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Anime Protagonists Meeting
  • Lelouch Lamperouge: I have an unbelievably horrible father.
  • Edward Elric: Dude you have no idea.
  • Shinji Ikari: Shut up, Ed, you don't even have the worst father in your own series! My disappeared for years and then told me to get in this giant-
  • Eren Jaeger/Yeager/???: Get in the giant? Bitch, please!
  • Rin Okumura: You're all adorable.

“I’m gonna make that cold face of yours heat up.”

i guess it’s a series now

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Devil/Angel AU


“Embrace the glorious mess that you are.” (Elizabeth Gilbert)

BONUS: Whiny Heechul in red.

You’re under arrest!

You have the right to remain silent and everything you will say will be held against you.

Now… Everyone get in the car.

A little break from working on my finals. XD
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Haru || Makoto || Nagisa || Rei 

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for the spin the bottle drabble prompts, how about makoharu + “This is the third time in a row that you landed on me, I’m starting to think that it’s rigged.”

Sorry if this one has a lot of errors/doesn’t flow well. I was watching chopped while writing it and you know how food can totally fuck up a proper thought process

Haru quirked a somewhat impressed brow, his stare sliding up from the glass bottle pointing at him in the middle of their circle to his sheepishly smiling best friend.

“This is the third time in a row that you landed on me, I’m starting to think that it’s rigged,” he said suspiciously, folding his arms over his chest and enjoying how Makoto squirmed at the accusation.

“I swear, Haru, I’m not cheating!” He whined. From next to him though, Rin scoffed, unconvinced.

“They’re probably using their freaky mind powers to move it,” he teased with a sharky smirk, and Nagisa agreed with an exaggerated giggle.

“Mako-chan, if you want to kiss Haru-chan that much, we can play Seven Minutes in Heaven instead,” he winked.

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Both Yukio and Rin are ambidextrous. The difference between this? Yukio is naturally ambidextrous; Rin is not. When they were 6, Rin overheard Yukio say that he felt like a freak for being able to use both hands, and little Rin was having None Of That. So, for two years, Rin taught himself to be ambidextrous. He surprised Yukio by switching hands in the middle of writing homework. 

Yukio cried. 

(meanwhile, Shiro was utterly baffled, astounded at the lengths Rin would go to make his brother happy)

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10 signs you’re in love

1. You get shy around him very often

2. You smile a lot when his around

3. You react  immediately when someone mentions his name

4. You can’t stop thinking about him

5. You can’t stop stare at him

6. You’ll go with him everywhere

7. You find yourself lingering on stuff which belongs to him

8. Your heart beats faster  because of him

9. You look at him like he’s your everything

10.  You want to share his dreams and be with him forever


If you appreciate some quality RinPana (or Rin being cute in general), please go read the new Main Stories on ENSIF because:

  • Rin is really excited about Sports Day and can show off her strengths!
  • The lines in Pics 1 & 2 have Rin using her nice and gentle voice to reassure Hanayo that Sports Day isn’t anything to be nervous about, bless this child.
  • Look! At Pic 3! See how happy Rin is for Hanayo! Rin is such a supportive friend!!!
  • Rin and Hanayo dance together for Sport Day, thanks SIF u da real MVP~ (There’s also HonoUmi/HonoKotoUmi, NozoEli, and NicoMaki dance pairings lol)
  • Also, Rin and Hanayo are in charge of choreo for the µ’s dance in this chapter aaaaah

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When someone plays with rin's hair he purrs



GOOD SHIT 👀👌🏻🔥🔥🔥👍🏼❤️👏🏻👏🏻

The same thing also happens when you stroke his tail and brush it too! Yukio ended up finding about the tail thing first because he was really pissed off about how raggedy it looked. After a lot of screeching and wrestling, Yukio actually managed to drag a brush through the fur. At first, Rin was actually crying because “OW FUCK YOU’RE DRAGGING THE BRUSH THROUGH THE KNOTS TOO HARD STOPSTOP THAT HURTS” but eventually he started to relax. Next thing Yukio knew, his brother was purring like a kitten and curled up on his lap. Neither of them really talk about this, but every now and then, Rin will just look at Yukio for a really long time and awkwardly slide a brush towards him.

On the other hand, it was actually Shura that found out about the hair stroking = purring thing! It was the anniversary of Shiro’s utterly horrific death, and she noticed Rin was upset so she ended up stroking his hair in a comforting gesture. You can imagine her surprise when Rin leaned back into the touch and after awhile began to purr. She will never admit it, but she thinks the purring is so cute!


(May or May not have tried to use a cat toy on Rin, who proceeded to actually play with it before realizing what he was doing and pouted in the corner without talking to anyone for 3 hours until he forgot why he was upset in the first place)

Thanks for the ask!

-Admin Caspar.

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Oh my you're all so small! So cute! *hugs you all*

Miku, Oliver, Olivia, Rin, Len, Gakupo, Gumi, Kaito: Hi!! ^ ^

why kakuzu's death is complete bullshit || from my wattpad account

No introduction to this one, I’m jumping right in. 

Kakuzu’s death was bullshit. 

Here’s why:

When Kakuzu and Hidan are first introduced, they take out the full-fledged form of the Two Tailed Beast. Nii Yugito was a skilled woman who had been training her Bijuu for almost her entire life. The fact that Kakuzu and Hidan could capture her, despite her having full control over her Beast, was an obvious indication that this combo was to be introduced as incredibly powerful. 

Then, we see the aftermath of them fighting against Chiriku and his monks. The entire temple is destroyed, and but one man who was at the fight scene survived. Keeping in mind Chiriku’s bounty, and the fact that he used the Gift of Sages, this is the second indication of Hidan and Kakuzu’s power. 

Their third shown fight is where Kakuzu’s character is given some more light. 

Since Shikamaru is touted as some sort of mf genius, it’s logical to assume that, as he was with Hidan, he was dead on about Kakuzu’s personality. 

His commentary on Kakuzu provides the idea that Kakuzu is calm, collected and efficient, and Kakuzu reveals this side himself when he mocks Kotetsu and Izumo’s wasted movement.

This is also where we see that Kakuzu, similar to Sasori, is on the impatient side. He makes several comments about Hidan taking too long, and quickly grows frustrated waiting for Team Asuma to shut up.

Personality traits aside, Kakuzu’s physical prowess is explored a little bit here as well. He is shown to have raw speed that is great enough it shocks those who see it, and strength equal to or greater than Senju Tsunade’s. 

Now we bring this into the final fight against Kakashi and Team Whatever. 

Right off the bat, logic is completely disregarded. 

Kakuzu delivers a kick to Kakashi that is so powerful its shock wave alone takes down trees. Even in anime, the logic stretch here is unbelievable. 

The kick also reveals that Kakuzu’s speed was not a one-time thing. He managed to get up, move in front of Hidan, and deal a kick without anyone noticing that his body was missing. 

The Konoha nin should not have lived as long as they did if we assume all information given about Kakuzu is accurate. Since Shikamaru is supposed to be 100%, we can assume this to be true. 

Furthermore, Kakuzu has no blood. Chidori is an explosive, bloody jutsu, which we see when it’s used on Haku and Rin. 

If Kakuzu had blood, there would have been blood on Kakashi, and we would have heard Kakuzu coughing up the stuff. 

We don’t, because HE HAS NO MTHFCKN BLOOD! He’s made out of tentacles- and those tentacles don’t have blood, as shown by the lack of bleeding when Kotetsu or Izumi (I can never tell them apart), slices at them during his attack.

Then there’s Earth Grudge and Fear.

Databook 1 states that EarthGrudgeFear has no blind spots, making Kakuzu’s jutsu better than the Byakugan in that regard. 

And even if Kakuzu was in a situation where he was about to lose, the man is not a fool. 

Kakuzu is 91. He has an estimated 70 or so years of fighting experience with the strongest of the strong- he fought Hashirama without his hearts, and retreated to battle his village elders.

Both times, even once he had the immortality jutsu, he retreated when things got rough. 

Kakuzu has a sense of self-preservation. He’s too overpowered to have died the way he did, or really to have died at all. 

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College AU hc: Rin's the only thing keeping the others sane because he keeps cooking for them and listening to their rambling without complaining, even though he's not actually a student, he's just Yukio's brother with two part-time jobs. Also, everyone's at least a little smitten, because he's a darn cutie, but not even Izumo would ask him out because overprotective!Yukio, that's why.


But on another note, you know those ducks that people working with computer codes recite their code to when they can’t get something right? well thats what everyone uses Rin as. Whenever they’re having trouble with one of their subjects they find Rin and explain it in vivid detail to him. He ends up learning quite a lot from all of them and becomes a jack of all trades kind of guy

I just wanted to draw maki with a ponytail but I got carried away?? So have a quick doodle of maki staring shamelessly at her gf