very, very much.
  • Shiro and Keith are bros, either literally or figuratively.
    • I love them being half or adopted brothers, but my favorite origin story is that they met at like, a Garrison-operated space camp a few years back. Shiro was a cadet volunteer.
    • Shiro was 17/18 and awkward as hell with the kids but already a natural when it came to piloting. Keith imprinted on him like a baby duck.
    • Shiro, on the phone: Matt. Matt, you gotta help me. Matt. This random middle schooler adopted me, what do I do? Yes, I’m being serious! Yes, he adopted me. No, I haven’t seen any paperwork! Matt. Matt. Oh my god, stop laughing at me and put your mom on the line already you jackass. I hate you. Hi Colleen!
  • Lance is Coran’s favorite human and it’s obvious to everyone, including Zarkon. 
  • Allura introduced Alfor’s hologram to all the Paladins and his favorite was Hunk.
  • Shiro and Matt used to be Huge Memers back at the Garrison but then they became these space hotshots and heroes and people that kids looked up to so they had to dial it back. 
    • Lance can never know that Shiro has an encyclopedic knowledge of shitty memes. It is his greatest, and his most treasured, secret.
  • Allura and the Mice gossip like all the time and Hunk/Lance are determined to get in on that.
  • Coran would have a crush on Bill Nye.
  • Pidge and Keith are Gay Best Friends who like to undermine corrupted authority figures and dismantle the establishment. They also hunt for cryptids in their spare time, even in space. 
    • Is there such a thing as space cryptids?? Or is that just like. Aliens. Alien aliens.
  • Coran is Allura’s gay step-dad and he’s also kinda adopted the rest of the team. Lance is his son, everyone else is his niece/nephews.
  • Lance and Hunk were born outside of America and either immigrated in when they were younger or attended the Garrison on a student visa.
  • Keith is Texan (however this is now like 80% canon so. Say hello to your new god.)
  • Lance loves Beyonce.
  • Shiro has a serious sense of gallows humor lmao
  • Nobody Is Straight Or Neurotypical.
    • I also go back and forth a lot on gender headcanons lmfao… Pidge is definitely a trans girl to me though.

Victoria Vincent is an animator-illustrator who creates worlds we wish we could live in. Her style and humor are unique and personal, and we can’t get enough of it. Also, we would love that cat to cut our hair.

“I currently don’t know where my life is going, but I feel like I’ll always be making art in one way or the other. I’m still learning and changing every day.”

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Do you have any headcanons involving Hunk and his culture?

There are SO. MANY.

  • Hunk is the the third of five kids; he has an older brother and sister, and a younger brother and sister.
  • Both his parents are Samoan–his father hails from the village of Lalomanu on Upolu in the Independent Nation of Samoa and his mother is a Samoan-American who was born in Oakland, California.
    • Hunk’s mother is the daughter of a church pastor who runs a Samoan Assembly of God
    • Hunk and his siblings would be raised in this church until they moved to the east coast
    • As a kid, Hunk actually loved celebrating White Sunday because saw that when he sang, it would make his grandmother happy; Hunk is super close to his grandma
    • Hunk’s favorite song ever is an old Samoan song that he sang all the time with his grandma
  • Hunk’s father made his way to the US by enlisting in the US Navy, which landed him in the Bay Area
    • A few cousins of his brought him to the church, where he met Hunk’s mother
    • They were married 2 years after they met
    • Hunk’s father was naturalized as a US citizen when Hunk was 6 months old
  • Hunk’s family moved from California to Norfolk, Virginia when he was 10 because his father’s fleet transferred to Naval Station Norfolk (his interest in Space came about when he found out that he was quite close to the Langley Research Center in Hampton)
  • Hunk’s interest in space travel grew during his early teens, when he expressed a desire to learn more about his heritage
  • Hunk was inspired by ancient Islanders exploring the Pacific 
  • Hunk is, like, half-fluent in Samoan (he understands more than he can speak), but he’s still learning (his favorite words are malosi, which means strength, and agalelei, which means kindness)
    • When he was 15, his sister was born and he’d always sing Send Me the Pillow to her when she was upset; it always calmed her down
    • Hunk plays old school Samoan songs when he is homesick and when he cleans, since his Saturdays at home always started with the sound of Samoan music and his mother barreling into his and his older brother’s room, demanding that they start cleaning
    • One time, Hunk made the mistake of playing Pretty Lil Teine to Lance and Lance loved it so much that he learned all the words
  • Whenever there’s a celebratory event, Hunk is always the one who helps his older sister make the ulas: graduations, weddings, birthdays–Hunk always helps make the ulas (click here if you don’t know what I’m talking about.)
    • When Hunk was accepted to Galaxy Garrison, his folks threw a huuuuge shindig and buried him in ulas.
    • Hunk gets L O U D when one of his sisters are the taupou and doing her taualuga and he has to escort her onto the floor
  • Contrary to popular belief, Hunk actually sucks at football and rugby.
  • Hunk doesn’t have any traditional tattoos because he feels like you have to earn it and he’s hella traditional about it and wants to go to his dad’s village to do it with permission of the elders
  • Hunk’s favorite Samoan dish is pani popo, which is a coconut roll (his mother always made hers look and taste like a cinnamon roll with coconut sauce)

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Hey! A lot of us in the fandom get hate for being over the age of 18 and still following dancers/studios (I'm turning 22 this year) just wondering what your thoughts on the subject were as a parent and teacher?

Dance is an art form . Even if you maybe didn’t dance a lot as a kid or maybe you did - loving dance comes from inside ! Dancers have a passion for it no matter what age . So to me it doesn’t matter your age . I’m getting old ! Lol and my passion for watching a dance and appreciating dance will never go away ! 💕

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I must know everything about Lula!! hehe i love her already!

I put her on the gallery along with Ernie for anyone who wants them! But Lula The Knight Elf is 67, born in Oasis Springs, she used to live in San Myshuno with her husband Riku The Sorcerer who was eaten by a mighty cowplant, she now lives in Willow Creek with her roomie Ernie. Ernie is her dungeon master’s son-in-law. She plays D&D, she listens to a lot of Buddy Holly, she doesn’t like kids because they remind her of wood imps (Lula hates wood imps) her favorite drink is Shadow Realm, she likes to go camping because every month she watches LARP in granite falls, she is awful at cooking and lives off microwavable meals, she visits her husband’s grave daily and leaves him a plate of fruitcake. 

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Oh, Neni, please do write the "Frustration" fanfic! I'd love to read your (more detailed) take on the behind the scenes of Persona 5! Neni, do you think any of the P4 kids became Shadow Ops at the same level as the P3 cast? Do you think we are ever going to see Elizabeth's journey in game or at least know the canon conclusion of it? Can you share with us the P4U pic where the P2 can be seen? I think I greatly overlooked that part! D: I'm in love with your blog and your analysis​! <3

I should probably try to write it and make it a one shot! I know pretty much exactly every scene that would be in there, and I feel some really good material can be gotten out of what P5 gives us to work with. 

As for the IT joining the Shadow Operatives, I feel their views on how to operate are too different from Mitsuru’s for that to work, and even if they were to ally, it feels like they would operate mostly independently from the main Shadow OPs, not wanting to be chained to a protocol (especially Naoto wouldn’t let them do that to her.) 

As for Elizabeth’s story, right now, I don’t really know where they are going with this, but I feel like this will be expanded on in the spin-offs, same as the hanging plot threads with Sho Minazuki. It feels like by now, the structure with the games is, that the Mainline games are mostly standalones, that even newcomers can enjoy without confusions, while the spin-offs are for people who know the entire series well and weave a shared narrative together. (PQ and P4U and P4U2 play into each other a LOT, and P4D borrows a bit from stuff that happened in P4U2)

As for the picture in question, here:

They’re only silhouettes, but it’s clear that, other than Mitsuru, none of these people are former SEES members. On first glance, I can identify Kei Nanjo and his distinct forehead curl, and I see what appears to be Baofu behind him. The others are less clear. However, Mitsuru says that almost all members are veteran Persona Users, so the indication is pretty clearly supposed to be that she has some P2EP people in there. And that one guy just HAS to be Nanjo. That hair is a dead giveaway. In fact, the woman next to Baofu could easily be Eriko Kirishima… 

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I watch most '90s anime dubbed. If I grow up watching in dubbed, it feels weird watching it in Japanese cause I got used to the English cast as a kid. Hearing Goku's Japanese voice actor for the first time was a bit jarring.

exactly what i mean lol! like all of the 90s shows grew their legacy off dubbed voices because as a bunch of american kids we just? grew attached y'know.

for example even though the original pokémon anime calls rice balls/onigiri “jelly filled donuts” i still love all of the voices. they’re just iconic

I genuinely love nintendo using ancient memes it’s like the dad trying to connect with his kids, i can literally imagine super mario himself making these memes

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Thank your for being here on earth with all your incredible art and positive attitude! I was looking through your old art (not in a creepy way I swear) and I saw the posts about the Jenny/vega fan kids and I absolutely LOVE the designs and personlaitys! Can you draw them?

Aaaa oh goodness, thank you so much anon. 💖 ;v ; Those words mean a lot to me, making people happy is one of the things I want to do more than anything!! And thank you for taking the time to send me this.

It’s been so long since I’ve drawn the kids, but Vera & Noxus say hi and thank you too!


As you can tell by now. I really love taking panorama shots. Haha. Anyways, here are some pictures from Koshikishima (or Snoopy island as my lecturer likes to call it). It does look a little like Snoopy when you look at it using google maps.

The scenery there is great. The island has a really small population… and doesn’t even have its own high school!!! :( so the kids have to leave the island when they finish junior high… making for some pretty sad moments when they say goodbye to their close friends and their home for a good amount of time.

Sadly I could only spend 1 day on the island, so during the night, my guide held a small party for us. He invited a couple of other villagers and my cousin and I whipped up some local dishes for them. (Mainly my cousin, the only thing that I can cook decently is an omelette. Haha) The daughter of one villager played the Gottan for us. :) All of the villagers that we have met were very friendly and helpful.

The guide actually has a really noble goal to help the island. He is trying to invite more foreigners to visit and teach the islanders English at the same time. To expand their horizons and help to develop their island. All out of passion and love for nature and island life.

If you are interested in visiting the island, I can help you with contacting the guide. Don’t worry, he can speak English pretty fluently and he is really extremely helpful. Only issue is that you have to get to the island first. xP

Apparently, there’s a myriad of things you can do on the island, depending on the season which you visit. But I’ll stop going on and on for now. Back on the road!!

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Hi there Majesties! If the two of you could have lived normal lives, what profession would you have chosen to work in?

“In truth, despite being a prince, my life was pretty normal. I went to a regular school, actually worked part-time at a diner for awhile, and hung out at the arcade regularly. But, if I had to pick a profession other than being a prince, I’d have to go with a video game tech and designer. I love King’s Knight and other games I play with Prompto and Gladio. It’s kind of amazing to me how people create them and make them so realistic and fun. Yeah. I think I’d learn to do something like that, and I used to do volunteer community service work to help people out, especially kids. I’d continue doing that too as often as I could, too.”

*she stands up and walks towards the balcony, overlooking the palace garden* “I would have chosen to become a florist. I just always loved tending my own fields of Sylleblossoms back in Tenebrae. I would have made all different kinds of bouquets containing so many variations of flowers. I used to tend to them together with my mother. She taught me all about flowers as well, and once I got older I studied them more. It is not only the tending that I adore, but also making other people smile because of them. It’s because of the growing and their scent that makes people happy and content in general.”

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Yes, because she's such a good person. She has anger issues, she's abusive, she has obviously had a drinking/drug problem in the past, she can't get anywhere in the music industry by herself, she at 31 years old has started dabbling in plastic surgery that has not been done well, while despite trying to pull the self love card, she is constantly insecure in her relationship (hence the possessive/jealous behavior) but yeah, so jealous. Jesus kid get over yourself.

Adding to my previous post, those of us with somewhat of a mental stability, as most of us work real stress inducing jobs, raise kids, put dinner on the table, etc. think she is a heartless harpy. She has not given us reason to believe otherwise. As for the man that has put up with her shit on a daily, most of us feel sorry for him. Would feel the same if it was the neighborhood grocer, my kids soccer coach, or my family doctor. I don’t envy their relationship, I honestly have a better one.

I used to love Disneyland before the crowds started to bother me. The last time I went it was so packed, so hot and so stifling that I went back to the hotel and hung out in the air-conditioned room. 


It really was a magical place for me as a kid. Everybody wanted to queue up for the roller coaster type rides like the Matterhorn but I loved the ones like Pirates of the Caribbean and the Haunted Mansion.

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Cooper babysitting the kids my heart can't take it. He loves them and they love him. They have so much fun the kids don't want him to leave.

Cooper likes kids way better than he likes adults tbh. He relates to them more.

Kid: Nobody ever uses the white crayon so I use it all the time so it doesn’t feel left out.

Cooper: But you can’t see it on the paper?

Kid: Just cuz it’s invisible, doesn’t mean it’s not there.

Cooper: Duuuuuuuuuude, that’s deep.

You.. You started this.
You made our life this way.
You think we’re happy being here in this hell?
You.. You with your excessive drinking and gambling of our money.
You abuse her and mistreat her, speak to her in a disgusted voice. You raise your hand, ready to hit her. But what has she done? Did she not fold your clothes right? Did she not have your food out on time? She’s your wife not some maid that you can boss around
We cry out, “daddy stop it! stop it!” But do you ever listen to us?
Do you ever hear us?
She doesn’t love you, she held out for her kids. Because she didn’t want her kids to have a rotten life!
She has taken us away before, when you’ve had a lot to drink. She used to say we’re going on an adventure when we questioned her why. She’d take us to our cousin’s house and tell us to play while she had a talk. I always felt free and happier than I ever had in my life, but then we’d be sucked back into that hell.
She always took you back, always, and I never understood why.
I always asked, “mommy why are we back?”
She simply looked at me and said, “You and your sister come first, don’t ever forget that.”
And I understood, that the love of a mother is so strong, she’d be willing to handle the blows and mistreatment just so her kids can be happy.
I don’t understand why you agreed to have a family if you never wanted us.
And what about us? We’re your flesh and blood but that doesn’t mean a single thing to you. I ask myself, “who are you?” Who are you to treat us this way?
We come home with straight A’s. We strive for your attention but we get rejected for the bottles of liquor instead. Are you ever proud to have us as your children?
You look at us with regret and it makes us feel like we’re not loved.
We don’t deserve to be treated like we’re gum under your shoe that can be scraped off.
We may be your kids but you treat us as if we’re a nuisance to your life. Everyone says kids make you happy, but they don’t.
“Daddy do you love us?”

By Karina